The Sigma 135mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art lens for Nikon F-mount is now $300 off

Amazon has another one of their short-term deals: the Sigma 135mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art lens for Nikon F-mount is now $1,097.11 or $301.89/22% off (currently out of stock, but you can still order it, ships from and sold by Based on similar offers in the past, this deal will end in the next few hours. Other US retailers sell the lens for full price.

Additional information on the Sigma 135mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art lens can be found here.

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  • Spy Black


    • Nyarlathotep

      Well what ever it was, that deal ended fast.

      • paulski

        I’m still seeing that deal listed as active. They’re out of stock, but the price is still showing the discount and you can add it to your cart so I would guess you can still order it.

        • Nyarlathotep

          Huh, it was $1,325 last night when I checked the link. It is back to $1,097 this morning, but out of stock. Strange.

          • Amazon does those strange things, but they honor the price.

      • Farhad H.

        I see the price right now. Luckily (!) I’m not in the market.

    • Very true

  • Beautiful lens, but 2 1/2 pounds. Ugh.

    • Eric Calabros

      Forget shooting with that indoor without tripod or without strobes. I don’t have steady hands but when I hold it and look through viewfinder its like I have Parkinson disease.

      • lol. Yeah, I’m the same. BUT! I have an old 135mm f/2.8 that is fairly easy to hand hold and not make me seasick.

      • Citizen Kang

        I have this lens in the Nikon mount and I use it with my DSLRs and Sony cameras using a Commlite autofocus adapter. It works well enough in most cases as long as I observe good form (tucking in arms or bracing myself against something) with my a7rii and a6500. Both of those cameras have IBIS so I can get down to 1/20 with pretty sharp photos. Most of the time the autofocus on the Sony cameras are reasonable, but below a certain light threshhold, the lens can hunt a lot. On my D810 and D7200, the lens performs like a champ and is bitingly sharp. It’s probably the sharpest lens I own.

        • SolJuJo

          Same for D850, I don’t have a sharper lens. And if one starts to shake because of it, how about a gym or just a workshop for better camera handling? Oh, I see: You don’t write out of experience, Eric Galabros, you just blurb a bit around. Well, have fun with that 🙂

          • Just Me

            I guess it’s okay to call someone a liar if you smile. :-/

            • SolJuJo

              1. Can’t recall to have someone called “a liar”.
              2. a smile is always better than getting annoyed by a comment like Eric’s who very obviously was guessing something and has no firsthand experience .
              3. No one needs to buy that lens. Therefore no carrying heavy weights or shaking or joking about Parkinson disease.
              4. you can react on stupid comments the way you like, but allow me to do so as well.

            • Just Me

              He wrote, “I don’t have steady hands but when I hold it and look through viewfinder its like I have Parkinson disease.” You wrote he had no experience and now double-down on it. You didn’t use the words but, yeah.
              I’m not trying to prevent you from doing anything. Just sayin’ your comment was unnecessarily rude.

  • animalsbybarry

    Sigma will be releasing “ many new products “ at the CP+ show next month but no new camera
    So they will most likely be relekeasing new lenses in both Sony E mount and Nikon Z mount

    It also seems likely that since Sigma will be releasing lenses Nikon will will be releasing a camera

    • fanboy fagz

      maybe a 105 1.4 ART

    • “since Sigma will be releasing lenses Nikon will will be releasing a camera” – why?

      • animalsbybarry

        Lens makers like Sigma do not operate in a vacuum
        If (as many expect) Sigma will release lenses for Nikon Z mount they must have knowledge ahead of time of the requirements of this mount, and if they are planing to actually sell these new lenses they must have some advanced knowledge of when a camera will be available

        Nikon is keeping thier plans secret…..that means access to thier plans is on a need to know basis

        You and I do not need to know (we want to know) Sigma needs to know, especially since Nikon needs lens makers like Sigma to be making lenses for thier new cameras (or they cannot compete with others that already have many more native lenses to choose from)

        • Now “many expect” that Sigma will release lenses for the Nikon mirrorless lenses on day one? Did I miss something? I don’t expect that. Do you know something more than I do? And please don’t tell me that you read it on the Internet…

          • ITN

            Sigma need to reverse engineer Nikon’s mount if they want to make lenses for it. For a new mount this would probably take a while. Nikon prefer to make their own lenses and also they make cameras to use their lenses with. They’ll likely do anything within law to prevent third parties from making lenses for their cameras without license fees or at least they will try to make the reverse engineering difficult.

            • Yes, I just don’t see Nikon giving Sigma that advantage. Even today Sigma still doesn’t have full frame mirrorless lenses for Sony.

        • And this is when with new nikon dslr firmware updates we expect functionality of some sigma lenses to be crippled because they haven’t properly licensed the F mount !

          • Davo

            Problem of course is that they can’t properly license the F-mount because Nikon doesn’t allow it.

            • Are you sure? Sigma is a Japanese company which is good for nikon. Its only the German companies which Nikon has a problem with. And of course there are Tamron and Tokina which do not have any problem with Nikon.

            • Nikon sued Sigma twice if I am not mistaken… over lenses. They won the last lawsuit and received millions in damages.

            • Yes. But that could be because sigma didn’t license the F mount . What I mean is, do the other companies license the F mount tech from nikon whereas sigma does not?

            • I think they all license the F-mount. The last lawsuit was about VR.

            • So why does sigma need to update their lens firmware almost everytime some new nikon body comes out and others don’t need to?

            • Not sure how it works, but Nikon is probably trying to sabotage them. Sigma probably get to use only the F mount like many other companies but they have no permissions for AF.

            • Hope somebody in the know (Are you reading Thom?) clarifies the situation for us.

