Pictures reportedly taken with a new Nikon D7xx full frame DSLR camera with incredible low light capabilities

A Swedish photographer claims that the two photos he posted on his Facebook page were taken with a new Nikon D7** full frame DSLR camera that has some incredible low light performance. The new camera should be released in 2017. The first picture was supposedly taken in a pitch black forest at night:

Original text:

Måste få dela en liten bild. Mest till fotonördar, men ni andra gillar den kanske också? Fotat mitt i natten december 2015. Månsken, men toksvart ändå. Testade ny modell/sensor mm. Denna kamera kommer 2017 och jag har aldrig sett motsvarigheten. Bruset är sjukt lågt, af modulen kommer vara som Nikon D5/D500 dvs som D500 bäst av alla som finns idag. D500, är bättre/snabbare än Canons/Nikons promod. Dynamiken, mmm. Tänk nu, ögonen ser inte tre-fyra träd bort. Kameran ser detta 🙂


Must share a little image. Mostly for the photo-freaks, but maybe the rest of you likes it too. Taken in the middle of the night in December 2015. Moonlight, but still very dark. Tested a new model/sensor. This camera comes 2017 and I have never seen the like. Noise is super-low, the AF-module will be like D5/D500, ie as D500 best of all there is today. D500 is better/faster than Canon's/Nikon's pro models. The dynamics etc. Think now, the eyes can see three-four trees away. The camera sees this

Second photo (also taken in a pitch black forest at night):

Original text:

Denna är mer galen 🙂 Kolla. Inget månsken här. Inget ljus alls. NADA! Totalt becksvart skog. Jag letade med pannlampan efter Emmy. Ställde skärpan med pannlampan i handen som lyste på henne. 2,5 sek, stativ. Hon sitter ej stilla men se ljungen. Absurt..


This one is more crazy 🙂 Look. No moonlight here. No light at all. NADA! Totally pitch-black forest. I searched for Emmy with my headlamp. Set the focus with the headlamp in my hand pointed at her. 2.5 sec, tripod. She's not still, but look at the heather. Absurd..

And one more comment by photographer:

Nja inte en ny "toppproffsmodell" . Ärver mkt fr D5/D500. Fullformat. D7**. Önskar den utan AA filter. Men troligen med det. Jag har ju Sony fullformat o Nikon D500 som är en helt sjukt bra kamera. Lånad D500. Sänkte ju min. Men nya Nikon kommer jag nog byta till, beroende på AA filtret.


Well not a new " Toppproffsmodell '. Inherits Mkt Fr D5 / D500. Fullformat. D7 **. Wish it without aa filters. But probably with it. I have Sony Fullformat O Nikon D500 which is a crazy good camera. Borrowed D500. Lowered my. But New Nikon I will probably switch to, depending on the aa the filter.

Obviously I don't know if the above pictures and claims are real, but it's safe to assume that we will see a new full frame DSLR camera in 2017.

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  • eric

    the photos are from dec 2015 and he just now releases them a year later? this looks like a definite spoof

  • D700s

    Of course the safe bet is to say “Fake” but what if it isn’t?

  • Wade Marks

    Let’s take a slightly different approach to the way people are analyzing this.

    Why would this guy post fakes? Why would he make this stuff up?

    He’s a fly fisherman. He’s a middle aged guy with a family. He has nothing to gain by making up an elaborate ruse like this. He gets nothing financially from this, is not a pro photographer and so is not about building his name in that profession.

    He in no way seems the type of guy who just wants to get attention for ego gratification.

    And if someone is trying to think of a way to generate a fake story to get attention this would be an odd way for most people to think of. I can see it now…Hey honey, I want to get hits on my FB page, how to do it? I’ve got an idea, let’s make up a fake new Nikon camera with amazing low light capabilities…that gear nerd stuff always works.

    So it certainly could be fake, but if so that in itself would be an odd story. Fly fisherman invents fake story about new Nikon camera to get wealth and fame.

    • Fly Moon

      So why would Nikon give him a new and latest camera to test?
      And if they did, then why would he betray Nikon’s trust?

      • Maybe that’s why the posts and images are no longer visible on Facebook? They were either removed or hidden to Public.

      • Wade Marks

        Maybe he knows the right person at Nikon. Maybe Nikon gave such a camera to a sportsman/outdoorsman to test, like a real customer.

        Maybe Nikon even is/was thinking of doing a marketing campaign for a new camera based on real world, non-pro photographers using the camera.

