Amazon is selling new Nikon D750 cameras for $1,592.28

Right now Amazon US is selling brand new Nikon D750 cameras for $1,592.28 (with full US warranty, ships from and sold by Currently the price of the D750 is $1,896.95, while the refurbished version is $1,419.99.

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  • dredlew

    Great for new buyers but when time comes to upgrade, the resale value will be barely half of what I originally paid. =

    • Elljustin

      Then keep it?

      • dredlew

        That’s not an upgrade and later would be called a replacement because it barely would be worth anything.

    • nwcs

      Of course you had it for a long time that new buyers didn’t.


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    • Zeneti

      But you got to enjoy the camera for longer, and possibly made shots you wouldn’t have got before you owned that model. How much is that worth?


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    • KnightPhoto

      Amortize the cost of original$ – resale$ / months you owned it = Monthly cost of ownership.

      Looked at from this perspective:
      – monthly cost of ownership is typically pretty negligible. E.g.$2200 – $1000 / 24 months = it cost you $50 per month to own and use this camera.
      – if I need, or let’s face it WANT, the new camera, I would rather take that $1000 and plow it into the new camera, thereby reducing my next camera’s “out of pocket” monthly cost of ownership.
      – you can use this calculation to help decide when, for you alone, it is time to plan the upgrade.
      – anytime you can buy used, the monthly cost of ownership comes down to absurdly low levels. My D7100 cost me $9.52 per month 😉
      – my cameras have ranged from $9.52 to 68.97 per month to own.

      • dredlew

        Not quite as simple as you make it out to be. More people would “own” more things if they could be rented/leased. However, most things cannot be rented so it’s the upfront cost that keeps people from owning things.

        “you can use this calculation to help decide when, for you alone, it is time to plan the upgrade”

        Well no, I upgrade based on depreciation to minimize out of pocket costs. I would have done so a while ago if there actually was a follow up model but there isn’t. Meanwhile, depreciation continues.
        This would be even worse when buying a used camera.

        Depreciation is a big factor on what your ROI is going to be. Compare this to a lens, which is nowhere near this extreme as it is for this camera body. You’d think that a FF body would depreciate less than the entry level bodies. Yet, only the D(x) series really retains considerable value.

    • Marek Kunicki

      Yeah, I lost over half of what I originally paid on both of mine. I got them soon after they were released though, with their $2300 price tag.

      Oh well. They got a lot of use.

  • DafOwen

    Amazon prices do occasionally dip significantly lower – may not be long term. E.g. check the dip in August.

    • DafOwen

      PS is a great site for tracking Amazon prices (inc UK). Can set up alerts too – I managed to buy a pair of Sigma lenses almost half price once. (Am not affiliated with the site)

  • ZZ

    Darling you got to let me know
    Should I stay or should I go?
    If you say that you are mine
    I’ll be here ’til the end of time
    So you got to let me know
    Should I stay or should I go (get one now)?

    It’s always tease, tease, tease (Nikon, what’s new, what’s next?)
    You’re happy when I’m on my knees
    One day it’s fine and next it’s black
    So if you want me off your back (b!tching on the forums)
    Well, come on and let me know
    Should I stay or should I go (buy now)?

    Should I stay or should I go now?
    Should I stay or should I go now?
    If I go, there will be trouble (when the new model comes out)
    And if I stay it will be double (actually 1/2 the resale value)
    So come on and let me know

    This indecision’s bugging me (should I buy or should I wait)
    If you don’t want me, set me free
    Exactly whom I’m supposed to be
    Don’t you know which clothes even fit me?
    Come on and let me know
    Should I cool it or should I blow?

    Indecision is killing me …

    • silmasan

      The clash of choices is real.

  • Tom

    Could that be a sign of D760 coming soon?

    • DafOwen

      Maybe but I think unlikely – Amazon (UK) do regular price adjustments and the occasional significant dip.

      • They cannot do that in the US because Nikon is enforcing their prices and authorized dealers cannot sell under the MSRP.

        • Tom

          So what do you think about it Peter? Getting rid off the stock and D760 might see announcement soon CP+ or just an occasional discount for no reason?

  • MSC

    Dollar up about 15% against the Yen since its low late last summer. That might explain it.

  • DafOwen

    As a side note – Amazon UK don’t seem to be selling D750 / Canon 7D and higher DSLRs and haven’t for a while…… (themselves, not marketplace). I wonder why….

  • CERO

    Those are really nice prices!!

    but then..I’m happy with my D500 now.

    • Howard Twaddell

      i really screwed the pooch. Should have got mine before Xmas but i was trying to get my race director to buy it for me. I didnt find out til after Jan 1st HIS budget got cut. So if i want one i have to buy it and now they are back to full price. %$#@!

      • CERO

        That sucks man!
        Hopefully there will be other discounts along the way.

  • Adam Brown

    So only $100 more than the D610? That’s crazy. Wonder if the next version is coming this year, or still a year away.
    But that may be the best value you can find in a full frame camera right now.
    Just $100 more than the Sony A7ii, but a much better camera.
    Just $250 more than the Canon 6d, but a much better camera overall.
    About $900 cheaper than the Canon 5diii — and mostly pretty comparable. the 5diii may have some small advantages.

