Nikon roadmap 2009-2010 leaked (part 2)

Here is the full text of the leaked 2009-2010 Nikon roadmap (Google translation from the same source):

"A man working in England at the Kingston branch of a large IT company.
The company has said in charge of infrastructure and software of Nikon UK, particularly in the training center, but not in it.
So I will continue to draw ... just said to get out 37-page set of notes with strategic Nikon
for the years 2009-2010. I can not confirm its authenticity, perhaps it's just a joke and invention at any level,
but 37 pages is quite enough to give you someone such work with its smuggling. There are also
information that is not interesting to anyone outside, respectively. they can not even understand. File Structure
poskládaným is rather a set of different information and comments than any učesaným document or presentation.
The following are statements which relate to innovations in the area of D-SLR:

...... 4. August 2009: introduction
Nikon D3000,
AF-S DX Nikkor 17 to 65 mm f/3.2-4G ED VR

Nikon D3000: Effective pixels: 12.3 million ... Image Sensor Cleaning, Image Dust Off reference data ....
[S] 4.288 x 2.848 ... pentamirror ... 95% coverage ... 0.78x magnif. .... Compatibility AF-S and AF-I ...
1 / 4000 p. 30 ... p. 3.5 fps ... 420-zonal RGB sensor ...
Auto modes (auto, auto [flash off]), Advanced Scene Modes (Portrait, Landscape, Child, Sports, Close up, Night portrait, Night landscape, Party / Indoor, Beach / snow, Sunset, Dusk / dawn, Pet portrait, Candlelight, Blossom, Autumn colors, Food, Silhouette, programmed auto with flexible program (P), shutter-priority auto (S), aperture-priority auto (A), manual (M)
Exposure compensation + -5 EV in 1 / 3. Exposure bracketing - not known, ISO 200 - 3200, steps 1 / 3, N-1 Lo, Hi +1 (?)
AF MultiCAM 380 (* new) - 7 focus points, 1 cross type, AF-S, AF-C AF-A, M + electronical rangefinder,
AF area mode: Single point, dynamic area, car area
Live View focus - contrast - detect AF, face priority
Movie - not known!
Active D-Lightning: Auto or Off
Internal flash sm. number 17/56 at ISO 200
LCD monitor: 2.7-in, 230 to-dot ... FIXED
Battery: EN-EL9a
124 x 92 x 62 mm, 480 g.

Nikon D300s - differences from the D300:
Continuous high-speed mode: 7 fps, without batterygripu, 8.5 fps with batterygripem, 14-bit mode included
1 Release mode addition: Self-timer + MUP
2200-pixel RGB sensor
LCD monitor: 920 to-dot, 2.9-inch, Výklopný
Enhanced contrast detect AF
Enhanced phase detect AF: new 2,200-pixel RGB sensor cooperates with 3D Tracking, Auto-Area AF-C is dynamic area,
flashing auxiliary section plus focusing direction "display in the viewfinder with the" user-control "change of direction
The new processor speeds up AF and significantly increases the quality Movie mode as compared to the D90 and D5000,
Movie - mode: 1920 * 1080 at 24 fps Quicktime MOV, H.264 codec
3.1-fold compared with the cache memory D300
795 g
Extra High Lightning D-mode
AF Fine Tuning enhanced: -30 to 30 for the near focus distance, infinity, the shortest and longest focal length
CF + SD slot
.... I do not see a price anywhere!

AF-S DX Nikkor 17 to 65 mm f/3.2-4G ED VR:
- Lightweight zoom middle class at an affordable price for use with the new D300s with other Nikon DX cameras,
2 ED and 2 aspherical members, 72 mm filtrov thread, enhance contrast-detect AF-S mode (??!)

