Nikon tech gone wrong

Nikon S630 is not "blink proof":


flick via gizmodo

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  • Niloy

    Lol, racist. 🙂 Seriously though, we need advanced AI in our cameras. “Oh, taking photos of the Grand Canyon, are we? Tell you what, move just about 200 feet to your left and you’ll get an awesome view!”

    • Alex

      The camera is racist? lol

    • fotosniper

      Niloy, i wont be suprised, with the advent of GPS+ image/facial detection, if they come out with cameras that do exactly that. Go to paris and the camera will tell you to be at trocadero at 6am to catch the sun rising behind the tower. question is, what tourist is going to listen to their camera? only true diehards will actually get the shot.
      (BTW, im a diehard)

  • pufferfish

    A little ironic from Nikon considering they are Japanese!

  • Eric

    The S630 shows this after EVERY picture taken with the blink proof mode.

  • low

    looks like its working??

  • Dan

    Is that a Miley Cyrus version of the S630?

  • Benny Lava

    Ok, I LOL’d at that.

    As another poster says, this is ironic coming from a Japanese company. But thanks to the lady’s squinting, the eye on the left almost looks like it’s closed. It’s a pretty hard act for software to pull off.

  • Daniel


  • mike

    loling so hard right now

  • jcvjcvjcvjcv

    Flash photography with a D300 can also results in closed eyes unless you use flash value lock.

    • Vic

      You didn’t quite get it’ did you?

  • shutterdancer

    Lots of people have a lazy eye….and sometimes two……I know this because it effects me too.. If both eyes are visible in the photo,what else can Nikon do?

  • Um.. No not actually…. It is working fine. The person is not blinking. They are squenting their eyes. The camera can detect if the person’s eyes are funny closed.

  • Chris

    Is Prince Phillip doing QA for Nikon’s P&S department now?

    (UK readers will get it)

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