New EasyCover camera cases for Nikon D850 released

EasyCover announced new silicon cases for the Nikon D850 DLSR camera. Available in three different colors, the new sleeves are now listed for purchase at B&H (currently sold out).

EasyCover also offers cases for the following Nikon cameras (see all cases at Amazon & Adorama):

Additional pictures:

Via EasyCover

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  • Gearsau

    Because they could .

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    Excellent – hope they release one designed to be used with Nikon D850 and its battery grip

    • marymig

      Yes, they have that for the D810.

    • animalsbybarry

      They will not make them for the battery grip, but they can be easily modified (cut) to fit

      Thier website has a how to video for the modification

      I use camo easy overs for all my cameras and add camo tape (or camo paint if I never plan to sell it) to my battery grips

    • Art

      I’d need one that was set up for a battery grip AND a RRS L plate. I wonder if they have that? 😉

      • Wolphin

        I need that same setup! I had one way back for my D80, and had a piece for the grip that I never got for that camera. I haven’t seen silicone grip covers since then, sadly, so have been reluctant not got any for my D7000, D7100 and now D500 (and planned purchase of D850).

  • Allan

    No pink?

  • Ric of The LBC

    all I see in the lower right is a floating screen and some dials. Weird.

    • Andy Orr

      Best comment ever!

  • animalsbybarry

    These are the best camera cases ever (especially the camo color)
    Feels great, protects the camera, and every control and opening is fully functional….and the camo looks cool !!!

  • Aldo

    These things are just…. I better not.

    • I’ve used a black one for years on a J4 and it saved it from getting annihilated on lava rocks during a tumble. Also hides brand/styling cues, keeps things discreet. I would buy one again 10/10 times.

      • Roger S

        I’m not sure that the yellow cover would help keep things discreet. 🙂 This product isn’t for me, but people who have need for them really seem to like them, both for the discreetness of the black & camo versions and for the protection. Lava rocks — jeez, brutal for a camera!

      • Aldo

        ah… you have to be fair though. On a J4 it probably even helps you with the grip.. on a dslr it’s just plain ridiculous… ok I said it.

        • ZoetMB

          Is it? I wouldn’t buy it just for the cosmetics, but I think it certainly keeps the body from getting scratched and banged up.

          • Aldo

            It just destroys the camera ergonomics… that’s the bottom line

            • ZoetMB

              How does it destroy the ergonomics if all the buttons and controls are still visible and available? And I’m not pushing this thing as I don’t own one, but if I were shooting in rough conditions, I think I would. The memory card door is still available. Do you have to remove it to change batteries?

            • Aldo

              The feel, the grip of the camera. By deatroying ergonomics I mean that you are rending the work of the design team worthless. It’s designed around a hand, not a cover. You can access the buttons but not with the same ease. The skin slides no matter how snug. It expands with higher temps etc.

      • PhilK

        Re: brand/styling cues. I noted when I glanced at the pics that they seemed to go to great effort to leave an opening whose only purpose is to let the Nikon name show through, so… 😛

  • @Aldo They are just great. Proof, completely changes Identity of camera, bestowed massive improvements in ruggedness and moisture proofing. Exposed to horrible amounts of snow and jarring conditions/smashed around ski poles chairlifts and backpacks, my throw-around-if-it-catches-on-fire-no-biggie camera.

    • Aldo

      I’m with you for that camera… but for DSLRs…

      • Let’s say you work in a mine. Or a Ski Resort. Or somewhere with lots of darkness or heavy machinery. A yellow DSLR cover really isn’t the worst idea in the world.

        • Aldo

          Yeah I just can’t see it… Camera is made to be used as is… if you need protection may as well get an underwater case.

    • PhilK

      Hmm, what sort of old adapted lens is that on there?

    • Evan Richardson

      except the “Nikon” and “D850” logos show right through…doesn’t hide anything.

  • Roger S

    You make a convincing case for the yellow one 1) not being too conspicuous in some cases! and 2) being better than nothing in some cases. A reminiscence: back in the 1970s my wife and I skied down a lower, easy section of Mt Hood taking turns carrying an all-metal Canon rangefinder. We each took a number of spills and the camera took a bit of abuse (though no extreme G forces) but, little tank that it was, it came through like a champ — and still works fine today. I wouldn’t want to try the same thing with a modern DSLR, though.

  • Aldo

    Nice picture.
    They are just too clumsy/cumbersome. The camera is already designed to take a hit or two (not to mention that the lens is usually what hits the ground first)… and intermediate bodies already have weather sealing (not that this skin makes a huge difference in that regard anyway).
    I just can’t be sold on them, but of course to each their own.

  • Abiatha Swelter

    Nifty, but I’d guess they’d work better if they were made from silicone, and not silicon.

    • Mine is? Or are you just being sarcastic over a typo.

    • Teko

      What about them silly cones?

  • Teko

    I don’t like that EasyCover shows the brand and model of the camera.

    • I’m with you, I don’t see why they have to cut a hole just for that.

      • ZoetMB

        Says half the people who use the Nikon strap that comes with the camera that displays “Nikon” and the model name. (I never use the stock strap. I always save it in original packaging for when I sell the camera).

        • Are you referring to me? As far as I know, mine said “peak design”, and that’s so tiny and not even noticeable

  • Spy Black

    Do they make these for Sony RX100’s? Not a horrible camera, but fragile as an egg.

    • Spy Black

      Found the company. Unfortunately not. Oh well.

      • Eric Calabros

        Perhaps they figured out even a silicon cover could damage that.

        • Ironically that could be accurate but in a way you wouldn’t have expected – Sony’s are known to overheat, so, putting a jacket on it…
          *product pulled due to RX100 fires*

        • Spy Black

          You may be right.

  • karayuschij

    Are these covers really useful?

    • Ben Cushwa

      I’ve used them, and I found that they get in the way as often as not. I can see the appeal (especially on lower-end bodies that aren’t as durable) and understand why some folks love them, but they’re not for me.

      Having said that…if they came in orange, I’d reeeeealy have to reconsider them. 😉

  • Nikuza

    They cut a hole for the brand but didn’t for the buttons?

    • PhilK

      Yeah, strange priorities.

      I’d vote for covering the nameplate, but scoring the material in that location so someone who is worried about brand broadcasting can easily pop or cut that piece out if they want.

  • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

    Not as nice as D800. I have the easycover for my D800 and the buttons ar cut out for the click wheel in the back individually. On this one they just removed a whole chunk! (right back side)

  • TurtleCat

    I wonder if I can get my Nikon Easy-Bake oven from them as well?

  • Gecko684

    My Nikon camera grips are always peeling off the body within 6 months, best case a year. Would these covers keep the glue on the rubber grips from sliding off so easily? D300, D700, D800, D810… all regripped over the years…

    • Toy let

      Every camera I’ve owned, I had to regrip. These covers are great they add a little bit of girth though and I find sometimes using a little bit of eyelash glue on long broad spaces will keep the case snug.

  • PhilK

    Interesting, thanks.

  • Toy let


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