..... 15. October 2009: presentation
Nikon D700x,
AF-S Nikkor 24 to 135 mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR
AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II
AF-S Nikkor 35 mm f/1.4G,
AF-S Nikkor 85 mm f/1.4G

Nikon D700x - differences from the D700:
effective pixels: 24.5 million ... Image Sensor Cleaning, Image Dust Off reference data ....
[S] 6.048 x 4.032
Continuous high-speed mode: 5 fps without batterygripu, 6.5 fps with batterygripem
1 Release mode addition: Self-timer + MUP
2200-pixel RGB sensor
LCD monitor: 920 to-dot, 2.9-inch, Výklopný
Enhanced contrast detect AF
Enhanced phase detect AF: new 2,200-pixel RGB sensor cooperates with 3D Tracking, Auto-Area AF-C is dynamic area,
flashing auxiliary section plus focusing direction "display in the viewfinder with the" user-control "change of direction
Movie - mode: 1920 * 1080 at 24 fps Quicktime MOV, H.264 codec

AF-S Nikkor 24 to 135 mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR:
lightweight and affordable zoom with high image quality, 77mm filtrov thread, 610 g, 7 rounded blades diaphragma,
3 aspherical and 2 ED members, enhance contrast-detect AF-S mode

AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II
revised lens for maximum optical performance in the digital FX zrcadlovkách Nikon,
VR II for up to 4 stops, filtrov thread 82 mm, 1530 g, Nano - Crystal Coat, enhance contrast-detect AF-S mode

AF-S Nikkor 35 mm f/1.4G:
peak lens completely revised design, Nano - Crystal Coat, enhance contrast-detect AF-S mode

AF-S Nikkor 85 mm f/1.4G:
top portrait lens with SWM focus and Nano - Crystal Coat, enhance contrast-detect AF-S mode

Q1/2010: performances:
AF-S Nikkor 14 to 28 mm f/3.5-4.5G ED:
77 mm filtrov thread!, Enhance contrast-detect AF-S mode

AF-S Nikkor 120 to 450 mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR
VR II for up to 4 stops, 82 mm thread filtrov, 1480 g, enhance contrast-detect AF-S mode

Q2/2010 time:
Nikon D4,
Nikon D400

Nikon D4 - new features:
effective pixels: 15.7 millions, FX sensor completely new design with maximized by increasing the sensitivity of more than 1 EV
as "ultra-fast pixel register cache", which allows to double the frame rate or increase dynamic range, including
effective aid noise reduction with natural lodging details.
[S] 4.852 x 3.234
Continuous high-speed mode: FX & DX mode 11 fps, 16 fps mode FX with a double-exposure with the phase detection AF & mirror up 8/sec.,
DX mode 18 fps with a double-exposure
FX & DX DR enhanced double-exposure mode: 5 fps for dNEF (* new) JPEG, and without the composition, 3 fps for the car, the JPEG
DR enhanced double-exposure mode: Auto, manual setting of time for both the ISO and exposure in "M",
in the "A", "S" and "P" mode with a semi-double exposure corrections in the range of + -5 EV in the range of 1 s. and 1 / 8000 p. and ISO 200 - 6400
Format dNEF,
ISO 200 - 12800, Lo-1, Hi 2
100% Viewfinder, 0.78x magnification, integrated hledáčková magnifying glass for the DX cropping
Integrated sensor management Nikon CLS
Movie - mode: 1920 * 1080 at 30 fps
Multi-CAM 4500: 61-point AF, Auto / User Drive dynamic AF-C, intelligent co-operation with 2200-zónovým 3D Color Matrix meter
to achieve the elusive success of autofocus, the possibility of combination with contrast-detect AF final doostřením
for specific uses. The possibility of the electronic image projection or additional information to the entire area of a large viewfinder.
Dual histogram for the double-exposure mode. Highlite map.

Nikon D400 - new features:
effective pixels: 13,8 millions, DX sensor completely new design with maximized by increasing the sensitivity of more than 1 EV
as "ultra-fast pixel register cache", which allows to double the frame rate or increase dynamic range, including
effective aid noise reduction with natural lodging details.
[S] 4.550 x 3.034
Continuous high-speed mode: 8 fps, 10 fps with BG,
12 fps with a double-exposure phase detection AF & mirror up 6/sec.,
14 fps with BG to double-exposure with the phase detection AF & mirror up 7/sec.,
ISO 200 - 6400, Lo-1, Hi 1
Movie - mode: 1920 * 1080 at 24 fps
Multi-CAM 4500 DX 61-point AF, Auto / User Drive dynamic AF-C, intelligent co-operation with 2200-zónovým 3D Color Matrix meter
to achieve great success autofocus.
Screening of additional information across a large area of the viewfinder.
Dual histogram for the double-exposure mode.

