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  • Stolen Nikon cameras recovered in the UK. Quote: "It got blanket coverage around the world. People in America were phoning us after seeing it on Internet forums, added the spokeswoman." Yes, NikonRumors was part of this.
  • Nikon D90 got a bad review in the Swedish magazine Råd & Rön (it was rated the worst camera of the tested models). It was so bad, that Nikon had to officially respond on their website - read the whole chain of letters, it's entertaining (thanks for the tip Michael).


  • Ritz Camera is for sale.
  • Genius Nikon D700 advertisement from Korea - the ad "flashes" when someone passes by (note also the red carpet):
Credit: via

Credit: via

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  • Mike

    It’s good that the stolen cameras were recovered, and NR should be justifiably proud that it played a part in publicising the crime. It may have been regarded as an off-topic news item, but it’s saved a company, saved jobs, stopped the hookie cameras passing through the supply chain and – very importantly – publicity like this will deter thieves in the future, if they know their ill-gotten gains become valueless due to public awareness of the theft.

    • Absolutely! I know it was not a rumor but it still does good to the whole photographic community.

      Similar situation with the free Nikon software that ) write every once in a while and few other topics – some readers are not happy when they see non-rumors related new, but I still believe is worth reporting them.

    • Nicky Nikon

      Wonder if they’ll be sold as pre (illegally) owned cameras and lenses at a discount.

  • rad

    Haha Costco wasn’t kiddin when they named it “Give us your best shot.”

    • Rthomas

      I see more and more “contests” that require the photographer to surrender all rights to their image, whether it wins or not. To me, this is not a contest but a campaign for free photos, or even a sly trick to get the photographers to PAY to give up their rights. Don’t enter this kind of contest! They only hurt our community and help lower the expectations of the photo buyers in many markets.

      • Tim Catchall

        Totally agree. I refuse to enter such competitions. It is a great way for any organisation to build themselves a huge library of stock photos which they can then use forevermore without paying the artists. It is worth thousands and thousands to these big companies. The scam must stop.

    • Jessica

      It should be noted that discussion of this contest appeared on a Nikon discussion list, of which Costco was contacted, and responded, indicating that it was the first time someone had raised the issue in the 14 years they’ve been running such competitions, and that they would look at re-writing the contest rules for next year.

      • dave

        This comes from lawyers trying to cover all bases regardless of intentions. Legal definitions are sometimes slightly different than accepted definitions, sometimes more restrictive, or sometimes more general, than one would normally think. Costco went to their lawyers 14 years ago and said, “give us some rules that ensure we can publish any of the photos, use them in advertising, or sell a coffee table book containing them without any financial obligation beyond the contest prizes. we also want to ensure that any of these pictures don’t end up in the hands of the competition.” And the legal department comes up with some ironclad rules that meet those requirements and then some. It is easier to be general and say, “all rights” than to spell out specific rights.

  • Ola

    About the Swedish ‘Råd och rön’ test: They also ranked every higher level models of any brand worse than the lower level models of the same brand! Either it is a misprint, but I suspect they printed photos straight from the camera and decided the most saturated and highest contrast pictures were the best. They might actually be right, this is generally taken as the best processing by the general public!

  • low

    that d700 ad is fabulous!

    • Nicky Nikon

      It’s good of Nikon to provide that soft carpet for the epileptics to lay on as they’re having a fit because of the flashes.

      • phentex

        I’m surprised they wer aloud to make such an ad. The is definitive risk of epileptic seizure…

  • dL

    lol what a joke that piece of crap rad and ron review. Obviously they’re smoking some weeds when reviewing the D90. It’s ok they can say whatever they want. 99% of the population already knows for a year now that D90 is simply one of the best SLRS for the money.

    • D90

      Exactly, I own a D90, and I couldn’t be happier with it (in comparison with it’s cost).
      It creates fabulous images, coupled with the right lenses of course. Honestly, right now, I wouldn’t know what other features I would need In the D90. (Well, maybe wifi and GPS, or even some other “higher end” features, but if wanted those “higher end” features I’d be moving up to a d300 or d700).

      • Desinderlase

        bug fixes…

        But you are right, what can be better on D90 is:
        lens fine tuning, more focus points, all weather sealing… which is exactly what D300 have.

        But as a owner of D90 I compared against few other cameras (Canon) and D90 wins in both quality and feature set.

  • Graphical Mind

    I don’t think Nikon thought about photo epilepsy with the d700 ad. I wonder what will happen when a Korean, epileptic man/woman walks past, hehehe =]

  • The WWT “photography contest” is another flagrant rights grab whose main purpose is to build up a large photo bank of images for WWT’s use. Here is the pertinent not so fine print. . .