        Maybe he didn’t realize the stir he would cause in posting.

        But here’s what I believe is more likely: this was an “unofficial” leak in some way approved by Nikon. They wanted it out there. They want it to come from a non pro photographer, because the market among enthusiasts is much larger than the market of pro’s.

        It would be smart of Nikon to start a viral type of marketing campaign. It works. Look at how many of us are paying attention.

        • Allen_Wentz

          I hope your comment is correct because it would mean Nikon is for the first time communicating with customers.

        • preston

          LOL – that is a lot of maybe’s.

          • Wade Marks

            Maybe’s abound no matter whether pics are true or false.

      • nwcs

        I agree with you but there is another possibility. He knows someone who is under NDA who let him use it (or went with him for an adventure). Unlikely but it is possible.

        • Wade Marks

          Yes you are correct…that would be an explanation for how he would have gotten his hands on a new unreleased camera.

    • Adam Brown

      There is making stuff up, but then there is also posting incorrect information based on misunderstandings, which is also possible. Maybe someone lent him just a D750, and somehow he misunderstood and believes this is a new model coming next year. (or lent him a 3-year-old D750 prototype). There are lots of ways someone could post information based on simple misunderstanding.
      So there are a few possibilities:
      1 — the information is accurate
      2 — It is intentional fabrications
      3 — It is misunderstood information.

      • Wade Marks

        The guy says the AF is the same as D5/D500…so the camera is not the D750.

        But you are correct: this could be a simple misunderstanding; he could simply be wrong.

        Of course, if it turns out it was a D750, he could have just posted that instead of taken down the entire FB post w/ pics.

        My guess is that the probability is low of this being the D750 mistaken as new model.

        • Adam Brown

          Could have been a 3-year-old D750 prototype, and thus not labelled as a D750. Or maybe he is even more ignorant — It’s a D3400 prototype. And has this fly fisherman ever actually shot with the D5? Does he necessarily know what the AF module looks like? And he seems amazed at taking night pictures, but any camera can do that with a long shutter speed. He hasn’t actually said what ISO he was shooting at. In other words, depending on his own sophistication, there are many ways it can be a simple misunderstanding.

          I’m hoping he is correct. I get GAS itch every 2-3 years, so I’m looking forward to a D750 replacement. BUT… I still fear it will lack what I want in a replacement. My D750ii or D760 wish list:
          – D5 AF module (appears to be check)
          – Ever increasing IQ (unknown really… personally, I’d love to see the nextgen 24mp sensor)
          -Better wifi/bluetooth/snapbridge (almost a certainty)
          – On-sensor phase detect for live view — this is big. And unless the D760 is the first camera to have it, it looks unlikely. Sony live view is the same as their viewfinder. Canon now has capable live view on their newer cameras with dual pixel AF. I find the Nikon live view to be practically unusable. Good live view is helpful — allowing shooting from difficult angles, allowing great focus accuracy at times.

          • Wade Marks

            Given all of his praise for the d500, he seems to have some experience using it…so I think he knows how the AF behaves.

          • EnPassant

            While this man may have Fishing as his number one interest he is certainly no newbie in photography. Doing some googling I found his father is a well known photographer with 26 published books so he’s got photography in the blood.

            In no way would he mistake a D3X00 camera for a D7X0 camera.
            He also clearly say he owned a D500 but now has a loaner D500 as he sank his own, propably in the sea, a river or a lake.

            As D5 and D500 use the same AF module the AF area coverage is much better on the DX D500. So from that point of view AF is better on D500.
            That he would have gotten his hands on a 3-yer old D750 prototype is extremely unlikely as all of those should have been sent back to Nikon after testing.

            One can of course wonder why a (good) amateur photographer would be given a new prototype camera for testing.
            Maybe Nikon realised who are their biggest customer group and it is a point having their gear tested from an amateur perspective?

            And what would be the better testing conditions for a camera that “can see in the dark” than taking night photos above the polar circle, where there now is no sun even by daytime, by a photographer specialized in evening and night time photography and who recently won a prize in the Nikon photo contest?

            That said we only have this photographers word and two images but don’t know actual photography conditions, EV of the scenes, nor camera settings, except 2.5 seconds exposure för the second photo. And was some PP done? Not claiming to be an expert in this area I will not make any judgement before we have more information. But I would certainly love to have a camera that could capture good quality images handheld with enough DOF in any light I can see with my eyes.