Q3/2010 time:
AF-S Nikkor 300 mm f/4G VR
Nikkor AF-S VR 400 mm f/5.6G
AF-S Nikkor 70 to 240 mm f/3.5-4.5G VR
AF-S Nikkor 105 mm f/2G DC
AF-S Nikkor 24 to 85 mm f/4G VR
AF-S DX Nikkor 60 to 95 mm f/2G VR
AF-S DX Nikkor 17-60 mm f/2.8G VR

Nikon Coolpix P1DX
Compact camera with DX 12.3 MPx sensor.
Hours outbreaks distance from 28 to 85 mm, f/3.5-5.6 speed, stabilization sensors,
2.9-inch LCD for the 920-dot, Výklopný, head-up viewfinder, the internal flash
Telepředsádka 1,8 x

Q4/2010 time:
Nikon D4X - new features:
effective pixels: 30.2 millions, FX sensor completely new design with maximized by increasing the sensitivity of more than 1 EV
as "ultra-fast pixel register cache", which allows to double the frame rate or increase dynamic range, including
effective aid noise reduction with natural lodging details.
[S] 6.736 x 4.490
Continuous high-speed mode:
FX 6 fps, 10 fps with a double-exposure phase detection AF & mirror up 5/sec.,
DR enhanced double-exposure mode: Auto, manual setting of time for both the ISO and exposure in "M",
in the "A", "S" and "P" mode with a semi-double exposure corrections in the range of + -5 EV in the range of 1 s. and 1 / 8000 p. and ISO 200 - 6400
Format dNEF,
ISO 100 - 6400, Lo-1, Hi 1
Movie - mode: 1920 * 1080 at 30 fps"


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  • King of Swaziland

    I don’t buy it, it seems like too many lenses, with some real oddballs, and it seems too soon for D4, and especially D4x, the only way the D4s are plausible is if Nikon is moving up their schedules to try and suck the wind out of Canon’s sails (Since a 1D MK IV is expected maybe this fall, and a 1Ds MK IV sometime next year). Seems fishy, like the wharf at 8PM…

    • PHB

      The list of lens predictions is pretty specific. We will know in early august if this is B/S or not.

      I don’t think expectation of a D400 a year later would hurt sales of the D300s. The spec is improved, but not enough to wait a whole year if you are shooting a D200 or a D80. Anyone who upgrades from a D300 to a D300s will upgrade again for the D400.

      The D4 spec given is not so different from the current one, basically same controls, faster CPU, slightly revised sensor. It is plausible. Though the one thing that does give me some pause for thought is that it seems somewhat unlikely that a 15MP FX camera would be that interesting if there was going to be a 30MP camera with ISO6400 coming along. If they can make 22MP sensors cheaply enough to do the 700X… Also the D400 resolution seems pretty thin, I would expect the flagship DX body to match the purported D4 resolution.

      This is a ‘roadmap’ document so if genuine could describe aspirations rather than definite plans. The number of lenses is pretty logical to me, Nikon has to replace every AF lens with an AFS equivalent. The old f/2.8 primes might survive I guess, but they are pretty much obsolete now.

      Easily the most desirable lens for me would be the 120-480mm. On DX that gives an equivalent range of 15-720mm with three lenses! 10-24, 18-135 and 120-480.

      I did wonder if the 80-400 replacement would be somewhat longer at the short end than the 80-400 when the 18-135 was withdrawn. There really isn’t a mid range zoom that would make a sensible middle to a lightweight DX magic three. The 24-70 does not cover the bottom end and is a heavy beast.

