Nikon related links/news/not posted rumors

Nikon related links/news:

Rumors I did not post for various reasons (till now that is):

  • Nikon HQ in Sydney:  there will be two new DSLR's being announced soon.
  • has few Nikon D400 entries for sale - I don't think those are valid since everyone can post an item for sell on this site.
  • Nikon secret shooting in Japan (received from a reader):

"I live in Tokyo, and a couple of days ago I saw a tripod setup when was walking to the ATM.  All I could see was the back screen and from the front that it was Nikon lens.  Otherwise everything was covered by cloth in a box funky hood setup.  What resonated with me though was the screen was obviously taking video BUT did not have the greyed out area on top/bottom (as is on my D90) and the screen looked to be wide screen. I regret not taking my camera!  Though the man quickly blocked my view of the screen after he realized I was watching closely. It did NOT look like a D700 body, looked like a slightly refined D300."

The leaked Nikon D300s screenshots appeared to be in a wide-screen format as well. No way to verify this rumor.

  • Nikon compact camera with built-in projector: Nikon is about to launch a compact camera with a built-in projector, about 1hr battery life with projector on. Rough specs: 5x zoom, VR, 28-140 mm equivalent lens, 12 MP. I have hard time believing this one - I asked for some more details. We shall see.

Windows 7 available for pre-order. Home Premium and Professional, will be made available for 50% off or more. This offer will last through July 11, 2009 or while supplies last.

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  • Anonymous

    The widescreen thing doesn’t make sense, You can’t make the Screen any wider, though it will loose in height. Even if it would get a swiveling display there would be plenty of space left. The space below the screen would be pure dead space. So there is no reason to modify the perfect screen of the D300 at all.
    Plus, the leaked screens form the D300s had the wrong ratio. If you look closely you’ll see that the font didn’t have the right ratio either. And I really doubt that they would use a “wide font”, which is the same as the regular one, but in a changed ratio.

  • hoffi

    why does a wide screen dont make sense. if you have a look at the leaked screens you can see that they have the Histogram on the right side and you have the Picture on the left. So you have both in a good quality. and no overlay over your picture. And if you are taking a video you have the posibility to see the video in 16:9. So you have a winwin situation.

  • As others have pointed out already, the screen IS disproportinately stretched in post. Compare the text to the D5000 screen, and you’ll see that it is stretched (or squished, more likely) to the size it is now. It’s not news, it’s a tweak. Pretty poor mistake by someone at Nikon, or cheap trick by a firestarter.

    If it WAS Nikon that originally stretched the image, then the only other alternative I can think of is that they were using a mockup image as a placeholder for the real screenshot, which will come from a 16:9 300s. Maybe it was easier to mock it up using a D300 screenshot right now, instead of getting the actual d300s screenshot.

    • Anonymous

      totally agree with ron…

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