Nikon D3000 picture got their hands on a Nikon D3000 picture:


Check their site for a detailed comaprisson with the D5000 and a D3000/D5000 overlay. It seems that the video-less version of the Nikon D5000 will be called D3000 and not D4000 as speculated earlier.

The D3000 will be the new entry level DLSR from Nikon.

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  • Mathias

    Doesn’t look that real. Just look at the number 3 of the D3000 logo. It’s a different color then the rest of the numbers. I call fake.

    • SteMa

      Look on the site, and check out the 5 in the d5000 πŸ™‚ I’m 99% sure it’s real. hopefully it’s 12mpx cmos with 3″ vga lcd. Don’t care about focus motor or AF point, probably don’t have and 3 πŸ™‚ But should be a great d40 substitute πŸ™‚

  • I hope Nikon adds something that screws over the video enthusiasts.

    DIE DIE DIE!!! πŸ™‚

    • fotosniper

      I wish they could make a camera to squash stupid people.

      • James

        If you want a camera to ” squash stupid people” it would be a full HD auto focusing camera with an external mic on a FF senser. Now that would squash stupid people (I.E you).

        • cencio

          can’t we all play nice?

        • fotosniper

          haha… funny.

  • belichtet

    hihi i was wayting for your post…

  • NSXType-R

    I wouldn’t mind buying the D3000 if this is how it will be projected. I mean, just lose the screen and video, and it seems good enough as is.

  • NSXType-R

    Edit- I forgot one thing- I have a D40 already, so I would upgrade to a D90 instead, if I were purchasing it all over.

  • jsv

    Looks interesting. Too bad it’s not FF/FX. If it was, Nikon will have found a way to basically print money during this recession…a FF camera in a D40ish body in the 1200-1500US range would sell like hotcakes!

    • PHB

      And a ferrari for the price of a VW would sell like…

      Well actually wouldn’t sell too well at all. The problem with full frame is that for it to make any sense you need to have a bunch of $1600 lenses. So I don’t think we are going to see an FX camera going for less than the price of the D300 in the next few years.

      This is the cut down mass market version for the Xmas market. Don’t know if they have really taken out video but they have certainly saved some pennies by not doing the flip out screen. It will definitely be a DX body with no AF motor. I would think most likely it will be the same 12MP sensor as the rest of the DX range. It is enough for any entry level purpose.

      This is not the model I would buy for my own use, but I might well buy one for someone who didn’t want the complexity of the upmarket Nikon models.

      Actually, I might just buy one for the purpose of converting to IR if the live-view capability has survived. Fancy autofocus does not really give you much when you have mucked the sensor about like that, so you might as well start with a low end model that does live view focus πŸ™‚ Unless of course the prices of the older prosuer Nikons drop on EBay.

      • i think you greatly underestimate value of old nikkors. not saying second hand market sales helps nikon, just saying that there is SO BAZILION of nikkors on the world which often exceed those new ones that crying for lenses makes often no sense.

      • dave

        Actually, you don’t need $1600 lenses for full frame. In fact, the inexpensive kit lenses do better (assuming they are full frame). Since it would be full frame, you use more of the lens and the resolution of the lens is less of an issue at the same sensr resolution as a DX sensor. Now, if it were a 25MP FF, THEN you’d want the resolution of those $1600 lenses to help you out.

  • The number looks super fake. The last “0” of the 3000 isn’t even completely there. It almost looks more like D300D.

  • GingerJimmy

    interesting, that there is no mention of the d3000 on the Polish version of the site. i.e.

  • regular

    I sometimes feel like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day” : every month, a new camera that just look the same as the previous πŸ™

    Has Nikon caught the T1 flu from Canon ?

  • low

    here they come…

    • Nikkorian

      no no, this is only the beginning.

  • Zorro

    I hope it’s released with a new kit lens – 18-135 VR

    • Max

      I think there’s enough of those zooms. The 18-105 is close enough.

      • Zorro

        Actually, the 18-135 and 18-70 both badly need a VR update.

        • Anonymous

          16-85 VR, 18-105 VR – not close enough?

        • I agree Ken. Metal mount on the 18-135mm VR lens please. πŸ™‚

  • mike

    Congratulations! You won!

    admin – please get rid of that ad…

    • I heard that too – it is very annoying, let me see how can I remove it…

      • mike

        It’s been there for a few days and it’s terrible.

        • ok, I think I found and removed it. I have not control over those ads, but I can remove them so if you see something like that please let me know

  • MB

    Told you it will be called D3000 couple of months ago …

    • MB, I remember but I also remember that I asked you for more info. Many readers say many things here and unless I get some details, it is just chatter to me.

