“Reverie” – first feature film shot entirely on the Nikon D90

A feature film shot entirely on the Nikon D90 has been completed, and is in the process of being released (all this could be a prank, I don't know at that point):

'Reverie' (83 Min.) Starring Zach Sanchez, 'World's Greatest Dad' (Robin Williams, Bobcat Goldthwait)

'Reverie' (83 Min.) starring Zach Sanchez (who played in 'World's Greatest Dad' with Robin Williams, written by Bobcat Goldthwait)

Reverie Teaser (First Feature Shot on the Nikon D90) from 'Reverie': The First D90 Feature on Vimeo.

From the email I received:

The filmmakers are currently in talks with Distributor Claudia Mammana (Platoon, Wharlock) for securing a proper distribution company for the film, through associates such as Arnold Kopelson (The Fugitive, Seven), and Antonio Llorens. As well, the producers are currently pursuing the endorsement of Nikon, and are in very early discussions with the company regarding future marketing involving the film & the camera, as a showcase of how the Nikon D90 made the film what it is, and what it means to other independent filmmakers on the horizon.

More info on this movie:

"The information I have gathered from studying the D90 and its competitors have proven to me that the D90 far surpasses the full frame Canon EOS 5D Mark II, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1, and even Red’s Scarlet (based on what information has been released), which sits outside of the Digital SLR camera type and is made specifically for Cinematography."

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  • Joop

    If the d90 is very usefull for cinematography, even beter than the 5dmkII, would the d300s or d400 outstanding for this purpose.

    On the other hand, this will be the uppertunity for new filmmakers to make their low budget films. The dslr will grow towards a filmcamera, making photo’s will be seen as an extra feature ….

  • This is why I think that in 5 years every DSLR camera will have decent video. Check this article:


    • bobbywash

      you were right……its now 2014 and yes every camera has great video..

    • bobbywash

      you were right……its now 2014 and yes every camera has great video..

  • Remko

    Strange that they named it after the film shot by Vincent Laforet that is currently used by Canon for the promotion for the 5DmkII. I think the original Reverie already showed how a dSLR can perform in a professional cinematorgraphic environment. I hope that they didn’t know this, otherwise it looks a bit copycat-ish to me 🙂
    (see http://www.vincentlaforet.com/ for the short Reverie movie, it’s awesome)

    • William

      Exactly !

    • doomedromance

      Exactly the first thing I thought when I read the title.
      “What? Vincent Laforet made a full movie. …Wait. He shot it using a 5d Mk II.
      What the hell is this? It’s not Laforet.”


    Cool! Would like to see it.

  • dr4gon

    What a coincidence, a film by Nikon gear also entitled “Reverie.”

  • Tim Catchall

    I think you’ve been had. You clearly don’t speak German. If you did, you would know what Alles Mist means.

    • Tim Catchall

      Maybe not… bizarre name though

    • yes I know what it means – I googled the name:


      you think all this is fake?

      • Anonymous

        Of course you need German in order to understand it:
        German – English
        alles – everything
        Mist – crap/rubbish

        So it means “All this is rubbish.”

      • The D90 was only announced in February. Even a low budget “indy” generally takes close to two years from the time the rights to the plot are secured until it is ready for distribution. A great deal of this time is pre-production – turning the story into a shooting script, finding and securing the cast and crew, locations, props, and above all, finance. Only once everything is in place does shooting start, and it can range from a few weeks to a couple of months, depending upon the script and budget. Post-production can also take a year or more, assuming this one is for theatrical or television release.

        Even if Mr. Nikon confided to the film-makers that the D90 was going to be released a year before it was and all the pre-production was complete when it hit the shelves, there simply is not enough time to be at the stage implied. Furthermore, Mr. Nikon does not even share such things with Nikon Rumors! 😀

        However, I saw a Nikon commercial a few nights back that was completely shot with the D90 according to the copy. This is believable, but the task of doing a thirty second or one minute commercial is very different from an 83 minute theatrical release.

        • Or so it went. Whether this is crap or not, the film industry is changing, just like referring to it as the “film” industry will change.

