December 1st it is

Confirmations about the December 1st even started to pop up all over the world:

  • Australia is getting a Nikon event on the 1st of December as well (Source).
  • Email from a reader in Finland:

"I am a member of Nikon NPS. I just got an invitation to Nikon press-conference, which is here in Finland (Helsinki) on December 1st in the morning (local time). It is about launching a new product:

Nikon invites you to the launching conference.
Time: December 1st 2008 at 9.00-12.00
Place: (This is one of the conference places in Helsinki).
The conference will be opened by the country manager of Finland and after his opening speech a Nikon product-specialist will talk about current news from Nikon."

Already reported few days ago: the December 1st Nikon event in China.

Yes, it's coming folks!

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  • alex

    wait, does this mean they pushed back the nov 20th announcement, or is that a different one?

  • JR

    whatever it is… Let’s hope it comes with some new primes…

    • Jรธrgen

      I guess there is a 18-155 VR to bridge the gap between 18-105 and 18-200 ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Primes we want!

  • Laurence


  • Anonymous

    I’am also member of NPS and live in Finland. I haven’t received any invitation from Nikon to product launch at 1st December…

    • Matt

      no one pays attention to this?

    • Anonymous

      In addition to being a member of NPS I am also a member of the press. Maybe that’s the breason I got my invitation

  • *yawns*

    everybody lies, first it was october 22, second it was november 20, now it’s december 1st? maybe it’s their way of saying never.

    • Matthew Stone

      Dude go back to your hole with “joey”.

      Do you ever add anything constructive? thought not.

      • my butt hole, or, yours?

        • Matthew Stone

          lol.. you are a joke..

          NRADMIN? please block this guy.. he has beeen ranting for months. This is not the kind of person you want to driving traffice at your site is it? Think about it.. if DPReview blocked him.. maybe you can too ๐Ÿ™‚

          • kaki

            leave him alone. he has right to write just like you do.

            • lol…wow I just wonder what goes though Joey’s mind.

          • I agree

            I agree. It would be great if he could be blocked. It was finally getting to be a nice atmosphere where people could talk and share. Then he comes back. If you read Canonrumors, those folks are always nice, polite and professional. It was not here for a while and the Admin did a great job and it was a pleasant place to come, and still is. There is just one bad apple these days. We know who he is.

            • psdses

              Cameron might just be the most annoying person to comment on this site. If he was blocked, so be it. I think I might have heard one constructive thing out of his mouth since I’ve been reading this site, and that’s been from when it just started.

            • @Admin Agreed. It’s not impossible to block him and it might be worth while.

            • Done – Cameron is blocked. I hate to do this – he is the second person that is blocked from this site.

    • Pablov

      soon we’ll see.
      any bet from you this time ??? ๐Ÿ˜›

      • $20 says nikon won’t be announcing anything, just public attracting events like workshops, demonstrations, try-on’s, etc etc

        • Bill


    • Ignore

      If we ignore him maybe he and “Joey” will just go away

      • alex

        hah, this is the guy whose buddy joey on youtube claims to work for nikon? What a cock. This jus proves even more that he doesn’t. If he did, cameron here wouldn’t have to place any bets…he would already know!

    • Anonymous

      Again? Lol.

      Let me reintroduce yourselves or yourself.

      You really need to come up w/ a name that we don’t have a clue at all.
      Don’t worry, we’re not going to bash you about it. Lol.

    • psdses

      UPDATE (11/19/08): Nikon will be starting an international tour throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Russia, and Asia. Those events allow the invited public to try out their latest products. The public can bring their cameras in for free sensor cleaning, free firmware update, and free lens calibrating (for non-D3 / D700 / D300 users only). Some of the events will have a workshop where it will be instructed by a Nikon Professional Service member. THERE WILL BE NO NEW ANNOUNCEMENT UNTIL 2009.

      That’s according to that unspoken guy. LIAR!

  • Kuri

    Hm.. a launch in Finland?