    • Ric of The LBC

      Putin hacked his FB.

  • FountainHead

    Jonsson got the camera… but made the Mexicans pay for it.

  • Kamen Minkov

    Looks like a true successor to the D700 is coming.

  • D700s

    Reading all the comments I had no idea there were so many Physicists on NR. Color me impressed.

    • T.I.M

      NR is loaded with crazy people, and I’m the worse case.

      • Allan

        Physicists, like CPA’s (accountants), might be boring, but they are not crazy. (Based on my vast experience with two physicist cousins and my previous physics teachers.)


        Based upon my training and experience, T.I.M, you show little sign of craziness.


    • peter w

      What’s so impressive about a physicists hanging around here?
      They should be playing their instruments.

      (a lot of physicists among amateur musicians in my country).

    • Not a physicist, but a physics minor here – Its an incredibly helpful area of knowledge in photography.

  • Ok, I was asked to remove the name of the photographer from my post. I was also told the story behind the pictures and it sounds legit. I am still going back-and-forth on this topic, so stay tuned.

    • This explains why it was removed from Facebook. Problem is that it was reported on other sites as well.

      • Wade Marks

        On the internet, once it is out there is no going back.

        But if this is viral marketing that Nikon unofficially approves of, then taking the post down would also be a smart thing to generate more buzz.

      • Unfortunately I have no control over that. This was a public post on Facebook that was already seen by many people even before my post.

    • D700s

      Interesting. Thanks for the update. I’ve learned over time to not be so quick to doubt. Crazy things happen in this world when we least expect it. Some even defy reason.

      • yes, and I think this is one of those cases, I hope I can post the whole story without getting anyone in trouble

        • Th B

          We’d love to hear the full story

    • Robert Krasser

      Hi Peter, thanks for the ambivalent news. May you tell us when you will share the information you got? And why cant you tell us now?

      • Because I do not want to get anyone in trouble.

        • Adam Brown

          So don’t get anyone in trouble…
          Let’s talk hypothetically… If hypothetically, an unknown source started posting on facebook about having tested a Nikon prototype… hypothetically speaking, what type of information would make this source credible to you?

          • I’ve been talking to the guy the whole day. People who create fake stuff never want to talk to me.

            • Adam Brown

              So hypothetically, if the source were to engage back and forth with you, … and give you credible sounding information… you’d be more apt to believe him.
              Maybe, hypothetically, this person could even send you an image file, so you could …. off the record… confirm the exif information?
              Hypothetically… might that make you more likely to vouch for a source…..

            • Yes, kind of – I am still trying to see what I can post online.

            • TheInconvenientRuth

              I want to talk to you. I can create fake stuff. I haz photoshops.

    • John Albino

      The conspiracy-theorist in me 🙂 can come up with lots of scenarios where the images are “real.”

      Perhaps our “fly fisherman” was over at a friend’s house having a few schnapps (or whatever Swedes get drunk with) and the friend WAS a pro photographer on Nikon’s “approved” testing list. The friend got drunk first, fell asleep, and the fly fisherman started playing around with the pro’s equipment. He noticed the “prototype” camera, and being quite tipsy himself, couldn’t resist taking it our for a spin and took the images in question. Got home, sobered up a bit and decided to brag about them….

      Or… well, I’ll let others use their imagination, but the images COULD be real, under several different theories of how they were acquired.

    • Brubabs

      Can you say who asked you to remove the name? Was it the photographer? Nikon? Someone else whose NDA is at risk?

      • Yes, the photographer – see his comments in this post.

  • Allen_Wentz

    If I was Nikon in December 2016 with multiple new cameras coming in 2017 this is _exactly_ the kind of leak that I would create to keep interest up. Even if the images themselves are less than fully truthful.

    • william.soragna

      Exactly my feeling. Do we say, if I was, or if I were? I’m non english speaker…

      • Brubabs

        Oh the oddities of English grammar! You say “if I were” when you are presenting a hypothetical situation that is actually impossible or definitely not true. So you say “If I were a lion” or “if he were from Mars”. It is often used when the speaker is being wishful. On the other hand, you would say “if he was the thief” because a person could possibly be the thief, you don’t know for sure, but you want to consider that possibility. So it is grammatically correct to say “If I were Nikon…” I hope that helps. You learn all kinds of things on Nikon Rumors!

