Nikon 1 V2 pre-orders and hands-on videos

Nikon 1 V2 mirrorless camera white

B&H is now taking pre-orders for the new Nikon 1 V2 mirrorless camera. For all available V2 colors/kits, check this link. More pre-order options available at Amazon and Adorama.

The black and white Nikon SB-N7 Speedlight flash for Nikon 1 V1 & V2 models is now also listed for pre-order.

For all UK readers: in addition to Amazon UK, Jessops is currently also taking V2 pre-orders: black (2 lens kit) | white (2 lens kit).

Here is a quick video of the Nikon 1 V2 shooting at 15 fps:

Two Nikon 1 v2 hands-on videos:

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  • Peter

    Craaaaap thats ugly

    • I watched the videos because I thought that maybe the pictures don’t do it justice.
      I threw up in my mouth a little.

      • dacian

        i think it looks ok. it looks better than in pictures and it seems to be very capable for people who don’t want to learn dslr technicalities.

      • Z

        Yep … Nikon 1 V2 … that’s Nikon polishing a turd (V1) …

      • hudson

        The V2 is like a big fat wart on someone’s nose… there’s just no way to like or explain sheer ugliness. It slaps you in the face and makes you realize that there is ugliness in this world as much as their is beauty. It takes your shoe and put turd into it and then secretly slips it into your foot. I tried to put into words how ugly that thing is but alas, it’s ugliness is undescribable.

    • iamlucky13

      I’m actually pretty impressed. They took the basic aesthetic hints of the old Sony DSC-H series superzooms, which were ugly even back when they were popular, and managed to make them even worse.

      Tiny rear button pad…it looks smaller than the same on my Canon Elph, which is too small to operate with gloves on.

      Now that it actually has a meaningful amount of controls, I might take a look at it for a hiking camera, but I’m still inclined more towards M4/3 if I pick up a mirrorless system – bigger sensor, more lens choices, more confidence the system won’t be abandoned like Pronea, etc.

    • Old Dog

      It looks like the F3AF.

      And will probably be just as sucessful!

      • rex

        What re you smoking man? That thing looks like SHITE. I tcan’t make up it’s mind if it’s a nex7 or a f4 or some PS camera.

        • rex

          ii was being sarcastic.LOL. of course it’ll be successful.

          • rex


  • T.I.M

    Ugly camera, look like the Minolta 5000
    15 f.p.s all the dudes who think that speed mater will fell for it.

  • fjfjjj

    Profoundly hideous

    • joe

      profoundly agree.

  • D4ve

    I like it. Can’t think of when I’d pick it up over my D800 though.

  • Jonathan

    I don’t care so much that the camera is not aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This version of the v2 looks like it is actually a capable camera. I hated the control interface on the original. This redo looks like Nikon tried to fix the mistakes they made with the v1 and please pro photographers looking for a real camera. That said, I am still looking at what Olympus, Sony, and Fuji are offering far more seriously than Nikon.

    • Bjrichus


      A better effort from Nikon, but the EVF and flash “brick” on top is ugly.

      Now if its insides were coupled with the 24MP sensor from recent releases and in a larger (SLR size) body as I dislike what feels like a “too small” body these CSC’s have, I’d be interested.

      Did I just describe the D400?


  • Argon

    If this monster has decent ISO and AF with SLR lenses – it be some serious stuff for sport photos with 15fps and given crop factor. You will have something like 600 2.8 out of 70-200. Not the quality, of course, but the reach.

  • Ben Wronkmore

    Maybe Gen 4 of this stuff will be worth looking at as it’ll then be both decent and less ugly?

  • Joe

    I’ll be buying it. I think the V1 is a great little travel camera and this looks a good improvement and also changes a few of the things I find annoying with the original like having to go into menus to change the mode. I hope the annoying preview in viewfinder can be switched off!

  • jimbo

    Interesting design.. looks functional. Not a bad camera for your average shooter, but i’m not biting on anything smaller than an m43 sensor. The m43 is borderline as is.

  • Blender

    All these ugly-sayers,
    Like the look of a camera is really going to influence the way your pictures turn out…

    • Pablo Neruda

      No, but this camera belongs to the product category where look and appearance is everything.

