Thom Hogan working on a “special surprise book”

surprise-nikon-bookIs this a publicity stunt or Thom Hogan does know something we don't? His books are all about Nikon hardware (and two Fuji books).

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  • low

    a d400 surprise book?

  • lox

    “How to write Nikon Guides” by Thom Hogan. Already pre-ordered via Amazon. 🙂

  • funny

    interesting. D4?

  • eh??

    thom hogan always make those book surprises when he believes a rumor is actually true… which never happened before

  • Ivor Biggun

    “Free publicity by forum posting for fun and profit.” Just a guess.

  • Doug

    There’s approximately zero chance that it’s for a D400 or D700x or such. He never writes the book until he’s used the gear, and he always buys the gear at retail. It’s most likely a guide to some particular aspect of photography along the lines of the flash book he’s been working on since forever. He’s said that it’s listed as ‘surprise’ so that people don’t hassle him about when it will be done so much. Actually I think he put it as ‘when you announce it like I did the flash book, people develop expectations.’

  • R.C.

    Probably a book saying he’s tired of Nikon’s games and decided to switch to Canon… and yes, I AM a Nikon shooter.

  • The truly funny thing about the Nikon Rumors post is that Nikon Rumors didn’t bother to ask me, they just decided to speculate on it. Well, let the speculation continue, then…

    • Hi Thom – good to see you here. If I have asked you, would you have told me? You would have killed the surprise 🙂

      • I would have told you it isn’t a book about a piece of equipment, which is what your speculation is. But seriously, a rumor site that posts things that are just guesses at random stuff isn’t interesting.

        • Greg

          Exactly. The two teenagers behind Nikon Rumors need to understand that making posts with no real content hurts their reputation.

          If there are no rumors to post they shouldn’t make something up just for the sake of posting something new.

          • Here again is the definition of the word “rumor” according to Merriam Webster dictionary:

            Pronunciation: \ˈrü-mər\

            Function: noun

            Etymology: Middle English rumour, from Anglo-French, from Latin rumor clamor, gossip; akin to Old English rēon to lament, Sanskrit rauti he roars

            Date: 14th century

            1: talk or opinion widely disseminated with no discernible source

            2: a statement or report current without known authority for its truth

            3 archaic : talk or report of a notable person or event

          • Greg

            Sorry admin, but posting Thom’s comment doesn’t fall into any of those 3 definitions. There was no talk or speculation about his comment prior to you posting it here. Only you were dumb enough to consider it a rumor.

          • Steve

            Thom himself classified it accurately. It’s not a rumor but rather “guesses at random stuff”. Pretty sad.

          • Greg

            Yeah, Thom saying he’s coming out with a surprise book is not a rumor. It’s a statement by Thom about his future work that doesn’t give details.

            Now if there was some thread on dpreview with posters that claimed to have reason to believe that Thom’s new book was on a specific thing, that would be a rumor.

            But Thom’s comment alone is definitely *not* a rumor. I think it’s funny that the two kids behind Nikon Rumors don’t even know the definition of rumor.

          • i think he already have enough effort for free site with this to verfiy everything. I rather read more than less.
            Post did what it was supposed to, brought us rumor about book, probably at least remotely nikon related.
            he could have asked Thom, sure, but why? He would not tell him about what it is anyway.
            Give Admin some peace, you are anoying

          • heartyfisher

            “2 teenagers” sound like its meant to be derogatory! ..

            But if you guys are teenagers I applaud you on your enterprise and wish you success! Keep up the good work!

          • This has been the theme of this site from the very beginning and will continue to be. Sorry to disappoint the few readers that are not happy.

          • Greg – your comment: “Now if there was some thread on dpreview with posters that claimed to have reason to believe that Thom’s new book was on a specific thing, that would be a rumor.”
            so if it was on dpreview, it is good enough to be a rumor, but not here? Interesting logic.

          • Trent

            Admin, don’t listen to those guys and keep up the good work.

          • cameraguy

            “so if it was on dpreview, it is good enough to be a rumor, but not here? Interesting logic.”

            I’m guessing English isn’t your first language.

            You posting “I wonder what Thom’s new book could be?!?” is not a rumor. That’s very different from speculation/evidence of something specific from an external source.

          • “you posting” that’s some good English right there 🙂

          • cameraguy

            ““you posting” that’s some good English right there :)”

            You should spend less time deleting posts you don’t like and more time looking for actual rumors.

            • if you have watched your language your post would still be here, but this just proves my theory… Offensive language will not be tolerated here – if you cannot lead an intelligent discussion without profanity, you don’t belong here.

            • cameraguy

              “theory”? You’re the admin. You can delete whatever post you want. It’s not a “theory”

            • Yes, my theory is that there is a reason why some people use offensive language/profanity in forums/blogs.

