Another Nikon D300s picture

no idea if this is real or fake

no idea if this is real or fake

close up

close up

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  • JP

    I think it look kind of strange at the control wheel above the D300s logo.

    • DNHJR

      That is the button you push so you can turn the wheel.

      • Jeff

        no, its the actual wheel, it looks a bit distorted, more like a command dial. i suspect that is a result of taking the speaker from a D5000 pic.

        • fotosniper

          thats the shooting mode dial. exactly like the d200/300

          • Jeff

            you are correct, one of the shadows next to the locking button threw me off, It made me think the wheel was smaller (and therefore forward.

  • I guess we will know soon enough if it is real or not but it looks credible.

  • I just hauled out my D300 to dare to compare and it seems to be identical except for the mic and the D300s logo. This is what I would expect.

  • joe

    the 300s looks like a photo shop of the d300 image posted. the light reflection in the lens is too identical

  • JR

    Uhh yeah… That’s the whole idea I think.

    This is legit.

  • Nikkorian

    I suppose the design team would try to give the new model, even if it’s a close update, at least some personal note — and if it is only some differently colored or shaped button. Should I not be totally wrong, this would be fake.

  • steve

    I think from the front a D300s is going to look identical to the current D300. The changes might come with a few controls, or screen on the back. Also, on the side of the inputs, there might be an added jack for a microphone (I hope there is one). A lot of people really like Nikon’s camera design – why change it? If it isn’t legit, it is pretty close.

  • Trevor

    It’s absolutely fake. If you study the picture in dr4gon’s link, you can see every little mark on the real D300’s surface is duplicated in the D300s image. It’s like identical fingerprints. That’s impossible.

    • freedolin

      Not impossible, if Nikon (like many manufacturers) uses rendered product images, not real photographs.

      • Nikon does indeed use new pictures for every product. I’ve looked at original images off Nikon Japan’s site and they have exif data from a Blad. From what I’ve seen they don’t recycle images even for minor updates like this.

        • So no D3x for product shots?
          That just sounds wrong..

  • Joop

    Shure fake. A mono mike instead of a stereo version

    • Nikkorian

      I hope you’re right about the stereo mic 🙂

  • low

    it has BEGUN!!

    • Anonymous


      • Nikkorian

        low … on memory 😉

    • fotosniper

      I say we rtreat to the forecastle and make preparations for a final assault!

  • randomdude

    you can tell it’s a fake simply by the fact that the terminal covers are the old d300 covers and earlier leaked images showed these were updated to be the same as the d700.

    • Anonymous

      Well, who says they were real to begin with? The D3x has also the same as the D3, not the ones from the D700.

      But I agree that it is a fake, compare the pattern of the uneven dried out looking material where the right hand holds the camera. It looks exactly the same as in the picture someone else posted earlier.

  • monty

    im really excited about all those “D400” books on several pages, if you can remember. they were said to come out in july…

  • Such a lazy fake. Agree with anon & others above – The specks on bottom left corner are the same. Bah. But still waiting with baited breath for the real pics & camera – especially if it has good quality 1080p 24/25p!!

  • x

    try to compare the angle of the lines above and below the “D300s” with the straight lines elsewhere on this image. Then try compare this to the original images from the nikon HP. Maybe this helps 😉

  • Daniel

    Shop’d. I am 99% sure (can tell by some of the pixels and from having seen quite a few shops in my time.)

  • Run the above image through TinEye, and it returns hundreds of copies of the image posted by @dr4gon.

  • donde?

    seems fake…

    anyway, there’s no new information so I voted dislike….

  • Anonymous

    I AGREE.. FAKE..

  • What if it’s a fake from Nikon?

  • litebyte

    The D300s has a round mic oultine, not square like here, it is fake.

  • JP

    I will still wait for the new D700 =)

  • Astrophotographer

    No doubt this is Pshopped. Layer this pic and Nikon’s image at nikonUSA in Pshop and do a diff. Every pixel s the same except the name and mic.

    • anon

      i just looked at the d3x and d3 front view pics on nikons site.

      With the exception of the lens and slight color difference,. every little crack and crevous looks identical as well. If you look around the batt grip aperture controls on both you can see the same exact texture spotting. directly right of the top of the wheel is one obvious texture spot that appears on both The lighting angles are identical on both, just the d3x has the levels brought up a little bit. There is one dark spot of texture above the O in Nikon on the prism front. Same exact place on both. It looks to me like Nikon photoshopped their offficial pic of the d3x. so i dont’ know how anyone can call this fake or real based on pixel locations becuase they all match on nikons official d3 and d3x pics. I think it’s totally possible that could be nikon’s offical d300s pic.