          Light trucks will be a thing of the past. Big budgets will be a thing of the past.

          Maybe in the future auteurs will be able to concentrate on content.

          • jwm

            Actually the indie hipsters who will use these cameras will continue to refer to their work as “films” even though they have probably never touched a film camera in their life. Just like musicians still talk about making “records.” “Film” denotes a level of artistry and knowledge that may or may not be present in the low budget productions made possible by the D90 and 5D, but they will ALL still use the term.

            • bobbywash

              you were right… they still use the FILM term..

            • bobbywash

              you were right… they still use the FILM term..

        • zack

          “The D90 was only announced in February.” How come I bought it las t year in September then?

      • zack

        The pdf document has been created 18 May 2009, check the properties of the pdf

  • NikoDoby

    A new film with Bobcat Goldthwait! Wait What? He’s not replacing Ashton Kutcher as Nikon’s spokesmodel is he?

  • Are you guys saying I’ve been punk’d and this is not a real movie? Somebody will go through all this just to make a joke? Could be… can’t tell at that point.

    • Tim Catchall

      That’s what we are saying

      • Tim Catchall

        But we could be wrong

      • that’s a tough one – I just googled “Claudia Mammana” and only found a facebook profile… the other names appear to be real. Also, Robin Williams…


        • Tim Catchall

          Yes, the plot thickens. I’m UK based, so will pick this up tomorrow. Let’s hope we find out whether this is a) the real deal b) an enthusiast film maker who is using NR to get some free publicity or c) an elaborate hoax.

        • I do also feel that the “Reverie” title is more than suspicious.

          But this underlines one of the strengths of this site compared to most other Nikon one’s : it makes everybody send rumours and help check them.

          • Have to agree- titled after the 5DmkII’s “Reverie” seems like the wink that one’d need to know that a tall tale was indeed a joke.

    • Logan Mackay

      This is 100% legit.

      The film makers have posted updates about this film for months and months on dvxuser. Check it out yourself.

    • doomedromance

      The quote you put in the post makes me think you got punk’d. There’s no way the D90 can even compare to the RED One.

      Not saying Good video isn’t possible with the D90, it is. I cant find the link but some ones actually shot commercials from big companies using the D90.

  • My movie “Colin’s Quest” might not be featured but nontheless it has been shot entirely on a Nikon D90, as well!


    • Jon Paul

      Dominic, I love the film! Well done. I do have one suggestion for the future. Setting custom setting f4 to AE lock (hold) on the D90 will let you set the AE-L/AF-L button so that it locks the exposure until you push it again (including for movies). That way if the scene changes, the camera isn’t trying to adjust for the new lighting. It’s subtle and I’m sure most people wouldn’t see it–I only noticed it because I’ve shot video on the D90 and had to figure out how to get it to quit doing that.

  • Joseph Allen

    Laforet did it right with the tool he chose. He used stunning visuals to show what can be done with a VLSR in the right hands. He could have done the same thing with a D90 if he chosen that route.

    What Zach Sanchez has shown with his use of the D90 in his film is how to take boring pictures with a solid camera. I don’t see anything in the trailer for his ‘Reverie’ that would make me want to see the film, a distributing company want to buy it, or Nikon to want to sponsor it.

    He would have been better served making a REALLY good short film similar to the BMW shorts that were both stunning in their visuals as well as the limited dialog.

    If you check out the behind the scenes shots as well as the trailer you can clearly see the shortcomings of the D90 such as jello effect from the rolling shutter. This looks like a student film at best. The trailer lacks and doesn’t show anything with reference to how these guys could have overcome the lack of quality sound in the D90.

    In general the trailer lacks good visuals, dialog and contrasty (or even artistic) color that I’d expect to see in a high end film.

    I’d be shocked if Nikon does anything with it. This film may go down in history as one of the first feature length films shot with the D90, but it won’t make it a good film.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this is just a hoax.

    Nikon needs to get off their own asses and make some commercials with the D90. If they’d eat their own dog food then more people would be encouraged by what can be done with a VLSR.

