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Nikon D300s and Nikon D3000 confirmed

Nikon D300s and Nikon D3000 are now confirmed for July 30th announcement (European time). That means that all Nikon websites will be updated on July 29th around midnight (US Eastern time). The NR rating system is at 99.99% for that rumor.

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Nikon rumors and expectations for next week (recap)

This is a recap of what is expected from Nikon next week. All of this information has already been posted here on NikonRumors. If you have missed some of the posts or are a new reader – enjoy (click on image for larger view): Nikon press conference is expected on July 29 (UK) and/or July 30th […]

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Details on Nikon’s press conference in the UK

I have a confirmation on the Nikon press conference in the UK: the magic will happen on Wednesday, July 29th 2009 at 2:30 pm in the Charlotte Street Hotel in London. This is one of those 100% sure rumors. Soon I will have the event info for few other countries. I still do not have a […]

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Nikon roadmap 2009-2010 leaked (part 2)

Here is the full text of the leaked 2009-2010 Nikon roadmap (Google translation from the same source): “A man working in England at the Kingston branch of a large IT company. The company has said in charge of infrastructure and software of Nikon UK, particularly in the training center, but not in it. So I […]

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Nikon roadmap leaked?

This was posted by a NR reader in the comment section. Here is the original source and the English translation: It appears Nikons 2009-10 schedule for release of cameras and lenses has been leaked. At least that is the claim. But it can of course just as well be fantasies or a wish list created […]

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Nikon D3000 picture got their hands on a Nikon D3000 picture: Check their site for a detailed comaprisson with the D5000 and a D3000/D5000 overlay. It seems that the video-less version of the Nikon D5000 will be called D3000 and not D4000 as speculated earlier. The D3000 will be the new entry level DLSR from Nikon.

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