Possible Nikon D300s appearance

Nikon D300s held by the president/CEO (Mr. Anderson Tan) of a local Nikon distributor at the Nikon Club 1st Yr Anniversary Party (in the Philippines): here is the link - scroll down to the picture of the guy with the red Star Wars shirt.

Update: another link with more pictures from the same event. This looks legit - several people saw the camera. Here is another link from the same event.

Update - here are the pictures:

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  • Ricardiano

    Looks real =)

  • D300s

    wo0wo00wo0w thanks

  • zzddrr

    Nikon will never learn. I mean these intentional leaks will backfire one day. Or perhaps it already did … see D3x announcement.

    • Ryan

      totally disagree zzddr. I think it has proved nikon well over the past few years. I love the hype and stuff that goes on, makes for an exciting entrance and exit for equipment. Who would think so many people talk about rumors, about a camera company… you don’t see that as often with canon, not from the forums i check… cuz they never know what the hell canon will come out with… i think nikon does it not only for that reason, but to see what people are thinking about their new creations, incase it might be a lemon, or a masterpiece….

      • zzddrr

        Well, there is a reason why Apple and others put lid on their leaks. There is a big difference between what Nikon and Apple do.

        Apple has a professional marketing team. They both have great products and that is the main driver behind the “hype” and rumors. Don’t let the crowd fool you, it is not marketing and or professional management. If they properly did their homework then they would have released long time ago many products that would have yielded better returns for them. In addition, quite few consumers wouldn’t feel that they are locked up to Nikon (since they have an arsenal of expensive glasses.)

        My points are that (1) if Nikon has to rely on this hype that much then it is in big trouble. (2) Nikon is extremely predicatable in terms of what and when they deliver. (3) It is not the champion of consumer centric innovation. And I repeat, consumer centric innovation.

        I hope you get it right now what I was talking about.

        • Anonymous

          no sense Nikon is 100 times more profesional ;Aple is just a fashion company ,lol!!

          • zzddrr

            Please explain and support your comment Anonymous about why Nikon is more professional. That is because what we saw so far is quite disappointing:

            (1) D3x annoucement – it is a total failure not to mention the after sale support (this is darn 8K camera and not plastic crap)
            (2) D5000 – Not too shabby, approx. 120K cameras (at least recalled) just a week before their new product announcement(s). Oh, please google the story … indeed it is a good one.
            (3) D300s – now this is my favourite, I have 3 words to describe the professionalism behind this one “Star Wars Kids”. (…with all due respect to Mr. Tan) When did you see Apple unannounced products in the hands of the Star War Kids? If we assume that this was intentional then what on earth was Nikon thinking? If it wasn’t intentional then yes they are absoletely professional.

            This list can be continued but I guess it illustrates my point. So, Anonymous please explain and support your thoughts with evidence.

  • What is this? Are we hunting UFOs? I’m SURE someone could have taken a better picture if they had wanted to do so being everything but the camera came out crisp.

    I’m going to have to agree with zzddrr on this one…

  • NikoDoby

    What the …..Star Wars?! I was told the theme for the D300S reveal party was gonna be Scooby-Doo!

    • WoutK89

      and they would have succeeded if it wasnt for those darn kids 😀

      • Ryan

        lol those damn intentional rumors nikoduby.. i thought it was gunna be LOTR!!

  • Anonymous

    it has begun

  • NikoDoby

    Party Guests:
    “Hey look everybody, its Andy. He made it to the party.”
    “Hey guys. Sorry I’m late but look what I’ve got.”
    Party Guests:
    “Holy sh… is that the D300S! Now way! That’s Awesome! Alright Andy you rock. But Andy isn’t Nikon gonna get upset at you for showing it off before it’s officially official?”
    “No, No, relax. This is just between us good friends. I trust you guys.”
    “Anderson look over here. Let me take your picture.”
    “Um…Ok Danny…. but remember this is between us good friends”
    “Yeah Yeah Yeah, whatever. Just hold up the damn camera and smile”

    • Anonymous

      But it did not happen that way!!!

      • NikoDoby

        If you say so Danny, I mean anonymous.

    • northy

      this is like a conversation i had with my uncle not too long ago. only he, didn’t let me take any pictures, lol. (not Nikon products)

  • So, have we finally reached 100.00%? Or are we still in 99.98%???

  • Zenndott

    If he is breaking a NDA, how much longer is he going to be a distributor?

  • JJS

    I was there in the event and I was able to get hold of the D300s. Same 12.3mp sensor, very clean High ISO performance up to 3200, same navigational button as the D700. 100% real.

    • NikoDoby

      Finally a center button on the directional pad!!!!! I hope your not messing with me JJS.