            • mike

              Is it because that’s how they interact with people in real life (i.e. in person)?

            • Adam

              I think the point is that those people with such ‘colourful’ posts dont interact with others in real life becasue of there poor manor and thus have to make a referrral to the internet.
              IMO I think it is the right of the admin/s to post what ever they wish (so long as it is not offencive or infinging of anything) and personaly I enjoy posts such as this.
              KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

            • monty11

              No, they usually don’t dare that in real life, so when they are “anonymous” on the web they let out everything they have bottled up.

            • monty11

              That was a reply to Mike 🙂

      • Mario

        I think Thom did not like the “publicity stunt” comment and that’s what this is. He wants the attention and now he is complaining about it – why else would he call it a “special surprise book” – I would be suspicious too.

        • I think you’re wrong ;~).

          First, I have no need for additional attention. I let my work and words stand for themselves. If wanted attention about the book I’m working on I wouldn’t have posted it in the list of things I’m working on, I would have done something bigger.

          What people don’t seem to understand is that the Nikon Rumors staff has had email conversations with me before about things. Thus, to simply make a random speculation about three words I wrote rather than first asking me if I might give them any elaboration seems to me more like “wanting attention” than what I did. Rumors sites eventually live or die on the quality of their information and speculation. That means being more of a reporter and less of a provocateur.

          NR is free to ignore my comments. I offer them in good faith.

          • Thom,
            I agree, you don’t not need additional attention, otherwise you wouldn’t have complaint about this post 🙂
            True, we had some email exchanges before, but I really didn’t think that you would tell me. Let’s put an end to this with an answer to the question – what is the book about Thom?
            Next time, I will email you before posting a rumor related to your site and I will be expecting an honest answer. I think this is fair. I still stand behind this post – I just asked a simple question: does Thom knows something we don’t – that’s all. I did not start any speculations, I just asked a question. I did not say “Thom got the D400 and is writing a book about it”. It is known that sometimes you get some rumors from your sources and it would make sense to me to start preparing a new book based on the info you got. That’s why I became suspicious. My only mistake was that I did not email you with a question.

            I am done with this topic.

          • You say “I am done with this topic.” No, you’re not.

            You have to decide whether you’re just an aggregater, an instigator, or a commentator. Who you attract here and what they’re worth as visitors depends upon that, actually.

            The question you should have asked me privately was “does this secret book imply some new hardware?” My answer would have been “no, it’s not a book about a piece of equipment.” If I answered more than that, then it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it? But I would have answered your pointed question truthfully. Indeed, I have twice now.

          • Actually Thom, I am all of the above – sometimes I aggregate Nikon news, sometimes I start rumors based on the info I get and when I feel like it, I just do commentary. I have already admitted my mistake that I should have asked you first before posting this (like I have admitted other mistakes in the past) and I also gave an explanation why I did not do so. The reason why I am still not done with this is because I want to check with my audience if everything is OK and whether I have to make changes to my posting habits. So far, according to the poll, it seems that everything is OK. Thanks for your reply.

    • mike

      Thom Hogan FTW!

      • Cluebat

        FTL is more like it.

    • BrianO

      Its going to be hilarious when Thom releases a book about the D400.

  • Al

    The thing is, is that really Thom?

    • snorri

      Who cares? He’s right.

      As I’ve said before, it is hard to take a rumor site seriously doesn’t care to do even the simplest research before posting something. And in this case is even worse: The admin is trying to generate _new_ rumors because real news are slow right now. But since most people know by now that Thom doesn’t get any samples from Nikon but buys every piece of equipment he reviews in retail, things like this really hurt the site’s reputation. That’s too bad, because a well done rumor site could really help the community.

      Still, there is the occasional nugget of information amongst NR’s postings, so for now I’ll keep checking this site now and then.

      — snorri

      • cameraguy


      • +1

  • Ken

    I tend to agree with Doug, but then speculate that it could be on; UniWB, Pano, or more likely, a general book on how to get the most out of your equipment.

  • Zenndott

    I’d love to see the new book on Speedlights finalized. The field badly needs a solid resource text on its strobe system the more artistically oriented books by McNally, Tuck, and the site.


  • ddovala

    Wow, a lot of you guys are jerks. Nobody is forcing you to come here and read the posts. Chill out. If you don’t like it here, then stop coming and posting.

    Thanks admin, keep it up. It can never hurt to post, and leave it up to us whether or not we personally want to put stock in the rumor. Don’t let these few people ruin what you’re trying to accomplish with this website.

    • cameraguy

      Actually, I think the point is that this kind of post ultimately hurts Nikon Rumors.

      With rumor sites, the higher the crap to quality ratio, the fewer visitors.