  • Joseph Allen

    Here’s another funny note. The cinematographer’s resume (http://www.reels.allesmist.net/ON_TS_VR.pdf) posts his GED scores on the last page. WTF?

    • Nikkorian

      he took it off there — its still on google as html though 😉

  • Trevor

    As much as I think the D90 is a great camera, based on what I’ve seen of D90 footage and Red footage, I don’t for a second believe that the D90 produces better video than a Red Scarlet will. I think this is all a load of hogwash.

  • Zoetmb

    If all accurate this is great news for Nikon and they should definitely take advantage of the publicity, if indeed, the “film” looks good. The cinematographer obviously performed a thoughtful analysis, but there’s several important factors that he got incorrect, IMO, although some are debatable. And I say this even though I would love for Nikon to be “proven” superior to the other contenders.

    He maintains that the image size of a 35mm 1.85:1 motion picture is 24×12.95 mm. That is incorrect, although I understand he’s expressing this number as a comparison with Nikon in terms of “lens factor” . What those numbers actually represent are the finder ground glass markings you use when shooting Super Panavision or Super Techniscope 2.39:1 with a common top line (as opposed to a common center line) to protect 1.85:1. But if you were shooting in 35mm 1.85:1 in the first place, those would not be the negative dimensions which are more likely to be .866 x .468 (21.996×11.890 mm). In 35mm motion picture photography, there is a difference between the negative area and the projected area. That goes away in HD. The negative area DOES make sense to compare for purposes of “lens factor”, but not for anything else.

    So while I understand his logic (because as per the below, the D90 works out to 23.6 x 12.757), you can’t go by the negative area anyway because it’s not all used. The PROJECTED area of a 35mm 1.85:1 print is .825 x .446″ (20.955 x 11.328mm) which is 64% of the area of DX, however the 1.5:1 DX frame size is not really relevant anyway, since the D90 video uses 1280×720 which is 1.78:1. That is standard for HD, but not standard for 35mm 1.85:1, so if they’re “releasing” in 1.85, they’re going to be cropping the height by another 28 pixels (4%). So in the end it seems to me that the D90 is (for purposes of video at 1.85:1) 23.6×12.757mm and 1280×692 pixels as opposed to a 35mm projected area of 20.955×11.328 and so there’s still a “lens factor” involved, although admittedly, not a big one.

    He also says that even though the D90 has no audio input, you would use a separate sync sound system anyway. Yes, you would record separately, but what keeps it in sync? When you shoot dual system 35mm, there’s SMPTE time code between the camera and the recorder. Maybe if you record digitally, sync is less of an issue and you can just record a clap, but I think this is a bigger issue then he makes it out to be.

    He also says (although he didn’t do this) that the way to get around the auto-exposure lock is to use a lens with an aperture ring. I don’t know if the D90 works differently than my D200, but on the D200, the aperture ring must be locked down or the camera generates an error, so you don’t have use of it even though it has a ring.

    I won’t even get into the issue of the “jello effect” although if he has no pans, I suppose it wouldn’t have been an issue for him.

    But I think that these are all issues (except perhaps for the “jello effect”) that Nikon can address in future pro cameras. Meanwhile, I can’t wait to see the resulting film that they created. In spite of all my “techno-babble”, if it looks good, that’s what counts.

    • Zoetmb

      Note: I wrote the above before all the “possible fake” postings were made. I guess time will tell.

      • Zoetmb

        OK, one more note: I just saw the trailer, which I hadn’t seen before. I am impressed, however:
        – near the beginning, there’s a shot of rolling clouds, which had to of been done by shooting slower, which you can’t do with a D90. I suppose it’s possible that they sped this up in post-processing, but I don’t see how it could have been done in camera.

        – Just before the “go unheard” caption, there’s a shot of a guy who might be sitting on a couch. Look at the background – it’s HEAVILY pixelated. This might be an artifact of compressing for the web, but it’s going to be even worse blown up.

        – Trailer has no sync sound in it. Wonder if there’s any in the movie at all. Back in my film school days, before they let us use the sync sound equipment, we’d all joke around by making movies where people covered their mouths whenever they spoke so you couldn’t tell it wasn’t in sync.

