Live chat session

I will be updating this post live (and the next one) as we go along - just hit the refresh button.

9:41 (EST) I am getting cold feet and I feel a weakness in my knees...

9:45 - I am monitoring 6 Nikon web sites from all over the world.

9:46 - Nikon Japan stopped my heart - they just posted a news event with today's date - something about a rain?

9:52 (from a NR reader) FYI - It is now 9:50 pm EST and the Chasseur d'images web site ( is down ..

9:54 - I guess the Chasseur d'images site is back online

10:00 - I am now following 12 Nikon sites for updates - can you please check you local Nikon website and other photography related sites/blogs for updates? Somebody has to leak something. Thanks.

10:20 - The magic should happen @ 6:00 am CET - midnight EST.

11:02 - Nikon UK product images site currenty not available: (go to PressRoom then click on Images)

11:31 - Good job Nikon - no premature announcements yet 🙂

11:49 - ccccooommmmoooooooonnnnn, update those web sites!



12:02 the rest is history...

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