National Geographic + Nikon D90 + Microsoft = Apple ignorance

From National Geographic:

"The Statue of Liberty, the Lincoln Memorial, and Midnight Lightning at Yosemite. Three amazing subjects seen best in rich three-dimensional spaces, stitched together to create a 360 degree view! National Geographic is partnering with Nikon to present American Wonder...three iconic locations at your fingertips with Microsoft's Photosynth application."

Very cool right? Now, try to view those photosynths on a Mac. Eeeeh!

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  • Albert

    Google Chrome on Windows XP isn’t supported, either. Gotta love Microsoft.

    • Anonymous

      That’s Google’s fault, not Microsoft.


    Even Linux is not supported 🙁

  • somebody

    there is a new beta for “Silverlight” somewhere. Found it yesterday myself.
    Silverlight is available for Mac – or Safari at least… But images load very slow..

  • Vlad

    There is nothing to like about Mac OS. I have iMac and the only thing I use it for is to edit photos and that is only because I like the way it looks :DDDDDDD

    For everything else there is Microsoft!


  • Pablov

    Although Nikon is partner in this project or whatever you may call it, I guess it does not necessarily represent Nikon against Apple.

    I guess it’s more about Microsoft against Apple, because Msoft makes the software to view the images.

    Nikon here only takes the pictures or provide the cameras (correct me if I’m wrong)

  • A.G

    You cannot blame Nikon for teaming up on this with the manufacturer of the most widely used OS in the world – Microsoft. I still recognise that, even though I use a Mac exclusively for my personal work.

    I’m certain that Nikon would work just as closely with Apple, if Apple had similar initiatives and were willing to work more closely with other product manufacturers.

  • Sergio

    I know the politic of Microsoft against Apple and I know that Nikon is closer to Microsoft and not to Apple… You can see for example the HD format of the D90 that is AVI (closer to Microsoft) and not MOV like Canon (closer to Apple)…
    I am a Mac enthusiast and I seriously deciding to switch to Canon selling my D300 with the 18-200 and all the accessories like remotes, speedlight, battery grip: just everything…
    My target? The amazing EOS 5D Mark II…
    Sorry Nikon: you prefer Windows Vista and I say you hasta la vista…

    • I think you got my point – if Nikon wants to sell cameras, they have to provide solutions for both OS.

    • senatore

      Oh my god! I’ve always used Nikon (now a d700) for shooting and from 6 months a mac for editing and I’ve never had a problem. Before I had XP, without a problem too.
      I cannot believe that someone here is switching to canon for the OS!
      come on, get out of here and go shooting.. even for video, do you really think that a mac cannot manage an avi? And I’m not defending apple here, I don’t give a f==k about apple nor microsoft.. I’m just disappointed on reading such silly points.
      There are too many people around talking about stuff that they don’t really know. In example, I was a bit scared about the construction quality of d700 because of comments of people telling that it was poorer than a d300, but when I bought I saw that it is the opposite!
      I think that there’s too much talking around, probably about people frustated about the poor results of their shooting…

    • I hate Vista and that never once made me think/want to switch to Canon. Seems utterly ludicrous to me, but hey- if that’s what floats your boat, go for it.

      BTW- have any good glass to sell me on the way out?

    • A.G

      Nice try, but I don’t believe for a second the “switching” guy actually uses Nikon in the first place. Why?

      1. He/she is thinking of selling a full kit of Nikon gear for a Canon, just because of a perception that Nikon may not be as close to Apple as Microsoft?? Now that is fickle! Anyway, I use Nikon and a Mac without any problems whatsoever. I prefer my camera to my OS – even if I had to switch OS – no big deal! Macs can be dual booted – I thought everyone knew that.

      2. The camera he/she calls the “amazing” 5D Mark II turns out to be not so amazing after all. I have had my hands on it and am a little underwhelmed – certainly doesn’t match the hype from Canon. The first batch we received had sensor problems too; That would be amazing for someone who switches alright!!

