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Nikon related links/news

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Those are Nikon related news that were not important enough to get their own post during the week - they will get dump here every weekend (I have been doing this for the past few months already):


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  • Dweeb

    Yes, smaller lenses. Now that they are producing the 10-24 in China with 10 cents of labor, they really need to get raw material costs down to a few cents as well. Funny how MSRP is still $900 bucks. But WTH, “dealer may sell for less” LOL

  • Kay Burn Lim

    YES!!! I happen to be in Azerbaijan! Finally, I can get stuff serviced here! AWESOME!

  • http://www.attorneyst.com scheme

    typo in the first bulletpoint. I think you meant “lenses *soon*”.

    • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

      oops – I fixed it – thanks

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