Nikon @ 2018 CES (with the new Nikkor 180-400mm f/4E TC 1.4 FL ED VR lens)

Today was the first day of the 2018 CES. Here are some pictures of the Nikon booth with the new Nikkor 180-400mm f/4E TC 1.4 FL ED VR lens courtesy of

Here is a Nikon @ 2018 CES video from B&H:

Update - more Nikon @ CES videos:

Nikon 180-400mm f/4E pre-orders: B&H | Adorama | Amazon | Park | WEX

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  • Look Joe’s face though!! I guess I’d be grinning if I knew I’d have one of those in my kit soon too lol. . That lens is the dream man!!!

    • peter w

      We are looking at a man at work, working hard for his money ;).

      • Eric

        Good point. Joe is definitely one of the great photographers of our times, but he is also on Nikon’s payroll, so better keep these types of photo ops and happy expressions in perspective.

    • peter w

      And if he would have needed one of those lenses, he would probably have had it, and put it on a 1Dx or 5D of some kind.

    • Rudi

      I see the GAS in his eyes on the very first pic above 😉

    • Mikycoud

      Oh, that was the expression he had BEFORE he realized Nikon hadn’t implemented the multiple built in SB-5000s he had requested….
      “What!!!!!!????@#$%! How do you expect me to work in the 180-560 range with no built in flashes???!!”
      Love your work Joe!

  • Yup my thoughts exactly

  • Proto

    Joe’s smile informs he may get one for free or discounted from Nikon to “promo” it via one of his from-the-helicopter photo shoots : )

    Joe da flash wizard.

  • TheBronx

    I’ll take two.

    • karayuschij

      Wait a little, in few months there will be an offer “3×2″…

  • 白大福

    You may need to sale more than 2 😀

  • br0xibear

    CES 2018: what happened to all the cameras?…

    “From a photography perspective though, CES has been on a bit of a slide in recent years.”
    “not all doom and gloom. There’s been a growing trend in the past couple
    of years for manufacturers to announce new camera kit later in January
    and during February, as the large Japanese camera companies gear up for the huge CP+”

  • Merv S

    Has Nikon’s video autofocus improved well enough to keep up with that Bolt High Speed Cinebot accessory in their booth?

  • bgbs

    I’m seriously considering buying this lens. Now I need to figure out how many organs I need to sell to get this lens. Anyone with experience please reply back.

  • saywhatuwill

    Interesting in the Abt video the rep said the name was “Nick-kor” but then later said “Nike-on” for Nikon. I know people in the US call it Nike-on (not Nik-ee like the shoe) but people everywhere else say “Nick-on.” I get tomato, tomAto.

  • Bob Dreher

    Where is the P-1000?

  • Gosh1

    Sure looks to be a great optic but it is TOO heavy to use properly off support!

  • Gosh1

    This heavy and hugely expensive 180-400 underscores why we should persist in arguing for a 400 f4 Telephoto prime – especially for wildlife photography. In key respects, its advantages supersede the performance and versatility of a 300mm f4. Wildlife photographers have been able to exploit the “DX Effect” with lighter telephoto lenses on modern DSLRs, whose high resolution FX sensors extend the tele-reach with a lens much lighter than the heavier, and expensive, super telephotos.

    The manufacturer who is first to the market with a 400 f4 PF FL ED (or equivalent specs) will reap their due in deserving kudos let alone profits. Sigma is arguably well positioned – and above all motivated – to exploit the vacant niches to shoot Sports and Wildlife with a Sports model in 400 f4.

    This DX Effect is exemplified in the reach of the 300 f4E PF on the D810 and especially the D850. It gives a field of view equivalent to 450mm on a D500 (or cropped to a 20mp image in the D850). As the Table summarizes below, using Teleconverters – the TC14, TC1.7, and TCE2 – extend this DX Effect, but with respective light loss, of course.

    • Gosh1

      Mandatory Specifications of a 400 f4 FX Telephoto Prime
      – Fast Auto Focus to exploit the modes and abilities of the D5 / D500 D850;

      – Excellent Image Quality matching the best of Canon and Nikon and Sigma glass;

      – High Image Quality and Acceptable Auto Focus performance with all magnifications of Teleconverter (TC14, TC17, TC20);

      – Image Stabilization;

      – Detachable tripod collar with Quick-Detachable Arca-Swiss compatible foot (similar to the 70-200 f2.8E FL Nikkor);

      – Weight as light as possible. Ideally 1200 g total weight with tripod foot [Can be significantly less with Fluorite + Fresnel elements]

      To conclude, exploiting the “DX Performance Envelope” with telephoto lenses – notably the 300 f4 primes – is portentous for the Action and Wildlife genres, but its potential remains unrealized, notably by Nikon as well as Canon and Sigma:
      >> enabling DX mode shooting a light telephoto on a Nikon D850 enhances handle-ability to capture fast flying birds – thanks to the framed image in the viewfinder
      >> with a Nikon D850 and telephoto lenses, one can swiftly switch between FX and DX frames. Customizing the menu settings to use the Fn button + Subcommand dial enables this switch swiftly.
      As the prevailing gaps stand in the Nikkor and Sigma inventories, currently I use the superb (But Heavy!) 200mm f2G VRII Nikkor with the TC2E III as a 400mm f4 prime as a core lens on the D850.

  • Would definitely want to get my hands on this lens.

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