  • mark meerdam

    Tamron had a press release recently announcing sensor tech that can capture images at night / 0.4 lux. Could this be that sensor or one developed by nikon based on that technology? If it is this is very plausible. Then i wonder what mp-count we are talking here. (my previous post linking to the article has been removed – don’t know why?)

  • Stevie Jay Elmm

    All I know is Nikon for it’s 100th anniversary better drop a few great ones in 2017. I’m currently in transition on the digital end with just a Canon rebel t6 and as much as I want to grab a 80d I don’t. The D500 seems great but something tells me to wait until 2017 because Nikon is going to do good. As a Nikon film shooter I really hope so. P.S. Sick of plastic bodies make something worth hard spent money again. I want the weight of a Nikon F3 in my hand

  • vousplaisentezouquoi

    Maybe we could use that to do a colonoscopy?

    • peter w

      I will definitely not be one of the early buyers…
      And also second hand is out of the question…

  • DSP~

    I would love to say, that this is not fake, but I honestly think that it is. Nikon released the D5 with pretty good low light capabilities and I doubt, that they will outclass their own flagship with a semi pro body until the D6 is on the horizon.
    Nevertheless, a 16-20 MP low light monster would be very appreciated for event photography imho, even though my D750 does a good job up to ISO 3200.

  • Michiel953

    Anyone should know flyfishermen are not to be trusted (size of fish caught and all that). It’s common knowledge.

  • NoNonsense

    Interesting. Bring it on! 🙂 Maybe we’ll have another 2008 (D3/D700) revolution with a camera that really changed things. At least for Nikon. What I really want in the next D-SLR from Nikon (or FF mirrorless from them)…great AF in video AND lenses that are quiet like the Olympus/Panasonic AF lenses. Even better high ISO AND at least the same DR as the D750 but preferably a little better than the D810. Maybe 15.5 or 16 stops of DR? 🙂

  • Sebastian Rasch

    This is so obviously fake and utter nonsense that I’m surprised you even put it on the site.

  • Phfat cat

    Camera builders solved the digital sensor “noise” issue long ago. They simply dole out small improvements in noise performance with each of their new, high-end model releases…if they wanted, they could produce a camera that has no “noise” at all, no matter what the ISO setting. In fact, ISO settings would become irrelevant… BUT, they make more $$ by adding just a smidgen of better performance in each new model. That’s my conspiracy theory, and I’m sticking to it…

  • GeorgeofSacto

    As much as I’d love to believe this, the image of “heather” kills it for me. No light at all? No moonlight or starlight? Then why are there shadows beneath her legs?

  • “Look at this Japanese Company! Digital camera manufacturers hate it! They solved taking photographs without any light! Want to know their secret? Click the link below!”

    BS AF.

  • First Name Last Name

    I want to get the d500 but I don’t know if O should wait cause I really want full frame, I just don’t want to get the d750 because it is already 2 years old and max shutter is only 1/4000 and video quality is not that great on it. BUT ITS FF!! I can’t decide

  • Clubber Lang

    If this sensor upgrade is true, would Nikon’s smaller “1” line or their compacts have capabilities that overcome their current shortcomings?

  • stormwatch

    December 2015? So this tech is already old.

  • How can the first shot be pitch black forest but there are shadows on the ground? Also, if you have been outside during a full moon and there is a lot of snow on the ground the light is amplified. I think the scene, based on what I see, is far from pitch black.
    Finally, how long is the exposure? There is enough available light (even if moonlight) that a long exposure would easily be able to capture this scene using any of Nikon’s current cameras.

    • TOJ123

      Mike I did not seek or want or wished this. Someone copied my private post. I guess you have been in Lapland where we have Polar Night in december! I mean, since you you know the darkness! I have absolutely no intention of being here! Someone copied my post without of my knowledge or approval or whatever. I do hope admin will step in. Pic of my daughter is 3 sec, F 2,8 70 mm.

      • Wade Marks

        Thank you for commenting here.

      • Michiel953

        Tomas? Is it you, the unreliable flyfisherman? LoL!

      • Michiel953

        Ok Tomas. Now did you like that D750?

        • TOJ123

          Hi, D750 is an old still VERY awesome cam for slow pics. I have and had D5/D500/D800/d810/d810a/d750 etc etc in short time. Also Sonys topversions, camerawise. A7s2 for film etc. I do live tests lenses etc.

