Black Friday deals are back: Nikon D300 for $1,365.95 plus cheap memory cards

Starting right now through December 28, Abe's of Maine will be selling the Nikon D300 with a $100 off coupon (code: DS160X) plus a free 4 GB CF card and free shipping . Don't forget to add the coupon "DS160X". Total price: $ 1,365.95.

Nikon D300 SLR Digital Camera body, $100 Off!. Use coupon code "DS160X" to take an additional $100 Off our lowest price!

They also have some good deals on memory cards, especially if you buy 3 (see mail-in rebate). Use "LOYALTY10" coupon, for an additional $10 off.

4-Gigabyte SD card
8-Gigabyte SD card
8-Gigabyte high speed SD card
4-Gigabyte CF card
8-Gigabyte CF card

You can download the rebate here:

Mail in Rebates on Sandisk Memory cards. Use LOYALTY10 for an additional $10 Off

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  • Marshal

    Good prices! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Can’t seem to get to those calculations…
    8GB Card:
    -$39 Immediate Discount (total)
    -$10 Loyalty10 Discount (total)
    -$70 rebate

  • Nate

    Yep, $51.85 — which is $17.28 a card — not bad, but not $20.62 total — plus, there’s $7.83 shipping (to get it here to to California anyway). And I’m leery of rebates right now – that company that handles them for like 30 major companies just went under, and all the people who had rebates with them are SOL.

    • This is exactly the text I received from Abe’s – I did not change anything, but if you look into the rebate form you will see that the rebate for the 8GB card is $150:
      3×56.95 = 170.85 + 7.95 shipping=178.80-39 discount=139.68 – 10 loyality discount = 129.68
      Then the rebate for 3 cards is $150, so in my calculations, you will make $20. Is that right?

      • since the price will change, I will take it away

      • Anonymous

        It’s not $150 off – it’s $70. The $150 is for Extreme IV, isn’t it?

        • yes, you are correct – I already removed all the pricing so it won’t be confusing.

  • I got screw by Adorama on the rebate, they ran out and shipped a Lexar with a different UPC code that DON”T qualify for the rebate !

    Watch OUT… I sending the card back but lost the shipping and cc int too

    Lou Dallara

  • Anonymous

    I would really think twice about ordering anything from Abe’s of Maine.

    I tried ordering something from them a couple of years ago because they offered a price much lower than anyone else. I placed my order online and my credit card was charged immediately; the claimed they ship in 24 to 48 hours. I then received a call from them a few days later in which they tried to sell me overpriced, unnecessary accessories. I declined (several times, they are persistent).

    About a week later, I still hadn’t received my order or even any sort of shipment confirmation. I called them about this, but was continually put on hold and didn’t have the time. I emailed them asking for shipping information or any information on the status of my order. Their response was that what I order was no longer in stock and they asked my if I would like to buy a more expensive product instead. This is about 10 days after a originally placed my order and my card had been charged. I responded that I didn’t want to buy a more expensive product, if they can’t ship the originally product then cancel my order and refund my credit card. After about two weeks I got my refund. So I never received my item and they had my money for over 3 weeks.

    I’m sure others have different experiences with Abe’s of Maine, but I have since learned that my experience is not uncommon (do a search). I would be especially be wary of a rebate situation. Even reputable companies look for reasons to deny a rebate.

    • Thanks for sharing – maybe I should take out this post – I do not want to support such retailers, I just thought this was a good deal.

      • Come On

        Why are you posting free advertising for this bait-and-switch seller? This isn’t a Nikon rumor; this is garbage.

        • This site is not only for you 🙂
          I had a survey a while ago and many readers wanted to get a heads up on good deals.


    I never had any problems with Sandisk rebates. Just got one from them back in sep-oct for $160 on a Visa card. Got the cards from Adorama.

  • Anonymous

    Check out

    That will help you decide if it’s worth supporting them. As I said, lots of people had good experiences, but a fair amount didn’t. I think it’s only fair to point this out so you can judge for yourself.

    Hope this helps.

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