      The only lens that is notable by its absence is a dedicated macro lens (DX format of course). As in a macro lens that does not focus to infinity and is built in reversed configuration for 10X or better reproduction.

      • Anonymous

        I have a D80 and am looking to upgrade at the end of the year. If this is true I won’t be buying the D300s. Maybe pick up a cheap D300 or wait a few months for the D400.

      • the problem is that if the roadmap is true, Nikon may decide to change their dates in order to make make us believe that it’s fake… so we will never know for sure…

    • RobJ

      I agree, I’m not buying that this is legit. I question this lens in particular:

      AF-S DX Nikkor 17 to 65 mm f/3.2-4G ED VR

      Seems to close to the already excellent 16-85mm. f3.2-4 is only slightly better than f3.5-5.6, and the focal range is worse. I think it’s more likely Nikon would simply ship a D300x with the 16-85mm.

  • Desinderlase

    If this roadmap is true, it will give some advantage to Canon. I hope not too much…

    • funny

      it’s a roadmap not a commitment. if it is true they can just change the longer term stuff accordingly. roadmaps change all the time as economic and competitive climate changes.

      but I doubt canon would pay attention to a rumor posted plan plus there is no way canon will make plans because of some etherial map nikon could change any time. For all we know nikon leaked this off to confuse the competition.

      this map looks way way too good. maybe it was the plan for the years if the economic meldown had not happened. But with nikon posting loses and seriously cutting production, this map may be just an idealized view of what it could have been.

      however if true, damn. nikon will have the most spectacular line up of bodies and lenses that it has ever had.

      • Bernard

        Nikon camera is very far from losing money and they must know that their position now is the result of an agressive release plan. The crisis hits bad real estate and cars manufacturers, but people tend to forget about their issues with smaller purchases like cameras, don’t they?

  • That’s is quite a leak., huge !!!
    Still I don’t buy it, especially regarding D400… I wish 😉
    and it’s far too far from now 🙁

  • rad

    Everyone!!!!! Ritz is gone. Good deals perhaps?

  • Quash

    If this is a leak of a real document, it will shake things up at Nikon. Specs on products (i.e. D400) which are to follow products not yet released (D300s) can undercut sales and impact the price of shares. It will be interesting to see Nikon’s response to this. If it’s true, someone will be getting their head lopped off for this.

    If this is true, it’s the Nikon scoop of the century. Well done. If not, it’s been an interesting read.

    Guess I will be putting off my D300s purchase now in anticipation of 1 stop improvement of a D400, which would be awesome.

    • Bernard

      Don’t really think so. Who would give up on buying a D300s now because a better camera is going to be coming next year with only slightly different specs?

      On the other hand, this document should comfort D300s purchasers in buying now.


    • steve

      I think it is real. Assuming it is real, they aren’t going to take much of a financial hit by this. The people who read nikonrumors, and other rumor forums are probably 1% of their customers. Really, we are pretty nerdy ;p

      Also, sometimes when you need a camera, you need a camera, and have to buy what is out there.

  • Anonymous

    I think if Nikon’s legal department ‘asks’ Nikon Rumors to remove this it’s real.

    • tim

      ya think Nikon doesn’t realise that also? They know ignoring it and not confirming is probably safest.

  • nikkor_2

    In my opinion, a D4x — or any update to the D3x — without 16-bit capture seems unwise. Personally, I believe 16-bit capture is a priority in any successor to the D3x. Just my two cents.

    It’s an interesting read.

    • Lefty K. Monahan

      Do any DSLRs have 16-bit capture other than medium format ones? What exactly would be the benefits?

    • Bernard

      Even the backs aren’t real 16bits, and I have never seen any banding in any of my D3x files.


      • ennan

        And you cant print 16 bit in minilabs either. Frontiers for example can only handle 8 bit.

  • QuadraPixel

    If this is real, then the future looks very bright for Nikon! w00t!

  • Grat2001

    I wasn’t interested in the D300s till I saw this. I can’t wait for the D400 so the D300s will have to do. I wish they would shock the world and release a D300FX! It would be next to impossible to keep those on the shelf.