      • Andreas Vesper

        Thanks, Tomas. Anyway, it’s not wise posting such stuff on Facebook. If you’re using that mysterious camera as beta-tester, you must have signed an NDA with Nikon and posting such stuff without prior consent of Nikon might get you in trouble with Nikon. Personally, I can’t believe that Nikon gives pre-production samples to more than a handful people. Good luck and thank you for any clarification.

        When I’m posting stuff about one of my fave Nikon topics – Snapbridge – I always try to have at least a minimum control over it and I try to post only stuff that is OK in a legal and technical sense.

      • Just for the record – your post was public, wide open for anyone to see. I did not copy your private post.

      • Sucks that someone stole your image/post. That kind of shit happens too often.

        I live in Canada, and have been in northern latitudes during the winter months. Regardless, there are clear and obvious shadows in your forest photo, and if there are shadows that means there is a light source (sun, moon, artificial). Likely this is moon light, but I’m not buying that it was pitch black.

        • Again, nobody stole his posts or photos. His Facebook post and photos were all public as many people here saw them already.

          • That doesn’t give anyone the right to copy and repost them without his permission (except for FB themselves). That means his text and images are copyrighted and anyone using them (you included) without permission are essentially stealing them no?

            • I did a screenshot first, then the owner of the images asked me to post the actual images instead of the screenshots.

            • I think Discus is hiding some comments? Regardless, I think everyone knows *you* didn’t steal the content.

            • Oh, I did not delete any of your comments. If you included a link in your comment, it might be marked for moderation.

            • Walter Strong

              If you make a newsworthy claim on a public forum it’s pretty much fair game at that point. You’re not violating a copyright by reporting news.

            • Exactly.

            • I think if you reproduce a photo you are.

            • I was given a permission to post the photos.

            • Not doubting you. I’m saying generally, if you saw a post on FB and you took the photos and posted them on another site you are violating copyright law.

            • Again, my initial post had a screenshot which is considered a fair use and it is not a violation of copyright laws. In fact, I can even use copyrighted materials when reporting news (that is a grey area).

            • In order to report current events, the reporter may use copyright materials to provide information to the public in relation to the respective events.

              This is allowed under the following conditions:

              1) The material used is not a photograph
              2) The purpose is really for reporting current events
              2) The use of the material is fair
              3) The use of the material is accompanied by sufficient acknowledgement

              You cannot use photographs protected under copyright for reporting current events without obtaining the permission of the respective copyright owner. The exception applies to use of all other types of copyright materials, but not photographs.

            • This is the first time I am hearing that photos are excepted from the fair use clause. I have to read up on this.

            • It is a bit of a grey area, and the law can be applied somewhat differently depending on where you are. Regardless, posting or printing a photo is different from taking a still from a video or a paragraph from a book. You are essentially reusing the work in it’s entirety (unless you crop it, etc. but even then it’s not 100% clear).

              There are four factors for determining fair use, they can be found in detail here:

            • Jeffrey Friedl

              This is demonstrably false… a search of the fair-use index you linked to later easily brings up examples of photos garnering fair-use judgments, such as

            • Brubabs

              Are photos automatically considered copyrighted just because they are posted on Facebook?

            • Copyright applies the moment a photo is taken, regardless of where it’s posted. You can, of course, publish photos into the public domain or with a very broad Creative Commons license. In the absence of such licensing, assume copyright applies.

            • kahiri78

              No. not if the poster make it ‘public’ when posting . Go and check FB rules and reguations. FB is not like flickr or Getty Images. its a content sharing platform

            • yes, the posts were public

            • That is wrong. Show me the FB terms that allow this. I have read them and they don’t say this anywhere.

            • Wrong. Go actually *read* the T&C.

          • What was wrong with my response?

            • Absolutely nothing was wrong with your response, I just wanted to make it clear that I did not steal a private Facebook post.

            • Albert

              You could just use the embed code.

          • and then he tomorrow.

            • silmasan

              Not sure what you’re getting at, but Disqus has been choking a lot recently. And I’ve even seen my and others’ slightly older comments missing for a while and then appearing again after a refresh (I also once thought someone deleted their own post but it came back).

            • If I link to your reply from my email notification, I can see the comment. If I just load this page, even refresh, I don’t.

            • silmasan

              Yeah, newer comments might be delayed for a while before they’re sync’d up everywhere.

              Otherwise for older comments try even changing the sorting from e.g. by Oldest to Newest. That was the weird one for me.

