Nikon D850: camera of the year at IR and Dpreview reader’s choice award winner

Imaging Resource selected the Nikon D850 DSLR camera as their camera of the year:

"We felt that the Nikon D850 deserved the crown of Best Overall. It's blazingly fast, has great image quality, excellent ergonomics, shoots full-frame 4K video (with clean 4:2:2 output via its HDMI port) and can stand up to adverse shooting conditions better than we ourselves can. In our book, all those added up to it being our ultimate choice for our 2017 Camera of the Year."

Imaging Resource also did some "water torture" tests of the Nikon D850 and three other cameras:

Here is their conclusion:

"Truthfully, we were sad to see the A7R III have such a hard time in this test. It's a fantastic camera, absolutely at the cutting edge of what's possible with photographic technology today. Even after this test, those of us at IR who were fans previously would still happily buy one, because we almost never photograph in conditions approaching those in the test. But as we said in our 2017 Camera of the Year announcement article, Sony needs to up their environmental-sealing game if they want to compete in this high-end/professional market segment. We'd feel differently if all the cameras failed the test; we would have concluded that the test was just too harsh for the current state of the market, even though it was a reasonable representation of conditions a camera might be exposed to. That wasn't the case, though; the D850 had a very minor problem with leakage into its viewfinder, that seems to be entirely solved by using the BS-3 hot shoe cover - and the 5DIV and E-M1II had no problems whatsoever."

The Nikon D850 camera also won the 2017 Dpreview Reader's Choice Award:

"The D850 is truly a DSLR tour-de-force, blending speed, resolution and image quality with superb ergonomics and a vast lens ecosystem for nearly limitless creative possibilities. We've called it the best DSLR on the market, and now, you've crowned it as your favorite product of 2017."

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  • Schtatten

    Yay, first!

    • Schtatten

      Hey, it’s important when it’s really the first time ever as in all other things. : )

  • Eric Calabros

    Imagine Nikon use its weather sealing expertise in FF mirrorless

    • animalsbybarry

      Imagine if Nikon would actually finally release a (long overdue) FF mirrorless

      • Oh they surely will. The only question is “when”. I can just hope, not as late as D500.

      • Long overdue? It depends how you look at it – I personally don’t think so: Nikon probably decided to wait until they get it right, while other companies decided to sell their work in progress.

        • jason

          Do you really think Nikon will have it right the first generation? Sony is finally pretty close, and they are many generations mirrorless bodies in. The problem is that once you get pro lenses, what is the point of mirrorless?

          • Exactly my point: Sony is just now pretty close to getting it right and they have been selling mirrorless cameras for almost 10 years. Regarding Nikon – I don’t know, we have to wait and see, it’s all guesses right now. We don’t even know for sure what mount they will use. Whatever it is, I am sure it will not take them 10 years to get it right.

          • Andrew

            First generation? Where have you been? The Nikon 1 was Nikon’s way of honing in on its Mirrorless technology over the past few years.

            Here is one of my favorite quotes from DPREVIEW regarding the Nikon 1 J5 Mirrorless camera: “The 1-series cameras have been a bit overlooked as, on paper, they have really impressive specs. The Hybrid Autofocus system continues to be state-of-the-art, and the J5’s ability to shoot continuously at 20 fps with full-time AF is stunning.”

            • That is true, Nikon just did not price them and market them correctly.

        • Spy Black

          Well, remember that Nikon was ahead of a lot of some manufacturers with the N1 system which, other than the deliberate crippling, was fairly gangbusters out the gate for it’s time. I’m sure lots of the lessons that were learned there will apply to future mirrorless. So Nikon has already had their “work in progress” mirrorless going on for quite a while. 😉

          The fact that they’re still filing lens patents for 1″ sensors is a bit of a head scratcher, I wonder if Nikon plans to have an FX, DX, and CX mirrorless onslaught upon outing their new mirrorless products. That would be immense balls on Nikon’s part. I can’t see it happening, but I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

          • Yes, Nikon is certainly not new to mirrorless.

  • marymig

    Sony needs to up their game in the rain area.

  • JXVo

    Preaching to the converted here….

  • Nikon Fans

    I also took photos while snowing! No problem! I love my D850!

  • Saso

    Anyone knows how many photos from d850 RAW goes into 256GB Sandisk card?

    • Conroy Kim

      Around 2400-2600

      • Saso

        Thanks! I assume this is for max size, right?

