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First Nikon camcorder: the HDV Coolvix

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Humor Rumor: Nikon D20F

Somebody with a sense of humor was trying to sell this on craiglist in New York yesterday – now the ad is deleted (or maybe someone bought it):

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Nikon’s “Look Good in Pictures” goes 30 episodes strong

Strong enough for an official Nikon press release. All episodes can be found here – I am sure everyone will be trilled to see them all. Here, for example, is a very educational video named “Bravery in Bathing Suits”.

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Somebody oopsed today

Today I did see a new Nikon CoolPix announcement coming from CES. It was the S60 model, which has been in stores for few months now. I thought that I did not get enough sleep last night and I continued listening to the Blues Traveler band. There was an oops from Nikon – they announced […]

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Scott Kelby was joking

Clarification on a earlier post (Is Scott Kelby joking?) – I don’t think anyone took this seriously, but I have to clear his name, especially after… he got a call from Nikon. Read the whole story at his blog. The good part from all this is that Nikon is reading this blog – so we […]

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The rumor mill has stopped for the holidays

Yes, I know – slow on rumors and I have nothing to write about. No reason to remind me that. Here is something to entrain you while waiting for the good stuff: Technically this is a rumor, practically it is humor – Nikkor AF-S 50mm f1.4G VR? This is an old fake and I do […]

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