Nikon D3X worldwide release this Friday

As previously reproted, Nikon D3x should be available this Friday, December 19th 2008.

Via CrunchGear

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  • Dev

    I hope so, I have one on order directly from Nikon USA through a govt purchase program. I ordered day after was announced so fingers crossed

    • Nikon government purchase program? Another Nikon secret… can you tell me more about it? What is the discount for gov. employees? How do you order?

      • Dev

        No big secret, I just special ordered it through the exchange. I got my D200, D300, D3, and D90 all through them. The D200 and D3 I saved hundreds on each and got both when they were first announced and shipped to me in the middle east each time. I have been pretty lucky with the discounts. When I got the D200 18-200 Kit I got 10% off of list and then and additional 10% off of that. The Nikon rep personally went to NY and yanked me one from another shipment when they found out I was in Iraq. The D3 I got 10% off on and got for 4500 when it came out as well. Nikon ships direct to you through the exchange program so its quick and when I got back from Iraq with my D200 and it was all beat to heck and outside of warranty by 2 weeks, they took it in and had it back to me a week later free of charge and looking brand new. Nikon has me as a customer for life.

        • Dev

          As far as D3X pricing, lets see what’s in the box when I get it.

          • Dev

            Well, I got home today and there was the box. Excitedly I tore into it anxious to pop a battery and memory cards in, throw a lens on and start shooting. The cardboard opened revealing the golden splendor of the Nikon box within. And there, in all its majesty, in bold black print, were the 3 characters I had been longing to see. D3…. wait, whats this? That’s only two… well, my worst fears have been realized. They shipped me a D3, and $5015 USD it went from being a steal to a rip off. Add to that I dont need a second D3 body, a D700 will do as a back up. Oh well, its going back to NIKON pronto. I highly doubt they will make good on the D3X but I’ll push it for a few seconds. My 5DMKII arrives tomorrow though, but it wont be as much to get now that I wont have the D3X to put through the paces against it. I will do a real world High ISO compare vs the D3 and a video compare vs the D90. Studio settings are fine but pictures of color squares dont really give me a feel for what that ISO 6400 will look like when I actually need to be set that high. The D3 has never let me down in that respect.

  • Dev

    Question for the masses. Does anyone know what the retailers pay for these? I got mine on order for just over the price of a D3. It seems to good to be true. The order says D3X 24.5MP DSLR but it has the stock number for the D3. This could be a goof on the part of the order dept I used or I may have paid too much for a new D3. The order has been open for 2 weeks now so I am assuming if Nikon was calling this a D3 I would have had it and returned it (have one already) by now. Thoughts?

  • Dev

    I wonder if we will see $10,000 D3Xs on Amazon. I have watched the price gouging on the EOS 5D mark ii with some amusement. People will pay anything to be first with a new toy.

  • Max

    With a $8000 price tag, this thing won’t fly off the shelf. It is way beyond most people. Obviously the current economic situation doesn’t help either.


  • Nikon is Smart

    Nikon is smart. They don’t have that much quantity to get out for xmas — and they are pricing the D3X at a point that only those who REALLY REALLY want to pay for it will be able to purchase it. That’s okay by me. I don’t need the D3X — the D700 is just fine for me.

    I am also glad to see that Nikon has put quality control over “features”, which is what is ruining the Canon 5D Mark II. The D800 will be better than the 5DMII. And the D3X is better than the Eos IDSIII.

    Nikon is simply occupying Canon’s price points and filling in a missing mid-range.

    IDSIII = D3X
    5DMII = D700/D800
    50D = D90/D300

    Nikon is on the right track. They invented the D700 to fill a gap. We should be happy, because previously the D700 level didn’t exist. Nikon did drop the ball in terms of marketing. But they have created a great camera, right there, at the top, and its priced as such.

    Sony needs to be more price competitive because Sony is trying to acquire market share. Sony is also smart.

    Canon has sacrificed quality for “gadgets”. No one needs the 5DMII. The D700 is better for low light, and the Sony is better for image quality! The D3X is fully professional.

    D90 – D300 – D700/D3 – D3X

    Awesome line up. Fully modern. All price points.

    The D800 and D400 will be here sooner than you know!

    • Twigster

      Um so what is wrong with the 5d II’s quality? Have you ever used one?

      BTW I’m a D90 user but comments like this from either side are just annoying

      • D700 > 5DMII

        D700 is Nikon’s, and the world’s, best camera for most serious work today. The D3X is stupid, the D3 is better but just as klunky, while the D700 is the newest, smallest and smartest of them all. The Canon 5D Mark II has more pixels, but I don’t care (I usually shoot mine at JPG Small), and the AF system of the 5D Mark II is inferior to the D700.

        The D700 is extraordinary for photographing people in any light, while the 5D Mark II rarely gets anyone in focus at f/2 because it has no face recognition and can’t nail the eyeballs as do the D700 and D3.

        • Eric B

          Ok, Ken, we get it. You can go back to your personal soapbox now.

    • Pablov

      some of your comments are not right, or partially.

      Remember that Nikon is releasing a high-res camera over 1 year later than Canon.
      Yes, I agree it seems better than 1Ds MK III, but later and expensive as compared to its “smaller” (if it can be called like that, since they are almost identical besides the sensor) brother/sister, the D3.

      5DMk II is not equal to D700, they are different cameras with different specs and features.

      And I wouldn’t call some of those features as “gadgets”, since they can deliver professional products if well used.

