Nikon Coolpix compact camera with built-in projector: confirmed

After my post yesterday I received multiple tips and some blurry images of a Nikon point and shoot camera with a built-in projector. This time I will not post the pictures (don't ask me why), but I can assure you that I can clearly see a "projector" button on the camera and an extra opening/lens on the front for the actual projector. The pictures do not appear to be photoshopped. The camera looks really small and I still wonder how they were able to include a projector in it (probably using LED technology) - this is why I did not believe the initial tip. The projector probably will be usable only for short distances. For comparison, here are some images of a portable projector for the iPhone released just few days ago (640x480 resolution, recommend distance 40 inches, 10 lumens):


portable iPhone projector

Who cares about another Nikon p&s? Probably nobody here, but this rumor tells us that Nikon "still got it" and even as a big/old/traditional company, they can still innovate and implement "world's first" ideas. I hope there will be similar surprises in the DSLR and lenses area this year. The bad news is that one of the two scheduled Nikon press-conferences will probably be for point and shoot camera(s).

Nikon compact camera with built-in projector NR probability rating: 95% (95% because even after I've seen the pictures, I still cannot believe they can fit a projector in a p&s camera).

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  • burak

    development of green laser made it possible..

  • Dan

    “The bad news is that one of the two scheduled Nikon press-conferences will probably be for point and shoot camera(s).”

    *cue Luke Skywalker’s “Noooooooooo….” after Vader tells him that he’s his father*

    • Anonymous

      Well this is unfortunate, but 2 events within such a short period of time, both about DSLR’s was rather unlikely from the beginning, wasn’t it?

    • STJ

      You just need one press conf. to show 8new lenses and 3new DSLRs… Ok, I guess that won’t happen 🙁 I’ll join the “Noooo!” group then… Grrr, having bought a Nikon I’m a “bit” annoid about the speed with which they make their fixed focal lenses AFS/VR/Nano-coating compatible…

  • Jeff

    That’s cool, but it reminds me of the polaroid pogo. It doesn’t really have any benefit except to be a ‘look what I can do’ innovative yes, game changing? no, I think not. personally I would rather have a HDMI cable that can pull out a couple of inches from the camera and attach to a TV, and then a small remote bundled with the camera to cycle slideshow, stop slideshow, next, previous, etc… that would seem more useful to me than a projector.

  • Alex

    Why are you not posting the pictures?

    • I said don’t ask me that 🙂
      Maybe the pictures tell/have something that I don’t want to be posted here.

  • Cool idea for a P&S camera, I might just buy one to have the cool factor of a neat toy.

    But what’s next…. the new D400 with full 1080P Video and a video projector included. But we will have to wait for the D400x to get surround sound speakers and mics built into the camera the D400 will only have stereo…. I don’t know about you guys but due to this major blunder I will not get the D400 but will wait for the D400x

    I love camera technology now… Only now is a camera obsolete even before anybody thinks of the initial concept.

    • Please don’t think I am serious about the D400 with video, but I would love to see a fake image of this mythical camera… maybe I will make on and spread it around the internet just for a laugh

  • gary

    mmmm, i decided to go with nikon because a friend was selling his very newish camera. now 2 years later and i am seeing nikon puts out what it wants not what we want. recently i started looking into canon and they seem to put out what consumers want more so than nikon. seems nikon is like one step behind in almost every way. they put out a bunch of P&S cameras only to put out more a few months later. never mind all the gaps in regaurds to SLR lenses and cameras. after getting into photography, i am starting to believe i went with the wrong company. canon dosent suffer from the gaps like nikon does with their current line ups. this release of a new P&S is typical of nikon. all things considered nikon is one step above sony, about the level of olympus but a peg or two down from canon. live and learn…

    • TOR8472

      To each his own I guess. I look at what Canon is putting out vs. Nikon and I am very happy to be in the Nikon camp. I see no gaps in Nikon’s bodies, whereas I do in Canon’s. It just depends on your needs/desires and funds. I see the gap in the lens lineups, but here, I don’t want an F4 lens, so I don’t care.

      I’m not referring to this P&S, but you are making a lot of assumptions before 1 of the 2 press releases is even announced.

    • Having come from a lifetime as a working photographer, starting digital with the classic Coolpix 990 and following the evolution to my present D300 and D700, I feel no Canon-envy whatever. I can photograph any subject in any light at any distance under any circumstances. All my old AI-S lenses work great, and my selection of AF lens do not restrict me in any way.