        – In my comments above, I assumed that this was 1.85:1, since those are the dimensions the cinematographer alluded to. But on the website, this is 2.39:1, so even fewer vertical pixels are used than I had previously calculated. I won’t bother redoing all the calculations because in 35mm, there are multiple ways of getting to 2.39:1 (2 perf high and 4 perf high), but suffice to say that I don’t think the lens factors are going to match at all.

  • steve

    WOW! I just watched for the first time Reverie by Vincent Laforet, and it blows out of the water any video I have seen from the D90 (which is a camera I own and love).

    And hey Macindows! That Collins Quest is well done.

    David Hobby has been requesting an electronic shutter in a Nikon (a la d50 and d70), perhaps this would help Nikon solve the rolling shutter conundrum?

    • steve

      oh, and my money says it is a hoax, but who knows?

  • Micki4Mo

    Being a German AND a Filmmaker AND a D90 Owner for the exact same reasons as the cinematographer on this film I rate this “rumor” a 100% authentic. The german translation of the cinematographers name is correct but I suppose it’s a strange (and funny) coincedence. I, too recall having read about this project on DVXUser quite some time ago and all of the presented info and statements make perfect sence from a filmmakers standpoint, even though I somewhat disaggree about the level of unimportance of the rolling shutter – it’s even all over the trailer if you know what to look for.
    However, it really is a great achievement and from what I see in the trailer it will be an interesting and professionally produced film. I’m very much looking forward to seeing it!

  • EB

    This is the most obvious hoax I have seen in a long time. In fact this so obviously a fake I have no reservations stating that outright. Either, 1) The movie doesn’t exist or 2) it was not shot mainly (>25%) on a D90.

    A quick look at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robin_Williams

    under “filmography” shows no such film on the list, even under 2009…

    Not to mention the fact that any film production capable of affording Robin Williams would either go with Red Digital Cinema cameras or use film.

    Nobody would try a theatrical release with a 720p motion-jpg compression type camera. NOBODY!

    a small time director doing TV commercials is one thing… VGA output, TV quality, you need ALOT more for a theater.

    Frankly, I lost a lot of respect for NR Admin after he posted this believing it was plausible.

    “D90 outperforms RED Scarlet”! hahaha! yeah, a consumer DSLR with frankly crap video outperforms the best professional digital capture system in all history- I hope you were under the influence of some mind-altering substance when you posted this, admin. Hope it was a good trip.

    • EB

      or the third option is that robin williams is not the real robin williams and the film is LOWWW budget. >$500,000

    • It is not as obvious as you think. This site is about rumors after all. I still believe this is plausible.

    • Micki4Mo

      the whole robin williams thing is a formatting mistake: the actor on this film “zach sanchez” has previously appeared in “the world’s greatest Dad” which is starring robin williams:


      I assure you: this is NOT a hoax.

    • I think I should get back my respect because the movie IS REAL 🙂

      • EB

        I was hasty to judge… Although if it had billed Robin Williams in actuality, I would stand by my statements in my initial post. I was simply confused by the text there.

        Respect restored, no worries 😉

  • Micki4Mo

    I just watched the trailer 3 times over (btw thanks for this ‘heads up’ to NR!) and I must ad to my comment above:
    I’m feeling so reassured on my decision on this camera once again looking at this! You just have to admit that the footage from this camera despite all it’s technical flaws looks so very much FILMIC (soft and flat, with beautiful color reproduction), whilst the footage from the 5D (e.g. vincent laforette’s reverie) though technically MUCH cleaner look SO much like ” TV / Video” due to the 30fps and even more so the color sampling and the awful mpeg4 encoding…

    • EB

      Motion JPEG is far worse.

  • CanPhoto

    Why would some film a movie with mono sound?

    • Micki4Mo

      guys, come on – don’t be so foolish! no feature film records sound on camera. Before the invention of digital film cameras, there wasn’t even the possibility to record audio on the camera! Audio is up to today being recorded seperately and then synced in telecine or editing. what did you guys think the clapping in front of each take is for? to wake everybody up? it’s used to sync the audio peak with the frame where the clap is closed.
      there’s no reason to not use the same technique when shooting on the d90. it’s not even a change for any professional filmmaker.