      And since lately Nikon is releasing some cameras a bit “late” (in some aspects), I hope Nikon do a better job implementing those features, with higher quality too.

      • Gadgets

        They are just gadgets. The image quality of the 5DMII is similar to D700 — and actually, the D700 is better.

        The only thing you get with the 5DMII is higher resolution. I am sick of hearing about people saying “for different purposes”. That’s a load of crap on the very broad average. For a couple people of course they have different needs. But that doesn’t change the general market category. If Nikonians were Canonites, theyd buy the 5D/5DMII. As Nikonians, we will buy the D700/D800.

        And the technology will not be a “year old”. Only idiots think that way. The technology will be PERFECTED when Nikon releases it. It won’t have black holes and striped images the way the crappy 5DMII does.

        The only reason anyone thinks the 5DMII is a good deal is because they think its on the level of the D3X or the Sony. But Sony and the D3X are far better cameras.

        Canon should stop fiddling around and stop releasing things before they have the technology perfected. The 40D and 50D barely compare to the D300 and the D90. And the 5DMII is no D3X. Its just a crappy camcorder with a broken camera attached.

        The 5D was excellent for its time. The 5DMII is mediocre for its.

        • Pablov

          I feel some exacerbation on your text.
          Take it easy..

          I guess nobody think the 5DMKII is better than D3x… They are for different targets. I never thought comparing those cameras either. Maybe just comparing the IQ delivered having 20+ MP each, but that’s only a part (very important, sure) of the whole camera

          Don’t feel “sick” of hearing anything about photography, it’s a synptom that you hear or read too many comments.

          Maybe you don’t need higher resolution, but some do. I do. If your are sick about “different purposes” then you might be sick of D3x advertisements too.

          I use Nikon, like it a lot, but not get married with any brand. I’m not Nikonian, so if I think Nikon releases something a bit late, I tell that, even if Nikon makes a better quality camera.

          I don’t think a technology is “a year old”, I said Nikon released one year after Canon, specifically the D3x, better built (than 1DsMK III) but is a D3 from a year ago with a higher res sensor, at around 170% the price of a D3.

          Think whatever you want, but many people do not think about some features as gadgets because they use (or can use) them to work more than to play with.

          Technology is always in the way of perfection, just take a look back to the previous Nikon DSLRs and compare them to actual ones.

          Sometimes Nikon is releasing something new or revolutionary, sometimes not.

  • Alain2x

    First delivery batch of D3x is due to arrive on dec 21st in Paris Fr.

    How many parts will that batch be , who knows ?

    but certainly not enough to cover pre-orders

  • Waitabit

    RGBTech has it at £4699 before release but it’s still £2699 overpriced. Sony A900 is £1599.

    • alex

      n00b alert!

      go get a900.
      run forrest run

      • Waitabit

        You’re not right often, but you’re wrong again, and again.

        Buy them all up, make Nikon happy. Wanna buy some swamp land in Florida?

  • Bonetti

    I was talking with my local ritz Camera manager and he told me that the Cost for them of the D3x is $6,499. Dollars

    • Pablov

      I don’t believe it.

      But if it’s true, then the revenue of selling each D3x at $8,000 is huge… around 23%

      • I do believe it – this means that we will see a 7000 price tag in 2 months…

  • It’ll be interesting to see who the first big American retailer to sell it at discount will be. But, simple economics suggest that won’t happen until their existing units aren’t flying off the shelves. If everyone that wants one doesn’t buy one then the price will have to go down. :p

  • this is interesting.will the D3x launch together with the AF-S 50mm F1.4 worldwide too?

    • Chris

      I received my 50/1.4G about 10 days ago

  • alex

    it already is available since yesterday in Europe

  • Alain2x

    50 mm AFS is available in Paris since 2 weeks

  • giz

    D3x is in my local photo store for about 2 weeks (certified Nikon Shop)

    • Dev

      What country? Nobody has in the U.S. so far. At least not in the NYC area. Can you give more information?

      • giz

        Germany, Darmstadt

  • Hitler

    I have mine!

  • Hitler

    Sorry, I mean “Mein”. Sorry guys!

  • ka

    we have ’em on stock in romania, (at least they had it this afternoon), but the price is unusually high (10700 USD)…
    they also had the d90, right after it was announced.

  • Dev

    Spoke with the exchange today, they are contacting Nikon to try and get me the D3X and return the D3. If the price stays the same I will be pretty happy. Due to the holidays they say it may take a week or more to hear anything. We’ll see. Received the 5DMKII today, first impressions are that it feels pretty solid, more so than a D300, but nothing like the D3. The kit lens is nice but not great. The menu system leaves a lot to be desired coming from Nikon. I am really disappointed by the fact that I need to dive into the menu to change my Quality settings. I do love that Nikon. I havent played with it much yet but I did try some low light auto focus and I dont see what the complaint is yet. A single card slot is kind of a drag on a 21MP camera. When I am traveling I can easily fill one and head into the second on my D3 (2x8GB 1 Sandisk extreme IV and one Lexar UDMA). Now at almost double the res I guess Ill be buying some 16GB UDMA cards. I imagine the D3x would have me in that same position anyway. I have not seen any sign of a D3X having shipped in the U.S. yet, maybe monday if they shipped today but I would have imagined they would have been drop shipped for the last weekend before XMAS. Anyone USA sightings yet? Adorama is saying it could be 6-9 months before stock is readily available. I did not think the demand was so high.

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