    • The “D300FX” is currently available, it’s called the “D700”.

      • John

        Not quite right. The D700 is in a body that is constructed using similar materials to the D90, whereas the D300 is a fully sealed body. The compromise was there to cut down the cost of the D700. Got this info from the Nikon rep at PMA Australia.

        • pete

          complete and utter bullshit on all counts.

        • Zenndott

          If a rep said this, then he really does live in the land of “OZ.” Go check the specs elsewhere.

        • niko58

          Not sure who you are getting your info from John, but if you are basing you buying decisions on this advice, you should seriously consider finding a new source for your information. I own both the D300 and D700 and other than the D700 being heavier and some slight design variations, they both are just as solid with the same basic construction and materials. No Nikon Rep would ever make the nonsensical statements you attibute to one, unless they had absolutely no knowledge of Nikons Digital SLRs. You might find the following information to be a bit more accurate for these three cameras and, as you can see, neither the D300 or D700 share the same construction as the D90.

          Nikon D90: 620g, Metal reinforced polycarbonate cover (translated: plastic over a metal frame, albeit nice plastic)

          Nikon D300: 825g, Magnesium Alloy, enhanced weather seals and environmental protection

          Nikon D700: 995g, Magnesium Alloy, enhanced weather seals and environmental protection. The actual weather sealing description from the Nikon D700 Brochure is “Comprehensively sealed against dust and moisture. The D700 goes the extra mile to protect against invasive moisture, dust, and even electromagnetic interference. A maticulous systematic series of O-rings and other specialized seals, combined with additional Nikon protective engineering, keeps you shooting when lesser cameras fail”. As far as the construction goes, try “Precision-cast magnesium alloy body. The D700 features rugged, durable and lightweight magnesium alloy for the body exterior cover, chassis, and mirror box, to protect the advanced technologies within and ensure its ability to perform in the most demanding shooting conditions…”.

        • Joe

          I agree, I have both a D700 and a D300, The D300 feel like a toy in your hand once you get used to the D700. Also I have and would not hesitate to shoot my D700 in pouring rain for Sporting events. I would not do this with my D300. It would probably be fine, But I wouldnt feel as good about it.

  • jon

    2,200-pixel RGB sensor on D3000 whereas D3/D3x has only 1,005-pixel RGB sensor is hard to believe. Possibly 2,200-pixel RGB on D4 as an intro but not on D3000.

    • jon

      i meant d300s

  • Anonymous

    So many things in these specs, like the 6.5fps of a possible D700x, scream fake.
    It’s just a wish list of a fanboy.

  • Geoff

    The mirror up with timer release option isn’t a major tech improvement, but will be a major upgrade/improvement feature for many. If that part of this rumour is true, I will be very happy.

  • Anonymous

    This could be believable if it did not go beyond 2009. Those 2010 cameras and lenses are just a wet dream list.

  • Chris

    I hope the 120 – 450 is true. The old 80-400 is to slow.
    How it works with 16 FPS?

  • albert

    Fifa World Cup 2010 is scheduled to start on the Jun 11th 2010. So, a Q2 introduction of both the D4 & D400 is very reasonable in my opinion.

    However, if this leak is indeed a real one, this may force Nikon to tweak the spec a little bit here & there to keep competitors guessing. This kind of information should keep undiscovered.


    • Peter

      I doubt they’d change the plan. But if it’s real it could be bad for them. I’m sure that double exposure thing is something they would wanna keep under wraps from the others until release.

    • Bernard

      Is there really anything in these specs that goes beyond what just anybody would be able to expect?

      I think not. On the opposite, this is all very predictable stuff.

      Had there been an RGB sensor in this document it would have been a bomb, as it is, nothing the competition would not have anticipated already as being very possible.


  • too bad

    cool stuff.

    but wishful thinking.

    maybe they misread the date and its actually a 5 year plan for Nikon ;]

  • steve

    It’s a fake – gotta be. D700x specs alone are crazy. 5 FPS – 6.5 with a grip? It’s basically saying that Nikon is going to stick the D700 out there with BETTER specs than the D3x. Sorry, not buyin’ it.