  • SoCal Dave

    And the fact that the iPhone doesn’t do a good job working with Microsoft Exchange makes Apple bad people too? File this story under irrelevant to NIKON RUMORS of upcoming products.

  • The only thing I would be interested to find out is if more professionals use Apple computers versus computers that run on Windows? I understand that the average user is more likely to be using Windows; but, I also remember hearing that in 2008 90% of computers that cost over $1000 that were purchased were Macs. I’m not sure if that really means much, but it’s an interested statistic if it was true.

  • Tom

    Apple users know they are not buying the most commonly used OS, yet we get comments like “Nikon against Apple” just because Nikon co-operates with the most common OS.

    I hope this site can stay non-partisan and such comments will not appear again.

    • This site is non-partisan, but I keep seen a bunch of products being released only for Microsoft users and I do not like that.

      • Well, that’s about the dumbest headline I’ve seen in a long time. “Hate” is a strong word, perhaps “ignore” would have been more appropriate.

      • So how does that make Nikon hate Apple? I have to agree that it’s a terrible headline.

        Nikon really doesn’t have much say in which OS the software supports. Also, do we know the whole story? Are there failings on Apple’s side in letting this software work on their hardware? Not saying there is, just saying that there might be more to the story than we know about.

        As it is, most software that I’m aware of (that isn’t from Apple) generally comes out for MS-based OSes long before it comes out for Mac. How would this be any different?

      • A.G

        I agree with the readers who find the headline a little over the top. When I use a Canon camera from time to time, I have problems with some of the RAW files on the Mac – I use a windows OS for that. Perhaps that is because Canon and Adobe both HATE Apple too? Let’s not let paranoia taint a great site.

  • richard p

    We have a little saying here in Australia in regards to ‘The Australian’ newspaper. It has a very small circulation for a national newspaper but, “It’s not how many read it, but who reads it”. It is a very politically influential paper.
    “It’s not how many use it, but who uses it.”
    A great proportion of imaging professionals use Apple systems and to not have a Nikon camera like the P6000 natively support Mac is like a one-finger salute to all those who choose to use what is a more powerful and relevant system for imaging professionals.

    • Kara

      How exactly is the Apple OS X more powerful and a relevant system for imaging professionals? Especially since Adobe released CS4, a x64 version for Windows but not for OS X. Which was Apple’s fault for abandoning Carbon for Cocoa in the middle of the development cycle. Futhermore, with the introduction of OpenGL into CS4 to use GPUs in Photoshop, Apple has not introduced a Triple-SLI configuration to take advantage of the new specially designed nVidia cards for CS4, the Quadro CX. In fact, the video card is not offered in the Mac Pro configuration. Additionally, Apple has made it a pain to overclock any components (CPU/GPU/RAM) to boost performance inside a computer. This is very relevant given that the Intel Core 2 series is able to be pushed to extremes of 40% of the advertised stock speed. Apple does not yet support the newer Core i7 CPUs, and in turn does not have motherboards to support DDR3 RAM, the only RAM the Core i7 will run. Effectively rendering all their Mac Pros obsolete in coming years since you can’t just go any buy a new motherboard to replace the one Apple ships with. Oh and RAM? Apple is the only manufacture that requires FB-DIMMs, forcing Mac users to pay a premium to upgrade their memory (which doesn’t matter for CS4, since it can’t utilize more than 4GB). Oh, and also you can forget about adjusting the voltage and timings for the RAM, it’ll just run on stock speed even though it can be pushed faster.

      All these hardware issues actually hamper imaging professionals, rather than help them. I like to be able to choose my components when I’m building my computer and knowing which part of my system is causing my bottleneck and needs to be upgraded, instead of being stuck and dictated by a company’s limited hardware design.

