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Nikon advertising in Germany (no rumors here)

Few images from Nikon advertisement in Germany. The first one is from Nikon's official web site in Germany (main front page):

I don't know where this one is from but it is also in German:

Again, the third Nikon ad is not for corporate surfers - open at your own risk.

Do you think those are fake? The ads I mean...

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  • http://ranger9.net/fashion08/ Ranger 9

    I don’t think they’re fake; they seem to have a plausibly Germanic sense of humor.

    Can any native speakers translate the tag line for us? Translated via Googlish, it reads, “For the summer, we have what it,” which seems to lack idiomatic flavor.

    • Rother

      The second one reads: “For the summer we add a little extra.” (literally it is: for the summer, we put something extra on / to it.)

      The first one reads:
      Hight time for a Coolpix because you only have one chance for the coolest photos. With the fast Coolpix, you can hold on to them (=capture) them forever.”

      Now I’m interestedt: What’s so Germanic about this kind of humour? ;-))

      • Martin

        I’d be interested in it too: what is so “Germanic” about it?
        The “For the summer we add a little extra.” ad seems odd. I’d say that’s an old ad. On the bottom line of the ad it says “Film + battery + bag + cool shower = One Touch Zoom [...]”
        It’s about the One Touch Zoom 90s – released in February 2002. Old, old news …
        look here: http://www.nikon.com/about/news/2002/otz90s.htm

      • http://ranger9.net/fashion08/ Ranger 9

        What I thought was “Germanic” about it was the advertising agency’s evident assumption that mainstream audiences would find the sex joke amusing rather than shocking, as many Americans might.

        I suspect an American advertiser would feel the ad was too sexy, while (for example) a French advertiser might feel it’s not sexy enough; my admittedly small number of German acquaintances seem to have an admirably balanced sense of humor about this subject, which is why the ads struck me as plausibly “Germanic.”

  • Jeroenw

    I have my doubts about that last one because the quality isn’t too good. The first two, very plausible and fun.

  • Ian

    The picture on the last one is a joke greetings card here in the UK. It’s in my local newsagent.

  • Bart

    Although they look like very realistic ads for FILM cameras, I’d say fake. I mean… HUMOROUS advertisments. IN GERMANY?!!!

    • Thomas

      Please, leave your prejudices at home, thank you! :-)

  • Jim Jim

    Wow, a FILM camera for 129€, in 2008??? Even if it is not fake, it is old news for sure!

    • Martin

      Like I said just yesterday:
      It’s about the One Touch Zoom 90s – released in February 2002. Old, old news …
      look here: http://www.nikon.com/about/news/2002/otz90s.htm

      Old news. Funny how those old things resurface every few years.

  • http://www.technologically.net Walter

    The first ad is definitely for real :)

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