Scott Kelby was joking

Clarification on a earlier post (Is Scott Kelby joking?) - I don't think anyone took this seriously, but I have to clear his name, especially after... he got a call from Nikon. Read the whole story at his blog.

The good part from all this is that Nikon is reading this blog - so we all have a direct line to "God". Let's use it wisely!

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  • giz

    since god is reading this blog too.

    *pray* please god – send me a sign. A D700 would be a very good sign to show me your mercy.

    • Maxime

      Or a 300 f4 VR 🙁

  • I am praying for one of those:

    if eBay can sell it for few thousand dollars, so can Nikon!

  • ken rocky

    Oh Please NIKON I know your reading this.

    I am waiting for 70-200VR 2.8 that is optimized for FX. Also, I will buy D700 or D800 and 14-24 2.8

    Please release them on 2009 as I really wanted this for my birthday!

    • Michael

      This can’t be Ken, all he wants is a D40 and disposable Fuji. To each his own.

  • Just Passby

    I dont like how Scott Kelby was responding in his blog… swearing he won’t do it again. It sounds as if he was under big pressure or something.

  • B3

    I think Scott said that Nikon called after people called them requesting custom 14-24s. I don’t think it means that Nikon was reading this blog.

    I imagine they would though anyways

  • lol, next up 50mm VR rumors? :-p


  • Pablov


    Japanese people used to learn from other’s experiences and innovation.
    I wonder if that practice remains today, I suppose so.

    If I was Nikon engineer/designer I would pay attention to suggestions and demands given by customers, people in general, and competitor’s faults & successes, besides having our own view of the future and path.

    Some blogs are giving some of those suggestions and criticism they (Nikon) should take in account

  • mm2

    If your going to make a joke try and make it funny Scott.

  • Mwra

    D400 please.

    • aaaaa

      What do you want in a D400? I thought D300 is awesome already.

      • Mwra

        I know most people hate it, but 1080p video would be nice. More MP for telephoto pictures + DX would be great. Also, I’ve held off on upgrading to the D300. So, in that respect, I’m actually waiting for the D400.

  • PJS

    Clone tool in NX3, please and thank you.

  • hola

    Lenses please, esp. any zoom telephoto with constant f/4 and VRII or at least 80-400mm AF-S VRII. Updates on the primes to AF-S are welcome too.

  • Peter

    If Nikon is reading this site – then please Nikon, add in a firmware update for the D3 (and D3X) a new setting to have the focus assist light to ALWAYS assist when using the flash. It is set too low and it needs to come on when it doesn’t.

    And also, if so many people want VR in a lens like the 24-70 2.8 – then why not put it in???

  • cs

    or they’re reading Scott’s blog..

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