      • Patrik

        Makes sense to me… Especially the part about replacing CPU, motherboard and memory. I run my CHEEP Core 2 Q6600 (2.4 GHz, quad core) at 3.0 GHz with no issues other than FAST stiching and the speed of Lightroom. If you know a little about computers, you can get a lot of performance for low cost. When it comes time to upgrade my Q6600 to an i7 I will simply replace my mo-bo, CPU, memory combo and off we go. Probably take the opertunity to change to Vista x64 ($10 and an email to Microsoft if you have Vista x32) and install 8GBof cheep memory too! All for about $1000 US (at todays prices, I will wait for them to drop a bit…). And that is bought in expensive Sweden!

        • Kara

          Well, Windows 7 might be dropping as early as Summer 2009. Maybe you’ll get your taste of x64 with a new OS!

      • Cole

        Yeah, all five imaging professionals that know what RAM voltage levels are. This is a specious argument.

        It’s been shown time and again that people using computers for business (i.e., professional) purposes tend to specialize on particular pieces of software. Do you think Joe McNally could talk just as well about digital signalling as he could about comparing histograms in photoshop?

        I’m glad for you that you understand hardware design and limitations, and are able to take that into account in your purchasing habits. But your own personal anecdotal evidence does not an argument make.

        Whether it technically makes sense or not, Apple seems to be entrenched among the creative set, which has its roots in when it actually DID matter. So this market among professionals does exist, and likely will continue to exist (and perhaps even grow stronger, as Apple’s market share does), despite what voltage-heads may think. For that reason, it really is in Nikon’s best interests to continue to support the market; otherwise, they’re giving solid evidence of thumbing their nose at professionals and concentrating on soccer moms.

        • Kara

          I’m not saying that more professionals use Apple than a Windows box, the studio I work at uses OS X, I’m familiar with the system as well as with Windows. I’ve used both at my time with tech support working at college.

          What I was trying to say was that Apple does not make “a more powerful and relevant system for imaging professionals”. That it places restrictions on the performance of its own said system.

  • Maik

    Amazing! People here are talking about operating systems and applications… Had there ever been this much discussion about film material in the past? Does anyone here use his/her camera to take pictures or has the camera has only become a symbol of status? Imagine how many different types of film have been available but how many different development processes have survived over the years (You did it on your own? What for?).

    People who had taken their films to a certain studio did not take care of the process, they took care of the results. If they did not like their pictures they changed the studio (even if they had taken bad photos no studio was able to make good ones out of).

    Go out, take pictures!

    • senatore

      you got the point mate!
      I totally agree

    • A.G

      That makes sense. I agree.

  • Mark

    I gave up using a Mac last summer because I hated watching other people do stuff just like this. You can’t blame MS$ and Nikon for not supporting the arcane Mac file formats. Remember its Mac that doesn’t support these file formats .I can play mov, mp4 and QuickTime on my new pc, now that I use vista I can see why they are not used very much there are many more that are just better. Never mind the fact that Bibbles workflow kills Adobes. I have found nothing I can’t do on my new pc that I could do on my Mac book but sure felt I was on the sidelines with my Mac book. I’m glad I left the more money than brains club and haven’t looked back since. Oh and I love the fact that my new HP pc was about 1/3 the cost of a Mac book pro and has dual 500 GB internal HDDs and 4GB ram!

    • A.G

      I have seen people really struggle with both PCs and Macs – really comes down the person and their attitude.

      I only bought a Mac when I got a cast-iron guarantee that I could put Windows on it if I needed to. That was a couple of years ago and I have NEVER once needed Windows on that machine for anything related to design or photography.

      I use a PC at my office, as it works just fine, but I know many who use Macs only. In other words, most people can do without a PC just fine if they want to – some people just don’t want to.

  • how about that one: the latest ViewNX update was released only for Windows. I just checked and the Mac version is still not available:

    • As I said above, that’s pretty standard for most software. How many software programs are there are simultaneously release for both MS & Apple?

