Something to keep you entertained while waiting for the announcement: Nikon D90 Gold (bling-bling)

Nikon D90 with 24K gold metal decoration on eBay (thanks P):


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  • dr4gon

    I remember seeing something like this for a Sony A700 a while back.

    It’s interesting how the D90’s gold plated stickers are more than the D300 and 5DII!

  • Ola

    At what market are those GOLD versions aimed?
    They could not sell a single one in the north European countries, would you guess it would work in YOUR (the blog reader) country?

    • Cache

      NO. Definitely.

  • ^_^


  • grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
    just don´t!

  • Craig

    That is the most hideous thing I’ve seen in quite some time.

  • inc

    ugly like hell

    • broadbean



    Now all I need is a gold tooth and some big gold chains and i’m set.

  • Cache

    However, I saw several lens coat on BH Camera website which looks pretty decent. Wondering someone will make similar “body coats”.

  • MW

    I wonder if it is expensive. ~_~

  • It’s OK that the gold plating says, “steal me,” because it goes on to say, “I’m rich enough that I can afford to have my camera stolen.”

  • Lardinio

    WHY? That is disgusting. By all means, do it to a Coolpix or something ie something I won’t buy, but this is not for the DSLR community.

  • Besides being ugly, it says “Don’t steal that guy’s D90, steal *mine*!” to me.

    • NYer :]


  • seba316


  • Gra


    Would be fantastic in full, bright sunlight…

    I can see it now…

    New Nikon D90 with HD Video, AND built in reflectors…

    And no Japanese made product is complete without a turbo and ground effects spoilers…obviously, they’ve been photoshopped out…

  • Anonymous

    All that gold and still no manual video controls………

  • Zorro

    Image quality would be improved though.

  • darlsd

    looks like an action figure.

  • RobertD

    It reminds me of the “gold plated” grills in the Lincoln Town Cars a few years ago. Yeck!

  • FabioC

    That’s fugly! Where is the D90 firmware upgrade? I wonder if that was literally just a “rumor”.

  • Anonymous

    Gold on plastic. Wow! Impressive.

    • NikoDoby

      Hey my car has plenty of gold and plastic! I don’t see why that’s wrong 🙂

  • Zenndott

    Some of the yakuza in Japan drive around in Benzes with similar trim. To each his own, but to me the the gold-plating transforms “sleek basic-black” into “taudry joke.”

  • NikoDoby

    Ahh yeah! That Shhhh…. is TIGHT YO!

    • NikoDoby

      In Yo FACE White Leica Limited Edition M8!
      In YO FACE!

  • Admin, you’re the bomb for posting this.

  • aahhh nobody likes the golden D90 – with the current recession this is not such a bad idea 🙂

  • Chris

    I guess there are still those in the world who have too much money….

  • EL
  • Dweeb

    Absolutely hideous. Like gold Leicas and Hasselblads bound to appeal to third world billionaires. But a D90?

  • David Johnson

    Nikon should studiously avoid gilding their DSLRs. Actually I believe it seriously reduces value

  • …disgusting

  • QP

    Hey, I was just looking for this stuff to boost the re-sale value of my D300 so I can get the D300s! 😉 (wink wink)

  • Must be a new MTV show “Pimp my DSLR” – perhaps presented by that not-quite-so-famour rapper Xposure?

  • pulu

    all that bling and they’re mounting a sigma lens? wtf!?

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