      Hipsters, gen Y-ers, women and others looking for slr-like performance from a smaller camera package will care about how it looks, believe you me.

    • It will. Industrial design makes a difference.

    • Ben Wronkmore

      If the gear you use feels or looks bad/wrong/whatever you feel not quite right and that leads to a lowering of standards elsewhere too; it’s all about confidence. It’s why those who HAVE to get the shot each and every time, use gear they know and *LIKE*.

    • Uncle Fester

      If picture quality was the sole factor, the only Nikon cameras that would sell would be D4’s and/or D800’s. The simple fact is that image quality is just one a number of factors that are important to photographers.

      In the CX class of cameras, the size of the camera and the design of it are important factors.
      1) will it fit in my jacket pocket;
      2) will I be able to take it into events that my DLSR won’t
      3) does it scream “rob me” if I take it out on a NYC subway.

      There are gorgeous designs that don’t work – Concorde Airplane. There are ugly designs that are perfect – A-10 Warthog airplane.

      There is no reason that Nikon couldn’t have taken the V2’s performance characteristics and placed them in a decent looking design.

      In the Fall of 2013, I predict that new ones will be less than $400 with refurbs available for $200.

    • radd

      Well if looks don’t count then why don’t you go buy a Ferrari that looks like a garbage can on four wheels? Ugliness is fine if the camera costs 10 dollars but at 900? Improvement isn’t just about technology, you can improve the look of the camer as well. This is not an improvement but Nikon sticking a knife into every nikon 1 users backs.

  • wow, v1 was great looking just needed a few minor bugs worked out. but this thing is an eyesore!

  • FF

    I liked it too. It has a new design and it looks very interesting.

    • Sam S.

      Hahahhaa..right. And Danny Devito should be a model.

  • Higher res: fantastic
    Real grip: wonderful
    Ugly: subjective

    It looks like they actually did some work to distinguish it from the J series. I’m still disappointed with their CX, teensy sensor, but they are protecting their DX DSLR bodies, or so they think.

    • iamlucky13

      I understand the basic motivation for CX – squeeze a little more size out of the body while still maintaining a definite image quality advantage over point-and-shoots. Not really for me, but there is market gap, and whether or not it needed filling, Nikon filled it.

      Unfortunately, once you slap a lens on it, almost all of the size advantage is lost. The 10-30 isn’t all that bad for size, but the existing 10-100 is almost exactly the same size and weight as the 18-200 DX.

      • BornOptimist

        Any particulary reason why you mentioned the by far largest most speciallized lens in the lineup?
        How about the 30-110 compared to competition?

      • preston

        Unless you’re shooting movies, there is no reason to get the 10-100 for $750 when the 10-30 and 30-110 together are half the price and nearly half the weight. The 30-110, despite being a telephoto zoom lens with VR, weighs less than any single current lens for DX or FX.

    • b grill

      Ugly: subjective? Err…right. You’ve never seen a beautiful woman before as apposed to an ugly one, have you mate? I think you’re trying way too hard to keep your job at nikon, mate.

  • David

    I don’t know why some readers seem so preoccupied with how the camera looks? Could people actually have their personal identity wrapped up in their camera gear? I find THAT very interesting. Personally I think it looks fine. To me, it has a retro NASA Apollo look and feel. I don’t care how it looks, within reason, as long as it does what it is designed to do, takes high quality photos, and is easy to carry around.

    • +1 for function over form

      The other camp probably prefers the Pentax K-01, a “designer” camera :p To each their own I guess.

    • iamlucky13

      Retro NASA Apollo look would mean Nikon F, which actually flew on the Apollo missions.

      The problem with an ugly camera isn’t that it really matters. It’s just that it’s so senseless that one can’t help but puzzle over it.

      Admittedly, it’s not as senseless as it seems at first. They puffed the grip up to give you more to hold on to, but it turned out awkward. And they stuck the EVF on top as an afterthought, without blending it in, as naturally happens with a pentaprism. The EVF is made even more blocky by squeezing the pop-up flash and hot shoe in around it on a very small body.

