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This week the Nikon links section will be published earlier. I will be on the road and will have limited Internet access in the next few days:

  • Nikon Solution Expo 2009 canceled.
  • Nikon and Fujitsu will establish a joint company named "Nikon Imaging Systems". The company will be responsible for the firmware development in Nikon digital cameras (source).
  • Nikon launches D5000 cashback scheme in the UK.
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  • D40-Owner

    D5000 cashback already? Weird…
    It’s a shame about canceling the Solutions Expo. I was there last year in London, and I got to play around with a lot of incredible setups, that I wouldn’t be able otherwise:
    – My D40 with a 200mm f/2 VR. That lens is sharp, big and heavy! And the bokeh, oh god, the “creaminess”.. My D40 simply disappeared behind it… I laughed when another guy approached me and was like: “What the heck is that??!??”. Hehehe.
    – A D3x with 85mm PC-E, playing around with focus plane tilt.
    – A D700 with a 70-200 VR; That’s a heavy, solid combo.
    – A D3 with a 500mm VR. I felt like a terrorist with a RPG launcher. 😛
    – Lots of photographer’s talks
    – A great Nikon tech seminar, talking about the “letter technologies” (N,G,VR,etc) where I got to make a Nikon tech guy scratch his head when I asked him about Focal Length-dependent minimum shutter speed in Auto-ISO. 😀 The guy was like: “Eeewww… Yeah, that would be cool! I’ll report that back!” Lol….

  • NikoDoby

    Safe trip admin and hopefully the biggest Nikon news/rumor won’t break while your deep in the woods. ;^)

    • Thanks! I will literally be in the woods… if I have cell phone coverage, I will be able to update the blog.

      • NikoDoby

        Hey take pictures of a unicorn or something and share on the forum when you get back.

        • or me being attacked by a bear… for this I will need video…. oh no, I said it again… video can be useful???

  • MW

    Have fun on the road

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand how the funding for the new company can only be 95 million yen and have 100 employees. Isn’t 95 million yen just 1 million dollars?

  • Dominick

    Enjoy your trip, recharge and come back fresh with new rumored announcements

    • I will still be online – it all depends on the AT&T coverage of Yosemite.

      • Actually try not to be online. It’ll do you good.

        I read a quote about someone who reads books when travelling. “That’s like going a thousand miles without moving an inch.”

        Explore new territories to recharge self, even if it’s not depleting anytime soon. A quick recharge never hurts.

  • NikoDoby

    Yosemite! Remember admin only you can prevent forest fires!

  • Ken Elliott

    >> “Nikon and Fujitsu will establish a joint company named “Nikon Imaging Systems”. The company will be responsible for the firmware development in Nikon digital cameras”

    [Groan….] Some of the worst crap to ever come out of Japan has been from Fujitsu. Perhaps I’ve just had bad luck, or they are better now. I have made it a point to stay far away from anything associated with Fujitsu.

    Am I wrong about them or have other had issues with Fujitsu?

  • Ed W

    Unfortunately, the signs are pointing to Nikon continuing to be struggling to turn profitable. This hurts sales to large buyers who are careful if they think a company may be unstable. It might be just a little nudge that results in a order going to a competitor.

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