    Would that mean that whatever thay launch will be called an ‘F’ body as they used to do traditionally? :))

    Oh, by the way no NPS UK invite or announcement so far…

  • Meet the Swinger… The Polaroid Swinger…. Bla Bla Bla..

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  • randy

    ah 1st dec d90 with buffer upgrade… wow that chunky monkey was pretty accurate on the date !

  • kaki

    great news

  • Barbara Anne

    So, Nov 20 th has gone, other daxs will go, too. Hot air. Bla bla.

  • Anonymous

    I’m from Finland and I also got an invitation. I’m a NPS member, but not a member of the press. I guess they can’t send it to all the NPS members? if they release a D3x (or whatever it will be called) then mayby D3 NPS -members are up front? just a wild guess.

    • Anonymous

      I’am also D3 body owner but still haven’t received invitation. I let you know if i get it.

      For Joe Mcnally workshop i get invitation so it’s little strange if i wouldn’t be invited to this event.

  • Pablov

    ok, forget “cameron”, “joey” and all the personalities, even ignored they will come back, I used to deal with those kind of people… covering themselves behind different names, etc….

    Better we focus on the topic, what we are really interested in, and let the admin do what he think or decide.

    Don’t mind if someone writes any silly comment or critics, they will always appear on inteernet as in “real life” (this is part of “real life”…)

    as (I don’t remember his name) sings: “don’t worry, be happy” ๐Ÿ™‚

    and BTW, I (and a lot of people) would really like a “more affordable” version of the D3x (call it D700x or D800) appearing soon later too, with same features in smaller body with no vertical grip and bit lower frame rate
    (this is Extremely useful as backup for Pros, and also for a Large market segment wich does not need the body of a D3x, but its Features)

  • pete

    there is an event on the 1st december in australia. thats definate cos i’m going to it and i had never receieved an invitation to 20nov so i always doubted that “event”. i doubt that this will be a “nothing” event. nikon isnt about to pull pro’s, distributors and dealers into a room just to say hello. it has to be some sort of announcmenet otherwise people like me are gonna be pretty pissed off at wasting time going to something where there is no real information.

    FWIW, and i have no insider info at all and unlike some people i wont make any shit up, i dont think there will be new primes. ***if*** by some miracle there is an annoucement of primes, i doubt their availability until Q2 next year. they still havent been able to supply any 50/1.4 af-s which was announced some time ago. i have to tell you my patience is starting to grow very thin with this lens issue and if i cant get my core primes, (28mm/ 50mm/85mm), updated into af-s and in my hands by march next year i’ll be moving to canon. i’ve waited long enuf.

    my bet is they are going to announce the “development” of either the d3x or MX. specs will be avilable if this is the case but little else. broad availability will likely be feb/march next year. nikon want to give people room for pause in case they are thinking of switching over to the hi-res 5dmkII.

  • pete

    and one other thing, although pablov has a right to his opinion, i have addresed his “wants” before. we do NOT need more bodies apart from a flagship high MP model. i hope like hell nikon is not doing this. no pro i know of wants a lower cost hi res d400fx to accompany a hi res d3x. not-a-one. we want one hi MP model as an option and one faster model. why on earth would i want a smaller d400fx to go with a d3x ? more money on bodies ? forget it. i’m happy to pony up for a d3x to run alongside my d3 but i, and any pro worth his salt, is not gonna spend over $10k to update 2 new bodies with what is still a huge gap in the lens lineup.

    in 12-18months, sure, release a smaller hi res body, but for now…leave the body talk for the forum warriors and gear heads who want braging rights but dont buy anything. as a pro photographer, i know what i need. i need the glass.

    • Pablov

      your opinion is respectable, but not applicable to everybody.

      I know some pro being happy with a D700 as backup, because his D3 was working wrong in the middle of a long week work.