    Oh, and the D4 – 16 fps in DX mode? Really? Can the mirror even move that fast?

    Looks a LOT like a wish list to me…

    • Anonymous

      that’s with mirror up – the mirror doesn’t move when it is shooting at that speed

    • tim

      Yeah of course that’s never happened, that would be like putting out the D70 with better specs than the D1x…oh wait…

  • Bob Howland

    Two things strike me as odd:

    (1) The 60-95f/2 has to be a misprint of some sort. I can’t figure out what such a lens would be used for.

    (2) The time interval between the D300s and D400 introductions seems awfully short. Why even bother with the D300S?

    The D700x specs look REALLY interesting and this is coming from a Canon shooter..

    • Anonymous

      60-95 f/2 – a portrait telezoom? It might have v. nice bokeh, with its large aperture, but also provide flexibility not available in primes.

      • PHB

        I was suspicious about that one, but a portrait zoom lens has a lot of advantages. If they can deliver smooth bokeh and the price is right it should sell.

        90mm-140mm equivalent. So you can position yourself to take head or head and shoulders without moving your feet.

        One thing about the list that lends credibility to it is the fact that it is not just a list of FX fanboy wants. DX is where the money is for Nikon. They sold more D300 than they have FX bodies of all types.

      • Anon

        Yep, 60-95 would be a totally awesome portrait lens, at least if the bokeh and stuff is decent. Zooms are nice for this purpose, especially when using ring flashes, which don’t really allow you to move without readjusting them.

        Personally, I hope the 60-95/2, 35/1.4 and 85/1.4 are real. The other stuff – dunno. Meh. I won’t use too much mental capacity for this ATM anyways 🙂

  • Alex

    I like the sound of the specs on the D700x. Just add in 4K, QFHD with Cine RAW capability, frame rates of 24,25,30,50,60 fps. 4x PCM 192Khz/24 Bit audio, with available digital cinema add ons to turn it in to a RED killer. Oh, and please give me genlock and timecode so I can do multi-camera shoots.

    • PHB

      I think you might well see that from Nikon some day.

      But almost certainly with a designed for cinema sensor. You really do need an electronic shutter to do pan shots.

    • JR

      Sorry, I think you’re in the wrong place.

    • Bernard

      Isn’t that what they new Red subsidiary if doing? 🙂 Another unsubstantiated rumour…


    • I’d be VERY happy with a Nikon dSLR which could record compressed RAW (Cineform RAW, anyone?), had a very swift frame readout (to minimise jello-vision artefacts) and had decent audio inputs (an S/PDIF input would be AWESOME).

      But I’d be surprised if that happened any time soon.

      If this document is true then I’m intrigued by the following quote: “The new processor speeds up AF and significantly increases the quality Movie mode as compared to the D90 and D5000”. Does that mean less jello? I suspect not. I suspect it means better demosaicing and downsampling from the full sensor res down to 1080×1920. I’m pretty sure the frame-readout-speed is limited by the sensor, not by the processor. I wonder what the max record times will be on the D300s? I suspect it’ll still be 5 minutes.

  • Rosco

    Maybe they will run the D300s for another year as well as the D400 (if it comes soon), keeping the D300s a s a cheaper alternative option? I’m still surprised that Canon never did this with their 5D and 5D2




    What makes this rumor questionable is the movie mode of Nikon D4 and Nikon D4X at 30 fps compared to the normal 24 fps that is already used on the current two Nikon cameras (D90 and D5000) with video on the market and used also on the Nikon D400, Nikon D300s and Nikon D700x listed in this rumor.
    BUT this difference could also be a typing mistake from the person who typed the information because usually 30 fps is what is used with other makers and therefore the typist could easily have typed by mistake 30 fps instead of 24 fps by typing too quickly I could say..

