Nikon UK also to increase prices in January 2009?

I read this post on dpreview (sorry, I lost the link) - Nikon UK is planning to increase prices in January 2009 because of the weak pound. I read also a similar post about Leica price increase in the UK.

I month ago Nikon Canada increased their prices already - you can see the screenshot in this post: now the same lens is $1,592.97 CDN (from $1542.85 CDN a month ago).

Anyone from the UK got some solid info on this potential price increase?

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  • PHB

    If they do not adjust their prices, I am going to be buying a 50mm AFS there over Xmas.

    • Daf

      Nobody seems to have it as yet.
      Currently listing for ~£270 (inc 15% sales tax)

  • Laurence

    Prices have gone up in Australia, with the 24-70 f/2.8 increasing from $2189 to $2425 and the 70-200 f/2.8 similarly.

  • Alex

    Good luck to Nikon if they whack the price up on the D3x, i’ll be cancelling my order and telling them exactly why.

  • Pete

    here in the uk we have just had a reduction in VAT from 17.5% to 15%. This was triggered to help us spend more money, in reality what i think has happened is that business are profiting from the consumer. I quoted a D90 at £550 before any deductions, i went to buy later after the tax deductions and they are still charging the higher price, they argue its due to the weaker pound ! 1 week later prices increased nationally to £570 + on the new VAT.

    So yes i can see Nikon prices rising here in the uk as i write and thats before Jan

    • DNHJR


      What is VAT? Is it sales tax when you buy stuff? If it is then I can’t believe how high that is, that’s crazy. I’m in the US and sales tax in my state is 6%. If it where that high here I would not be buying anything that I really did not need.

      • At Hungary we have to pay 20% VAT (few years ago were 25%), vven have to pay duty for everything outside from the EU over 22 EUR.

        So imho 15% is a dream VAT :F 6% is “crazy”…

      • Daf

        Yes a country wide sales tax. As such often included in the price for retail outlets.
        Was 17.5% for years + years but just been dropped to 15%.
        Severeal European countries have higher e.g. Holland is 19%

      • Tax

        In Sweden the sales tax is 25%

      • …. and in Sweden the V.A.T. is 25%.
        You guys in Hungary, Holland, UK and US are lucky!

        • Magnus

          But then again we have free schools (even university, college), a great pension system, a fully functional social security system, free health care and dental care for the youngsters and reduced prices for grown-ups. Sorry, can´t agree with you. I consider myself lucky living in Sweden.
          Btw, excuse me for being way out of subject.

  • sperera

    HAHAHAH CLASSIC…..put the prices up sure….then see if any of us buy as much as you hope….wow….how pathetic

    • a

      don’t blame Nikon trying to make a profit, blame the faltering US and European economy. Because of the declining value of the western currencies against the yen, Nikon has to increase price to cover labor and materials!

      I think pathetic is the one who thinks Nikon is a charity.

      • Robert

        [i]I think pathetic is the one who thinks Nikon is a charity.[/i]

        I guess you like paying more for your stuff huh?
        I like 99.999999999999999999999999999999999
        9999999999999999999999999999 of people want a deal, and if the prices lowest in our favor we are happy. You, OTOH are a freak if you like paying more than what is needed!

  • Sproutey

    Amazing that when the pound is strong prices aren’t reduced isn’t it?
    First sniff of a weakening and prices are up quicker than a flash.

    Can’t believe they’d have the front to raise the D3x price from its already outrageous level.

  • Just ordered the D700 from Calumet Photo UK. I didn’t check previous price fluctuations though, but they’ve cut £421 off the price, down to £1535. From the time I placed my order to my credit card was charged the pound fell another 3% – saving me 60€ extra 😀 … I guess they can’t update their prices fast enough.

  • Pete

    Yep VAT is value added tax… a sales tax.
    I know rip off Britain.
    Fortunatly i got my deal the D90 at £540 which looking around global web sites looks about right.
    I think prices will go up, or rather a lack of reductions if that’s as clear as mud!

  • Andre

    First the 17-35mm 2.8 is discontinued, but the price here in Australia is higher than the much newer 14-24, which a few months ago was higher.

    Then the D3X comes in at some delusional pricing at the same time that the 5DMKII (that has superior ISO performance to the D3X) hits the shelves. Bear in mind that the asking price of the 5DMKII even makes the D700 look inflated.

    Who’s making these pricing decisions at Nikon? Detroit?

  • ennan

    Dont know about Nikon but I know that the Jessops (UKs largest photographic retailer) trade price on the 5D MkII has increased by £300. The instore price seems to have remained the same for now though.
    Given the state of the industry in the UK I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw price increases. So many retailers have gone bust in the last few years and Jessops is not looking too hot at the moment. The problem is that given the current economic climate increasing prices will only harm retailers long term. Stiff competition from online shops has slashed margins to the point where you’re lucky to make anything on a DSLR. It’s just crazy.

