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Nikon has a patent for a smart watch that emits fragrance

In December 2015 a new Nikon patent application was published in Japan for a smart watch that can emit fragrance: The patent was filed in June, 2014. Via Egami, picture: eBay

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Check out these Nikon cameras

→ Another Nikon F3 NASA camera on eBay. → This is it – the best Nikon camera: it costs only $36 and is made out of… chocolate. Spotted by Arnaud Zufferey in Vienna, Austria. → Check out also this mini-Nikon on flickr.

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Nikon’s project Helix 360 at CES 2016

I am catching up on few stories from last week: at the 2016 CES show Nikon had 96 D750 cameras with a 20mm lens setup in a circle for taking 360°, holographic or slo-motion photos (Project Helix 360):

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Zombie wedding project

This Zombie Wedding Project is by Irina Skripnik (website | Facebook | Instagram | Vimeo | YouTube): Four days before Halloween 2015 me and my husband had a regular conversation, sitting on our couch. We talked about future photo sessions and tried to find out what project we should do to show my photography and post-processing skills, because I am developing […]

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Korean “comfort women” photographer wins lawsuit against Nikon

Daily Mail: Korean “comfort women” photographer wins lawsuit against Nikon (more on that story from 2012):

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The incredible story of a Nikon D5 camera forgotten in a display window

Chassimages (Google translation) posted a story on the Nikon D5 camera that was apparently forgotten in a store’s display case/window (see this post): “The only seller is so busy store drawers behind the counter, so I must insist to make him raise his head, and asks if I can see and touch the D5. Very gently […]

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