            • Davo

              Of course I’m not sure. I’m just going by past history that’s all but there’s a long history. Nikon hasn’t licensed the F-mount in the past.
              Maybe something changed or is changing. Let’s see.

  • Amir

    A heavy lens that is meant to be used outdoor,but suffers from back focus/front focus issue which is very common among Sigma lenses and needs to be corrected with Sigma dock.Had it for a few months,then get back to Nikkor 135 f/2.Happy ever after!

    • Jo Jundt

      If you don’t take the effort to adjust focus with the dock, you simply ignore that the Nikon as well can have front-/backfocus. But contrary to Nikon’s versions, the Sigma can be adjusted for 4 different distances. I would not give mine away for a Nikon.

      • If the lens is having BOTH back and front-focus issues, that ain’t something you can fix with the dock. That’s plain inconsistent, unreliable focus, period. Which is a huge problem with Sigma AF.

        • Jo Jundt

          Strange. I read comments and complaints like this a lot, but although I own 8 Sigma lenses, I never saw more AF issues than with Nikon glass as well. Adjusting lenses and focus inaccuracies is a general DSLR problem, more or less with all combinations. I don’t know of any camera/lens combination which always delivers 100% spot on – except when one only uses zooms around f/5.6.

          • I’m glad you’ve gotten lucky! However I’ve encountered a pretty large sample quantity of Nikon, Canon, and Sigma lenses, among others, and I can definitely say that Sigma Art primes have a noticeably worse overall keeper rate.

            However you are very right in mentioning that this is a really annoying shortcoming of optical phase-detect systems, period. And overall, I’ve been highly annoyed by all my cameras and lenses more often than I’ve been highly satisfied. I can’t wait for on-sensor hybrid AF to come to Nikon FX mirrorless.

    • fanboy fagz

      you bought the sigma and went to the old soft dc nikkor. sure, I believe that. cool story

      • Eric Calabros

        You would believe that if you knew what a mess is the AF issues

        • fanboy fagz

          not for a millisecond. chopper boy

          • Chopper Boy…ok. Is that anything like Little Rocket Man? Are you letting him get away with this, @ericcalabros:disqus?

            • Aldo

              *grabs popcorn

            • Eric Calabros

              I’m tracking his heat signature, but name calling is not a threat in my altitude.

            • lol.

        • Yes, the AF on Sigma’s big glass lenses is BAD. And Nikon’s AF-D, believe it or not, is that good.

          Not everything in this world is about MTF charts.

          • GMck

            You are right about sigma focus. Very bad and very frustrating to have to fiddle to fix what should have been done right at the factory.

  • Diogo Correia

    Peter Admin, I sent you an e-mail days ago. Did you see it ? Hug 🙂

    • I responded to your email already yesterday.

  • Eric Calabros

    Peter.. Nikon filled a patent (WO/2018/012624) for 14-28 f/2.8 for mirrorless camera! It’s getting interesting 🙂

    • Neopulse

      O’rry? Hmmmm….

  • Trying to decide between this and the Nikon 105 1.4 for telephoto night star work. Who knows which lens has less color fringing?

    • Mike

      I have the 105 1.4. It’s Nikon’s perfect lens under 200mm.

      • GMck

        Nikon 105 is a stellar performer.

    • I’m in the same camp; all the research and pixel peeping of photos I’ve done suggest 105 if you can afford it, this if you can’t, that was my cut-the-crap assessment. I hate coma as much as you do, as I love astro.

      • I’m honestly less interested in coma / astigmatism, since I’d likely be using the lenses on a DX body anyways for slightly more reach, and stacking for noise reduction.

        So, color fringing is truly my primary concern.

        I tried shooting Andromeda with my Nikon 85 1.8 G on my D800e, and the color fringing at 1.8 was absolutely wicked, it was a show-stopper until I switched from Lightroom to Capture One, and even in C1 it wasn’t pretty.

  • raziel28

    it’ll be interesting to see 135atr + d850 combo photos.
    it might be medium format quality for a very attractive price…

  • sickheadache

    I use this lens..extremely sharp..with my D850. Great Lens.

  • bobgrant

    Even though I have pretty steady hands, Sigma would have knocked it out of the park by giving this lens some stabilization. 135mm really benefits from it.

  • T.I.M

    The older, the better!
    Here is a shoot with my new AF-s IF-ED model, no VR telephoto at f/4 (replacing my 6.3kg AF-i 400mm f/2.8)
    I was not expecting this sharpness for a lens discontinued in 2001!
    I got a fantastic deal on Ebay, $4000 in like new condition.
    D7200, 1/500, SB900, ISO 400
    The 4 pounds less of weight really feel good for an old man like me.

    • 2001? That’s brand-spanking-new compared to Nikon’s legendary past.

      Try the 300mm f/2, THAT is an old, sharp lens!!!

    • Nikkor300f4VR

      Beautiful, sharp, built like tank and heavy.

  • DieMusik

    Very, very tempting indeed. I would have bought it, but in this focal range nothing comes closer to satisfying my tastes than Nikkor 105mm 1.4. Sigma 50mm, 20mm Art lenses that I own have been great. However, I would forgo the amazing sharpness of the Art lenses in favor of the particular rendering that the Nikkor gives. Still the price is so, so tempting!

  • Doug Clark

    Anyone still waiting for this lens to ship? I ordered one for the above price when it was announced on nikonrumors but the lens still hasn’t shipped. beginning to think it never will.

    • Scott Dengrove

      Yes I’m still waiting! I’m also getting mildly concerned we may all be getting lens caps like we did with the XQD Card. I don’t know what Amazon is doing lately! I’ve talked to their customer service twice, once they said 1-2 days when that didn’t happen they said we don’t know when it’ll ship. Not happy

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