      Also interestingly, NikonUSA currently lists the MSRP on the V1 as $100 more than the V2.

      • joel

        Everything on the V2 design is an after thought. Like it was put together by a band of hobbits. A product with no design like a simple table or chair is neither pretty nor ugly. The V2 is like a chair with 5 legs and a table that has no flat surface. What a dreadful design. We are in the 21st century, and so called graphic designers cannot even make a simple rectangular camera design look half decent. the V2 has neither class, nor charm, nor industrial design, nor simplicity. It’s just a Hasbro toy robot.

    • denz


      This is a tool about photography not fashion.

      Lot of trolls here.

      • jay

        You ever see any ugly fashion models? Or any ugly Ferraris? Would you prefer a beautiful woman or an ugly one?Toilet paper is a tool as well, but toilet paper doesn’t cost 900 dollars. looks may not count for everything in this world, but it counts when you have to pay alot of money.That is why MOST adults don’t wear garbage bags to go out.

  • I think it looks pretty cool 🙂 Sort of like a……DSLR 🙂 It’s certainly not trying to be pocketable any more (the V1 was almost pocketable but not quite) but for a high-quality, lightweight camera it’s very impressive.

    • Also, I like the EVF (my first two digital cameras had EVF, worked well) because holding a camera to my eye is important to me, don’t like arm’s length holding.

      Finally, the Nikon logo being placed on the built-in flash and the logo’s being raised when the flash is activated is a neat, subtle touch.

    • Uncle Fester

      The problem with the design is that it ignores all of the benefits of the CX sized sensor (size size size) and trades it away with a large body that would be hard to pocket.

      It is like they wanted to build an Olympus OM-D but didn’t have the stones to build it around a DX or a 4/3 sensor.

    • craptasticator

      From the top down view it kind of looks like the Sony NEX …. OOPS!

  • Aldo

    Man there is a lot of haters in here. Are you not entertained!

    • Gordon R.

      Nikon fanboys got what they deserve. Now nikon fanboys have got nothing to complain about when it comes to other brands of mirrorless cameras cause the v2 is the most butt ugly looking mirrorless ever made, hands down. It was just a matter of time before nikon fanboys got a a taste of crapulance. Sure, toher makers have made not so great looking cameras, but they will never be able to live this down, the V2 is a bench mark for the ugliest CSC upgrade ever made. Sudenly the “bland” looks of the eos m sure looks a hell lot better. LOL. i though the samsung nx20 and the gf3 and nex 5 looked bad..ooops my mistake, I’ve been proven wrong by Nikon! LOL. How any Nikon fanboy can wear that around their necks and be proud is beyond me, but i gotta thank nikon for giving non nikon users such wonderful gift to remind all the Nikonfanboys. LOL

  • KnightPhoto

    I’ll probably get it someday, but I’m incensed about the battery, and I need to hold it in my hand as pocketability is paramount (medium large jacket pocket). I mightnwait for a V3, I have the V1 already so no rush. I’ll probably focus on the lenses first – 50mm and 85mm equivalents. I loved the look of the white V1… I might just buy white lenses from now on.

    Nikon needs to offer a single multi charger covering the D4/D3/D800/D700/V1 battteries. Counting my AA charger, I’m already carrying three and this makes a fourth 🙁

    I don’t care about PASM, but they BETTER have fixed the hobbled Auto-ISO or I’m probably out on this model.

    The other thing, is this true 15fps this time without restriction? V1 can do 10fps but only in Program-exposure and no exposure comp allowed, so I always just use 5fps mode on the V1. If this is no restriction 15fps RAW, I’m probably back in again 😉

  • Z

    Butt ugly … kinda gives a new meaning to theft-proof …

    Yep … we are entertained …

    • Z

      Sheesh … might have to consider OM-D now …

  • Piss Take

    US Price $799, UK Price £799, what an absolute piss take from Nikon towards the UK market again.

    I actually like the look of this camera, but resent the fact that I’ve had my trousers removed and had Nikon’s giant fist inserted into my rectum with the pricing over here again.