      But another reason to have smaller body of high MP is because in lot of countries lot Pro photographers do not have the budget like those from U.S or some other 1st world countries

      It’s just that simple, but not very easy to understand fot some people who doesn’t know it.

      if a Professional doesn not have the budget to spend $ 7.000 on a D3 (as usually happens, because that is the cost of a D3 in some countries, like mine) there is more chance to buy a $ 4.000 DSLR (like the D700).
      I guess this explanation is clear and easy, isn’t it ?

      (don’t think the cost is higher because the salaries are higher too. Not at all…. it’s just because taxes, duties and higher living costs)

      And lot of Pros who travel for nature and/or landscape shooting have at least 1 backup body, maybe a D700 or whatever, but they have

      I know big economies do not care (or even know) too much about smaller ones, but they still exist, and are part of the whole system.

      No offense at all, just explaining that there ARE DIFFERENT SITUATIONS than yours or other one’s, thus different needings too.

      • I don’t know if it’s that we have more of a budget, or just more credit cards, ๐Ÿ˜‰

        But thankfully you can get the D3 for 4200 here.

    • different needs

      As has been mentioned here before, different people do have different needs. Just because they are not the same as yours does not mean it is not needed. Why not word your replies like “I don’t need xxx”? That would probably work best.

  • rhlpetrus

    miancu, who started the first of latest series of posts about Dec 1st, has posted this in reply to someone speculating about the new exclusive feature some think is related to AA filter:

    “Subject Nine more days to go…. prepare to be blown away. ”

    Something interesting is brewing.

    And jeff-c, who usually has info, posted this in reply to a post by Thom re D400 at 16MP:

    “Thom Hogan wrote:
    > Actually, the current speculation is that Nikon will announce both a
    > D3x and a D400 (APS, 16mp). ”

    jeff-c’s response:

    “Back in October there are rumors in Japan about a new Sony 16mp APS sensor coming.

    There are also pictures of D400 in a plastic bag floating around. ”

    So, maybe not now, but for PMA.

  • Weston

    i’m hoping for full frame HD video and maybe an upgraded tele and primes ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Pablov

      guess what ? …. me too ๐Ÿ˜€

      (but HD Video Professionally implemented, otherwise it would be waste of time, cost and unuseful, and also out of sense)

      • Alex

        I don’t think that Nikon or Canon is ever going to implement really professional video features into any of their digital SLR’s…. For Canon, that would just hurt themselves, because they already sell professional video cameras….

        Wouldn’t they be destroying that market a little bit if they started including those features in their SLRs?

  • Douglas

    honestly… i really dont see Nikon announcing ANY new equiptmen (lens or body) before PMA… quite frankly, its too late for them to give pause to people who have already sold D300/700’s to switch to Canon 5DmkII. and unless they announce something that is ready to ship the next day (highly unlikley) announcing something will simply freeze sales for the holiday season, when Nikon needs a bit of a push with good incentives.

    how, i personally would expect more of an announcement of Nikon’s continued partnership with HP or *crosses fingers* possibly Nikon’s outright purchase of Kodak. i personally would really like to see this, because that would enable Nikon to freely take over Kodak’s sensor manufacturing facilities (where im 90% sure the D3/700 sensor is manufactured) and allows them to take a step back from the Sony manufactured sensors which tend to drive up the cost of the camera’s themselves.

    now, the issue with that is it would force Nikon’s hand in updating some of its lower end camera’s, D40/60/90/300 which rely on Sony Sensor’s. but if Nikon does start manufacturing its own sensors, it should (in time) bring the price of the sensor’s down and thus bring the price of the camera’s down. honestly, i’d love to see a D400 released at a price to truely compete with the EOS 50D cause Nikon, at even prices, should blow that camera out of the water! not to mention a D90 upgrade priced at Rebel XSi equivilent.

    • rhlpetrus

      From what I’ve seen in forums around the internet, not many people are selling their D300/D700s to get the 5DII. There’s still movernt from Canon users to D700, in particular events shooters (weddings etc), because of AF and low-light ability.