        • TOJ123

          I do not know why. Her right leg is without shadows. Left has it. Pic is pushed +4-5 ev and max white. Almost no noise. Focus done with a severe LED head lamp. To be honest, EXTREME led lamp since shot on distance and 70mm.

          • TOJ123

            Remember this is a screen copy 😉 it is copy page, makes app 4-5 mp instead of about 20

            • azur

              Thanks, TOJ123.
              But how come you only show screen copies ?
              Why not link to the full resolution versions, with exif information left intact ?
              Or even better make the NEF files downloadable ?

  • TOJ123

    I did not want this post!!! Important! I did not post it myself!! It may cause serious problems for me. Someone, copied my private page/post and made this. Crazy amounts of bad comments. I apologise for this flow. Also a shitty load of bad remarks. I have six FB sites. My biggest problem is not all remarks or whatever I did not want. I do not know who copied my page, my private post. I´m just deeply sorry for all confusion. Sorry! Because all of this I, myself may end up in some deep problems, with camera/lens providers. I will not go into details. So many strange remarks. Pics are shot in darkness, ATTN I will not comment or defend or whatever. Pls accept! I had no intention being here. I did not post this myself. And yes, I only won, a few Swedish Championships, made about 45 books with papa and once being back competing after a 28 yrs hold, I won some medals. See below. But, pls, I do shoot a lot low light, Northern Lights etc. I do not do want to get into any strange discussion. But I felt deeply sorry about the remarks of something, I did not know about myself. Since I live in Lapland, where dark is present many months a year. I shoot a lot of low light. I can not comment further. For time being, let´s it rest. Or blame the one who without my awareness copied this. Maybe, they made something with the pics. For you waiting. I do think, sensors will be better. It seems so! And pls, I do not want this post, not this discussion or whatever. I just had to write something, cause it just felt bad…. Some my competing 😉

  • EnPassant

    I don’t know what to beleive about this rumor. But given the D500 is a success for Nikon. And before it was released a lot of people was asking for it (The D300 replacement). The other Nikon camera people ask about is the “true” D700 replacement.

    Finally listening to their customers made D500 the best Nikon camera release in years. Nikon should have noted that message and bring out the D700 replacement for their anniversary. It is after all a year ending with a 7 and should be the year of the D7X0 and D7X00 cameras.

    Nikon need to release cameras that really inspires and make people buy them rather than non upgrades like D3400 and D5600 or even D5 that may have many smaller upgrades but nothing revolutionary compared to a D4.

  • Focuspuller

    Believable until “no light at all”, therefore impossible.

  • Lee Myers

    I would bet this is an early April Fools joke. I would also like to be proven wrong!!!

  • Marko Grönroos

    This article is rubbish. There’s no mention of the ISO setting or lightness or gamma (or other) pump-up in postprocessing. Apparently, there’s at least moonlight, as the shadows of the trees in the snow are sharp, so it’s nowhere near “pitch black”. These are not max-resolution images, so the noise is obviously less. Moreover, you can pump up the ISO settings to max in winter, as thermal noise is reduced 3x for every -10°C. It’s apparently under 0°C there, so the noise is less than 1/10th of normal room temperature, and you can use a rather high ISO setting. Yet, no ISO setting is reported. My conclusion is that this is an article written by a total beginner, who doesn’t know a shit about how a digital camera technically works.

    • Adnan

      Scroll below a few posts and “He” came and explained.

  • blckcat

    Snow really makes a good reflector of light.. Especially at night. I think the current cameras can do the same..

  • bgbs

    yeah right, you mean to tell me the first image was taken in pitch black? If you said, patch white, I’d believe you.

  • again, just for the record – your post was public, not private

    • Spy Black

      So, either legit, or a this is a very clever ploy to help maintain the illusion that such a camera may actually exist.

      • Wade Marks

        This is soooo legit. No way this guy would be contacting NR if this was a fake.

        • Spy Black

          One never knows how clever one can be when pulling a prank.

          • Wade Marks

            If this is a prank, we are talking about a guy going through a whole lot of trouble and a very clever plan to pull one over on a bunch of camera nerds. (I use the term camera nerd as a compliment…I am one myself)

            And there is nothing to suggest that this guy is some sort of attention seeker. We aren’t talking about a youtube blogger trying to make a name for himself.

            • It’s not a prank and the guy did not make up the story. I am still waiting on him to “approve” my next post that will provide more info.

            • Eric Calabros

              Before we solve the sensor mystery, we need an explanation for luminance mystery demonstrated by the second image.