      @EB: you have no idea what you are talking about. If you would have the slightest bit of experience with digital filmmaking you would understand the point the cinematographer is making regarding d90 vs. red scarlet.
      If I were you I wouldn’t dare posting such strong comments on the net, well knowing that you haven’t dealt with the matter any more than maybe having once picked up somewhere the name of ONE digital film camera.

      • EB

        sorry whats a “digital film camera”? I was under the impression that a camera shot either digital or film ;).

        You my friend are a moron.

        Have shot and edited video (what its called from digital capture) from a RED and from various prosumer cameras I can safely say I do know what I am talking about. RED cameras output in REDCODE which is visually lossless (although mathematically compressed) and allows many of the same benefits of RAW in still photography.

        Motion JPEG on the other hand is only useful for showing video to your aunt on the scratched LCD of your D90 in broad daylight!

        I’d much rather shoot on a DV recording prosumer 3CCD camera using a fixed lens than on a D90.

        I could go on but I fear you wont read it you ignorant, stupid, sack of…

  • filmmaka

    Wow. They should’ve called it “The Jello Effect”….and they need to learn that pretty or in this case, semi-pretty pictures does not a good film make. Oh, and get a decent graphic designer before you release your poster. Another amateur filmmaker from Portland….

  • First of all, it looks like a really boring movie. The text in the video seems to be to be incredibly pretentious or a joke. One or the other.

    The PDF comparison of the D90 to the Panasonic Lumix, 5D Mark II and the Red camera of all things shows the guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Let’s leave alone the ludicrous claim that the D90 will shoot better video than the 5D Mark II (especially since the Canon had the firmware update) or his talking about using lenses with aperture rings to get full control (hello, Nikon’s been killing off the aperture ring!).

    His claims about the Red Scarlet are so ill-informed it can only be termed as a joke. He seems completely unaware that the original Scarlett was cancelled long before the D90 was even announced. It was replaced by a group of cameras that go from sub-full frame to 6×17 centimeters and up to 9K resolution. He claims it doesn’t have interchangeable lenses – which is ludicrous considering they can use Nikon lenses!

    All in all, this guy is has no credibility. If there’s anything to this, he’s praising the D90 in an attempt to get money from Nikon for doing PR for them. But I can’t imagine the mundane video they’re showing in this trailer would interest Nikon in the least. They’re going to find a credible photographer that is respected in the cinematography world that will give them videos that look better than something shot with a Flip camera.

    • Zoetmb

      >>>It was replaced by a group of cameras that go from sub-full frame to 6×17 centimeters and up to 9K resolution. He claims it doesn’t have interchangeable lenses – which is ludicrous considering they can use Nikon lenses!

      Well..you’re partially correct and he’s partially correct. The only Red camera that’s currently available is the Red One, but it does take interchangeable lenses. The Epic, Scarlet and Red Ray are not available and although they’re supposedly going to be available Summer, Fall or Winter 2009, since the only thing up on the website are CADCAM images, it’s not exactly credible that these things are going to exist anytime soon. And since you don’t know when he wrote the analysis of cameras (and the film has supposedly already been shot), he may have been correct at the time.

  • Zoetmb

    The one thing that bothers me is that why would this guy shooting with a D90 call his movie the same name as the one shot with the Canon? That doesn’t make sense. Certainly, if they’re looking for Nikon financial or marketing support, Nikon wouldn’t want people searching “reverie” and hitting on the Canon version.

    And I believe movie titles (at least those for public theatrical release) have to be registered somewhere and two movies can’t have the same title in the same year.

    So something’s not right. This could be fake or a satire or ???

  • Jokke

    I don’t see this news item (assuming it’s not fake) as a “Nikon rumor”. I do like someone posting stuff like this, but not to a Nikon rumor site.

    A suggestion to site NR admin: You should have two feeds (or better yet, sites) in here, one with “Real Nikon rumors” and the other with “Nikon-related rumors and news”. Currently the signal-to-noise ratio seems to be getting worse, and these types of items are in my opinion “polluting” a site/feed which used to be 100% interesting Nikon rumors.

