It’s January 1st 2018 and the Nikon D850 is still out of stock

Almost four months after shipment began, the D850 is still out of stock in the US.

Here are the latest shipping dates for existing D850 pre-orders in the top three US stores (shipping dates were last updated on January 1st based on info received from readers):

  • Amazon: now shipping to pre-orders placed on December 18th
  • Adorama: now shipping to pre-orders placed on December 26th
  • B&H: now shipping to pre-orders placed on November 22th

I believe that the next US shipment could actually put the D850 in stock in some retailers as already reported by DC.Watch.

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  • Douglas Saum

    Why is B&H so far behind??

    • I think they just got many more pre-orders.

      • Another Fiji Catastrophe

        This is the first time Nikon delays a product that much …
        I think the problem is bigger than the inability to meet the demand …

        • The wait for the D800 was 6 months if I remember correctly.

          • Markus

            Jup and noone bought a D800 then because of Sony and Fuji, didn’t they ;-)?

          • David Gottlieb

            I had to get my D800 at a small outlet rather than B&H due to all the preorders.

        • Allen_Wentz

          Like what “problem?” NO ONE is complaining about the D850.

          • He is a Sony Fanboy too. Read his Disqus posts. Thought he is not as obnoxious as the other one on this thread.

            One reason that I like reading Thom is that he is equally critical of all of the manufacturers. Helps to keep me grounded. These guys are not grounded.

        • What problem are you referring to because I am not aware of any? Do you have any reference or you are just guessing?

        • TheName

          There is no delay, the cameras are shipping in healthy quantity. The demand is very high.

        • C. Ryan

          I’m sure everyone who wants a D850 will eventually get one. If you have to wait a few extra weeks so what, you will probably own the camera for 5 or more years. And by then all the half baked conspiracy theory’s on what the hold up is will be long forgotten.

          • exactly, some people just cannot get the idea that a DSLR camera can be that good…

    • Proto

      Soon — B&H will include their standard 4% discount + free extra battery and cards + plus a $200 nikon rebate on D850.

      No one knows when : )

    • BeakerCasual

      Well, when you have like a 100 “religious” holidays that you shut down all operations what do you expect? Sorry, but why place your order with a company that a doesn’t even work.

    • Matt Comerford

      B&H was quickest for the D800E launch 5 years ago, so I went with them (after waiting 6mo from Adorama). Oh well, just glad I got my D850 months ago 😀

  • Eric Calabros

    In other words, they could announce it in CES

    • br0xibear

      Yeah…CES 2019.

  • Markus

    So is this a good (too high demand) or bad sign for Nikon?

    • doge

      Bad. They have no idea how to control or manage their products. Or advertise them. Or support them. Or …

      • Markus

        It depends I guess. Is it mismanagement or is it unexpected demand? Not everything can be estimated by market research. If they do it the other way around you risk to bind a lot of money.

        • doge


        • Spy Black

          According to Thom Hogan, Nikon’s sensor design had production complications, which apparently Sony warned them about, but they decided to go on with it anyway.

          I would also assume that in addition Nikon, under pressure to not have another fiasco with yet another body and maintain QC, is probably between a rock and a hard place to maintain stock.

          I wonder if the yields are slowly manufacturered to minimize loss, or if behind the scenes Nikon is eating losses in the sensor fabrication. Hopefully it’s the former.

          • Mike A

            From someone who worked in a semiconductor company for many years, I think you guys are on to the issue but the answer is simple and it’s worse. The bean counters are involved and it’s dead simple. When fab problems happens and yields fall. Well, that can’t be allowed to happen. Gotta shut the line down and solve the yield problem so the margins get corrected for the financial statements – can’t have those go out of whack. Who cares about the customer. Gotta worry about the shareholder first…

            • Andrew

              When did Japanese companies care about the shareholders? You do not become a 100-year company by playing financial games. Nikon delayed the D300s for years and packed so many features and performance attributes for its long-awaited upgrade, the D500 – a seminal product; a product that blows the lid off the image buffer needs of sports photographers.

