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  • NikonLover

    Wow… I just thought they were regular cameras besides a Nikon D2X or a D2H that was in that box.. I agree with the Nikon Rumors admin, they could of get this job done with a D40, besides a super professional camera.

  • Zoetmb

    Traffic Cameras: If you watch the video, you’ll see that it was essentially an inside job. Former employee of the company that maintains them came with his own cherry picker to steal them. I wonder what they replaced them with now that the D2 series is not available. I suspect they originally went with the D2 series because of weather sealing, but if they had sealed the box instead, you’re right, they could have gone with a much cheaper camera. Wonder how much taxpayers got screwed for on this project…probably millions…I wonder if it brings in enough to make up for the costs. I’ve got caught at those a few times because yellow lights in NYC are very, very short…maybe three seconds.

    Ritz: I don’t get it. I don’t know how much David Ritz owned of Ritz, the company, but presumably, as President, he owned a fair share. So the company can’t pay its debts and goes bankrupt, which means it won’t pay its bills or will pay at pennies on the dollar and then he gets to buy the entire company at discount? If he’s going to pay off Ritz’s debts in full, that’s fine, but if he’s not, sounds like a big scam to me.

    • Eric

      David is just a part of an entirely new group of investors/shareholders that are buying the remains of the old Ritz Camera Centers to create the new Ritz Camera & Image. The government just did the same shit with GM and Chrysler.

  • Well I know that Ritz seriously pissed off its vendors. I know that the Inkley’s by me, which is what we have in Utah, had to overnight all of its nikon equipment back to Nikon.

    • Eric

      It’s nothing to do with pissing off vendors. From what I understand, as part of the new company, Ritz gets to return all old Nikon stock and buy new stock with much better interest rates and at lower prices than the old company was given during Chapter 11.

      • James Morgan

        Indeed. A friend of mine, who works at a local Wolf Camera, tells me that on the morning of July 20th his store-and every other store in the company!-was instructed to pack up and return ALL Nikon cameras and accessories (though, apparently binocs and the like were excepted) via the fastest UPS overnight shipping option available- to Ritz’s Topeka, KA wherehouse. NOT Nikon’s N.A. Wherehouse.

        His store manager also mentioned that during the conference call (in which the Nikon recall was announce) their district manager implied that Nikon had stepped up and saved the company!

        Did Nikon join Ritz as a silent partner in his bid
        to buy back the company? It doesn’t seem beyond reason, to me anyhow.

        Note: I’m writing via iPod, so please forgive any arrant spelling or

        Did Nikon back Ritz in his bid?

        • arz

          ok, this ship back, re-inventory stuff, does it mean they will have “open box” “damaged box” type of deals looming?

  • Wow

    dude how do those cameras work i live in the country and it looks as if the close up on those cameras says it’s a nikon d3xs… at one minute and 22 seconds u can see that weird

    • David Chu

      It’s D2xs.

  • Anonymous

    It is really good if they start another exclusive D-SLR zone in Hyderabad (South India).

  • Ryan

    OKAy… how fast was the d2x? and how fast is the d40….riight

  • Bonetti

    D2x 5fps at 12mp . 8fps at 6.8mp with a 2x crop

  • Bonetti

    d40 2.5fps

  • NikonLover

    I’m curious, but what is that bit thing on the top of the Nikon logo on the camera ?

  • NikonLover

    On the last comment, I meant what is that white thing above the Nikon logo ?

    • RumpelHund

      Nikon tried an ambient light sensor in the D2X which is this white triangle. They tried it only on D2X/s and did no longer try it ever since.

      Now that we have this Expodisc thing I wonder why they did not get it to success.

      Guess it’s too much dependend on photographer’s supportiv actions: If the camera is in the shade shooting into sun it is (at best) of no use to measure the light at the camera. Same for indoor where really right lighning is only where the subject is.

      Expodiscers go to the subject and measure there, but nobody did that with the D2X.

  • fotosniper

    fluctuating tempuratures, changes in humidity and condensation long periods powered on, high frame rates, plus the need for diffrent peripherials and connectors, i think the fact that a high end camera was spec’ed was a good measure. a d40 would last a month at best, IF you could connect it.

  • RumpelHund

    It’s a D2X from my experience. Once did some integration tests with it.

    The reason for the pro body was the lifetime of the shutter, nothing else. At that time we did test D70 vs D2X and D70 was clearly superior in using the flash at 1/2000 which is mandatory for freezing action and coping with environmental light with the classic strobes (elinchrom those were in these days).

    The D2X did expose only what the shutter curtain left open while the D70 with electronic shutter worked well down to 1/2000 and shorter whilst losing some of the strobe-power.

    Furthermore there was a topic with external trigger: D70 needed this IR-thing-signal and was not reliable and fast enough. D2X was fast and steady from trigger to shot. Since often the detection elements in the road are fixed there was need to be that fast.

    IR sensitivity was higher on the D70 if I remember correctly, but in the US you may shoot white-light.

  • bonk

    guys, its not about fps of the D2x, but about the shutter-release time. those cameras have to take pictures “NOW!”. not “nnnnNow.”
    compare D2x and D40 specs on that premise.

  • SimonC

    In a few years time, can we expect to have a D3x mounted in traffic cameras? 😉

    • Zoetmb

      Maybe not in a few years time..maybe now. You can’t buy a D2X today and they’re putting up new traffic cameras all the time. So while I suppose they can be using a D700, they might be using a D3 or D3x. They probably don’t want to publicize that – would probably encourage more attempted thefts.

  • NikoDoby

    What bothers me the most about the traffic cam story is why did BHphoto used equipment dept. keep buying cameras from this guy? Especially if he walked into BH without a shirt on and with 22 Nikon D2XS’s. Didn’t that raise one red flag at BH?

    Anyway does anyone want to split the cost with me of renting a cherry picker for a day?

  • Anonymous

    i dont think d40 is good enought to capture in low light.

  • Ernst

    One day of red-light tickets will pay for the D2xs. This is not an application where cheaping out on the camera is worth it – if the D2xs has greater longevity and lower latency then it’s a no-brainer.

    This equipment is used to gather evidence for court, and as part of a several hundred-thousand dollar safety system (the traffic signals themselves). An extra few grand for the top-shelf camera is fine.

    There are plenty of examples of government waste, but this is NOT one of them.

  • HDZ


    I think.

    Now let watch eBay for D2Xs. lol!!

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