      I would imagine the majority of users are MS users, so the majority of the time spent preparing the software is aimed at them. The minority will be brought up to speed later. If Apple was dominant, I’m 99.9% sure it would be exactly the opposite- MS users would be in the dust waiting for their version. Simple economics, IMO.

  • Max

    Well, you guys probably didn’t miss much. Photosynth is cool but the images are all fuzzy. Perhaps the Seadragon technology is cooler for practical uses. Try my example here (Warning: Silverlight is needed):


  • Tara

    Lol… I’m using windows vista and firefox 3, it doesn’t work for me either!

  • lse

    microsof’ts sliverlight technology is still being developed. they plan to support many platforms in the future. This isn’t nikon’s fault. Also apple does not allow technologies like silverlight or flash on their phone because they do not want people to be able to get applications from outside the apple store.

    remember the iphone is a closed platform regardless of what apple says. they control the software, the hardware, and who gets to put anything on the device. In other words, if you have a problem with this, talk to your nearest apple representative and demand they open the iphone.

  • Dean

    No matter what your OS it is stupid of nikon not to make sure there images can be opened and viewed on all systems. Nikon is in no position to exclude anyone. You can go back and forth all day about what’s better MS or apple but all I know is at large ad shoots the tech service you hire doesn’t plug your Hasselblad H3 into a 15lb dell laptop, it’s all apple. The last time you went to a seminar did the pro flip open a PC laptop or a MBP? I was at PhotoPlus this year I didn’t see one person giving a talk using a PC. I’m sure they are out there but the point is that a higher % of high end photography users are on a mac. That % is way higher then the general public. If you want to just sell D40’s let MS lead you around but if you want to sell all that high end glass and new D700 D3x every couple years then think about what you’re doing.

    • sb

      It makes no sense for Nikon to adopt someone else’s proprietary RAW format. I guarentee that MS paid Nikon to do this – there is really no reason for Nikon to do this otherwise. MS is a petty business partner (just look at their past and recent history – plays for (not) sure anyone?), and MS would do this to try to gain market share in the creative space. The one ultimately that gets hurt is Nikon. I’d say and feel exactly the same if the RAW format came from Apple, Ubuntu, or my Uncle. Proprietary formats are bad enough (even DNG is questionable), but for a camera maker to adopt someone else’s format (that they may not control) is really stupid.

  • Does iPhone support syncing with Outlook?

  • Davey

    I thought everyone who uses Nikon uses Macs. Windows has viruses, spyware and malware all of the time. It is very unstable and reliable. As a wedding photographer, a Mac gives me the dependability, without having to worry about my pictures being erased or my system crashing.

    My adobe software runs smoother and faster on my mac vs the pc equivalent. The only downside to macs is that they cost more and don’t offer as many games. Regular software such as Adobe, Microsoft Office and such are still offered for mac.

    The real point is like many commenters have said, is getting results and not how you get there. Both Windows (PCs) and Macs get results. However sometimes you can not get to your results due to a virus, malware, spyware, etc on a PC. That’s risky business when you are running a full-time business and it depends on the reliability and importance of your pictures.

    • Pablov

      I use Nikon and use PC.
      Virus and malware are not a real issue if you know what you do, what kind of software you use and protect the system properly.

      Some specific software (beyond digital photography, like 3D animation, etc) are not available for Mac, or with limitations.

      But I agree Mac’s OS is likely to be more stable. However if you use the proper PC hardware and software, it should be almost as stable and reliable as a Mac.

      OSX are specifically tunned for Mac’s hardware, so it runs smoothly.
      Microsoft Windows is designed upon another platform, and also for wider combination of hardware,and that makes it more likely to have stability or incompatibility issues.
      But if you buy a Branded PC Workstation with its operating system, you should reach the stability of the Mac workstation system.

      No system is perfect either.
      The less hardware and software you have installed, the more reliable the system should be.

      I like OSX in many aspects (that differs and its better than Windows), but I would miss some software that is only available for PC (Windows or Linux) – Of course, I’m NOT talking about games, but a wide working applications group.