            • Piooof

              I bet both mysteries have a simple, far from brilliant explanation. Or this guy has a well advanced cataract, and his “pitch black” is not mine, nor yours.

            • I was promised raw samples. Still waiting.

    • Eric Calabros

      He doesn’t say it was private. He has several FB pages, some of them private and few of them public. Apparently someone copy pasted a post from one of those private ones to the public one. That’s what I understand from the comment.

      • The post was made by him on his own Facebook page. Even if you go now to his Facebook page, all of his posts are public. Unless somebody has access to his Facebook page, I do not see how this is possible.

        • Eric Calabros

          Better be legit, otherwise gonna be the biggest hoax in photo community in recent years. Even people who have no clue about photo gears are sharing the second image in social networks.

  • Doug Laurent

    Weird story, but an A7S2 answer by Nikon would make perfect sense – looking at the fact that they also do niche cameras like the D810A.

    Nevertheless the pictures have to be fake, because even the A7S2 (whose sensor a Nikon camera might get) does need SOME light to bring good results. There is no sensor or camera yet that delivers clear images with shorter shutter speeds in complete darkness.

    • TOJ123

      I have the A7s2 and best lenses available for this cam. Best y get for low light movies. Stills, both this A7s2, A7r2 and A6300 are less capable than Nikon in low light. I do have them all. They capture dynamics amazingly, low light greatly but somehow. Stills I prefer Nikons as many other low lighters, astros.

  • TOJ123

    Let´s pls end this. I did not seek attention and I have contact with admin about it. Admin has a few pics to show further. Those commenting badly, I will not respond. Just so we know what cams I compare with. I do own, today Nikon D5/D500 and Sony A7r2 and Sony A7s2 and A6300. I did recently had D810a/800 and D750. Great Nikons. Sonys better for movie. Great for stills of course but, still Nikon used for low light pics. Movies, low light=Sonys. Lenses, best y can get 😉

    • Spy Black

      I have to say I keep seeing THX 1138 in your online name. 🙂

    • Allan

      Bird gotta swim, fish gotta fly, people on NR gotta talk.

    • Wade Marks

      Don’t let yourself be bothered too much by this. You are obviously an honest person, and have some unique insight into low light photography.

      Don’t let the negative commenters drag you down. And Nikon really cannot do anything against you, except for perhaps not giving you new cameras to test in the future. But if I were Nikon I would reward you for giving them some pretty priceless promotion.

  • Sethers

    Fake! It’s way past that girls bedtime!

  • BernhardAS

    I found the D500 a real low light milestone (i do not have a d5) from the previous models up to D4/D810. Nikon changed clearly a couple of things.
    The WB is greatly improved in low light. I think they have also further tinkered with the software. Under the “old” system I always dialed in -1 to -2 when taking very low light pictures because the fully brightened up ones looked somehow “artificial” and horrible “unbelievable”. With the D500 suddenly the fully “brightened” up pictures look like taken in much more light. That was the real stunner for me when starting to play with the D500. (Maybe the D5 is the same, but I do not have one.). If I take the development leap for “natural looking low light” from D4/D8xx to the D500 and extrapolate it to something better, the pictures above are not completely unbelievable. Attached two photos from D500 as illustration. taken on an completely unlighted lawn at a wedding reception after the sky became black. the only light is the reflection from the building illumination. The first gives you an idea how the natural eye perceived the scene. In the second to the naked eye the sky was pitch black and I could not even properly make out the people, it would have been too dark for manual focus. The D500 autofocused and gave me this result.

  • Whyvote

    I suspect Nikon itself has done this like many motor manufacturers leak ‘spy shots’ of their upcoming models to generate interest. I doubt anyone entrusted with confidentiality by a camera manufacturer would then post on FB, even on a private page. Set up. It worked though Nikon, you have got everyone going, me included. Cheque book at the ready.

  • fact checker

    Sounded fishy immediately. The sun shines frequently in Sweden. I know. I was there once.

  • Aldo

    “Must share a little image. Mostly for the photo-freaks, but maybe the rest of you likes it too”

    Doesn’t sound like an intended private message to me… Once you share something ‘confidential’ you cant put a lid on it no matter how hard you try…. ask Hillary.

