Nikon D300s availability

Nikon D300s should be available for shipping in August, 2009 (read this end of August). Nikon is pretty good lately - new products have limited availability aprox. 30 days after release. I will list all pre-order options once they become available (pre-orders are first-come, first-served, so order asap).

NR rating: 70%

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  • D40-owner

    That’s vry good to know, Nikon is getting actual availability closer to release dates.

  • Captain

    Hope everyone likes it. Personally, I’ll stick with my wonderful D90.

    • Alex

      Don’t worry… the D90s rumors will start soon 🙂

      • namphamq

        Haha, good one, though I wish it not to be true.

        • Why would you wish it not to be true? That doesn’t make the least bit of sense to me. You want development to stop @ the D90 and never get any better?

  • yrsued

    I’m waiting to see if the D300s offers enough of an incentive for me to buy one!!

    Video??? I honestly don’t care about that, if I need to shoot Video, I get a Video Camera!!

    • Josuek6

      That’s right! I hope the D300 gets cheaper enough to get one of those, I personally don’t care about video at all and it seems that the D300s will be no mayor upgrade from the D300 sensor.

  • Anonymous

    Has it begun yet? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


    • Alex

      I think this joke is getting a little old now… I think Low has even stopped saying it?

      • low

        yeah i have….

        • Alex

          Oh by the way i was the one that impersonated you in the other thread 🙂

      • Anonymous

        No, I actually find it very funny and quite original, especially with the Ferris Bueller reference. That was a funny movie. Just like your face is funny. Oh snap.

        • Anonymous

          the direct print button comments from CR are better

  • Gary

    The key will be to be in the right pricepoint for the D300s; it needs to be low enough to entice would be buyers of the D90 upwards. If it’s too close in price to the D700 it will not sell, as buyers will simply migrate to that model.

    In short Nikon needs to price this very competitively.

  • NikoDoby

    Damn, Decisions, Decisions…… do I get this, the D90 Gold, or the Leica S2?
    Man, this is tough!

    • Jeff

      never thought I’d say this, but get the leica, its the more utilitarian of the two

  • MW

    hey admin, want to gift me one?

  • Anonymous

    NR Admin, is this your personal impression, or is there any evidence/source?

  • David Johnson

    I have followed the D400 and D300s development big time. I know many others who have who DON’T EVEN OWN A GOOD DSLR, yet but are contemplating the MOVE. I think Captain has a good point, I’d rather be there with a D90 and able to take a great photo than put off that image capture due to price or indecision. Get out there and take pictures of things you want to…..use the best gear you can, and upgrade when you KNOW the upgrade really was an improvement. I still use the D300 everyday. Took shots today that were really excellent of does with fawns in perfect lighting. As to video on a D90……I don’t use it as we have two video cameras. Video tears up lots of computer and hard drive space and requires massive amounts of editing. But it sells!!!! And I for one would want it on future camera purchases. I still rate the D300 and D700 ablout the best and I have tested Canon’s best cameras and lenses…….and am really glad I have stayed with Nikon. I think at our level though we plan camera puschases in advance of certain big photo ops….so it is good if the Nikon D300s is available before the big trip. Also important to me are initial reviews!!! Every product produced does not get it right. Is the D300s that MUCH of an improvement??

  • Anonymous
  • zzddrr

    First, great job NR!

    Second, congratulation for Nikon and the Star Wars Kids.

    I mean, I just cannot believe that after 2 years, all Nikon can do is to add the video that does not even match the 5DII. Are these people insane? For crying out loud, at least match that one. I understand that there are quite few who is interested in playing with video on a DSLR but on a “pro” style camera for many is not priority. (Buy a dedicated video camera)

    No question about it, I guess I am not the only one who is very disappointed.