  • I appreciate the concern of few readers about the future of NR and the number of visitors I may gain or loose based on my posts. I have to ensure you that NR is gaining new visitors every month which is a clear indication that there are only few people that are not happy with the content which is expected. Here is NR monthly visits growth graph since its start over a year ago:

    Let me just summarize this post – I just asked a very simple question: does Thom Hogan know something we don’t? That’s it, but it seems that some readers had a big problem with that sentence. I asked a question and now it seems that we got an answer – Thom Hogan doesn’t know anything more than us here. That’s it – end of story.

    Reminder: comments with offensive language will be deleted.

    • cameraguy

      Wow, you went from 10 visitors to 20 ?1?

      Eliminate the fluff posts and you’d have gone from 10 to 40!

      • mike

        If this site were like macrumors, where rumors (with images/citation) are posted along with useful or/and interesting news, the admin wouldn’t be getting so much flack for his posts. Also, posting the definition of a rumor as a defense for absurdly useless posts is only hurting your case.

  • infinitedepth

    “My only mistake was that I did not email you.”

    Pretty big mistake considering it would have resulted in this post never existing in the first place. Please do your homework next time.

  • Zoetmb

    While I’m glad this site exists and I think its creator(s) do a great job in many respects, I don’t think they truly understand the concepts of “editing” and “journalism”. The problem is that they are so into what’s coming next, they promote anything, even obvious typos and errors, as hints of future products or Nikon strategies.

    There two schools of thought on the matter: School A, which the creator(s) seem to feel is their strategy and appropriate for a “rumor” site, is to “post anything”, no matter how obvious an error or typo or how silly. School B would be to apply a little intelligence, maturity and journalism to the site and only post things that are credible and come from reliable sources. If one looks at the Apple Rumor sites, they will usually tell you when they pick up information from another site, whether that source has been reliable in the past.

    From the postings above and other previous discussions, it seems that this community is split: some would prefer School A and others would prefer School B. (Personally, I’d prefer School of thought B.)

    When I read Thom’s note on his site, I immediately thought to myself, “okay, he’s probably doing a book about making photographs, rather than specific hardware. That could be a very interesting book.” I didn’t think, “oh..Tom secretly knows about a D999 that has a triple-sized sensor and records 3D movies in 5.1 channel sound.”

    If the site authors had posed this as “what’s Thom’s surprise book going to be about?” I don’t think anyone would have taken offense. Since it led with, “is this a publicity stunt…”, there’s a negative connotation associated that I think was unnecessary, unwarranted and immature, especially considering that it’s pretty obvious that Thom takes his site seriously and does not post purposely confrontational items just to get hits and I don’t think you can point to another time when Thom did anything just for publicity. Just because one can say anything in sites like this doesn’t mean one should.

  • Alon

    I don’t see any problem here.

    A rumor is a rumor is a rumor and only becomes a fact when it is verifiable.

    Even a rumor which might be construed as damaging to the person or company against which it has been levied does not have a legal base in any court of law as the rumor initiator has clearly classified it as a a”rumor”.

    So chill out Thom, Dick or Harry.

    We like this site and enjoy it and we are not oblivious to the fact that it publishes “rumors”.


    • seadriver

      But in this case there was no rumor. Unless the rumor was that Thom is coming out with a new book. But Thom himself said it so it’s not a rumor.

      • monty11

        Based on your logic, this site shouldn’t be posting any newsbits about official announcements either, as they aren’t by any definition rumours.

  • dan

    Haha, this is great.
    What a bunch of losers complaining about absolutely nothing.
    The biggest irony being they took the time to complain about you ‘wasting their time’.
    A post you made which probably took them all of three and a half seconds to read.
    Keep it up admin, you’re doing a great job.
    Also, do you run the Canon Rumours site too, or is that someone else?
    I pop over there occasionally and they’re all considerably nicer in their posts.

    • seadriver

      Who complained about wasted time? People are complaining about the quality of the post. Nothing wrong with that.

      Also, Canon forums have plenty of jerks, though they tend to be more the redneck type of jerk as opposed to an intellectual jerk.

  • CatSplat

    Never underestimate the ability of people on the Internet to complain about nothing.

  • WTF Thom


    Why are you so angry that Nikon Rumors posted about your website? Your website is public, therefore anyone can praise or criticize it at anytime. Nikon Rumors neither praised nor criticized your website. Your website is there to generate traffic for your ads and your books. If you can’t handle your site being talked about, which IDK why you wouldn’t be able to as this just makes people come to your site and possibly stumble upon your books or click on your ads.

    Get overself, if you can’t handle people talking about, criticzing, or praising your website maybe you shouldn’t have one.

    • What makes you think I’m angry? I most certainly am not, nor do I think my tone in my original response is angry. As I pointed out elsewhere, the correct word is “disappointed.”