      • I remember that – we had a whole discussion on how Nikon photoshopped the “x” in their own D3x images…. I will try to find the link.

        • Anonymous

          So does that make it real or fake? hehe.

  • Zoetmb

    I agree fake. It’s exactly the same image as this:
    but with the “S” and microphone added. Notice the slight darker discoloration above the “k” and “o” of the Nikon logo and I bet that varies randomly from unit to unit. It’s exactly the same in both photos. There are similar markings on the left side of the grip (facing the lens) and below the DOP/Custom buttons at the bottom that are also exactly the same. In addition, there appears to be dust or dirt near the outer rim of the lens barrel between 180 and 270 degrees that are also the same in both pictures.

    As others have noted, the reflection in the lens is also exactly the same.

  • Mark J

    The lens is 100% fake. straight from that “how to make an aperture style lens tutorial that is so popular on the web. And if the lens is fake, that means there is no way Nikon did it. They have no need to place a fake lens on a real camera body.

  • Anonymous

    Definetly fake, the last ‘0s’ look wonky and on a slight slant, plus they are not aligned properly on the horizontally.

    • You are absolutely wright!
      now you say that, I guess the last “0s” might come from a D70s..

  • Matt


    Just look at the 2nd zero in the logo. It’s smeared and slightly larger than it should be. the ’30’ look like they belong together, and the ‘0s’ were made together. But the two groups don’t match up.

  • anonymous

    admin, you are the biggest 1diot in the world.

  • Cesar

    Looks mighty fake to me!

  • Anonymous

    Just look at the aliasing along the edge of the body near the top LCD and the hump in front of the hotshoe. It’s a poorly modified picture of the D300 as already mentioned.

  • getanalogue

    don’t mind whether fake or not, D300s / D400 will be launched one day. only question when. waiting to upgrade my d90 for better handling and usage of zeiss mf lenses.

  • I’m agree, it’s a fake!

  • getanalogue

    if it’s fake, what will nikon announce soon? a p&s, and two dslr’s like d3000 and d700s? and a d400 in november? or a p&s with built-in projector together with d3000 on one date, and a d700s and a d300s on the other one? then nikon would have a sensational line-up: high-end p&s, d3000, d5000, d90, d300s, d700s, d3x, presuming that d300, d700 and d3 would be discontinued afterwards.

    • Anonymous

      Discontinue the D3? And then what, leave sports and action photography to Canon??

  • wout

    I do believe that the Nikon D300S is comming but IMHO this picture is photoshopped.
    – Nikon would not allow such a crappy quality jpg to be released.
    – Photo is 100% idential to the D300
    – And there are weird encoding ‘spots’ arround the D300s logo that indicate manipulation.

  • shivas

    i wonder if we’ll get auto focus video on the D300s??

    How else could they separate it from the D90/D5000 MF?

    After seeing so many clips from the D5000/D90, as purist as I am, I’m starting to lean towards getting video. . . I love my D200, but would like to capture those candid clips with my 35 1.8 prime. . .

  • The image has been (poorly) faked. Look at the bottom right hand corner where the rubber grip meet the plastic base of the camera. There’s like a 2-5 pixel overlap that looks like someone cloned something wrong. Definitely close to what the real thing looks like though.

  • david thomas

    Hope the dbs in the d300s is fake / non existence unlike the origina D300…

  • Anonymous

    If there is going to be a D300s, wouldn’t they also release a D3s at the same time to include small fixes to that body too?

    Nikon really need to high MP D700 version too (D700x). From reading various forums on peoples recent buying decisions, Nikon is loosing customers to the 5D MkII. As great as the D700 and D3X are, Nikon do not have a camera to match the 5D MkII for resolution at a similar price point and alot of people want this resolution at an semi-affordable price.

    Leaving it another year or 18mths will be too late to remain competitive, they need to go for a killing blow now and not get all conservative and protectionist.

  • To me it’s a fake.
    Plus, I always wonder why we are never shown with a picture of the back side of the camera? If it were true, how could you explain the photographer would have taken only one picture of the front side without shooting another one of the back side in the meanwhile?

  • Anonymous

    It’s a fake. It has the same texture in comparison with the same photo of D300 (no s)

  • getanalogue

    hi everyone in this thread,
    think Nikon has launched it by themselves. They want to make Canons and Sonys make he, he, he – and then come out with fantastic 24 MP D800 with better noise than D3x, HD Video, dust removal and built-in flash plus a fantastic D400 with 14+MP, incredible low noise and full HD Video. I bet they will. You will see, they are gonna beat everything! It’s their last chance to take on Canon and Sony. It’s consumer electronics industry, products have a life cycle of two years not more.

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