    Copyright: Copyright in all images submitted for this competition remains with the respective entrants. Where an image is used, the photographer will be credited. However, in consideration of their providing the Competition, each entrant grants a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual licence to WWT to feature any or all of the submitted images in any of their publications, their websites and/or in any promotional material connected to this competition for a period of no more than five years.

    end quote These kinds of “rights grab” “photo contests” often begin by misleadingly saying that the copyright in the images remains with the contest entrants, but then go on to assert that the “photo contest” sponsors can make pretty much unlimited use of ALL of the photos submitted to the contest, not just the “prize” winning photos which would be bad enough. . . for their purposes. When it comes to photo contests “caveat enterer” is good advice. Personally I think that photographers should boycott such photo contests but I know that few will because so many are so desperate to see their photos in print. I dare say that some photographers would probably happily pay publishers to publish their photos. . .

    • DrB

      I think you are overstating the problem with respect to this specific competition.

      Copyright in the images stays with the entrant. It does not transfer to the competition organisers. The entrant still owns the photograph. There is therefore nothing misleading in the small print, as you seem to suggest.

      What the organisers do get is a license to use the photos for five years. Significantly though, there are no sublicencing rights (i.e. the organisers cannot sell the photo on to third parties).

      Costco can take a running jump though.

      • I think you are *understating* the problem with respect to this specific competition. . . Even though your comment acknowledges what I said.

        Every single *entrant*, forget about contest “winners”. . . grants a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual licence to WWT to feature any or all of the submitted images in any of their publications, their websites and/or in any promotional material connected to this competition for a period of no more than five years.

        So if you enter the contest WWT can make unlimited use of your photo in their publications, and on their websites, for a five year period without paying a dime for doing so. That is a usage rights grab my friend.

    • Anonymous

      Not a rights grab, now the Costco contest is another matter
      “By participating, entrant agrees that ownership of the entry and all intellectual property rights in the entry is assigned to Costco, and will do all things necessary to give effect to that assignment.. Entrant agrees to sign any further documentation required by Costco to give effect to this clause.”

      • DrB

        Yes, that’s a shocker. There’s no way I’d enter that…

      • Both “photo contests” are rights grabs. The Costco “rights grab” just happens to be worse that WWT’s rights grab. What part of –

        each *entrant* grants a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual *licence* to WWT to feature any or all of the submitted images in *any* of their *publications*, their *websites* and/or in any promotional material connected to this competition for a period of no more than five years.

        do you not understand Anonymous?

        That clause says that if you so much as enter the “contest” WWT can publish your photo any way they choose for up to five years without paying you a dime. Sure you still own the *rest* of the copyright in the photo but WWT can use it to illustrate their publications and websites for five years for free. Those usage rights, which might otherwise have cost them money, don’t cost them a dime now. . .

  • rad

    I’m surprised to see that no one seems to care the Ritz is gone in T-minus 19 Days. Actually not really 😉
    and I even spent 4 years at that god awful company. Too bad so many people lost their jobs though

    • Anon

      Ritz isn’t finished yet, but nobody seems to get that with the negative and defeatist slant in most articles written about the company. It wouldn’t be going to auction if there weren’t interested buyers, including David himself, so it’s not over quite yet. We’ll find out on the 20th if any bids are submitted and if they’re approved on the 23rd.

      Ritz got too big to maintain high quality and never managed to keep up with the times, and it’s too bad that it managed to run almost all other decent camera and print shops out of business. Online retailers like B&H and shit like Best Buy and Ritz are the only options left, and neither of them is very appealing for getting decent gear and being able to try it out before purchase.

  • Simon

    You it is a scam because it is obviouse the BBC would choose to purchase the 5DMk2. Nobody would want to spend ona overpriced D3x with limited ability.

    • Steve

      Rather, a D3 or a 1D Mark III, would you not think? A 5D Mark II is not a journalists’ camera.

      And I live in Korea, where is that ad?!

  • Simon

    Regarding the D90 review it is interesting Nikon quoted Dpreview because it is well known that website’s reviews is Nikon biased. Its typical of Nikon stamping its feets again if things don’t go their way.

    • Nikkorian

      I’m not sure about that bias. In the compact class eg Canon cameras always end up better than Nikon ones. To me it seems they’re quite neutral. Canon earns so much money with their compacts, why should they care that Nikon build the better SLRs.

  • NikoDoby

    “Simon says go away Simon and take the rest of the Nikon haters with you!”
    Your out Simon! Nikon wins!

  • Derek Winchester

    I would like to know where in KOrea that ad is as well. I live in Korea as well.

  • Anders

    Regarding Råd & Rön, you should really take a look at what Nikon complained about regarding the test of the D90 kit:
    Original page:

    Nikon has complained that Råd & Rön measured the weight of the kit (i.e. including lens, battery and memory card). Nikon thinks it’s unfair to include the battery in the weight.

