Offline for a few days

I will be traveling this week and will have limited Internet connection. In the meantime, check out this new leaked picture of an upcoming Nikon product:

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  • TwoStrayCats

    Made in India?


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  • Second!
    Enjoy your trip Peter! 🙂

  • JoCarpenter

    Thanks Fam! Have a nice trip.

  • CNMorais

    This new product stinks

    • manattan

      Are you saying it’s a step in the wrong direction?

      • CNMorais


  • silmasan

    Disappointed by the internet for the lack of information about the inevitable D810 successor, Peter decided to take matters into his own hand. He is now off to hunt down several suspected testers, ninja-style.

    • lol 🙂

    • Jim Huang

      shhhhhh now they know!!!!

  • The all new economical and green powered zoom function equipped with all the Nikon primes at unbeatable speed and quality. Easy to clean and keep fungus-free — just have a bath regularly… 🙂 (Batteries not included.)

  • DonD

    I’ll take a pair in 8.50 D. Getit? Get it?

  • fanboy fagz

    from the pinnacle of high tech of making a D5 and gear for nasa to the lowest low ever of making sandals. add a selfie stick and a dog collar to the list. next is womens thongs.

    • Max

      women’s thongs are great

      • manattan

        I’ve never tried them on, but I’ll take your word for it.

      • fanboy fagz

        Nikon should not be making thongs.

        • Allan

          Look closely. The thongs have the next generation of KeyMission cameras.

  • Sawyerspadre

    So we now can assume that the most significant new product in decades will leak this week, since Peter is away from a connection. I hope the Nikon promo sandals are comfy, wherever you’re going. Have fun.

  • Eric Calabros

    But their metal sandals were more reliable

  • T.I.M

    Nice educative video from Nikon:

  • jmb2560

    Only one foot is available. The second one will ship bundled with the DL…
    Enjoy the time off!

  • sickheadache

    The New Nikon Toejam. I think it is that new sony 72mp sensor.

  • animalsbybarry
  • animalsbybarry
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