Details on Nikon’s press conference in the UK

I have a confirmation on the Nikon press conference in the UK: the magic will happen on Wednesday, July 29th 2009 at 2:30 pm in the Charlotte Street Hotel in London. This is one of those 100% sure rumors. Soon I will have the event info for few other countries.

I still do not have a confirmation on the second Nikon press conference that was scheduled for August 4th in Sweden. It could be that different countries may have event scheduled at different times (in Sweden the events were listed for July 30th and August 4th).

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  • I thought you weren’t going to mention Thom Hogan again… I’m interested to see what’s coming. (new 70-200 f/2.8 please, I could use a cheap used one)

    • no comments 😉

      • bobnikon

        why do you not like Thom Hogan? Because he uses experience, logic and reason to come to reasonable conclusions? Because he has such a greater knowledge of technology he can spot in a minute when rumors make no sense? I am just curious. You seem to be really good at cut copying emails. Love your site though!

        • No comments means no comments – you can go back in previous post if you are interested in my opinion. The last time I checked 87% of NR readers agreed with me.

          I never said I do not like him – please do not start any “rumors” 🙂

          If you want we can take this discussion offline or to the forums, I do not want to start another TH thread here. You know how to contact me.

        • Daf

          Just looked at Thom Hogan’s take on the roadmap.
          Not really looked on his site much before – WOW – does he use a condescending tone!

          You either know, or you don’t.
          If I don’t know something for sure I’ll say so – I won’t present my thoughts as facts or better than everybody elses.

          • TH gives his own opinion, NR deals with rumors. Big difference – just ask him, he can explain you how to run a rumor site:)
            Last time TH told me here on this blog, that he wants to get out of the rumor business, but it seems that since he said that almost every single post on his website is about that… of course he calls it prediction/opinion, he doesn’t use the dirty word “rumor”.
            After the Nikon roadmap rumor, he had to respond with his own version, because “not everything you read on the Internet is true”. Accidentally, he posted that on the Internet, lol 🙂

  • PHB

    One thing that I have not seen an explanation for is why Nikon are holding TWO press conferences so close together. Either they are about different product lines entirely or Nikon has a heck of a lot to announce.

    Nikon does not hold global press conferences for its VLSI lithography products. So it looks like they are camera related. Could be a DSLR and a Coolpix launch. If both are DSLR then a lot is coming out.

    Of course the roadmap hoaxers knew that there were two press conferences, if the roadmap does turn out to be a hoax. But otherwise they certainly had a lot to be announced and would need both.

    • David

      The first will be to announce a new camera/camera´s and the second to announce lenses to fit it …if the camera/camera´s are DX format expect DX lenses in the second conference…best hope for FX lenses in the first conference ( unless the D4 is announced which I still think is a year away ) .

      • anon

        i cannot be positive, but i think a d3 replacement is closer than we think. a month or 2 ago they were everywhere for sale new. now it’s hard to find them. amazon only has one vendor with new ones (adorama) and one vendor with a one used (of course the number of used means nothing). Previously there were probably close to a dozen dealers that had a few each. B&H is backordered and has been for weeks. Probably means nothing, but who knows.

        • PHB

          They are made in batches and the production line slots will have been occupied with D700, D3x and then D300s production. High end Nikon gear goes out of stock frequently.

          Unless the D3x comes down in price significantly there is going to be quite a gap from the D700 to the D3x. But given the degree of overlap between the D700 and the D3 it is somewhat surprising that people will pay twice as much for almost the same feature set and a slight speed improvement. They may think that most people who would have bought the D3 have already done so. $2500 is a lot to pay for a second compact flash bay and a viewfinder that supports 5:4 and DX cropping.

        • Ryan

          good points anon… will be ineresting to see for sure.. i hope this stuff happens quick i need to know what i can get for school and what i should wait to buy.

      • Daf

        Could be 1 for SLR’s and 1 for Compacts

        • PHB

          I think that is most likely.

          You hold separate press conferences to address different audiences. DSLR World Magazine is not going to be amused at having to go out to two separate events for one camera and one lens.

  • Jack

    I hope it’s not to declare war on the United States. We’ve gone down that road before and it didn’t work out so well.

  • George

    Let’s put it this way.

    A neighbor of mine who’s a Nikon beta-tester just sold/traded his D300 and some other equipment quote, “I traded all my cameras and am waiting for the next rev. which should be come ‘soon’. ”

    He wouldn’t do that unless he felt pretty confident about some impressive products coming.

