Nikon Canada offers special holiday instant savings on the Nikon D40, D60, D300 and Nikon D700

If you are in Canada, today is your lucky day - see all the details here.

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  • Chris

    Ugh…I have to stop coming to this website 70 times a day.

    • Nothing wrong with that 🙂 You should see me…

  • Howard

    Same here….I’ve been checking every day.

    Futureshop in Canada has actually lowered the D60 kit down to 579$ briefly for a week. Would love to see it go for 499$ 😛

  • Taking into account the current exchange rate (1 US$ = 1.25372 CAD as of Nov 19th) this price compares favourably with the lower prices seen in the US on the Nikon D700.

    In other words, with the rebates, we’re no longer being gouged compared to our US counterparts…

    Better buy something while the prices are realistic for a change! 🙂

  • a

    where the heck is the US rebate??

    Isn’t the greenbacks just as good as the euros and canadian dollars??

    • The greenback is worth more than the Canadian dollar right now. Nikon gear costs less in the US, so don’t get cranky about not having rebates down there. 😉

      • a

        with the economy going this bad, I’ll take any rebate they offer damn it!

        I’ll stop being cranky.

  • h-h-hello… it’s november 20th today and nothing happens… so, now, who’s right?

  • Anonymous

    even with the rebates, it seems the dealers are keeping the prices around $1699 due to the exchange. There is a store (that i won’t mention) that briefly lowered their price only to bring it back to the old price before the rebate but now including it.

  • Wiilyb

    Canadian Nikon prices are going up on higher end stuff Dec 1 due to the poor exchange rate for CDN/US. This comes from a employee at Henry’s who saw the new price list…$30 on smaller stuff and up to $500 on big glass.

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