      Too bad that people spend their time to make viruses and such kind of things…
      I protect my systems carefully, so almost never had a problem related to it.

    • Pablov

      – Notebooks based on Windows rarely have stability issues, because the system is well tunned to its hardware.

      It demonstrates that even Windows can be stable

      The manufacturing companies of notebooks take care to test their systems well. I suppose they fine tune the O.S., using well tested drivers too, that’s why it is more stable than “Retail Box” Windows (in average terms, because it would depend on the hardware you use to run it)

      If you ever build your own system (PC based), take care to use “certified” hardware and drivers for the Operating System you plan to install on it. And proper software too (so much important)

      Even taking those cares, maybe a specific Mac runs more stable for your own needs, it could depend on your tasks, hardware, software.
      The less hardware and software, the more stable…

      • Kara

        And now, they are even starting to sell DIY notebook barebones. Building a notebook is a lot more complicated a desktop. (I know, because I had to disassemble and reassemble my old lappy when the DC socket came loose).

        I’m gonna add something to your thing about drivers, the WHQL certified drivers are not necessarily the best thing for notebooks at times. Take for example the GPU, the two big companies ATI and nVidia really lack good drivers for their mobile GPUs, there are a couple of modded drivers which are tuned specifically for mobile GPUs. Helping both stability and battery life, OmegaDrivers is one that comes into mind and Guru3D is the other. Not surprisingly, those are for PC only as well… I wonder why.

  • johansson

    oh my goooood!
    welcome to kindergarden!
    look at this pro:
    Uses Nikon and Hasselblad for Photography on MAC and Canon for Video.
    That’s the way it works – take whatever you need for your work – BUT WORK!
    Instead you are all going bla bla bla

  • agree – hate is too strong of a word – changed it to ignorance…

  • Willis

    To be fair, Photosynth is still in Beta, and its built on a new platform. I’m not aware of any similar software that is Mac Compatible.

    I made a synth of my living room. Its actually very cool, but I don’t think its all that practical. But yes, MSFT needs to bring silverlight to the Mac.

  • cv

    Well, liberty and freedom doesn’t really mix up with Apple, so this is normal I would say.

    But on the other hand, freedom and liberty is also the opposite of Vista.

    But XP is about right 🙂

  • Chad

    I’ve been coming to your site for a while and have generally read and enjoyed a lot of it… but I’m going to have to file this post under ‘asinine.’ It has nothing to do with nikon versus apple.. or apple at all, only microsoft not releasing it’s software for other platforms.

    I appreciate what you’re doing.. but think a little bit more about your posts because this one is just idiotic.

    • This is my personal opinion – I just don’t think it is right to release software only for Windows and this is what Nikon is doing for some of its products.

      • Kara

        How is it “not right” to only release certain software for Windows. OS X has proprietary software that comes pre-installed with the system, yet you never hear PC users complain about it? Microsoft has every right not to release a OS X version of Photosynth, especially with how the Mac community trashes them at every opportunity.

        Okay, Nikon is a 3rd-party from the two software giants. Why don’t you get on the case of AutoCAD whose last release for the Mac system was in 1992? Companies will drop software based on what makes sense for them financially. Mac users should stop calling companies ignorant or hateful, if software is late, slow or non-existent for their OS. Rather, why not just focus your energy to telling the company that there is a base audience group.

  • Tahi

    Mac’s current market share has been in the single digits (less than 10%) for quite some time. Lately, it seems to be wallowing about 7-8% market share.

    Does it surprise Mac users that software development for the Mac is not the priority for countless software (and hardware) development companies?

    So why do Mac users get upset when product development for the Mac is often not on equal footing and therefore often lags, lags, lags what is available for Windows?

    For most companies, there is no business case to treat Mac with equal footing as Windows. Do the math. Why should 8% market share have the same priority as 90% market share?

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