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A new 18-300mm mirrorless lens to be announced with the Nikon 1 J4 camera

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Few more new bits of information on the upcoming Nikon 1 J4 mirrorless camera: it will feature LCD touch screen and flash sync speed of 1/60s. A new lightweight (550 g/20 oz) all-plastic 18-300mm lens (with f/6.3 at 300mm) will also be announced. Correction: the new 18-300mm will be a DX lens.

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Top 10 NikonRumors posts for March 2014

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It’s not worth publishing anything else on April 1st – check again NikonRumors tomorrow for some interesting rumors. These are the top 10 most visited posts for March 2014:

Nikon AF-S 135mm f:2G lens
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Grey market Nikon D800 cameras now sale for $2,100

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The price of the grey market Nikon D800 camera dropped to $2,099.99 on eBay. Note that grey market Nikon equipment does not have US warranty and Nikon USA will not repair it.

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Is this Nikon AF-S 135mm f/2G lens real?

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A reader sent me this picture of a new Nikon AF-S 135mm f/2G lens: What do you think, real or fake? Update: Nikon has already filed a patent for a 135mm f/1.8 lens.

Nikon AF-S 135mm f:2G lens
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Weekly Nikon news flash #257

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→ Interesting: Canon camera with Nikon F mount. The new Canon M15P-C industrial camera equipped with 15MP monochrome APS-C sensor has Nikon F-mount. → Roberts Camera is currently offering 10% off in their eBay store which also sells used, refurbished and new Nikon equipment. → Refurbished Rokinon 24mm f/3.5 tilt shift lens for Nikon available for $599 on eBay […]

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Confirmed: Nikon lens only rebates will not be extended

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I received a confirmation that the current Nikon lens only rebates will not be extended after they expire tonight. The most popular lenses are out of stock, but Amazon still lets you place an order and they will ship it once it becomes available: Check also the availability at B&H and Adorama.

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DIY selective focus lens (freelensing)

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Here is an idea on what do to with an old/broken/unused lens: you can turn it into a selective focus lens (similar to Lensbaby). The included videos below came from Sam Hurd, the included images are by Francesco Spighi - visit his website for more information and sample images. Here are the step by step instructions:

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