      The CP5000 was a big step beyond the CP990, and I still have my CP8400, though it now gets little use. However, with its array of lens components, it covers from fisheye to full telephoto. With its 2/3″ sensor, it still produces significantly better image quality than current compacts with their much smaller sensors. With the fisheye lens it produces superior HDR light-probe images for image based lighting. It also has great long exposure capability and a built-in interval timer.

      However, there are no high-end compacts anymore. Everyone is putting out “me-too” cameras, with gimmicks they call innovations, but all with tiny sensors which need full time noise-reduction even at the lowest ISO settings. Features are traded for image quality at the top. Bland compacts are selling great, so why address the prosumer market when entry level dSLRs are so affordable, and sellers can get further get into the consumer’s pocket with lens purchases?

      The D200 was the first dSLR that met the minimum requirements and the D300 answered its deficiencies. The D700 is a whole ‘nuther world. Both the D300 and D700 are very mature cameras, and while I read this site, it is not with a longing for the next camera that addresses their weaknesses, but curiosity. I can keep these cameras for a long time, unlike their predecessors.

      The D300 with its 18-200mm lens is the ultimate “walkin’-’round, shootin’-stuff” camera. All the versatility of a superzoom compact, but with a great sensor and a more than adequate 11x zoom lens.

      The D700 produces image quality that rivals my medium-format scans, even at substantial ISO settings well in excess of what I used with the medium-format systems. At high-ISO settings it allows me to go where no camera has gone before. Even at ISO25,600, noise is only comparable to ISO400-800 grain with a 35mm film camera. I love ambient light, available darkness shooting, and the D700 empowers me. I have zero frustration with either camera.

      The D300 has the DX sensor with its 1.5x cropping factor, which is like having a tele-extender built in – but without the loss of speed and extra optics. With a minimal number of lenses, and thus a light and mobile bag, I am covered from 16mm to the equivalent of 900mm.

      Sure Canon can match most of this, but why give up my lenses for a camera that can do no more? Nikon, like Canon, can match the needs of the most demanding shooter. I see little lacking with either brand.

    • Ken Elliott

      Once you buy into a system, you tend to hear everyone whine about what is missing, and that happens in all camps, Canon included. They whine about not having glass like the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8, and how slow the 85mm f/1.2 is. They whine about the focus problems with the newest pro bodies. Nikon users whine about the lack of f/4 long zooms, and gaps in the lens lineup.

      No matter what system you get, you’ll always hear someone whine about what is ‘missing’ from the system (myself included). But both Canon and Nikon have all the tools needed by professionals and amateurs alike. You can’t be all things to all people, and those of us left out tend to speak up.

  • Eh??

    no funny or fake pictures = worthless rumor

  • Ubiquitous

    WOW! That is what I’ve been waiting for: a built-in projector in a P&S camera. The news cannot get better. Only the announcement a built-in flash light can only top it.

  • Ken Elliott

    I bet they use lasers, rather than LED/LCD. Lasers don’t need the optics and can be made quite small. I think this is quite creative and will be a big hit at parties and for industrial use. Glad to see they continue to think out of the box.

    I do wish they would fix a few issues about the box, however. Like combining mirror-up and timer, and letting me lock shooting banks.

  • Willis

    Watch a movie as it’s being filmed in real time lol

  • NikoDoby

    I’ve seen the prototype of this model. It’s pretty neat. It kind of works like this

    well kind of 🙂

    • NikoDoby

      Oh and the reason admin can’t show you the pics is because It was projecting porn 🙂

      • Zoetmb

        Almost…it’s because Ken Rockwell is in the shot.

    • LOL!

      • Sam s.

        Is it because Thom Hogan had them first and you don’t like him?

        • STJ

          I havent noticed that admin doen’t like Thom…. and what comment is that anyways.

  • this technology has been around for at least a year and a half. It’s surprising to me that Nikon would be the ones to put it into a camera first. One of the companies that pioneered this system had cell phones in mind.

  • Archer

    This looks very similar to the recently announced iPhone projector gadget from MiLi Pro, look here.

  • Chris

    It could be one of those little laser Pico projectors from Microvision: They’ve licensed the tech to a number of mfgrs who have products on the market…check Youtube for examples.

  • @Admin Typo alert – Presumably you mean *world’s* first ideas rather than “word’s first” ideas. . .

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