Nikon F6 R.I.P.

According to this post at Nikon have stopped producing their legendary Nikon F6 film SLR.

Few months ago Michio Kariya (Nikon Corp. President) said that Nikon will concentrate on high-end digital SLR cameras.

Adorama currently does not have the Nikon F6 listed on their web page. B&H has it in stock for $1,999.95. Amazon: currently unavailable.

No one should be surprised from that move, but I still want to know how many of our readers purchased a Nikon film SLR in the past 12 months.

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  • Jeeze, I guess if I am gonna get an F6 I should jump on it soon, eh?

  • Since when is the F6 a “Legendary” Camera? personally i thought it was a downgrade from the true legend, the F5 which WAS an amazing camera and i still own one to this day!

    • Legendary in the sense that it is the last Nikon film SLR…

  • Keith

    Got both here. If you’ve never tried the F6 you just won’t know what smooth really means. F5 is awesome but the F6 is just perfection. Pinnacle of 35mm cameras

  • I’ve drooled over an F6 a while back but couldn’t justify the cost of getting one for what I would use it for. Picked up an F100 though for a very good price and haven’t looked back. The last 3 weeks it has seen more use than my D300.

    Anywayz, as they say…. Film is not dead, it just smells funny.

  • I don’t want to spoil the reverential mood of this milestone moment, but it’s never been as if high-end Nikons rolled continuously off an assembly line. They’d make a batch, then once stocks ran low, decide if there was enough demand to make another batch.

    Back in the day, I recall reading more than once that Nikon had “shut down the production line” on the F2… which they had, until they decided they could sell some more, and then they’d crank it up again.

    Same thing with lenses — I remember about a year ago thinking about buying a 50/1.2 AIS, finding they were “no longer available” and concluding that the chance had passed. Now they’re back in stock at B&H, with USA warranty! Evidently Nikon decided it was worth cranking out another batch of them.

    The S3 and SP rangefinder cameras had a resurrection some 40 years after their demise, so who’s to say Nikon might not again someday create a 35mm film SLR if they thought enough people would buy it?

    Granted, it would be harder to bring a highly electronic camera such as the F6 back from the dead, once OEM suppliers had stopped making the circuit components and repair stocks were exhausted.

    But what would y’all think about celebrating the centennial of Nippon Kogaku K.K. (on July 25, 2017) with the introduction of, say, a commemorative Nikon F continuation model, complete pointy non-metered prism and 5cm (not 50mm!) f/2 Nikkor-S Auto “tick mark” lens? Hey, it’s never too early to start a rumor!

  • NikonMan

    it could be that it has taken until now to sell through the production run of F6 bodies. Crossover of components with F6 & D2 would make another production run of F6 without D2 too expensive.

    Nikon have always had bodies share components across the range
    The D1 series was born of (and shared conponents with) the F5
    The D100 was built on an F80 Body
    The F6 was born of the (and shared conponents with) D2 series
    is there a possibility that we will see an F7 born of the D3? (or even the D700?)
    It would seem logical to use as many existing components as possible so to keep the price to a more managable level. This would also follow what Nikon has done in the past.

  • I didn’t buy a film SLR sine many yearas ago, and wouldn’t buy another.

    I would add an option like “No, I already have film SLR and won’t buy another”
    At least that is my case, I keep my film Nikon SLR because I might need it (unprobably), although I don’t use it anymore – just make few shoots sometime to keep it working ๐Ÿ™‚

    The F6 is a tank (heavy duty), but useful only for few jobs today (If I was working with that machine, I would take advantage of the low price to buy another one as spare )

  • Nikkorian

    There are so many film SLRs on the used-market, they will last for a century. Since it’s a niche already and becoming ever more so, there’s no need for new ones any more I guess. With sensors getting bigger and cheaper it will be the same for medium and large formats in time.

  • Tom

    Film is dead just like vinyl ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • rthomas

      Vinyl lives, and so does film. It just depends on what you need/want. I personally loves the sound I get from those old Led Zeppelin LPs. I also have them on my iPod, of course, as it is a bit more portable. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • DNHJR

      I’m sorry, but vinyl is not dead. I buy brand new vinyl all the time. Just got the new Metallica on vinyl.

      Also film is not dead, it’s still made and I buy it also.

      When they stop making something then it’s dead.

  • Jason

    This poll is missing the very popular answer, “No, I’ve already got one”! My F-80 is just so lovely to handle, there’s no way I’d sell it – even if I only shoot about one roll of film per year

    Film is not dead, it’s just not as lively as digital

  • Rick

    I bit the bullet and bought an F6 at the start of this year. Absolutely no regrets, the camera handles like an absolute dream. Try as I might I can find no fault with it. Personally I think the price of these cameras won’t drop so much on the 2nd hand market as the supply/demand ratio will only tip more towards the demand side with the supply being cut off… If you’ve ever thought about buying one, get one now !

    • Nikkorian

      oh, i still have a cool f-501. still makes brilliant photos, just like an f-80 or f-6. on ebay i’d get maybe 10 dollars for it. if the price goes up to 200 i’ll sell it. will it?