    • Danyyyel

      Can’t believe how people (more so, dslr uses) can’t understand the image quality you can get from dslr video… Canon 5d mark2. Do your homework and you will see how this argument is flawed of (Buy a dedicated video camera). It is the same as telling someone to get a point and shoot camera because it is 12 mega pixel, the same as most dslr. Those dedicated video camera, you are talking about have sensors that are smaller to about the same size of point and shoot and most of them with fixed lenses (no shallow depth of field, low dynamic range, no lens choices, no good low light sensitivity and the list goes on) . The more affordable camera which can compete with the 5d mark2 is the red one. A $ 18 000 body only, to $ 24 000 ready to shoot. Nearly 10x the price of the canon ( I am not saying that the 5D is better than the red one, but it is not drastically better also and the 5d beats it in the low light). Why do you think the 5d was the talk of the show at the NAB 2009, the equivalent of the PMA show but for video. Look at all the sites and forums dedicated to the 5d. The gears that have been developed to make it a better video camera and the hacking of the camera software, again to give it more video camera like features. There are talks of it in use in Hollywood and Tv shows. The 5d is becoming a revolution in the field of video capture. So next time you upgrade your photo camera, go and buy a proper camera like a point and shoot. It will give 12 mega pixel images, why bother with a dslr which is 2x to 10x more costly.

      • zzddrr

        I guess you were the one who didn’t get it. See my comments here:

        I am not saying to leave video out. What I am saying is that for many loyal Nikon users is not a priority. Put it in if it does work. On the other hand, do not forget about the core functionality of the item. (Taking picutres) But let me explain it for you, simply create a dedicated one where you can use your Nikon glass and call it VSLR. Now we are talking about something that actually can perform better. Now this VSLR can have reduced still picture capturing characteristics compared to its DSLR brother where Still picture capturing is the main goal.

        You see, we just extended Nikon’s product portfolio with an entire new category (VSLR) and everybody can pick the right tool for the right job.

        The whole point is that DSLRs originally were NOT designed for video otherwise we would have seen more innovation from Nikon long time ago. (For example leaving out the shutter mechanism since you don’t use it for video….) What is happening is that nikon wants to fit a square box into a round hole.

        The problem we have that the technology at the moment to get the quality to the highest level is not that cheap when you want to put those two functionalities (Video capture and still image) under the hood of something that was initially designed for one purpose.

        Now, if you closely read my post then you would have recognized that my main point was that the only impovement Nikon managed to pull off on this camera is to add video (and SDHC). On the top of it, Nikon still CAN NOT compete with Canon’s 5DII offer. (Now here I meant the entire 5DII including video). Ok there are areas where Nikon is better but we can discuss that later.

        Danyyyel, you said that “So next time you upgrade your photo camera, go and buy a proper camera like a point and shoot. It will give 12 mega pixel images, why bother with a dslr which is 2x to 10x more costly.”

        My guess is that your purchase of proper P&S helped improving your learning curve. 🙂 I hope you got the joke.

        • Anonymous

          VSLR would be amazing!!!

          I sure wish Nikon or Canon would do this but it looks like most video enthusiasts will be forced to go with the RED Scarlet once it’s released…

  • JAZK

    I’m was about to buy a D300 but now that D300s is for real i don’t know what to do. I don’t mind about the video, but i do care for an improved noise reduction algorithm on the D300s over the D300. What would you say? Are the minor fixes to the D300s a reason to wait one (maybe 2) months for it to be available in Switzerland? or should i just head to the shop and get the “old” D300??? Thanks!!

    • Mikeg76

      You will probably be using the camera for 2+ years after you get it, I’d say wait the couple of months. Its what I am doing.

    • Definitely wait. It’s only 2 months.

  • JAZK

    Its funny (and depressing) i could buy a D300 here in Switzerland today for the same price as in Amazon in the States (1,670 USD). But the D300s is being announced at a starting price of 2160 CHF (2,032.00 USD) while in the States i see it for 1,799 USD… Swiss people and money… they just can’t get enough…

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