      A D400 will sell exactly at what the D300 started, 1,799USD. The D90 will stay at 999, in Sept it was already the 4rth best selling camera in the US, with less than a month after starting selling (Sept 05).

      With the DxO results showing D90 as the best APS-S sensor in the market, you bet its sales will saty high. And I bet Nikon will come soon with a replacement for D40 or D60 with the 12MP sensor, there was a guy who said he had tested such a camera.

      • Douglas

        i do agree with you that a D400 will still sell at the same price IF Nikon still purchases its sensor from an outside company (sony)… but if Nikon could produce their own sensor (rather than purchasing them at extra cost) and make a D300 callibur camera at the same cost as an EOS 50D, do you think they wouldn’t do it?

    • Michael

      That would probably work well for Nikon. Kodak does make a lot of sensors. For those with hig resolution needs, Kodak makes the Hasselblad sensors. They have a lot of experience in this market. I haven’t heard of Nikon looking to purchase Kodak have you? It would probably work well in at least a number of areas for Nikon. Long term.

      • Did we just started a new Rumor: Nikon is buying Kodak?

        • Douglas

          its something that i think would be a very good move, but no, i havent heard any solid information along those lines. however, i HAVE heard a rumor with some credibility (will remain anonamous for professional reasons) that Sony is considering a buy out offer to Nikon… but i still dont think that will go anywhere personally…

      • Douglas

        quite frankly, i think it would really be advantagous for both companies involved. Kodak has taken alot of fire for their EasyShare build quality, design, and somewhat lack of user-friendlieness. and partnering the Kodak image quality with Coolpix design and functionality would give the new models an increadible boost, possibly in line with long favored PowerShot line-up.

        and then we have the potential for serious advances in the Larger Format Sensor’s. Kodak has been manufacturing Sensors for Hasiblad for some time now, and we have been seeing rumors of Nikon possibly moving into the Medium Format Digital range with MX format (or at least something a little “big”ger than the current FX Sensor).

        and still going. Kodak and Lexar have had a long standing relationship, Throw Nikon into the mix of that? the possibilities truely become endless!

  • Really, is the need for a higher MP camera from Nikon really there? With the astounding success for the D3 and D700, seems many pros and advanced people have moved in full force. I really don’t see people complaining much. Myself included, I’m so happy with my D3 I couldn’t see myself really needing more pixels. But my main need is the new 70-200 and maybe a 80-400, and some more primes perhaps. Will people really dump D3’s and 700 when this higher MP body comes out? Will they become unused relics? I think not, not is this economy.

    • Fred


    • rhlpetrus

      No one will dump their D3s, they’ll get a D3X for the different applications. Pros don’t dump bodies like amateurs.

  • GT

    Heh NRAdmin… have a look at the site after I sent them an email…. add the new text under the ECS News section…. Its funny.

    • Interesting or funny? Anyway, I created a post about it. Thanks!

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  • Excited Now!

    QUICK EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, look what has been put up as an announcement and little slide/mini site on the French AND UK/Ireland Nikon Imaging websites. Now who was expecting this triple wamy – eh???

    Some of this is stratospherically groundbreaking stuff… sets Canon back to the Neolithic age at least eh!?! Whoever would have imagined clean images at ISO 30000!!! This is spectacular! No word on price though… call to my investment bankers I think to shed some stock!

    No wonder they didn’t want to use the Sony sensor! I am surprised the D3 is replaced so soon though – still they are firing those sensors into the D700 so will make returns there.

    Must say, thought they would hang on to DX sensor for longer though in the D90/D300 area but they will now be the last products. Glad I kept my quality lenses from the days of film. Only low end DX’s now and for how much longer??? Marketing eh? Sell a product to people for years then, tell them they need better (full frame) and they need to buy all over again. CASH COWS, they are great, if you own one.

    Glad I avoided investing too much in DX and will dump it all tomorrow.


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