    • STJ

      Hi MB, any other things to tell us? New lenses would not go without a big thanks….

      • MB

        I am not sure anyone reads old posts, but for what is worth new 18-200 is coming soon. Let see how I’ve done this time.

  • Tim Catchall

    I call fake.

  • Trevor

    Looks legit to me. Go to the site and you’ll see the detail and the variety of differences. I think it’s real.

  • Zoetmb

    I was going to say it was simply a Photoshopped version of this:
    but a closer examination reveals differences:
    – the control dial is in a different position.
    – the circle on the grip is higher.
    – the reflection in the lens is slightly different.
    Since it makes sense for Nikon to replace and D40 and/or D60, I think it’s probably real.

    While the “3” looks fake (it’s whiter), when I went back to examine the official Nikon press photos of existing cameras, they all have that same anomaly. Different characters in the model name have different brightness levels.

    It makes sense for this to be a “3000” so that Nikon can release a D4000 in the future (whether that’s a replacement for this or another model in the line) or an even lower-level D2000.

    • ggweci

      Also noticed the following:

      Note: These could be photoshopped.
      – No mic on the D3000 = no video
      – Flash mode logo looks to be the inverse of the D5000’s
      – No green dot by the shutter button on the D3000
      – White line between “Info” and Exposure buttons in longer on D3000

      These differences are not so easily photoshopped:
      – You can see more of the eyecup on the viewfinder (looks different as well) and the flash surround is a different shape
      – The side of the D3000 by the lens release button doesn’t look as “bulbous” as the D5000’s. Also note that the “line” along the bottom is straight on the D3000.
      – The cover for the input cables has a differently shaped tab

      These differences lead me to believe this pic is 99% true. I guess we’ll find out in a month… if the specs are right (D5000 minus Video and Articulating Screen), then I’ll be plunking down for one as long as it’s price well.

      Also, based on those physical body changes, I think the D3000 will be smaller than the D5000…similar in size to the D40/D60. πŸ™‚

      • ggweci

        Doh! Just went to the link posted by NR and they already spotted the major differences. Fell like an idoit! πŸ™‚

        Anyways, still looks good to me.

  • Anonymous

    i think this is true too…but man, what a killer body lineup from nikon! add to the (currently whats out now) d5000, d90, d300, d700, d3, and d3x! everyone has an option at very capable camera bodies. thanks canon for pushing nikon on bringing us better cameras heheheh πŸ˜‰

    • you mean every amateur…
      where is D700 with A900 sensor? There is lot of stock and fashion photogs who would love that, besides that it would remove need to use D300 as teleconverter.

      • Nikkorian

        will come. patience is a virtue.

        • of course it will come. but late.
          entry level market is stuffed, difference between D5000 and D90 ist like 200eur but still no high res camera for “masses”

  • I call it fake. Look on the top… is that a “scene” mode dial that see?

    • Andi

      Yes, there is a Scene-Mode. What’s up with it to be Fake?

      The D5000 has a Scene-Mode too.

      • If it dosn’t have video, why would there be a scene mode?

        • Andi

          Scene-Mode has nothing to do with Video.

  • LordBug

    It’s “comming”?

    So is that a case of it’s communicating with someone/something, or it’s just turning into a Communist with the intention of taking over the world?


    (Bad spelling makes the inner pedant cry!)

  • Zabbu

    Look at the last 3 digit after the D3###, it’s not white but instead gray-ish in colour.


  • Harp

    The model number on a Nikon camera is not white. It’s silver – and mounted on a curved surface of the body. Thus each digit of the model number reflects the lights which were used for taking the photo above a little bit differently. That explains the slight color differences in the model number…so I say it’s real.

  • sam

    I don’t understand why they would drop video. It’s just mic + software, so it’s essentially artificial product differentiation. Sometimes this kind of differentiation is done by adding “if d3000 disallow video” switch in software, and if so, we can even see someone hacking the firmware of d3000 to facilitate video as soon as there is the first firmware update.

    • NikonMan

      even if hacked, it would still be video without sound because there is no microphone.

      Those who want video will pay more for D5000.
      Those who do not want video can have a less expensive camera in D3000.

      sounds great to me.

    • GilmourD

      Actually, the D5000 and the D90 probably have an MPEG encoder chip in there so the camera doesn’t bog down processing video and kill the framerate.

      • Soap

        Isn’t the video in MJPG, not MPEG-2?