    One thing is pretty sure is that HD video will be on every single new Nikon camera. Nikon simply cannot afford to lose many sales by not putting HD video on its new cameras when all the other makers (Canon, Pentax, Olympus, etc.) all put HD video on their new cameras or plan to do so on their new cameras.
    Why? Common sense. A new buyer will always favor buying a DSLR camera with HD video on it than a comparable DSLR camera without video. Why that? Common sense of having to transport only one device for both still photos and HD video than two devices, one for still photos and one for HD video!!! Even new P&S cameras sport HD video at 720p!!!!!

    One thing is sure, in this economic recession, to attract new buyers, Nikon has to produce new Nikon cameras that are really exciting, appealing with great features added to them. HD video is surely one of them that will definitively attract new buyers in droves!

    Those who complained about HD video on a DSLR camera are the same who complained about auto-focus on DSLR cameras, live view, and more!!! Once they use it and learn how to make the most of it, they will be thrilled by it being there available, especially if they have children around!!!

    Is this rumor true? Well, it is extremely hard to say for sure! If this rumor is really true, it surely is exciting news for the coming months!

    • Bernard

      If you can do 30fps you can do 24fps, can’t you?

      It could also be a projection of the optimization they expect to be abe to be doing in software based on a given hardware.


      • Desinderlase

        Not for Canon 😉

  • C Benson

    I believe in the wait and see attitude.

    I have a question, why is the D4 has less mega pixels: 15.7 millions compare to D3x that has 24.5 million mega pixels.

    • eyrieowl

      The D_ model is the photojournalism/sports model camera. i.e., it’s geared towards low light, high speed shooting. The D_x is the studio/fashion camera, in that it’s geared towards lower fps, higher resolution work, with less priority on low light. There’s things to wonder about in the road-map, but that aspect is entirely believable.

  • Steven

    The same poster who posted this posted then this:
    “It is said to be joke from sacked employee, who wrote email appearing to be sent from headquarters with duties (assignments?) for his former beloved co workers.” Post from 07. 07. 2009 20:32.

    I am really not sure if there might be some valid points in it, but number of lenses is so high it makes it not very believeable. But perhaps the valid points might have been intentionally connected with nonsense? I somehow do not believe that all this is just a work of fantasy…

  • Chester

    why D300s is 22 megapixal
    but D400 use back 13.8 megappixel

  • regular

    Yeah, like if everybody’s waiting for a :
    AF-S DX Nikkor 60 to 95 mm f/2G VR

    common, let’s stop propagating rumors such as this one.

    • Duff

      Wuold be a cool portrait zoom, wouldn’t it? 😉

  • Duff

    No mention of entry level (now D60), entry-prosumer (now D5000) and prosumer level (now D90). Sounds fishy…

  • I find it hard to believe that Nikon will go for 82mm
    I also find it hard to believe that they will go to 30 fps on video while they use 24 fps, an industry standard, on their other models.
    16 fps is quite a jump from 10 fps, and when looked at in the light of earlier developments it is a huge leap. Hard to believe.
    And how come they go for 30 Mp, did Sony announce a 30 Mp chip already?

    This post seems fishy to me. And I hope I’m wrong :+

  • Ken Elliott

    Considering that this is called a ‘ road map’ it is believable. Most of these things reflect long-desired customer requests (MU+timer, updated 70-200, 85mm f/1.4), interesting engineering developments. As an example, it looks like the 16 fps is achieved by taking a pair of shots while the mirror is up. So the mirror acts like it is going at 8 fps, while the shutter goes to 16 fps. This is an elegant solution, and not at all obvious. I suspect the D4 movie mode will be both 30fps and 24 fps, as such documents tend to refer to added features (adding 30fps to the existing 24fps standard). The D300s suggests (to me) an update of the D300 body to match the D700 (a better handling body) and perhaps chassis updates, while the D400 suggests updates to the electronics package. In other words, you could think of this as a full upgrade, with 1/2 the changes appearing in the D300s, and the rest in the D400. If the mechanical updates are ready, it makes sense.

    I have long felt that Nikon has been moving to a more modular construction, where different parts of the camera could be updated separately. If they have been doing the same to the optics, then I would expect such a large number of updates.