      • JJS

        No, I am not kidding!

    • Zenndott

      Then what are the upgraded elements?

  • Anonymous

    What’s the lens attached? Is it the new kit lens?

  • low

    it is done.

  • Athos

    …and any word on the d700x by chance?

  • Athos

    Just another quick question, does the 300s output 1080p and what codec does it use? Please tell me it’s FullHD and h264:)

  • I think the D300s will be announced soon but the picture of the man in the red shirt has a problem-the picture has motion blur EXCEPT for the “s” after D300. Was the “s” added after the picture was taken?

    • RC

      Nope Norm… I was there at the same event also….. It is real. I just dont know why Nikon allowed an unreleased camera to be shown in such a big event….. maybe a marketing ploy???? maybe to create excitement over the camera before being released???? Only Nikon knows….. 😉

  • Anonymous

    toatlly fake…. if you watch more carefully you will see that all the letters are blured……….except the s in the d300s…. bad photoshop …sorry…

    • Fake

      Still fake? ;p

  • Anonymous

    Obviously fake…

  • Is that a 24-120? Ick…that lens sucks on a 12mp sensor.

  • Anonymous

    MANUAL VIDEO CONTROL….. plz anonymous tell me its here in the 300s…. I doubt it, but you can make my day.

  • zzddrr

    If it’s 12MP then it will simplify the training of Nikon assembly line workers. Look, “if the body is big” then you only have 50% chance to screw up by putting the wrong sensor in it (D3 and D3x). For the rest just stick that one in the empty body (all other Nikon DSLRs have 12MP). This will definately do the trick for satisfying all consumer expectations… 🙂

  • MW

    How come the zoomed picture is clearer than the non-zoomed picture???

  • Jack

    So, the D300s, which seems to be a minor update, comes 2 years after the D300. The D700 was released exactly 1 year ago and people expect a big upgrade soon? I’m willing to bet Nikon will not release an update to the D700 anytime soon. I would guess in a year a D700x may be released.

    • Jack

      Then again, the D700 came about a year after the D3, so they could release it sooner, but I’m guessing they won’t.

    • Zenndott

      There is a difference between an “upgrade” to the D700 (a “D700s”?) and the purported issue of the D700 body + 24 meg sensor (a “D700x”? “D800”?). I would agree that the former is a while away, but the latter would be a different camera entirely, and thus the announcement time would also differ.

  • bill

    Looks legit to me. I’ll be stoked if it has a mic and headphone jacks.

  • Phil

    The picture is a fake. Nikon closly guard release information on new products.
    Funny how the picture is in focus except for the camera. Maybe he was getting excited and made it blur.

  • Zoetmb

    Looks real to me, but what was that photo taken with and why was it shot so slowly that we have all that motion blur? Was it taken with a phone? Was the exposure 1 second?

    And is that a live giraffe standing about one foot behind them? I’d be more concerned about that!!

    And yes, I’d love to know whether this was a purposeful leak or whether this guy was being obnoxious. Distributor or not, how did he get his hands on the camera? But we’ll probably never find out.

    • Anonymous


      The event was held in a zoo, I’d be a lot more concerned if it were a dead giraffe.


      In all likelihood, Nikon probably sent him the camera. The guy is the president/owner of the local Nikon distribution company in the Philippines. He’s the same idiot that announced a huge lens sale in one of the other local forums and never delivered. From the looks of it, a little too young and inexperienced to be running the show. More (family) money than brains, it seems…

  • Altkin

    Not part of the club but was at the same venue during the event. Saw someone testing the camera. If you want a clear picture, here it is.


    • NikoDoby

      Wow, I would’ve like to have crashed that party too Altkin.

  • Anonymous

    sorry to break it to you people but that nikon d300s is a real deal. it came from a photography forum and the one holding the camera is the president of the official distro of nikon.

    so instead of arguing start breaking that piggy bank of yours.

  • Anonymous

    bo yeah!!

  • Tester

    This Look so cheesy of these guys in picture , look like trying to promote them self

  • wild

    Forget the camera…who is that hot girl?????

  • Ben O.

    Why is it always the world’s goofiest lookin’ dudes who have the best equipment?

    Nikon, if you are looking for someone to test out your newest camera . . . I’m available.

  • boomboompow

    Hey you Ben O…. maybe you have the looks but you have no money to invest nikon camera… not even a point and shoot camera… pathetic you

    Anonymous, stop posting here if you have no good things to say

  • blitz

    The image is FAKE! look like its been edited with all the blurred effect so that the D300s logo image wont be notice fake, close-up image is much clear compare to the original photo and to the guy’s who claimed to saw the rumored D300s show us your evidence…..

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