    I really wonder when we may get a D760, and whether it will have any major upgrades. (My wishlist for the D760 — 24mp BSI sensor, 8fps, and some sort of high quality On-sensor phase detect AF with greatly improved live view).

    • dabug91

      The D750 is actually tremendously better than the 5D3. The piss poor dynamic range of the 5D3 makes it a total non-competitor to the D750. It’s substantially more expensive and also considerably inferior in image quality.

      • Adam Brown

        Don’t get me wrong, I own and love the d750. But the 5diii does have some pro level features missing from the d750 including 1/8000 shutter speed, 1/250 flash sync, far more cross type focus points, deeper buffer.
        So it’s not a black and white comparison.

        • Marek Kunicki

          ^ Truth. The 5d iii is a better camera body, with a crappy sensor. It’ll still get shots that the D750 won’t, just because of the better autofocus. Have owned and used both extensively and the D750 focus was a disappointment.

        • decentrist

          sensor tech destroys all your points…

          • Andrew

            Adam makes some very good points, you do not have to agree with all of his points to give him an up vote 😉

          • Adam Brown

            That’s just silly. In that case, the d610 is a better camera than the d5.
            A camera is more than DXO scores. And for that matter, DXO scores tell an incomplete picture of IQ. For example, the 5diii has higher ISO range than the d750. The d750 tops out at 51200. The 5diii offers another stop. When you really look at the DXO analysis, you find that the 2 cameras have virtually identical noise performance. The d750 does have much better dynamic range at base ISO, but at high ISO, both cameras offer nearly identical dynamic range.
            So that’s it… the whole IQ difference really just boils down to the D750 having higher base dynamic range.
            That’s a nice advantage, but it’s not the one and only feature that outweighs everything else.

        • Andrew

          The D750 also has an Anti Aliasing (AA) Filter which Nikon has rid itself off from the D810. But let us not lament that fact as it enables wedding photographers to slightly mask some surface blemishes 😉 Again, the D750 is an exceptional camera but the D760 will no doubt be without the AA Filter because of the EXPEED 5 image processor.

  • Andrew

    Amazing price, absolutely amazing! Who would have guessed a few years ago (July 2008) that a full frame camera would be this inexpensive. The D700 launched at $3,000.

  • Geek707

    One rumor is the is a opening shot of a sales war between Amazon and Walmart.
    On the short term it might be a good thing for people wanting to buy this camera, but long term it is ominous for a company like Nikon that has been bleeding money the last few years.
    If this spreads, it is not a good thing for a industry that is already struggling.

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      Doesn’t matter for Nikon, they sell their wares at a certain price to the vendors that is below retail.

      It is amazons problem if they cut in to their own margins

    • decentrist

      WalMart can’t get out of their own way.

  • dslrforever

    Looking pretty silly with my D610 that I paid $1999 for here.

    • Tom Bruno

      Not silly at all. The D610 is a great camera, capable of world class images. At that price, you’ve had it for some time, and so have had the chance for enjoying its powerful abilities, and I presume got good use out of it by taking many images.
      These are cameras, not bank futures. We’re not investing. We’re buying tools to use. As time goes on, new tools come up, and price of the old tools goes down. If you can afford a new tool and buy it ’cause you want it or need it, and then you use it, you did well. No regrets.

      • dslrforever

        I know, I’m being tongue and cheek. I’ve had the D610 for 3 years now and had the D600 for a year before trading it in over the oil issue. I’ve got 4 years of photos for that $2k and will probably sell it for $600 when it’s all said and done. I’ll probably get the D750’s replacement though since I want a better AF system and a newer sensor.

  • TwoStrayCats

    Don’t worry: the D5x will be about $10K.

  • ZZ

    Dang, the Amazon price just went back up ….
    but Cameta refurb price is still good …

    • Spy Black

      Once a new model is released this will be cheaper again, perhaps even more so.

  • Paul

    2 major camera stores in toronto have had the D750 on ORDER/BACKORDER for a month………………..

  • Aldo

    Best camera all around (d5 d4s aside)

  • Rob

    Looks like the price is back up to normal – $1896.95. Maybe they heard from Nikon.

    • Amazon keeps doing this once in a while, not sure what the deal is.

  • koenshaku

    It’ss as low as 1,300 on ebay now from photovideo4less

    • pedantic_brit


      • CERO

        pretty obvious.
        Most of the “super priced” stores in ebay are grey with sketchy “guarantee” plans.

        • pedantic_brit

          Exactly – hardly an apples to apples comparison.
          koenshaku seems pretty keen on photvideo4less too ………….

  • JoeFunny30

    price is back to normal, no longer on sale

  • Justin

    When do you expect Nikon to drop more lens rebates? I’ve been holding off on the 70-200 2.8 for a while (I will take either the VRII or the latest FL version).

  • Joe Prete

    Where did you get that price? …it’s 1,896.95 on the link that you provided!

    • the deal is now over I guess

      • Joe Prete

        Well, Thanks for trying!

  • amdgoesbigorhome

    wake me up when d760 costs 2000$

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