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Weekly Nikon news flash #313

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→ Updated Nikon support article: Modification of tilt and shift mechanism of PC-E lenses. → CIPA published their camera sales data for March, 2015. → The Nikon instant rebates were extended for the month of May. I do not see any changed from the previous month. → Tamron, Tokina and Sigma introduced new lens rebates in […]

CIPA camera sales March 2015.
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Top 10 NikonRumors posts for April 2015

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         These are the top 10 most visited NikonRumors posts for April, 2015:

Nikon mirrorless camera concept4
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NikonRumors is 7 years old today

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NikonRumors is turning 7 today. I started this blog on May 1st, 2008 and have been posting almost daily ever since. Today the blog has 4,063 posts and 385,900 comments! Some of you have been with me since the beginning and I thank you for that. Here is a flashback how the blog looked back in […]

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Nikon 1 J5 camera shipping, currently in stock

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→ Several different Nikon 1 J5 camera configurations are already in stock at Amazon, B&H, BuyDig, Cameta Camera and Jessops UK. → The Nikon 1 J5 user manual is now available online. → Nikon 1 J5 sample images are available here. More samples at different ISO can be found on flickr (image above: jpeg fine @ ISO 6,400). See also this flickr album and this […]

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Another new low price: refurbished Nikon D610 camera for $1,049.99

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Another new low price: the refurbished Nikon D610 is now $1,049.99 on eBay (it was $1,149 few days ago, regular price is $1,496.95 after the $500 rebate).

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New low price: grey market Nikon D750 camera now $1,499.99

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Grey market Nikon D750 DSLR cameras are now available for $1,499.99 on eBay – this is new low price.

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Nikon apologizes for the delay of the new Nikkor 300mm f/4E PF ED VR lens, forgets to mention their “silent recall”

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Nikon Japan issued an apology for the delay of the Nikkor 300mm f/4E PF ED VR lens – because of the high demand, sale exceeded factory production output and the lens will be out of stock for a while. Of course Nikon forgot to mentioned their “silent recall” caused by VR issues that was the main reason for the delay.

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