      • Rick

        nice try but not a fair comparison I believe…

        Current prices for used camera bodies on KEH:

        Nikon F-601 (close enough) = $35
        Nikon F-6 = $1,079

  • ka

    “no, I’ve got what I need.” could be an answer to the poll, also ๐Ÿ™‚
    if I don’t buy another camera, it doesn’t necessary mean that I think film’s dead…

  • Pablov

    I agree with Tom
    There should be an additional option like “No, I already have film SLR and won’t buy another unless necessary” or so

    I also have Nikon a film SLR and won’t sell it because I may need it someday, and selling it can just give me few bucks, so it is better to keep it.

    (BTW: I can’t include the URL of my blog in the “website” field when writing this, nor in the main text, because the system takes it as spam and doesn’t post my comment ๐Ÿ™ )


    Sad day.

    It’s a shame because film is still better the Digital IMO. But if Nikon is not selling them, then I guess it’s time for it to RIP.

  • Mike

    “Have you purchased a Nikon flim SLR in the past 12 months?”

    Surely there are only two meaningful answers to that question: yes or no. Why are there three? “No but I plan to” is a “no”, and “No, film is history” is just childishly silly. What about people who haven’t bought a film camera because they already have one? I would click “no” but I can’t without giving the impression that I think film is history (I use large format occasionally).

    Sorry, it’s a meaningless ‘survey’.

  • Erik Ehrling

    I just bought a Nikon F75 and a 24-85mm AF-S cheaply off ebay. Loaded with Fuji Provia 400X that will be my main shooting kit this X-mas. Full-frame and light to carry around…

    Erik Ehrling (Sweden)

  • Matt

    every true lover of photography should try the FM2, just amazing.

    Btw: film is not dead, it just smells funny!

    • Mike

      I just bought a mint FE2 for $120 and I have to say there is something about the pure simplicity and the feel of a compact metal body. It’s just fun as hell to shoot. The FM2 is of course a favorite – and I’d jump at an FM3a if they weren’t so expensive.

  • Marshal

    I have somewhat nostalgic memories of the old film days so i can’t really in all fairness diss the old film cameras. But I don’t miss them either. The cameras & film that is. I miss the days of my youth, much more than whatever equipment I was using at the time.

    My last film camera was an N90s. Never owned an official Nikon pro F body unless you count the old FTN, my dad’s camera which I inherited. Then came an N8008, then the N90s bodies. Then the D1X, then the D2X bodies which I still have. Not sure how much longer, but they’ve served me well as the best cams I’ve ever owned. Will the D3 by my next or perhaps a D400 or 800 or whatever? I don’t know.

    I went through countless rolls of film, color and B&W both, from both Kodak & Fuji and even a little from Agfa and Ilford. I shot all the 35mm Kodachromes, particularly loved PKM 25. But then went to Velvia with some Provia on the side & never looked back.

    I shot my last roll of film in early ’03 I think. Or was it Fall ’02? I simply haven’t missed film and as good of a camera as the F6 might have been in the twilight of the film era, don’t regret sticking with digital at all. For me to go back to film would be a major step or jump backwards. I need to move forward. My clients haven’t missed me shooting film either. lol

  • Zoetmb

    Well…if a decent number of people bought the F6, they wouldn’t have stopped making them (assuming that it’s accurate that it’s discontinued.) But I suspect they’ll still be new units in the pipeline for at least another year or two. Just because they stop manufacturing them doesn’t mean they don’t have any in their warehouses. And many dealers still have stock and I’m sure these things don’t exactly fly out the doors these days.

    And they’ll be a used market for years after that.

    But it does seem a bit of a shame that Nikon won’t have one film body out there any more (although still available and still on the Nikon sites in most countries, the FM10 is also rumored to be discontinued and Nikon doesn’t make them anyway – Cosina does.) But film camera sales are so small, CIPA stopped reporting them last year.

    How hard would it be for Nikon to take a D3, remove the memory card slots, remove the sensor, put a transport motor in there and room for the film and spool and update the software to make it relevant to a film camera? I know given a choice between that and new primes, the vast majority of Nikon users would want the primes, but the lens design teams aren’t the same as the camera design teams and this could probably be contracted out.

    Of course if they ever do come out with a modular camera, maybe that can also be a film camera or have a film back available.

    • Marshal

      Where there’s no significant demand or need for a product, there’s no incentive to make it.

      • Robert M.

        Nikon has a history of making goofy niche products and boutique items that did not sell particularly well, though it seems more and more in the competitive digital realm that that Nikon is either hibernating or dead.

  • Jess

    Hey there,
    Just remember guys and gals, that film and digital have each a different application. It would be more reasonable to go digital if one depended on fast reproduction of there product. Film is not in this same arena…. It just depends on your approach and what your going to use it for …. plus there is PLENTY of film out on the market and PLENTY of users…..

  • Film is not dead… i see shots from old Contax, and the results was better than from D3…

  • David


  • RG

    It is in production, in this site someone asked Nikon Germany, they say it’s not dicontinued:

    here you have discontinued film products:

  • Arthur Harold Cooper

    I want an F6 because I want it. It’s the best there is for 35mm. I shoot a D80 and will keep shooting DSLR and advance to the D3. I want to shoot film but Digital has spoiled me. I shoot all day long, sometimes 500 plus images, all for the price of a battery charge. I still want an F6 but the money is better spent on a D3. I will shoot the D3 till the cows come home. I am afraid an F6 would just keep my N90s company in the closet.

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