    I don’t care if there aren’t posts in a month, as long as those posts that appear are actual rumors. 🙂

    • Constine

      This is a rumor – as you can see we still can’t figure it out if it is real or not. Admin, the site is just fine – keep up the good work, don’t change anything.

    • I did have two feeds a while ago and then the majority wanted to have everything in one feed. Not easy to please everyone. I am averaging 1-2 posts a day… it is not like you getting slammed with things to read.

  • Adam

    Well as much as its good news to see some things taken with a DSLR w/ Video, I dont get his sense by saying a D90 is better then 5D and even worse RED scarlet!

    Here is why, cause many ppl admitted that 5D records better video then D90, better low light due to sensor size and not to forget, 5D jello effect is much much less then D90. Besides, there will soon be full manual control over video in 5D Mark II, so this guy has lost his brain.

    And anyone who says a D90 is better then a RED camera is totally biased or out of his right mind.

  • editman

    D90 is a fine camera. But it has a bad implementation of a movie function.
    How hard can it be to allow manual control, full HD and a decent bitrate.

  • Jason

    Too bad the directing, cinematography and acting in this bit of rubish do more harm than good for the D90.

    When you need to call out ” the guy that played with robin williams in movie x” you know these guys are desperate. You guys should read the PDF when he says the d90 is better than all cameras, even the RED, i love reading tech documents by people that have no idea what the hell they are talking about.

    Good news is though, that you didnt spend alot of money on this production, as you will never get it back.

    • zack

      I agree, this bit bored me to death. Nothing’s happening and this should be a trailer? wtf!

  • zack

    You can use D90 ( I have it) for web stuff and it’s good, but there’s no way you can do anything of a professional quality with this cam, get real. You have to spend x amount of time just to lose that bloody flickering waves (and you can never get rid of them completely) when shooting indoors. Did I mention, nothing is really sharp? It’s a pro toy and this ‘reverie’ film is shot and paid by Nikon or someone who works for them. Amount of Nikon nuthugging in that pdf is amazing

  • Jeff

    I just emailed them about the name, and got a wonderfully polite and earnest response back. I think that the name is a coincidence and that the film is real

    email here
    Thank you for the E-Mail; I appreciate you contacting us and asking about the project as opposed to leaving comments such as the many that have been left on the various web sites that have seemed to so suddenly post data about the picture.

    When I first contacted one of these web sites regarding the production, myself and the other members of the production were quite surprised to see that they so hastily posted all of the information that they did without first speaking with us. Unfortunately, some of it very misleading. The manner in which the information has been released is certainly not what we intended, though certainly my fault.

    Regarding the title of the film, that is actually a coincidence- one we became aware of halfway through post production; We actually found it quite funny that such a thing had occurred, and embraced the circumstance (that piece of information is apart of the trivia section on the film’s IMDb page). We had considered changing the film’s title, as to avoid others perceiving the film as a knockoff, though the director felt that at the point we were in the production, it was best to leave it. By no means did we mean the title to be in any way a disrespect to Vincent Laforet’s work; I think it is wonderful that these line of cameras have been released, as they allow filmmakers with absolutely no budget (like ourselves) to see their artwork come to fruition with great versatility. I would say that Vincent Laforet proved that to a number of people in the low-budget filmmaking community.

    Myself, and the others involved, are simply independent filmmakers from Portland, Oregon, trying to do what they enjoy. Our intentions have only been for our little film to be seen.

    In any case, I want to thank you again for the E-Mail; It is greatly appreciated. I hope I answered your questions, and let me know if I can do anything further for you!

