Nikon wins TCSTV’s Camera Of The Year with the D850

Nikon wins TCSTV's Camera Of The Year with the D850 (at the 15:10 mark):

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  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    why is the dude cutting a cucumber on top of a D850 ?

    • Nyarlathotep

      The first thing that came to my mind as well. It seems so random, but I am sure I am missing some context here.

    • TwoStrayCats

      He is demonstrating that even the empty box has a use people can appreciate it for.

    • Ed Hassell

      Whatever else they are, the TCS guys are entertaining — unlike many of the other camera people with youtube channels who are merely annoying. Besides, I often actually learn something from them (sometimes, a reminder not to play drinking games).

      • I agree, one of the few channels worth watching together with Steve Perry.

  • br0xibear

    Heads up for anyone in the UK looking for a D850, Park Cameras have stock…

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      thanks for the tip/s

  • John Mackay

    Watching the video it is far from a convincing win…

    • manattan

      Exactly my thoughts as well. It’s amazing that they are basically calling 2017 the peak of Dslrs before they get taken over and start their decline

  • Proto

    Glad they dinged Adobe for their perpetual billing model…

  • AYWY

    A marginal win it seems. They admitted the A7R3 might have won if not for a sense of needing to give the last great DSLR a last great hurrah…

    A great new chapter with MILCs or a slow decline the way of Asahi-Pentax? Hope we get a glimpse early 2018.

  • surgeon67

    One of these days I’m going to understand the huge draw that makes MILCs “the future of photography” over DSLRs. That day, however, isn’t today. I certainly understand why some might prefer them for certain things over DSLR, but why the MILC camp seems to look down its collective nose at people who prefer DSLR for certain uses just boggles my mind to no end.
    I am actually reminded of a format battle a number of years ago between 2 standards of VCR (an ancient video recording device you may have seen in a museum once). There were snobs then over the “clearly superior” format of Betamax over the “junk” of VHS. They were objectively correct, but the market decided otherwise and Betamax went away to die. I’m not suggesting the DSLR market will shake out the same way, but being convinced of MILC superiority is no guarantee. Just as easily could be something coming along that blows them both out of the water. Until then I’m quite happy with my D850.

    No who was it that made that Betamax again…?

    • I agree 100%. Even if mirrorless takes over DSLRs, I have my own preferences. Personally I am not even interested in Nikon’s mirrorless solution, unless they make it F-mount which is highly unlikely. I have few thousand $ invested in good F-mount glass and I will not drop it just have an ergonomics nightmare in my hands. Most of the people who buy mirrorless are first time buyers who have nothing to start with.

      • PhilK

        One would hope that if Nikon is true to historical form, their MILC product will not be an “ergonomics nightmare”. 😉

        • Did you notice how the latest mirrorless cameras started to get bulky, big grip, larger size… people start realizing how stupid it is to have a small camera attached to a large lens… see the Panasonic G series over the years 🙂

          • PhilK

            Didn’t notice because I’m not personally much interested in such cameras (I get the impression the Lumix MILC is mostly popular for video these days), but that’s an interesting point for sure.

            Personally I don’t understand why they don’t just offer add-on grips: there are times you don’t care about shooting 3,000 shots per battery or shooting with a 600mm lens, and there are times you do. The compactness can be nice for walking around with a pancake lens doing snapshots, but then you could just add the bulky bits when you need to go on safari doing gazelle photography..

          • AnnoyingOrange

            Personally, I don’t think the size matters much when it comes to MILC. I think the advantage of MILC is the EVF, hybrid photo-video, better video features, and the lens adaptability. I would love a Nikon D850 with EVF and fleshed out video features for pro photo/video shooters, retain a D850-sized but D5-level build DSLR for sports/action shooters, then maybe Nikon can also make smaller MILCs with APS-C sensors for enthusiasts. No need for entry level I think as mobile phones got that covered already. As TCS mentioned, I can’t believe Nikon hasn’t capitalized on the PDAF tech they used on their Nikon 1 series.

            • Maybe one day EVF will be better – I just don’t think we are there yet.

      • Graham Blaikie

        Ditto. Then there is the battery life of MILC vs DSLR that is also a deterrent for me.

        • Battery life, overheating, lens selection, crappy EVF (still), ergonomics, menu system, cost of switching to a new system…

          • Lizdude Ng

            You do know mirrorless is the future and its been proven with the A7Riii that it can be much more improved in the near future, my children started asking why cameras still making loud noise? Its because of its the 60 year old shutter box design! When computer came out with keyboards, people did say they still do have preference to use type writers, but Unfortunately everything moves on in life!

            • You are entitled to an opinion as much as I am. We don’t know what the future will bring. Mirrorless still has a long way to go and DSLR will be here for a very long time. 10 years ago people said that DSLRs will be dead in 10 years…

            • Lizdude Ng

              The only thing I hate about mirrorless is small delicate body, when I go on a long adventure trip, I’m more likely to leave my A7s ii in my bag all the time and don’t mind beating up my canon bodies and lenses!

            • sure, that makes sense – there is no right or wrong answer here, just personal preferences – the rest is marketing 🙂

    • PhilK

      The consumer marketplace is easier to understand if you look at the fashion industry. Many, many people buy things simply because “it’s what everyone else is buying. Period.

      My time in retail reinforced that idea on a daily basis.

      That said, there are actually some decent reasons why mirrorless actually, probably is the eventual future of digital cameras. But at the present time DSLRs still have certain advantages for certain use-cases. (The better ones, at least)

      But the consumer mind rarely grasps such subtleties. 😉

      Re: Betamax – it’s a good comparison because Sony at that time made precisely the same mistake that Nikon often does: assuming that all their customers and potential customers are just as geeky about the fine details of the product’s performance that most people actually don’t give a leap about, while missing the big picture item(s).

      Specifically in the case of Betamax, VHS was the first to be able to contain an entire movie on one tape, and continued to allow people to record for a longer time per tape than Beta did as both increased their recording time. (That fuzzier VHS quality obviously didn’t bother most people – but if they had to get up and change tapes halfway through their movies – fuggetaboutit.)

  • kino13

    I know the market will evolve and change and shit, but although I have had my d850 for just a couple months, I can say with confidence that this is the last camera I will ever need.

    It is that good.

    (yeah, you may have different needs, for me it is perfect)

  • Per Kristoffersson

    The A7R3 earned its place for being almost as good as a DSLR (it matches the A99ii now, doesn’t it?) and the D850 for being the last good DSLR? They must know something the rest of us don’t in regards to Canon and Nikon… Not that these aren’t good cameras, I’m just questioning these guys in general

  • Lizdude Ng

    Folks, either Dslr or mirrorless will be targeting pro and commercial market in the future, the smart phones will dominate consumer market, remember what I said today!!!

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