The latest Nikon design patents

This new Nikon design patent (USD789434) could be for the rumored Nikon Coolpix P900 replacement. The top dials are different when compared to the current Nikon P900 model.


The camera in this Nikon design patent looks like a new KeyMission 360 model (USD800816).

Another Nikon design patent for a camera remote control.

Next is a design patent for a camera mount solution.

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  • Hi, Wonderful Post.. I really Like your post

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    The top patient looks good for a replacement for the P900.

  • Eric Calabros

    Its actually DL 24-500

    • BVS

      May she rest in peace. :’-(

  • Roger S

    The top dials are different and more numerous than on the P900. Very interesting. Makes me think of a Df-style version of the P900, although I wouldn’t want to speculate.

  • Captain Insane-O

    That camera mount looks nearly identical to my Sony action cam mount

  • Davo

    Lol, I thought the remote was a L16 type camera with a funky touch interface at first glance.

  • mikew

    Dials and hot/cold shoe looks vert DL ish

  • mikew

    Wonder if they have tried to salvage some RD costs by using most of it for the P900 replacement, it was said the DL was dropped due to circuit board over heating, if this was caused by 4k on a 1 inch sensor maybe its not a problem on a smaller sensor.

    • Andrew

      I reason you heard was just a rumor. Nikon’s statement was that the DL needed to be more competitive and so they delayed the launch. That makes more sense as Nikon scaled back the Nikon 1 mirrorless camera program and seemed to be bidding their time for the upgrade to coincide with a more sophisticated/professional mirrorless camera.

      • steci

        They didn’t say it needed to be more competitive, they alleged that the market was shrinking so it was basically a bad timing to release the DL series. Of course it was bullshit.

        • Andrew

          Steci, did you just make this one up? Anyway, whatever! Here are the facts in an interview posted on July 5, 2017 here at Nikon Rumors:

          French magazine “Chasseurs d’Images” published an interview with Benoit Dieuleveult, President of Nikon France. He said the following:

          “They stopped the DL cameras because they were late (too late to stay competitive)”


  • Andrew

    The DL cameras were to be fitted with a CX Format Sensor (1-inch). Though I like this sensor size for its crop factor and versatility in lower light settings that smaller sensor sizes cannot attain, it will be interesting if Nikon also introduces a 3/4-inch sensor size for these genre of cameras with fixed lens construction.

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