The D5000 dude in Nikon’s video

You probably still remember the Nikon D5000 dude and the promotional video he was in that actually brought us one of the first D5000 spy shots (refresh your memory here and here):

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  • Dan

    So was the source of the pictures a member of the production team?

    The angle of perspective of the pictures were far too convenient, for say a tourist.
    They we’re always at an angle where you could discern something but not too much for it to be obvious.

    • no, just an innocent bystander who happened to have a camera at the right place and time 🙂

  • Sea Cat

    “So was the source of the pictures a member of the production team?”

    Yes. He was working with the programmer at Nikon USA who is planting fake pageIDs on the site to fool with you people.

  • As a D300 owner and former D70 and D200 owner I think the old flip LCD is just a gimmick. To me, its just one more part that can break off, wear out or other wise cause me to not be able to use my gear.

    If Nikon can sell more cameras because of it then great!

    I’m just glad I cant see the giant boots this guys was wearing. If you look at the stills from the shoot(available on this website) it looks like he is wear size 27 boots. I wont even get into sash around the guys waist. He looked like an idiot.

  • Phoggy

    They must not have used the footage of the guy where you saw him in the spy shots. The whole time he’s prancing around rooftops in this video, but in the spy shots he’s standing on the street.

  • Camera companies embellish the capabilities of their products too much I think. Such videos lead the uninformed to think that they can recreate similar results, whether in stills or in the newer video features. Sad.

  • NikoDoby

    The Croatian Nikon Pirate Dude sure does take his paper airplane photography seriously! Good for him. Maybe a D400 will get me jumping off roof tops too.

  • Dweeb

    Enjoy, it cost all of us big bucks involuntarily to produce this slop. So that thousand buck 10-24 plastic slop is made in China and priced for Switzerland. Nothing from China is worth a thousand bucks. They should get back to getting QC on their $2000 dollar so-called “pro” lenses back into line and stop spending their time counting our western money.

    • I’d tend to agree except: the stuff I see from Canon ain’t any better. Nikon has and continues to be on their game, with the exception of the 12-24 and the 24-120.

      The studio I work for uses Canon and the studio I used to work for used Canon. L glass ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. And the firewire/usb connector on the 1Dsmkii is crap compared to the four Nikon dslrs I’ve owned, and the seven I’ve worked with. It’s currently broken on the work camera, and looking at the design, I expect it to break again in the next year.

      What “pro” Nikon lens do you have that doesn’t stack up? Every $1k+ Nikon lens I’ve used is awesome.

  • JJ

    Pirate guy is super cool the way he chased that plane. He should be king of Swaziland.

  • rhlpetrus

    I recommend to those interested in D90/D5000’s video feature to check this guy’s site:

  • davidh

    You might want to explicitly mention that there’s a video to watch; if you don’t have flash installed on your browser it’s not visible and makes for a slightly strange post

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