Nikon AF Micro 200mm f/4D IF-ED also discontinued?

Nikon AF Micro 200mm f/4D IF-ED lens is listed as "out of production, discontinued or no longer available" on Nikon Singapore website product listing. Nikon USA still has that lens listed as current.

In Adorama and B&H the lens is listed as "back-ordered".


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  • Nas Victim

    another legend is gone , lets hope they come up with something better !

  • Tommy


  • Gil

    The status of this lens at Adorama and B&H is not a factor for this rumor. This lens is almost always on backorder as it is produced in extremely limited quantities.

    It is possible the lens will be refreshed soon to add AF-S and VR, like the 105mm Micro before it. However, the 200mm Micro is amazing optically and if you are using it for macro work both the VR and AF-S are relatively useless as VR doesn’t work at macro distances, and most times you will be focusing manually anyhow to get things perfectly sharp.

    If this lens is replaced, there are definitely some huge shoes to fill.

  • Zoetmb

    Emphasize “…in your country”. Especially in smaller markets, they don’t carry the full line of Nikon products. Some time back, I think you posted the complete dealers catalog for some country (possibly Sweden?) in which some major products were dropped from their catalog, but they’re still available just about everywhere else, even all this time later.

    This happens because the local country distributor wants to reduce inventory costs or because the item never sold well in that market or because Nikon has put the item on allocation either because of limited supply or because of currency conversion issues and has decided to only sell the item where they can make the most profit.

    If Japan, the overall European site or the US drops an item, I think it’s significant. If any other market drops an item, I think it’s near meaningless.

  • Dan

    If indeed the discontinuations are true, and there are a lot of them recently, then it is reasonable to expect a deluge of lenses in the coming years as is insinuated in the “leaked road map” .

    • PTG

      The Micro 200mm is not in the “leaked road map”. 🙂 There will be new lenses,
      but the “road map” will not give us any hints.

      • Dan

        My reasoning was that Nikkor might streamline their production capability by discontinuing lenses like the Micro 200 so that they could handle producing the new lenses be it the ones in the “leaked road map” or not.

  • Zoetmb

    Although (and somewhat contradicting my earlier statement)….if the 200 micro is being replaced by a newer version and it’s being produced on the same line as the 105 micro, it would explain why the 105 micro has been out of stock everywhere for a long time. I’d still prefer the 105 over the 200..I’ve been waiting for it to return to stock. And Nikon has a venture with HP for a product that supposedly provides a better solution for reproducing artwork (I’ve seen a demo and was impressed by the software) that relies upon the D3 or D3x and the 105 micro, so they need the 105 back in stock.

  • Mats

    The current (or discontinued, as the case might be) 200 micro-nikkor is extraordinary from what I’ve heard. But it’s also one of – if not the – oldest lenses in the Nikon AF lineup. And while AF-S and VR may be of limited value in macro work, a lens such as this may often be used at somewhat less magnifications to good effect, and then both those might come in handy. I assume a new 200 micro will have both, as well as nano-coating. And I’ve alreday notified my camera dealer to get me one ASAP. 🙂

    • rlanthier

      Yep, you are correct here Mats. I am in line for this revision as well. A 200/4 Micro VR, Nano…. If it is as useful as the 105VR, then wow are we in for a treat!

  • Anonymous

    dont pay attention…. he dont have an idea…. propably not a photograper

  • Jack

    We have a photograpers on this site? I thought they went extinct in the Cretaceous period.

  • sjms

    do you remember last year when the 17-35/2.8 wasn’t available for awhile. the “DISCONTINUED ” noise was deafening. the showed up again brand new in the box ready to be purchased.

  • shutterdancer

    Well, I think that we can all be assured ….that If It Is discontinued…SOMETHING will come along to replace It.!……..And that something will probably be better.

  • woble

    Better buy this now if you can.

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