    They have complained about R&R writing that 12 212 224 pixels is 12.2M, not the 12.3M that Nikon claims.

    Nikon has also complained about R&R just measuring the useful area of the LCD, not including the black area outside.

    Nikon has also complained about R&R measuring timing (start up and lag) using the included kit lens, not using the 50mm prime that is so much faster…

    • Anders

      Correction: R&R measured the actual picture size on all LCDs in the test. They did not include area where additional information could be shown. Nikon complained about that.

      • Mikael Willberg

        So they measured every camera with the same way and Nikon models were not treated differently than others ? I can’t find anything wrong with that. There are many situations that manufacturer tweak their numbers slighty (incorrect rounding) or they can be achieved only in some special situation and maybe only with some special accessories (FPS with battery grips comes to mind).

        Also if they specifically said that they were comparing these as a kit and maybe mention that user can get different results with better lenses etc.

        I’m not paying 250 SEK for the text to see what was actually said, also my swedish sucks big time 😎


    • Jessica

      It should also be noted that R&R is not being totally correct when labelling the results. For example, they have one image as such: “Nikon D90, vignetting”. The D90 itself doesn’t vignette. What they are measuring here is the included lens, and thus they should stipulate that. If you wish to assess the quality of a *camera*, you must not introduce errors created by the *lens* unless said lens can not be changed. I’m to assume this is the problem that Nikon have with their testing.

      The whole point of using 50mm primes to test DSLRs is that *every* system has a lens (or equivalent if you’re using a 4/3rds camera), and thus you’re testing the body and not the lens + body. You can not make an objective comparison of the quality of a DSLR vs another DSLR if you’re basing it on different lenses. Most of the kits were 18-55mm lens kits, I do not understand why R&R didn’t standardise on their testing procedures, and thus anything they say about the image quality of the body is incorrect.

  • mattiask

    Rad & Ron used to be a great reference about products, but now there are so many other better options so I think in the general public Rad and Ron is loosing ground fast. This test is most likely designed to raise headline to increase the traffic to Rad and Ron’ s website. But anyone with an intact brain can tell the test is complete bullshit. For me this was an all time low for Rad and Ron and they have severely diminished my trust in them as a quality source of information. I feel embarrassed that this news is generated from sweden.

    • Stevens

      I will second that. They obviously knew that D90 was a great hit, so they are just trying to gain attention to their website by spreading wrong information. D90 is a wonderful camera, better than the Cannon line up in the same class.

  • Edshan

    Anyone who speaks Japanese here and would be kind enough to roughly translate the interview with Mr. Kotu Tetsurou? It would be very much appreciated.
    It really sounds interesting:
    – It speaks about the possibility of a mirror-less Nikon
    – something about the Professional line being too heavy? (maybe the next ones will be lighter?)
    – speaking about sensitivity? WB?
    – “I also have a high hurdle for the use of mental age than the silver salt”?! WTF?!
    – other things that sound interesting, but really, I got tired of reading the gibberish that Google translator produced…

    So please Japanese speakers, give us a helping hand!

    Thank you.

    • Here is a quick translation I got from a reader:

      Mr. Goto has established “Goto Laboratory” to develop new products in
      Nikon Imaging company. I am interested in his comment on a small size

      He thinks a small size camera we can always take around is needed. He
      said that he would buy a certain mirror-less camera made by a certain
      company if it had the “Nikon” logo, someone might reprove him saying
      that though. It is far more lighter than D700, which he uses
      regularly, and retains sufficient functions, he said. I suppose “A
      certain mirror-less camera made by a certain company” he mentioned
      must be the Olympus Pen E-P1.

      Like compact digital cameras, mirror-less cameras will be averaged
      soon he said. He thinks Nikon must not forget about photographs and
      cameras are luxury things. Nikon needs to develop not a just small
      camera but also a special featured one on some aspects for matured

      He also mentioned that single-lens reflex cameras are still going to
      maintain main stream of Nikon camera products. Even if Nikon makes
      mirror-less cameras, those will not be main products for a while.

      • Edshan

        Thanks Admin and NR reader!
        Is there anything else on the interview or was this the summary of the most important things and no more translation is needed?

        either way, thankyou very much for the translation 🙂

  • Derek Winchester

    Seoul Sindorim Subway Station is one of the largest stations in Korea with daily passing population of five hundred thousand people. An outdoor light box equipped with a motion detector was installed at the connecting passageway at the station, along with a red carpet leading to the Nikon shop located in the mall. This interactive light box made people feel as though they became superstars walking down a red carpet for a luxurious award. This experience has created a very special and unique brand image of the Nikon D700 and succeeded in triggering purchase intentions. Strengthen a positive brand image of the Nikon D700 and maximize sales among passers by of Sindorim. Cheil did the job
    A friend of mine found this Sindorim Subway Station hmm might have to go check it out if it is still there.

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