Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G gone also from BestBuy


An email from somebody that works for BestBuy:

"I work at a BestBuy in the digital camera department and I did a little research on the Nikon 70-200mm being phased out. Sure enough it is on its way out. Our warehouse is out of them and I cannot special order one for a customer if i needed to. The end date of us carrying it would be between August and October depending on how many they have left and how quickly our stock runs out."

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  • yrsued

    I’m sure the 70-200 is on it’s way out, but this E-mail is stupid!!

    First he says:

    ” Our warehouse is out of them and I cannot special order one for a customer if i needed to.”

    Then he says:

    The end date of us carrying it would be between August and October depending on how many they have left and how quickly our stock runs out.”


    Then it must be discontinued now!! They are out of them now!! They can’t buy any more, right???

    • yoooo

      yes, i think thats what he’s saying…

      • Ryan

        just because it discontinued doesn’t mean they wont have stock. Ritz Camera still had left overs of cameras and other equipment from like two generations ago before their huge clearance blow out after the stores closed. I know they still sell the 70-200 i’ve asked.

  • C Benson

    Just let you know B&H in US, Vistek and Henry’s in Canada still selling 70-200 f:2.8G.

  • arz

    Again, please give us some F4L like pre-professional level glasses please! 70-200VR is simply too expensive.

    • Darth Duster

      A ‘Nikon af-s Nikkor 70-200mm f/4G VR Micro’ that’s less than a thousand bucks.

      • Aaron

        F4 makes more sense and would suffice most circumstances. F2.8 is simply expensive and too huge to move around with.

  • Mark J

    Have we not learned yet that bestbuy is not to be trusted with anything. Especially if it involves their employees… They probably don’t have any left because they rarely sell any(they charge like $500 more than BH too) and dont want to waste keeping them in stock in this economy.. It’s not even an item that bestbuy keeps in it’s largest stores. Heck, 90% of nikon products they stock are not in store items. Even in Seattles main bestbuy (northgate location) which is a HUGE Store by even bestbuy standards, they only carry stuff like the 50mm F1.8, 70-300mm, 18-200mm, and other non pro glass.

    Nobody should start reading into this “new 70-200” stuff until a reputable retailer goes on the record as saying they are unable to order more. B&H,Adorama, Glazers, Cameta, Samys, Calumet, etc.. Someone other than a bestbuy employee who only knows what a bestbuy computer tells him.

    • RThomas

      I agree; BestBuy and the recently departed Circuit City are not the sort of stores that move much professional-grade camera gear. I used to work for Ritz in the 1990s and we couldn’t order special some Nikon stuff that was still in production. When the Circuit City nearest to me had their going-out-of-business sale, their prices were much higher than B&H, even demo items that were marked down quite a lot. The 70-200/2.8 lens may be due for an upgrade but this rumor probably has little to do with it.

      • Ryan

        precisely why they went out of business. CompUSA did that too, bunch of idiots.

  • Anonymous
  • from information i have (well sourced), new 70-200 will come soon but not already this year. Thing with nikon is that they have huge amount of stuff in ready to release form but they make lot of last time decisions so while rumors from lower on the food chain can be quite well informed about ready to release products, but very unprecise about release dates. I was getting info about D3x even before A900 went out as rumor when it yet sounded as too good to be true and then even A900 beat it while being developed later.

  • low


  • Daf

    Jessops, 1 of if not THE UK’s biggest photography retailer is currently out of stock on their website on the 70-200.

    Jacobs, the 2nd largest still has stock though.

  • Daf

    Amazon UK (own stock, not affailiate) is currently showing :

    “Only 1 left in stock–order soon (more on the way). “

  • C Benson

    This message is for Daf,

    You are wrong about Jessops, they are still selling the 80-200 f:2.8 VR. If you go to their web sit, select Nikon, go to page 3 on Nikon page you will see that Jessops has a sale on 80-200 f:2.8 lens.

    What they tell people is this, “Out of Stock for Home Delivery – Usually Available Within 10 Days
    Collect at Store Available – Check Local Stores Now”. That tells me Jessops is still selling 80-200, but only at store level only.

    • Daf

      Yeah realised they’d still have some stock in shops, that’s why I specifically mentioned : “out of stock on their website”

  • C Benson

    I know everyone is hoping that Nikon is going to release new cameras, lens and so on in the next few months. Just remember the world is in a major recession, do you think Nikon is going to release new toys (cameras and lens) to the world during a major recession. Come on use your head and think for a moment.

  • TimL

    Uh, yeah I do.

    Manufactures don’t make money unless they are making items. If the R&D has already been put into the item they are losing money by not selling the items. New *HOT* items sell much better than old well known items.

  • C Benson

    Yes I agree manufactures have to make money, but during a recession every small and large business slow down so that they can restructure their business. For example: Reuters Business, on June 29/2009 stated Canon is going to cut 700 jobs at chip gear operations.

    So tell me why should Nikon, put so much money in their manufacturing plants to produce cameras and lens, when people are afraid of losing their jobs. People will not or cannot buy that camera or lens because they have to put food on the table, roof over their heads or cloths on their back for their families. When you look at that situation your attitude will change.

    My best advise to everyone on Nikon Rumors, is to slow down, step back and look at situation with world economy an use what you have now to make better pictures. One more advice, think of K.I.S.S. not the the band. K.I.S.S. ” Keep It Simple Stupid.

    • Claire


      Why should Nikon “put so much money in their manufacturing plants to produce cameras and lens”? It’s because the company is Nikon: their core competency is producing cameras and lens, if they don’t do that, then what can they do?

      The point about the 70-200 is that it is a low-volume, pro-level product, and is definitely not where Nikon makes most of their money, so perhaps you are right, perhaps they are not in a rush to phase in a new model, but this lens has been due for an update for a while now.

  • gary

    mmmm, i can get everywhere around me. online too.

  • woble

    I was at a local camera shop today and asked about 70-200. They didn’t have it, but they could backorder it. Some dude made a phone call and then told me that the price will also go up, extra 150 euro or so. Maybe because it’s hard to find it now. He also said that at the end of the year it will be replaced by a new version.

    Go figure.

  • C Benson

    Guys, you are missing the whole point. Slow down, think before you act. Be passionate Nikon will release new cameras and lens sooner or later.

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