Lexar XQD memory cards now in stock at Adorama

Just a quick in-stock alert: the hard to get Lexar XQD memory cards are now in stock at Adorama (only the 128GB and 32GB versions, the 64GB sold out already).

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  • Proto

    To use a D850, what is the minimum extra that folks are spending? — for XQD cards, extra batteries, extra hard drive — maybe $600 to $1200?

    • It depends, to “basically” use it, you need a SD card save the photos in JPG or sRAW. Batteries are not that expensive unless you’re talking about EN-EL18a.

      Anyway, if you’re getting a D850, you probably know already what you are getting into.

    • Grip with D5 charger, two D5 batteries, half dozen XQD cards, half dozen SD Cards, GPS, new strap, RRS L Bracket.

      Call it $3,500 (CDN).

      I spent about $25,000 on a home network: Cat6 with four drops in every room, routers, switches, Synology 1817+ with a dozen Western Digital Black 10tb hard drives. I think this is a cost of photography though, not the D850. But I did it a few months before my D850 arrived.

      • CERO

        you really take a ton of photos, do you?

        • Yeah, thought about 2/3rd of that 80tb in the Synology is for non-photography purposes. The other four drives plus others are for off-site backup.
          Just before the D850 was announced, my D800 was on a second refurbishment.

          • CERO

            Wow man! thats some really heavy load data wise! What kind of machine you use to process that much content?

            Also, wouldnt be easier to just build a blackblaze style home made computer based on windows server and tons of hard disks?

            Those Synology are expensive, dont they?

            • Promise not to laugh, but I have a Microsoft Surface Laptop with a performance base. It replaced something like you describe that was in an aquarium full of mineral oil so I could overclock it. But my father maintained that tech for me and his health is not what it used to be. Despite being a “VP, Corporate Finance and Technology”, I have neither the technical aptitude nor inclination to maintain that kind of stuff. In work, I hire those people.

              I picked the surface laptop because it seems to have the best colour quality of any PC based notebook. I added the performance base so that I could operate two Asus 4k 32” monitors. It will run both at 30hz, but not 60hz. It was a bit of an experiment, but it seems to be working well.

              The Synology is not that expensive. Only a couple of thousand. It is the hard disks that are expensive ataround $600 a pop. And you pay for those no matter what you put them in.

              The additional gear that I just described was in that $25,000 total. The Asus monitors are two grande a pop and the Notebook is about $4k.

            • CERO

              The Surface cost you 4k?

              My surface pro 3 was 1.200 USD brand new back then lol.

              I’m on a threadripper build for working myself.. And a mini server for data files (4Tb hard disk x 4 +1 3Tb) with expansion space for 8 additional disks.

              I build my own NAS server in this mini server with Windows Server 2012 + a Rosewill rack server chassis and 3×4 hot swap bays.

              But then, I’m a IT, so I have the knowledge to build these kind of things. I think the entire thing cost like.. 1,000 USD at most for everything lol.

            • Surface Pros are cheaper, but not powerful enough to run 2 4K monitors. I have a Surface Laptop with 500gb of SSD and a performance base.

              I think Microsoft just recently updated this to a Surface Laptop 2 or something.

              Yes, I don’t have the time or inclination to do what you did.

    • nigel

      I have an 850, didn’t need to buy anything extra. The factory battery lasts for a solid day of shooting. The SD cards I had are sufficient, and the buffer is large enough that I haven’t overrun it yet. I may need a new HD, but I was getting closeish to filling in before thenew camera, so I don’t blame the camera for that, I would have needed one this year either way. so in my case, the extra is pretty close to 0.

    • Ed Hassell

      Don’t have the D850 yet (still shooting with my D810).; however, I have made several purchases in anticipation of an April 2018 purchase.

      I’ve got 3 extra batteries, the water-resistant hot shoe cover, a blackrapid sport sling strap (modified with a custom MagPul QD quick release connector), the one-part, light-weight RRS L-bracket, a dozen Lexar 128GB 2933x XQD memory cards, and I replace the body cap with the deeper one used for the AF-S teleconverters so I don’t have to think about which one to use where. Come April, I’m all set.

      I have essentially the same setup for each of my two D500 bodies as well; however, they each got a dozen 64GB XQD cards.

