Why did Nikon reserve a big booth for the 2018 NAB show?

This year Nikon has booked a rather large booth for the 2018 NAB show that will take place in April (7th-12th). Nikon's booth is in the middle of the Central Hall and is almost as big as other video-heavy-hitters like JVC, Fuji and Arri. Just a reminder that Nikon was not part of the 2016 and 2017 NAB shows.

All this has triggered some speculations online that the new Nikon mirrorless camera could be announced before the NAB show, maybe even before the CP+ show in March. Some questionable reports also indicated that new Nikon mirrorless lenses will be announced by third party lens manufacturers. As always, here on NikonRumors, I will post only information I feel comfortable sharing. Today it's very easy to start a rumor about an upcoming product but it's very hard to report a rumor that will actually materialize.

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  • Macro Cosmos

    Nikon has been rather promiscuous with their sensor outsourcing, and now they are rumoured to partner up with Sigma for their mirrorless ecosystem. This is an obvious economical benefit for both companies. Sure, they had their grievances in lawsuits and stuff, but the business world isn’t like one’s Ex partner, these can be forgotten when a common interest exists.

    Nikon obviously realises that they are fairly late to the game. Sony already has a rather adequate native ecosystem for their mirrorless cameras. If Nikon wants to compete with Sony, it will be an unfair match, thus Nikon seeked help from third party manufactures. We need to understand that many Nikon lenses are made in collaboration with other companies. The 200-500 f/5.6E VR, an excellent (besides that junky hood mechanism and sample variations) telephoto zoom — was designed in collaboration with Tamron. The 20/1.8G was designed by Konica Minolta, hell, the 28/1.4E and the 24/1.4G, 28/1.8G were all designed in collaboration with Konica Minolta.

    Nikon themselves aren’t as big of a company as Canon or Sony, thus I speculate that they simply cannot build up the ecosystem fast enough without collaborating with players like Sigma who are almost entirely based on making lenses nowadays. One problem I have with Sigma is their AF inconsistency, and please don’t give me the “use their dock” rubbish, the existence of this dock proves my point already. I recently purchased a Tamron 45/1.8 VC and it was perfect straight out of the box. The collaboration will make me stop whining about Sigma’s AF. If Sigma had full access to Nikon’s Z mount or whatever, they will without a doubt be able to make consistent AF lenses!

    Of course, the collaboration is what it is, a rumour. I just hope it ends up to be true.

    And sidenote, look at Vitec Group lol, the big bully in the tripod industry with their massive booth.

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