      Given that the NR Admin has had previous email conversations with me, I simply found it strange that he was trying to read something into three silly words I wrote without even contacting me to ask if they meant what he thought (they don’t).

      • WTF Thom

        So you are disappointed another site is speculating about something on your site? I don’t understand. That is a good thing. If he emailed you and got a response, the post he made would no longer be speculative, and then it definitely wouldn’t fit within Nikon Rumors’ genre. Not to mention, it wouldn’t be a surprise, so why say you have a surprise? Rather contradictory. Bottom line is, if you don’t like people speculating about what you are up to, why put up you have a surprise? If you put up that you have a surprise and then tell everyone; it’s not a surprise, so why say you have a surprise at all? Either tell us or don’t. Don’t get “disappointed” that someone didn’t email you about your “surprise”. Why would someone email you about a surprise you have? It’s a surprise, you’re not supposed to tell people what is it. You might as well just say; “Email me and ask me what I’m working on.” Not that you have a surprise, because you obviously don’t if you are gonna tell people what it is. Your whole disappointment and bashing of Nikon Rumors was unnecessary.

        • jason

          I totally agree. By this “disappointed” behaviour Thom himself has managed to combine the word negativity to his site. I really didn’t think he would create a debate about this – and as you stated: why say you’re working on a “surprise” and then deny anyone to speak about it???

          Keep up the good work here at NR!

      • BrianO

        Thom, I think we all get what you are trying to say, that which the Nikon NDA is keeping you from saying, and I look forward to reading your D400 book! 😀

  • The post by Thom IS EXACTLY WHY I HATE DPR and the people who hang in there, they are Rude, Aggressive, Opinionated and stuck UP, INCLUDING THOM…

  • papirin

    My opinion if the rumor is about any Nikon product or a product in general post it no matter what, but in the rumor or speculation or what ever it’s, involved a person directly like in this case then is good to corroborate the info.

  • alwin

    I cant comment on the “Polls – NR feedback, please vote” post, so I do it here.

    I have a suggestion: maybe you can do a system like with its CR1/CR2/CR3 for how good the source is. Then you can still post all the rumors you want, but at the same time let us know how likely you think the rumor is.

  • Rich

    Removing NR from my bookmarks based on this topic. Perhaps, someday, when you’ve gained maturity and an appreciation for reality and not the world as you see it, I will return.

    Until then . . . Grow up.

  • Steve

    I’m buying Thoms book because of the samples on page 400 paragraph d

  • Nik oN

    GUYS!!!!! I think its ok to say anything on Nikon rumors ,fake pictures like the appel nikon lol ;this is what makes this pages cool to me .I check it evry day because I m waitin on the new pro or semi pro SLR from the yellow brand like evrybody;probably some nikon haters ,or some canon broken wallet people dont want Nikon to come out with a better camera than the 5 D MK II,that I also like( probably more in one year half price lol….)And I dont care about people that makes books about cameras ,since I like using my tools my own way and I think evrybody should try to use a new camera by hiself ,and complete with some advice that I choose myself,try it ;Nikon and other brand make cameras for pros that dont need to read the instruction books to use their new tool and keep on workin without delays.When I bought my D 300 I just opened the box and went shooting in about 10 min it was already familiar to me thats what its made for.!!People that makes books are not the Nikon ‘s products developpers they have nothing to teach me!!! and nothing to teach to nikon rumors that is doin it. really good and realisticly; keep doin the good job!!!!I I want my new D “watever” nbr it is ;they always be the first!!!! take care peace.

  • Andrew

    If you read anything more than “Thom has a new book coming out that’s probably not about the latest hardware” then you rely way too much on NR’s posts. Perhaps the NR post was misleading, suggesting that this new book was about unreleased hardware but surely people can take a RUMORS site information with a grain of salt? You can all read Thom’s website for yourself and decide what his words mean. I visit Thom’s site frequently for quips and blurbs about equipment and photography in general and I probably would have glossed over the update if it weren’t for NR.

    Perhaps the “publicity stun” comment could be mistaken for a stab at Thom’s reputation but come on now… when has the NR website offered poor information or degraded any resource? I guess this is the internet. Everyone is free to voice their opinion.

    NR’s accuracy has generally been pretty accurate though the admin does get overexcited quite frequently as I’m sure many other people would. If you don’t like the quality of the website, just don’t visit. I for one will continue to visit and appreciate any information from the NR website.

  • Char

    The poll is pointless because I can not give the answers I want to give. They would be:

    “You should have asked Thom before posting about the “special surprise book”


    “You should post all the rumors except for those that are obviously crap or no rumors at all” (you had some such posts in the past, which was rather disappointing).

    Unfortunately, you closed the comments on your poll, which is, I guess, kindof pointless.

  • Char

    BTW something is wrong with your comment system. My comments do not appear as the last in row when I post them, the posts are not ordered by date.

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