      I also have a WD My Passport Wireless Pro external drive (retrofitted with a Samsung 4TB SSD) which I use to back up everything when I’m working in the field. ==> WD has just announced new versions of the My Passport Wireless Pro with SSDs installed natively at fairly reasonable prices.

      I’ve been told by several posters on here that I’m excessively anal-retentive. I’m not apologizing.

      • Roger S

        I have simply relied on multiple memory cards for back up in the field in the past, but I like the features and prices of the new My Passport Wireless Pro with SSDs and will probably try one in the near future.

        • Ed Hassell

          I backup to the WD in the field, but I NEVER erase memory cards until I’ve copied them to my network at home and archived a backup of them.

          Sadly, the WD My Passport Wireless Pro doesn’t read XQD cards directly; worse, its connection to an XQD reader is only USB 2 — not USB 3 (its physical connection to my computer/network IS USB 3). However, having swapped out the original HDD for an SSD, battery charge life is excellent and it works like a charm. I’m using the Sony MRWE90 reader. I also have an Anker PowerCore 26800 high capacity portable charger, giving me serious backup charging power.

          • Roger S

            I’m with you on archiving before erasing memory cards. Mine get copied to my home network and backed up to a separate location before I put them into rotation again. When I first started doing digital photography I lost some images because I wasn’t this careful, so I learned my lesson quickly.

  • Eric Calabros

    $164 for 128GB is good price. I wonder why camera makers don’t put a 128GB ssd inside the body as internal storage. At high volume it might cost just $50. It’s insignificant BOM increase for a $2500 or $3200 DSLR.

    • Ralf

      For one, internal storage isn’t popular for this class of cameras where often image and data material is still being passed around on cards.
      And even if the BOM is inflated by just $50 by the time the camera arrived on retail shelves that amount will have double or trippled. $150 is no longer a trivial amount.

    • PhilK

      – Cost
      – Size
      – Power consumption
      – Complexity
      – Security
      – Reliability

      Also, you don’t just add the BOM differential to the price of a finished product. The ratio of BOM price addition to finished product retail price is something like 4-10x. Thom can quote the figure.

    • Fly Moon

      I am getting one 128GB (440MB) from Amazon at $125.36 + taxes.
      It hasn’t shipped yet but it says today!

      • Hope it isn’t a lens cap. Several have received cheap lens caps instead, including me. Then Amazon just offers a refund with no chance of getting back on a waitlist.

        • Fly Moon

          I trust Amazon more than random people on the Internet!

          • More power to you. I can only speak from experience with this particular product from Amazon recently and have seen pictures from several others showing the same thing. I hope they have their act together now. Let us know how it turns out for you.

            • doubt it. some people on fredmiranda forum got it yesterday and it was still a lens cap.

      • So, any update? How did your shipment work out for you? I saw more receiving lens caps today. Hope you got your memory card.

  • marymig

    128GB also on backorder.

  • br0xibear

    Is this new Micron made stock, or did someone find a box of original Lexar stock in the back of the warehouse ?

    • WoodyM

      I will let you know when I get them.

    • WoodyM

      Just received the Lexar xqd 128 cards.. same as ones I bought last year card and box.

  • WoodyM

    I had a backorder on the 128gb’s from 10/31/17 just was filled, added one more 10pm Central last night. they must have had a lot of back orders.

    • All sold out in just a few hours.

  • Abiatha Swelter

    Good timing! My D850 arrived today from B&H (mid-Nov order). Will now need some stuff. After reading all the fuss people make about the size of DSLRs of this type, I am surprised at how small it is in the box. It is no bigger or heaver, really, than my old F2.

  • Reyes Fotografia

    Any news of a D750 replacement ??? I want to change mine this year 🙁 …

  • NYkon

    I purchased a Lexar 2933X 128GB XQD (v2.0) from B&H today for $170.
    Not sure what the supply situation is, but they had 64 Lexars as well.

  • The Other Steve

    Thanks Lexar for the price spike over the last couple of months.
    (and . . . er . . . thanks for jumping back into the XQD game)

  • Jody Grober

    Lexar XQD in 32Gb and 64Gb are available at Roberts Camera as well.

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