Nikon moving El Segundo service center to Hollywood

The rumor is that Nikon is planing to end the lease of their 10,242 sq. feet service center in El Segundo and move to Hollywood, California. Their current lease ends September, 2012. The speculation is that Nikon is moving in order to be closer to Hollywood for their future plans to concentrate on video/film making.

Canon has already been using Hollywood for their video related announcements.

Some images of the Nikon’s service center in El Segundo can be found here.

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  • Jonathan

    Well that sucks, it was such a close drive for me!

    • Global

      If this is true its purely an image thing and no benefit to anyone (and probably will seriously disrupt the lives of Nikon employees).

      El Segundo was a quite central area in Los Angeles & also closer to a key market, Orange County. The living was probably FAR more reasonable for Nikon employees than Hollywood as well, which will be expensive as heck. The driving distance for any employee that cannot move will be sad.

      They should open a Nikon office there with constant presence — not move the whole thing. El Segundo is only half an hour away from Hollywood. I guess they want their employees to drive more…

  • Jabs

    Well, you have to go to where the Business is currently or is emerging.

    • Scott M

      By business, do you mean Poparazzi? They are all switching to D800 to get sharper shots of celebrity cellulite.

  • Scott M

    You can drop off without an appointment. I did this about 3 weeks ago at El Segundo. They fixed an 18-200VR lens and cleaned a D300 with no problem in 1 week. It was a very positive experience overall.

  • kyoshinikon

    Yay closer to me 😀 (by samys too)

  • …hopefully this includes a staff and management shakeup–I’d like to be able to send something in for a fix and have it repaired right the first time. I have yet to have that happen.

    • WYS

      Same here, they failed to properly fix my 14-24mm f2.8 twice before the manager wrote it off and gave me a new one. First they mounted the hood diagonally then they locked the aperture completely shut.

      • Nikon took over a year to get me a working D700–three attempted repairs and at least five different “new” refurbs. (I was told by one CSR that “what?! we don’t send out refurbs as replacements!”)

        Back in the day, they sent me a D2x repaired with a thumb sized print on the inner prism face and the rubber grips falling off. (they were fine when I sent it in)

        Now they can’t fix my D7000 absurdly bad focus. I’ll be sending it back for the second time tomorrow.

        • Andy

          I’m going through the same process with my D700. What was wrong with yours? Mine overexposes when shooting vertical portraits. I’ve had 2 repairs and it still does it. I’m asking for a replacement, but it’s impossible to actually talk to anyone that can help me.

  • Casper

    Are they closed for the July week? no one answers the phone numbers. I have a sensor that need cleaning one little speck will not leave. They left Torrance couple years ago now another move? El Segundo was easy access.

  • Hollywood is freeway close, er, I mean parking lot close to nowhere.
    It is a real pain to get there from anywhere south of downtown L.A. Especially Orang County.
    Need to turn in my D4 for repair.

  • don

    I made a pilgrimage to the El Segundo office last year, en route to Disneyland for vacation. The office is much smaller than one would expect, and when I was there I was the only customer for the entire 30 minutes that I was there. It seemed eerily quiet and non-descript for an office that services everything west of the Mississippi.

    Interested to see what their new Hollywood facility will look like.

  • Steve Starr

    Anyone know their new address?

  • Wang Ke

    Does Hollywood have less dirt and hair than El Segundo? I guess it doesn’t matter since I’ll never send anything to their CA service center ever again.

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