    If you think about it, a 20 year roadmap will show every lens and camera being replaced. So I think this roadmap is possible, but I’m not sure the timeframe is.

  • ak

    Chester: The D300s doesn’t have 22Mpix. Read again.

    Duff: There is a D3000…

    Doesn’t mean I believe this stuff, though.

  • Darren C.

    I hope the D3000 specs are wrong here. I sold my D40 in anticipation of a replacement, and two of my main complaints about the camera were that the ISO went only as low as 200, and the model didn’t have auto bracketing. It’s not easy to capture a long exposure image of moving water, for example, when the ISO starts at 200.

    • Nikkorian

      lol. u know what a grey filter is?

    • niko58

      I understand what you are saying Darren, but many of the current Nikon cameras, according to Nikon, are optimized to shoot at ISO 200 and they do not recommend lower ISOs, even if is supported using the expanded ISOs option. If your concern is getting long exposures of moving water, just slap a neutral density filter on the front of your lens. ND filters are available in multiple strengths, do not affect color, and will acheive the longer exposures that you are looking for.

  • Darren C.

    Of course I use an ND filter, and even stack it with a polarizer on occasion, but sometimes it’s still not enough. It’s nice to be able to dial down to ISO 100 or lower if the camera allows it. Thanks for the information.

  • Jack

    Q 1- can anyone speculate if the listed AF specs for the movie mode on D300s and D400 are any closer to auto focus or this would still be a manual focus thing?
    Q 2 – can anyone speculate how the release of D300s and D400 impact prices of D300 and D90?
    Q 3 – What about predictions for a D90 replacement?

  • Ben O.

    Dang! I wish my D90 had active D Lightning. That would be so cool to instantly bring down giant bolts of electricity.

  • getanalogue

    folks, i told you that nikon made a deal with fuji: fuji is discontinuing their slr program, since their exr tech in nikon d200/d300 bodies became too much of a danger for nikon. the deal is, fiji discontinues selling dslr’s and nikon, in return, is licensing fuji’s revolutionary exr tech for their pro cams. maybe nikon will give up low-level p&s in favour of fuji. if you now was hasselblad is doing (multi exposure), the new nikon tech is taking on middle format cam vendors such as Hasselblad and leica by using multi exposure tech. i like it and i knew it – these guys are great, even though japanese. i think the leak is launched by nikon itself in order to retent their clients until they rule the camera world, but not sure about the lenses in that respect. i think i have to give up using my bentley f4 in 2011 latest.

  • PanozJim

    In my experience in the wireless industry a “roadmap” refers to things that are in active development. Timelines can slip but they are generally a target in terms of launch month. “Roadmaps” are not wish lists, they are things you plan to do and generally the only things that change that are problems with the product and / or changing market conditions.

  • I don’t see the point in the AF-S Zoom-NIkkor 24-85mm f/4 if the current one is f/2.8-4. Even if the new one has VR, the older one seems better. Same with the 400mm. The current one is f/2.8! Why downgrade to f/5.6?

  • KGR

    I am one of the people anxiously waiting on the 80-400 upgrade with VRII and AF-S. My interim solution was to get the equivalent Tokina used without VR or -S.

    While I’m pleased of the longer reach of this purported lens I do note the lesser range. 120-450 is 3.75x versus 5x of the 80-400. That is less versatility than the current offering and I often find myself at 80 with this range and wishing for even more versatility . I do think longer reach will be a draw for those considering upgrading from current Nikon 80-400, Tokina, Sigma (Bigma and the newer, problematic OS/VR lens). I would very much prefer a 100-500, 120-600 or even 80-400 and keep 5x the zoom range.

    This might be a deliberate leak, a test balloon to see the community reaction prior to design and production. Such a move would be quite wise on their part. Please be careful not to give in too quickly on 120-450 (not 480 PHB so the DX equiv is 675 not 720, please let’s not exaggerate manufacturer claims they do so already readily 🙂 and look at the trade-off.

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