    • regular

      you should sneak in his house … 🙂

    • STJ

      Yeah! Be a “true friend” like the guy who posted the “nikon road map” youll sneak into his house, take pictures of he’s beta testing equipment and post it on the internet…. Ok, maybe not…;-) But thanks for the tip anyways! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I take it the “magic” is the Coolpix press conference to which you gave what – 20, 30% probability just a week or so ago?

  • bobnikon

    Can you provide us with a score card of how you have done on rumors?

    • This site is not driven by personal ego and desire to proove that I am the greatest gift to photography, so if you like the site, read it, if you don’t, don’t. You can go back to the archived history and you will get an idea of previously reported rumors and their validity.

    • Michael

      Come on Bob… back off. Why do you want to be advesarial? We come here to enjoy not to get on the back of the man who makes this possible. If you like the site, be thankful. If not well… please don’t be a jerk for everyone else. We don’t appreciate it for us or Admin.


      • Movilla

        Agree with Michael. Admin does a great job. I’m a D300 user and I’m ready to upgrade to a D700 equivalent. What the next version (D700X) is like is important to know.

        Does NR get it right all the time? No. Is it a good source of upcoming releases. Actually, yes. And that is why I check this site. If you can point me to another site that showcases upcoming Nikon releases, then I’d be happy to switch. But I don’t think you can.

        Nikon should be paying NR, imo.

  • Anonymous

    Are there any know plans for other Nikon press conferences after 4th August?

  • Martin

    For the love of God Nikon…..a sb-700 (or sb-500) please. Let’s see some accessories. Lenses and cameras are so boring. 😉

  • Ryan

    I’m more concerned about the lenses this time around, they are all aging quickly, cameras are so dominant that i feel the glass has fallen behind, and thats no good… obviously the lens is everything for a camera, but damn these new numbers on the cameras look so amazing if they are true… can’t wait to see some new mid-range lenses in the vicinity of 18-70… i need a mid-range lens bad and i’ll wait if i have to… the sb-600 is getting old though i bought mine about 2 years ago already.

  • low

    nikon would be the coolest company if they joked around about a “roadmap” in one of their conferences….”today, we’d like to showcase the roadmap for 2010…”

  • Zoetmb

    >>>I’m more concerned about the lenses this time around, they are all aging quickly

    That’s not really true. While there are some “old” lenses in the line (which is meaningless anyway – go look at photos taken in 1920 – they look better than anything you see today (although they were large format)), exactly 50% of the current Nikon lens lineup, 28 lenses, have been released since 2004. Go back to 2000 and that incorporates over 73% of the current lineup.

    • geoff

      There’s still a ton of lenses that aren’t AF-S, and all of those will need to be updated or cut in the next few years. It would not surprise me to see support for older style AF lenses cut in the successor to the D90. It will be a long while before it’s cut from the Dx and Dx00 lines, as those are their professional bodies.

  • Dweeb

    I figured and predicted Nikon would have SFA until end of summer and Xmas. They crap on people like me who are desperate for new equipment that buy to shoot in the next year’s shooting season (I buy all mine in March). This is an established pattern by them to hawk last year’s equipment and is why they show SFA at PMA.

    Old lenses? You bet. More like Ancient lenses. What other manufacturing business outside of Albania sells 1985 product? Tell me. What makes me sick is the apologists that write diatribes about how everyone’s a shit photographer because they gripe about old lenses. I’m to throw good inflated high tech dollars down the toilet to buy their latest hit or miss? Or gamble on their opium den fallacy of DX as a professional format? I deserve better for 2000 bucks than a Intel 386. Or a cheapshit 10-24 made in China for a thousand USD. I’m a victim of the two thousand dollar D70 which was a hanger queen quitter POS if there ever was one and I paid my dues in spades to Nikon in their easy days. Nothing from China is worth a thousand dollars.

    I don’t find personal attacks on admin palatable either. He’s giving us good info that would not be otherwise seen. I don’t want to see another pussywhipped site like DPR or Nikonians here.

    • Anonymous


  • @ Admin – If something “has confirmation” and is “100% sure” it is no longer a rumor. 🙂

    @ BobNikon – This is the Nikon *Rumors* blog. I am not aware of Admin ever claiming that a high degree of the rumors about Nikon posted here ever “come true”.

    • true, I should have gone with 99% – Nikon can aways cancel the event, but if I see something with my own eyes, it should be 100% 🙂

  • NikoDoby

    Wow it’s starting to look like the dpreview forums in here!

    We all know the real reason admin started this website was to meet hot babes online,
    but he got fat trolls and haters instead :^P

    Admin, great work!
    “Pedro Offers You His Protection”

  • Anonymous

    Just been to the local Nikon dealer looking to try out the D300. They told me they have no D300 in stock because of the coming press conference.

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