  • Teo

    Oh my g$&@, i cannot believe a company like nikon designed such a photo-frankenstein. Ugly like h@&$, no design, no style, just mimicking what other do. Why, nikon, why?
    Afterr a decade of shooting with your cameras, i decided to leave nikon to get a camera with look & style, pleasant design. Their desin team should be fired asap, my kids would do a better job. Shame on you nikon.

    • Nikon V2turd

      AGREE. People who design turd like this should not have jobs. There are plenty of decent designers out there who can design a better camera.You SUCK Nikon, making an upgrade look worse is NOT an improvement, it’s a slap on every 1 users face. Keep your V2 foryourself, I don;t have another year to wste waiiting for the next turd to come out, it’s off to Sony or Fuji or even Samsung. And i thought the Samsung nx20 was ugly, which it is,you build that crap and charge 900 bucks? You guys need to stop smoking whatever it is you’re smoking.

  • Aldo

    I returned my Iphone 5… but I must say… the thing took amazing photos. Why cant you just make a camera like that with interchangeable lenses? pancake lens that keep retraction/expansion both from focusing and zooming internal? Why does it have to look like optimus prime? Anyway I’m entertained too lol.

  • Peter

    This could be a great camera, I think it looks pretty cool actually and it has some great features, but its major flaw, as I see it, is its small sensor. Compared to Sony NEX 6:

    Sensor surface area (taken from here):
    Nikon 1 V2 = 116 mm2
    Sony NEX6 = 366 mm2

    As you can see, the CX sensor is more than 2 times smaller than Sony NEX 6. Quite a difference, if you ask me. V2 is going to have a rough time competing with the NEXs and the like.

  • JimBob

    Complaining about the way it “looks”?

    That’s kind of a weak argument to hate something like a camera. In fact, it’s sort of a pansy-ass way of evaluating a camera.

    • rangoon

      Sure, say that the next time you buy a Porsche that looks like a garbage bag. And say that when you go on a blind date with the ugliest woman in your town.

  • F200

    I kinda like the look. Almost handsome. Add an 8.8mm f/1.0 pancake, I think it’ll be great.

  • craptasticator

    Lets put a long lens on this thing (at that high FPS rate, its perfect for sports where I can close my eyes and just hold down the shutter release) and it’s a case of “Is that a zoom lens or are you just pleased to see me…”

  • dgd

    That V2 POS is so ugly i had to scroll down here as fast as I can to avoid looking at it. there’s no way this should have even been on the drawing board, let alone into production. the person responsible designing it and approving it should go straight to the unemployment line. With so many half decent designers out there, Nikon comes up with that? It looks like the nikon f4 shagged a NEX 7 and the v2 is the bastard child that came.Jesus, people have to STOP buying crap csc slr desings or esle we get more POS like this. The gh and om-d series is what started the csc dslr wannabe mess. People are trying to run away from the slr look, not back to it. Take a look at Panos GH3, its costs more than mosts dslrs, its got a smaller sensor, it has not mirror, so what’s the point of even leaving the dslr for in the first place? God it’s going to be so shite when all cameras from csc’s to ps cameras look like slr’s, when that happens, people who buy the stuff have no one to blame but themselves.

  • Say no to POScams

    Man anyone who says this camera isnt ugly needs to get their brain and eyes checked. Would anyone buy a Leica if a Leica looked like the V2? ‘fraid not. This has got to be one of the WORST camera upgrades in terms of aesthetics I’ve ever seen. Sony ddin;t do much in their NEX desing, and arguably the NEX’s don’t look good or bad, just too simple. But the Nikon, at every angle, every turn, is trying to hard to look so damn ugly it succeeds in spades. Every corner you look at it, every nook, every hump looks as ugly as can be. It’s as if Nikon had a design contest to see who can come up with the ugliest camera. Pentax ko1.., stop your tears for you are not alone anymore, you ugly basterd.

  • HAHAHAHAHA You guys know this Camera is cute and sexy ,, AND you WANT IT !!!! When does the look of a camera matter? Except to make it look expensive. The only thing this new Nikon needs is some wild muti color combinations. Like Pentax did. The camera specs are SWEET. 15 fps with focus !! 60 with out .. WOW ! I want it !! I love the looks comments !! Made my day !!

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