    ~ Ray (‘Alles Mist’)

    > —–Original Message—–
    > From: jeff1000@comcast.net
    > Sent: Sun, 28 Jun 2009 23:44:57 +0000 (UTC)
    > To: reverie@inbox.com
    > Subject: reverie
    > So, how is it that the first feature film shot with a Nikon D90 is named
    > ‘reverie’? I ask because of the irony that the first short film (clip? i
    > don’t know) produced on a Canon EOS 5D mkII was also called ‘reverie’. I
    > find this coincidence strange.
    > -Jeff

    • zack

      Guys, you created this D90 PDF file on 18 May 2009, that’s easy to check. Why would anyone compare D90 with a) Scarlet -not being out b) Panasoninc GH-1 not being out at the time of publishing that pdf?

  • Mike

    Great stuff, keep it coming.

  • trenton78

    This is so obviously a fake (i.e. the title’s a ripp-off, the press materials and imdb entry are flaky, the trailer and featurette are ridiculously flimsy).

    NR Admin, I’m a little dissappointed you were gullible enough to give this rumor so much credit. Because even if by chance it’s a real movie, it’s not a movie to report about, even if shot on a D90.

    • Tim Catchall

      Hey, don’t be so harsh on NR admin. The post is fully linked through to the source material. Check it out yourself and form your own opinion.

  • Nikkorian

    About the quality of the movie it is up to anyone to decide for themselves. BUT they have the right to claim to have shot the first full movie with D90 — and why should they not use this in marketing? As beginners they need exposure. It’s an interesting Nikon news anyway, if not a 100% product rumor. All of you knowing about the Laforet vid, why are you not happy about hearing some similar thing concerning a Nikon cam. Envy, it seems to me.

    • Joseph Allen

      First, I am a Nikon shooter and have been for close to 30 years, since I was a kid.

      The big difference between this “feature” and Laforet’s video, is that Laforet worked well within the limits of the 5D to produce a stunning visual work.

      These guys made little effort to work with, or around, the rolling shutter in the D90. They could have used (or used a better) steady cam, limited the horizontal panning and put the darn thing on a tripod or very steady mount.

      While I applaud their efforts to produce a feature length film with an inexpensive solution the quality comes up way short.

      Are we concerned about quality or quantity? The D90 film is better quality than the average YouTube point and shoot pimple popper video, I see nothing that would convince me that this is a better tool than prosumer camcorder and a letus adapter.

      These guys have made a big score in publicity for themselves, but if I were going to buy a VSLR solely based on this film and Laforet’s then I’d go with the 5D.

      This film and its buzz around the D90 has little to do with the D90, because the visuals are sub-par. These guys have been savvy about using the D90 to create a buzz for them, and we are suckers for thinking its about the D90.

  • Focuspuller

    This is a “teaser’?
    Does that mean the movie is actually more boring?

  • sjms

    on the so called cinematographers comment of comparison between the Scarlet and the D90 (base on available information that is) i love a person who can quote/opinionate on a product that he she or it has never touched.

  • Ryan

    Pretty sure this is real, this film is also shot on a D90: http://sabipictures.com/eloquentgraffiti/

    I don’t know about shooting an entire feature on the D90 but its a good option to shoot a short.

    • Mike

      “but its a good option to shoot a short.”

      No, it’s not. You obviously never went to film school. Unless you mean “short” family movie of your kids opening presents and you left the handycam in the van. No aspiring film maker would ever touch a DSLR for something as important as a short, especially if it’s a reel they will be handing out to get noticed. People who are using these cameras are merely trying to prove a point. “Hey look at me! I can shoot movies with a DSLR!” A filmmaker should always use the best gear they can possibly get their hands on, and at this time, that is still a real motion picture camera.

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  • Soumendu Bhattacherya

    I have done my SELF FINANCED DEBUT feature film ‘NEIMANUSHER KISSA / A SAGA OF NOBODY’- (99 minutes )entirely by nikon d5100 with the help of 32mm,50mm,85 mm lens.Now,it is in the last phase of post production;finger crossed.i am very much satisfied.when i started it in august 2013 ,nobody else did a feature film entirely on a nikon camera that time .nikon d5100 had just launched.duto some financial problem ( which you all know and faced probably ,especially in an self financed independent film ) it got delayed and now i am going through the last phase of the sound post & c/c.yes,i am satisfied;only 2 scenes has some grains/noises.i have to deal with that.I am a pass out of film inst.thank you all.
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