More humor-rumor

Someone on ebay is selling his/her D700 in order to get a new D3x.

Thanks for the link JD!

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  • oh, god, what such a pure idiotic gearhead.

  • kaka

    this people are craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy

  • guido

    very clever 🙂

  • Char

    Can’t see where he says that he wants to buy a D3x.

    • read the last sentence of the first paragraph in description…

      “Gently used as a backup; planning to buy Nikon D3x.”

      • Guest

        he removed the D3x part.

      • Alex

        As of now it appears he edited his listing and removed the D3x part of it. Smart move on his part, makes him look a little more intelligent now, except I’m wondering how that’s a backup camera of his. That means he’s got another D700 or a D3 and his shots of the D700 for sale are pretty sub par. I take better pictures of the items I sell on ebay and craigslist for $25.

        • Yeah, the photos suck. And the liar should again edit the eBay listing to delete “Optical Zoom: 5x”

  • eajames

    Shouldn’t that read “Rumor Humor”?

    Crazy as it may seem, it appears that Nikon has earned the trust of some: this guy’s willing to bank on the notion that the costly upgrade will be worth it.

  • ben

    I messaged that guy through ebay, he said he shot D3x already. So I messaged him back asking him if he could reveal some facts about it.

    We’ll see.

    • Ha – did not think about that, but I was stupid enough to call Macy’s…
      Let us know if you get an answer back.

    • Alex

      Methinks you provoked him to remove that D3x part Ben. **Chuckles**

      • I guess now he will never sell his D700…

      • Exactly. Embarrassed a liar. It’s just a wanker who’s hard-up for money who doesn’t want to say he has to sell-off a toy to make a home- or car loan payment…

  • Zoetmb

    He has 5000 clicks and only charged the battery twice? Really? 2500 shots per battery?

  • Andrew

    Yeah, right; and he made 4.500 shots with only charging the battery twice… Guinness material…

  • fxed

    Anyone with common sence would not touch his camera. He is incorrect saying the warranty would be valid when it is not invoice or not.

    • Eric

      “He is incorrect saying the warranty would be valid when it is not invoice or not.”

      That happens ALL THE TIME on ebay.

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