Weekly Nikon news flash #169

"According to the filing, the company said it had between $50 million and $100 million in liabilities and assets. Its largest unsecured creditors include Sony Corp. of America, Fuji Photo North America and Nikon."

  • Nikon 1 400fps slow motion video:

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  • PJ

    D3s price drop reported is really for the D3X

    • karl

      I don’t get it.

      The D7000 image quality was too good, so Nikon issued a firmware fix that makes the images look WORSE ??

      • Mishoo

        I wonder if anybody else can confirm this

      • Global

        This looks like an accident. Nikon has profiles for each lens & chromatic aberration control software uploaded into its cameras. It looks like whatever the improved had side effect or accidental reduction of the chromatic aberration lens support. Nikon cameras have a pride-point in these profiles, which are often superior to Canon. Not likely intentionally reducing this aspect on an already released camera. Must be accident that should be fixed, if others having same issue. But this is just one sample so far.

        • Global

          Something is wrong actually.

          Isn’t it a bit weird that these photos can be taken at the exact same place and time? They might have been taken with different f/stop settings. f/1.8 & 1.4 lenses are known for chromatic aberration. But stop down to f/2.8 and it pretty much goes away.

          I think this is a misunderstanding. The “bad” shot is at f/1.8:

          The “good” shot is at f/2.8:

          I think this is an incorrect rumor — highly contrasting object colors (black cord, white background) shot WIDE-OPEN at f/1.8 in BRIGHT light is going to result in chromatic aberration.

          The photographer is literally trying to create the worst possible situation — and then showing f/2.5 as the good shots.

          • Global

            Hm, no, if you look at the full set, it shows before and afters, including wide-open. In that case, it does seem accidental result — Nikon tried to adjust profile for Pincussion & Distortion improvements — and removed or accidentally indirectly affect Chromatic Aberration control…?

            • AM

              I won’t update mine until this is confirmed either way.

            • mr.anthony

              Clearly the before and after images do not have the same variables, as the cord is lost in the window light in the “after” shot. Either there’s more light coming in, or the exposure is off in some way. Jumping to the conclusion that the lens database disables chromatic aberration control is a much bigger leap than just presuming the guy is a lousy photographer/experimenter. I know which theory I believe.

            • Somebody please confirm about that… is it safe to update firmware?

        • “which are often superior to Canon”

          Stick to what you know…

      • joseph

        Isn’t the 35/1.8 known to be terrible with CA anyway, even with in-camera magic??

        • Calibrator

          There are indeed situations where its very visible, especially at bigger apertures.
          I’m only using RAW so I don’t know how well JPGs are correct in-body. Modern software can pretty much eliminate this in post, though.

          • Calibrator


  • FX DX

    Nikon J1 Leica leather kit is as ingenious as Lion Dog.


    • That is the freaking raddest thing I’ve seen since 2011. Thank you for the share.


    • @FX DX
      As english isn’t my first language, I had to ask dictionary first to learn if you praised or spoofed my idea.
      I am happy to know now, that you like it 😀


  • RakSiam

    D90 is still selling? I need to sell my old one some time soon I guess.

    I really like the V1’s 400fps video mode, but the ultrawidescreen cropping makes it a little tough when it comes to framing.

    • PeterO

      Something is seriously wrong with Amazon. The D90 is listed on Nikon.ca for $100 less than Amazon’s price.

  • pooh

    Aki-asahi had been offering a kit for the J1 for months, with his vast material collection.

  • That 400FPS is something that needs to be implemented into a higher resolution, and a larger body. Like the D800 via firmare update. I know this won’t happen. But, that would make me the happiest person alive. I would kill for 400FPS@720p, 240+fps@1080p. I’m sure something like this (maybe not as extreme) will come with the next generation.


    • dont need to kill anybody, just grab about 40k and buy high speed cam.
      problem with high speed videography is that you need lot of light and that 400fps is in the end nothing exciting.
      240fps is only 10times slow down, not even dramatic for some wedding ring fall shot, you need 2-4k to do anything really

      • Well, that’s obviously subjective. 240fps is, indeed 10x slow down. That’s MUCH slower than we can get now. About 1000% slower, actually. So, every bit helps. We can only get 60FPS@720p now. 240-400FPS@1080p is a huge step up in my book. (By the way, we’re all photographers here. High speed anything obviously needs much more light..)


  • Foolishcfo

    If you haven’t grabbed a copy of N Photo magazine then do so asap! Its a monthly magazine containing 132 pages of everything Nikon. The articles are good and the graphics and layout are superb. I just wish true editors would retire their D90’s and step up to the latest D800 and D4 technology. Still a very enjoyable magazine!

  • cuius

    D90 body only £499.99 ($785) including 20% tax and free delivery at Amazon UK

  • Well thats interesting.. but I wonder, will the batterylife on the D600 be on par with D800 or even worse?

    • Calibrator

      I don’t think the D800 has bad battery life. According to many reviews it’s actually quite good considering the small battery (same as D7000).

      As the D800 isn’t exactly a “spray & pray” body for sports photographers & paparazzi I don’t see a problem in this regard anyway. I see a good chance for it to complement my D7000 in the (near) future. Both cameras sharing the same batteries and charger like brothers 😉

    • David

      I’ve found that the biggest factor in the d800 battery life is how much you use the screen.

      I shot an event yesterday with continuous AF, hi burst mode and medium jpeg images. Got over 1000 shots and had 40% battery left.

      But alternatively, some slower paced shooting with lots of reviewing and fiddling in menus will drain the battery with only 300-400 shots.

  • Chuck
  • MacCruiskeen

    My Nikon F once went rolling down an icy mountain trail on a hike, but it survived unscathed. As cyclists say, “steel is real”.

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