    • Spy Black

      Yeah, something isn’t right with all this.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Can I be the IncredulousRuth for a minute?
    First pic. Lighting 101: If the sky was entirely overcast (which it would have to have been to end up lighter than the trees), the light would have to have been very diffuse, so there could be no hard shadows on the ground. Which there are.
    Hard shadows mean hard light, small source. Moon is small (relative to subject and bearing in mind subject distance.). But to have such clear hard shadows, it would have to have been a clear night. But then the sky should’ve been black. Even in 30+ minute Astrophotogrpahy, the sky is… black. On a clear enough night to get hard shadows from the moonlight, there must have been a black sky,with at least some stars visible at this incredible ISO, right?

  • Originaru

    There are many reasons why this is probably truth, a unkown guy is less likely to be spyed by the other companies, he lives in a place where “darkness” is very present for a certain time of the year, they could have better control of what he was doing, they could even hack his facebook and leak it and no one would imagine that Nikon would be leaker, btw if this is a sony sensor, nikon has probably some comercial agreements too with sony to not disclose new technology.
    BTW, the D5 sensor is supposedly a Nikon only sensor.
    Anyway, i hope the date was 2016 not 2015.

  • azur

    My friends, I need your advice here.
    How do you folks manage to follow such a long thread, when new comments are mixed in between old ones, instead of being chronological ?
    If the next day you want to read new posts you have to read the entire thread again to find the new posts because they are mixed in between the old ones, in a nested structure, even when you Sort by Newest.
    Most of the time I just give up following longer threads on NR because of that.
    Am I the only one finding it a pain to read the nested comment structure in the Disqus software?
    What is your solution to this problem ?
    I wish the NR blog would be transferred to a classic piece of forum software with a chronological structure.

    • Michiel953


    • Shutterbug

      You can sort them at the top, as well as log in and see your own comments and who replied, but generally Disqus is an absolutely *horrible* system, especially when you get into high volume comments. You can use the browser’s search function if there are certain poster’s you want to read. That is not a criticism for NR, I don’t think there is much else in terms of fully featured comments software, but I think having an actual forum in place of Disqus comments would be vastly superior (like the way Canon Rumors handles comments). That way everything is perfectly chronological, easy to manage, easy to quote people, etc.

    • EnPassant

      The only option I can think of is to keep the page open while the computer is on and connected to internet.
      Doing so new comments will be added and boxes on the top and bottom of the window with the text: Show X New comments will appear.

      Just click one of the boxes (could only be one if all new comments added is below or above your position in the thread) and you will jump to the closest comment in the thread. Then you can click another time in the box to read next new comment and so on.

      Except for some updates I never close down windows and the computer. I’ts on when I am sleeping and at work, but of course in auto energy save mode when not in use

      • azur

        Thank you, EnPassant, I have tried that too.
        But the little boxes often disappear when waking up the pc after a sleep mode, and besides I can only for a few seconds see which comment is the new one among the many comments visible on my 27″ screen when clicking on a New Comment box.
        And when refreshing the screen the little boxes disappear, and even worse the entire structure collapses so that you have to unfold / extract the entire structure all over again right from the beginning if e.g. you want to make a search.
        So far the only solution I have found is to wait reading the thread until it is so old that no more comments are added, but in that case I cannot participate in the discussion while it is still alive, which is why I have more or less given up participating in the discussions.
        NR is an interesting blog and I appreciate Peter Admin’s great efforts, but man, that comment structure is just so hopeless to read.

  • You still haven’t responded. Have you actually used both cameras, or are your comments based on things you read on the Internet?

    And do you actually understand what the DxO numbers mean?

    • adamaj74

      Lol, I have responded, with facts that prove my point, but you stick your head in the sand and ignore me. What does it matter if I’VE used both cameras? It doesn’t changes the facts of the matter at all. The D810 has an objectively better sensor than the D5. Fact. You’re wrong so you’re trying to play the logical fallacy game and say that just because I haven’t used a D5 then I can’t know that its sensor isn’t as good as a D810’s. That’s just ludicrous. You know who has used both cameras and scientifically tested them? DxOMark – along with countless other professional photographers, magazines, blogs, YouTube channels, etc. And they list TEN other, less expensive Nikon cameras with better sensor ratings. It’s almost starting to sound like you’re a butthurt D5 owner, lol. Listen carefully: The D810 has a better image sensor AND takes better pictures than the D5. Deal with it.

      • Ah, so you don’t know what you’re taking about and instead use personal attacks to make your argument sound better.

        Enjoy doing photography based on Internet statistics!

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