    Oh, and for those of you who are interested the trade price of the D3x is £4500.

  • Zoetmb

    I reviewed BH’s prices for Nikon lenses yesterday (in the U.S.) and almost across the board, except on the pro lenses that they still don’t have, like the 500 and 600mm, prices have FALLEN. And they’ve fallen on both US lenses and grey-market imports.

  • Freehawk

    Can someone tell if the current $300 camera discount will end and the price will go back up? Or is this just the new price? Thinking about grabbing a D700 but the price keeps falling every week or two.


  • Andre

    Nikon are known for playing silly games with territories. They usually look after North America while those in the UK and Australia often get hozed.

  • Tore Hund

    The price of D700 in Norway _dropped_ $300 from $2600 to $2300 two weeks ago. When first introduced in july, the price was $3300, so a good $1000 drop in 5 months. And the 24-70/2.8 also dropped $150, to $1700. The price of D700 in Norway is now cheaper than buying at First time I’ve ever seen that…

    • The D700 can be had at Yodobashi Camera in Japan for ~$2200. I was surprised because usually it would be cheaper for me to buy online in the US and have it shipped to Japan.

  • Philip Arthur

    All goods and products for sale will see an increase in 2009. Especially on the electronic side of things as the Chinese and Japanese dollar has increased while the US dollar and the European Euro and pound have devalued.

    So like a previous poster stated it’s not a Nikon thing, it’s a worldwide thing.

  • adrian

    i’ve been watching the D700 price at
    it’s not gone up or down for 3 weeks…… not sure whether to buy or not?

    at the nikon solutions expo last week, John McDonald (business dev manager for nikon uk) was VERY slippery when we asked him about price increases in january (based on news about Sony intending to raise prices and cut jobs)
    his advice was buy now, but then i guess it would be…..

  • Andre


    Given the economic downturn, does Nikon really think that a 10% price increase will translate into more profits?

  • Anonymous

    Most cameras and electronics in Australia, are due to go up soon. Canon has increased there prices on all there lens and accessories. But the camera body and kits are held of for the meantime. Rumored is Olympus will start the increase in Jan 2009, and Nikon is expect to follow soon. With the falling dollar, it certainly not looking good.

  • Chris

    Another side effect of the idiot Brown destroying the pound with interest rate cuts.

    We’ll be using the Euro within two months of 2009. Guaranteed.

  • ronin

    Nikon and the electronic manufacturers will quickly learn that they have no pricing power in a depression. After a few months they will realize sales are drying up and adjust back downward. The only possible exception would be due to exchange rates.

    Sales are already way down across the board, as is downward price pressure. Will be interesting to see how the guys react over the next few months.

  • Daf


    Only thing I want atm is the 50mm 1.4 G, and it doesn’t look like that will be available in time.
    Hmm – time to do my 1st ever Pre-Order.

  • Mark

    We are going deepdeep into economic swamp. The prices will drop, 5 month from now min. 20%. You will see the price on D3X around 6K or less. The crap about price increase that is only to get you buy now.

  • NikonUser

    I was planning to buy D700 around February nut I’m seriously considering buying it now. I don’t really know what to do!!
    Today I was talking to a Canon rep and Canon is planing to increase prices as well, so is not just a Nikon “thing”.

    Btw, noise on 5D mk2 is not better than D700. It’s amazing the noise levels with 21mp, but that’s one thing, being better is another.

  • Anthony

    I too was in Calumet (Glasgow, Scotland, UK) today hoping to buy a D700, none in stock and was told I’d be 48th in the queue if I wanted one, but they could not tell me when I’d be able to get it.

    The salesman then went on to tell me that his buyer has informed him that Nikon will increase prices on certain items by as much as 20% in January.

    He also said that I would be able to get the current price if I was to pay in full today. I’m not sure if I dont smell a rat ? That said however if the D700 was to go up by 20% (circa £300), it’d be off my shopping list. I may pull the trigger and just buy from Amazon who have them in stock.

  • ColinH

    The post-holiday season price rise appears to have started – see graph of average price for D90 in UK:

  • LenA

    I’ve been monitoring the price of D700 from Jessops in UK and from around Xmas 2008 to 2 days ago, the price has steadily decreased from 1599 GBP to around 1530 GBP , and today it just went up to 1800 GBP. That’s nearly 270 increase!!

    Check out the website (as of now, Jan 17, 2009)

  • Stephen

    Currency fluctuations and volatility in markets mean that global organisations have no choice but to adjust prices just to stand still. I for one don’t want Nikon to skimp on R&D which makes them who they are. I have no doubt they will make decisions based on sound commercial principals as this is an ultra competitive market place. Last year I did well buying from the USA but this year it’s nuts due to the weak sterling. Nikon D90 in UK (body only) is about £649 and £799 with a VR lense. (At todays date)

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