Weekly Nikon news flash #186

  • Nikon UK promotion: purchase any product from the Nikon EDG range between October 22, 2012 and January 31, 2013 and claim a free Nikon Coolpix camera. Nikon EDG products are available on Amazon UK.


  • Nikon press release: Nikon offers aspiring photojournalists exclusive opportunity to go on assignment with National Geographic's Digital Nomad.

  • Demo of the new Slow View and Live Image Control features of the Nikon 1 v2 camera:

  • Another Nikon 1 V2 hands-on:

  • Movie mode with the Nikon D4 HD-SLR camera:

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  • Plug

    EDG stuff is very expensive in the UK. Most birders I know use Swarovski or Leica scopes, and Swarovski, Leica or Zeiss binos. The top end is very saturated with amazing quality gear. The scope with VR is interesting but the cost is prohibitive for what it is.

    • King Of Swaziland

      All the hunters I know swear that, as far as binos and scopes go, Swarovski is far and away the best.

      • Plug

        That is my inclination.

    • Spy Black

      I had that Nikon P310 that offering as an enticement. It WAS a really nice camera, and I liked it a lot, but it died 4 days after I bought it. Brought it back and got a Canon S110.

  • http://dundermifflin.com Andy Bernard

    Finally they have the RAW update!

  • Timo

    Have somebody tried the LCDVF loupe?
    Better than the Hoodman?

    • Martijn

      i have one and really like it, although i use it more for home video’s then professional shooting. Magnification is good, and the great thing is that you click it on with a magnet. so you can quickly put it on and take it off. you stick the metal to your screen(protector) and voila

  • http://www.robertash.com Robert Ash

    All 3 of the above hands-on videos are very impressive :)

  • boing wronkwell

    The looks of the new Nikon service center in L.A. explains a lot.

    Just a few trees and not much else. Oh! It’s the building on the left! They are obviously trying to hide from customers.

  • C_QQ_C

    MM on the new Nikon EU articles missing :

    -The sensetivity of the builtin microphones in DSLR’s :
    – Using the S800-c app for connecting wirelessly with android phones :
    – Compatibility of Nikon Battery packs :

    All those articles are already around 1 week old again.. :-)

  • http://www.ob1ne.wordpress.com o.b.1ne

    that nikon/national geo competition sounds amazing! too bad it’s only for U.S citizens =/

    • http://CraigEisenberg.com Craig

      Too bad the licensing grab terms & conditions are horrendous too. Last year I saw a photo submitted to a National Geographic contest appear on Bing.com homepage. The photographer never got the large license fee, but the multi-million dollar corporation National Geographic DID!

  • http://Www.markfiddian.com Marklf

    Has anyone tried any of the LCDVF products? This viewfinder looks really neat. I tried the Zacutio and sent it back. Big, awkward and heavy and it didn’t cover the whole of the D800 screen. This LCDVF looks like it just clips on and off. I’m getting one!

    • Martijn

      i have one and really like it, although i use it more for home video’s then professional shooting. Magnification is good, and the great thing is that you click it on with a magnet. so you can quickly put it on and take it off. you stick the metal to your screen(protector) and voila.

      i have one for the D7000.

  • PhilK

    Re: their service center:

    Nikon will need to do a lot more than move their service centers around to fix the unmitigated disaster of refusing to provide repair parts to any independent camera repair organizations.

    I can’t think of a single other company in the entire industry that has ever tried to pull that. Outrageous.

  • Copyright GRAB

    Another National Geographic COPYRIGHT GRAB and, Nikon has partnered with them! SAME ON YOU NIKON!!!

    This is exactly the type of CR@P-contest everyone should AVOID as they take 1,000’s of your images and…. THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT WITH THEM, in … PERPETUITY (forever) and all you get is a credit line and the right to keep your copyright! WOW!!!! Can I send you all my images for free National Geographic? Please?


    IGNORE and AVOID. Your chances of winning anything are zero and next to nothing anyway. Keep your images.

    • http://CraigEisenberg.com Craig

      YES! Glad I’m not the only one to see this.

  • http://CraigEisenberg.com Craig

    Absolutely terrible terms and conditions for this contest. Just another attempt to grab images from photographers without paying for them. They will use your images and profit from them even if they don’t declare you a winner. A lot of times the winner chosen has ties to a judge involved in the contest (e.g. son-in-law, friend of family, etc.). I’ve seen it happen on at least one occasion.

    Regarding the National Geographic photo contest:

    PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE SUBMITTING AN IMAGE. You are giving a worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive license to the groups involved. In other words they can use your images forever on posters, books, calendars, even the Bing.com homepage (which I’ve seen Nat Geo do in the past using an image submitted to a contest.). These corporations will make money from your work and you never see a dime. The licensing fees for an amazing image range from hundreds to thousands of dollars each time an image is published. This is what you are potentially giving up.

    Photo contests with crappy terms are the biggest scams in our industry (Adorama has one going right now with similarly horrendous terms).

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