        • GilmourD

          Well, regardless, I bet there’s some sort of encoder chip that the video enabled cameras have which the non-video cameras don’t. It makes no sense to do all the video encoding in software on a dSLR when it takes a fairly decent computer to do the same in software. I honestly doubt that the main processor in a D5000 or a D90 could encode 30 frames a second without some sort of sub processor to at least assist it.

  • Cesar

    Mighty fake!

  • rwpl

    the only thing that is not right here that the info didn’t show up on the polish version of the site ( which is ).

    It could be because on the polish version there is an ‘weakly rumors’ article every weekend and the info will be simple there but it is also possible that because the lenstip is a young web site and guys from optyczne would like to give here a bit of advertisement they faked the picture send the tip to NR and hoped that people coming to check the website would remember it ( they hope to be a second photozone I guess).
    I’m not throwing stones at anyone hear – but we do need to keep a clear head over this.

  • Nikkorian

    it’s so real

    • Nikkorian

      and a nice job by nikon i must add. i hope they don’t exaggerate the price.

  • Mike

    I’ve compared the picture to my D40 and as uncertain as I am about the actuall size of the whole camera, I think the viewfinder looks bigger! That would be so cool combined with bracketting, the D5000 tech and a price closer to D60 than the former…

  • Char

    The lenstip link seems broken…?

  • kristupa saragih

    So it’s a D3000 not D300s that nikon is going to announce next month?

  • Chris_M

    So… I’m hoping it won’t be as big and heavy as the the D5000. One of the most appealing things for me about the D40/60 is it’s size and weight. The D5000 is almost like a D90 (size, weight, price), but it lacks the AF motor and it’s damn ugly.

  • Lenstip has removed the link. Probably got warning from Nikon?

  • Nikkorian

    If it should really have no video, it would have to be priced at least a little below the upcoming Canon 2000D, meaning around 350 Euros. That would be a fair deal.

  • funny

    selling an entry level dslr w/o video is a mistake. everybody else will make sure it includes video on their entry level bodies. this camera will be a total failure.

    • James

      Sony hasn’t put it in their entry levels.

      • funny

        they also haven’t released anything new. the new stuff will have it surely. That leaves nikon sitting like a kid who nobody wants to play with. huge mistake. the target audience of this camera will pay attention to the gold sticket that says “HD VIDEO” and ignore the nikon which has…well nothing interesting.

  • shivas

    seems like the magic of 3’s here. . . so a dSLR drop on July 30th – 300s and 3000?

    I can’t wait for the lens release. . .since they’re playing with numbers, and it’s on August 4th, ummm. . . .85 1.4 and 24 1.4??

  • shivas

    so back on topic. . .price guesses on the D3000??

    The D40 is currently under $450 on Amazon. . .I’m thinking if they want a body only to sell well, price it at $499, and with a kit lens, $549. . .they would FLY off of the shelves. . .

    • James

      I geussing in the ball park of $600.00. That’s what the D40 was when it was released.

  • Anonymous

    D3000 specs

    DX Format
    12.3MP CMOS
    2.7 inch LCD(No Bali-angle)
    No D-movie
    Silent Mode AF
    5-points AF
    Live view
    Dust reduction

    • Mike

      I hope the fps number is wrong, apart from that I’m in!

      • rwpl

        I would not expect more then 3fps. If you need more you need to buy d90. Marketing..

        • Mike

          I was just counting on the D5000’s 4 fps and am not ready to abandon all hope yet πŸ˜‰

          • rwpl

            don’t ;] But honestly – Do you need such a speed?

    • SteMa

      This sounds good (it could do more fps probably but needs to be distinguidhed from the d5000. But for the lcd I hope it’s going to be a 3″ vga like on the d90

  • Anonymous

    Either it’s fake, or they got busted by Nikon. I click on the link and it attempts to load the page, then redirects to the main page. Anyone else having problems viewing the D3000 page?

    • rwpl

      There is no ‘d3000 page’ – it was just an info from lenstip. The post was deleted however few hours ago.

  • Ari

    Do you think it will support the GP-1 for geotagging? I’ve a D80 at the moment and love the idea of geotagging. Although I like the idea of video, the half based solutions on the D5000/D90 mean an upgraded to either aren’t really worth while. So a non video, cheap’ish, small, point and shoot DSLR supporting geotagging wouldn’t be a nice addition.

    Although providing Nikon don’t push up the price point and add better video support on the new D300s/D400, I might justhold out. Although sadly I was hoping to get a new DSLR before my two week holiday in a couple of weeks.

    • sam

      just use the gps that’s in your cellular and sync on pc…

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