        • Allen_Wentz

          I would hope that no one _ever_ shoots max size. Lossless compressed works fine.

          • peter w

            Which could be considered max sensible size ;).

  • Gabriel Schwartz

    First place in award winning and last place in production.
    5 months after release and no stock.
    Please don’t tell me to pre-order as it is only good for US and living in Europe it’s not an option.
    Now I am traveling to US 2-4 times a year and for the last 2 trips I could not order it.

    • Binarylab

      If you live in EU you can order this camera from Sweden. It’s available in almost all stores.

      • Gabriel Schwartz

        The Nikon D850 costs $650 more in Sweden so I will wait a bit longer.

        • peter w

          Can’t you get refund on VAT when exporting from Sweden?

  • PeterT

    With all the bells and whistles and awards one may ask how Nikon wants to proceed with this line of DSLR… what do they have to improve on? Or was that their final hommage to DSLR? Packing all the the best of their knowledge and technology into that last camera of its kind.

    Given the slow down in technical progress and the tendency to longer product cycles there seems to be a good chance that the successor of this camera shows up with completely new concept/technology…

    I love my DSLRs and I am not saying that Nikon has to give up on DSLR but I think that real benefits like shorter flash sync times via global shutter or better video AF need another technical concept.

    In fact I would love to have the ability to sync flashes at all shutter times and ISO12. That packed into a D850 or D5 stylend body would be a dream.

    • Spock

      How bout in-camera stabilization? That would help.

      • Vinnypimages

        Well it’s not as good as lens VR for long or wide angle and it doesn’t stabilise an optical viewfinder image nor help in focusing. It would require firmware upgrades for current VR lenses if it was to work in concert. So I don’t think they will add that.
        I would like to see in camera flash RF control, wireless tethering and buffer as well as the usual incremental tweaks to image quality, AF and frame rates.

        • PeterT

          That‘s true but for using legacy Ai-s nikkor lenses that would be a welcome asset. In camera flash RF control would also be a nice addition.

          • peter w

            Also for the AF-S primes it would be quite welcome, and solve some operational problems. Especially for the VR-less 85’s and up. Also, with a 35 mm I get sharp photos at 1/20s for static subjects, wouldn’t mind to get that even more down (uh, up of course) and at a better hitrate.

    • peter w

      “Given the slow down in technical progress and the tendency to longer
      product cycles…”
      Could you support this with data of the past ten years?
      The sadly missing D400, doesn’t count for the tendancy I would say.

      One could consider that it is increasingly difficult to remark the technical progress, since the camera’s are all ready so good. In that sense a real breakthrough could require a totally new concept, instead of just being significantly better (as was enough for D3 breakthrough).

  • Allen_Wentz

    But wait, remember all the goofballs whining about loss of the (IMO lame) built-in flash?

    • ZoetMB

      Us “goofballs” didn’t bemoan the use of the flash as a flash (although it was occasionally useful). We bemoaned the loss of the use of the flash as a trigger for other flashes. And even as a flash, there’s nothing wrong with a “lame” flash when used as fill light, like to get eyes lit in an outdoor situation or where there are overhead lights.

      • Allen_Wentz

        What’s wrong with it is not the admitted utility of the little flash, but rather the engineering cost (durability issues, watertightedness, camera real estate, etc.) of putting a pop-up flash into the body design.

        E.g. not having the pop-up helps facilitate engineering of the D850’s bright viewfinder.

  • Amir

    Nikon has responded efficiently to its loyal fans twice:Once by D500,and then by D850.

    • PhilK

      Because they finally did what people have been begging them to do for 6-8 years now: replicate what they did with the D3/D300/D700, but in a newer generation technology.

      And that is almost exactly what the D5/D500/D850 represent.

      It was a great triumvirate when they did it in 2007/2008 and for a while they really kicked Canon (and everyone else) down a few notches.

  • NoNonsense

    I personally just want to know the specs and if there are any problems with a certain model before I buy. I’ve never been a big fan of the ‘mine is better than yours’ debates because at the end of the day, you have to go out and actually make photos with these devices. If someone can’t make good photos because all they spend their time on is testing, debating and obsessing over the gear, they probably won’t have the creativity you need to make nice images. These mine is better debates get out of control on the forums. It’s a little childish.

    • peter w

      Well, we don’t choose our photographers from these discussion websites, do we? 😉
      Just skip the crap. (Yes, it can be hard. 😉 )

  • Mario Crespi

    Hi. I guess they meant Nikon’s ONLY camera of the year.

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