              Moving forward, Nikon could have been forgiven if they had given us a marginal upgrade from the D810, but the D850 hits the market in a similar way that the D500 did becoming the one camera that does practically everything from high megapixel to image quality to dynamic range to speed. Wedding, Nature, Events, Sports, you name it! Nikon is now at the place where we had all hoped for, for those who have invested in Nikon equipment. Just as the D750 won over a lot of wedding photographers to Nikon, the D850 shortage may also in part be the result of Canon photographers crossing over.

              Actions speak louder than words, and so even the little things like the D7500, that mini-D500 of an enthusiast flagship camera is giving a lot of Nikon users reasons to celebrate with its affordable pricing, rounding out a wonderful 2017 year for Nikon. Happy New Year!

            • Spy Black

              Andrew’s back from Alpha Centauri I see…

            • Andrew

              Yeah, those product development projects have kept me busy 😉 But the converse (“reversed in order”) is true, I’m not back, I’m only visiting.

            • Mike A

              Happy New Year. Yes I know the Trite Answer – “When did Japanese companies care about the shareholders?” Unfortunately, one of them is Nikon… They’ve done a bunch of crappy things in the name of the shareholders recently. Just look to the restructuring charges.

              The issue with Nikon here is I’m pretty sure they stopped production of the D850 sensor to figure out what was going on with yields. Whereas the right solution for the customer would’ve been to keep making sensors and fix the problem on the fly. But not Nikon – they’re too cheap and don’t want to deal with FAB yield losses. They would rather shoot themselves in the foot again with the customer base and be the Nikon we all know and loathe.

              Nikon has the worst senior management of any company going. It’s too bad they just won’t die or get fired (unfortunately). Thankfully, Nikon Engineering is there to occasionally rescue the company from the morons at the top…

            • Andrew

              Mike, I would not want a company to take me into the air in a faulty jet and then have their mechanic repair the plane in flight 😉 Being “sure” is not the same as being “certain”. We tend to speculate about things we are ill-informed about, but the conclusions are always the same: “Nikon management…”

            • Mike A

              Yes we can… This is Nikon management we’re talking about here – there is way too much anecdotal evidence over the years to point to. Besides, we’re not curing cancer here, so why can’t we speculate?

            • David Gottlieb

              Mike – I am not buying and using Nikon cameras becasue of the management. Of course there are problems at Nikon — there are problems at every company. The senior management at many other companies are worse than that of Nikon. Yes, Nikon screwed up with some very serious issues in the past. Oil and dust on sensors, focusing issues, etc.
              I love my D4 and even more the D850 –
              They help me get the pictures I need.
              The D850 is an incredible camera, and it is fine that you prefer Sony. If you are satisfied with Sony, that’s wonderful. Great.
              I have been using Nikon gear since the Ftn. I have used other brands in film. But in digital, I stick with Nikon.
              It does the job. I have had some issues with one lens (17-35 which Nikon could not fix after three tries.)
              The demand for the D850 far outstrips the supply. And after some guffaws with quality control with the D750 and D800 and D600, I am certain that QC is of utmost importance with management as the D850 seems to be flawless.
              I am finding the D850 superb as a camera – in build and in image quality.
              So to me – Nikon Management may have picked up the proverbial ball that they dropped with the production of the other camera bodies I mentioned.
              I kind of wonder why you are on this site if you hate Nikon so much. Why not just take photos with your beloved Sony and enjoy life instead of whining about equipment you don’t even own. I bought my D850 several weeks after it was out and didn’t even have to pre-order. Of course, where I live, they were in stock.
              Speaking of stock, we all missed the boat if we didn’t by Nikon stock last year. It went from $14 to $20 – that is quite a percentage in gains….. Management must be doing something right….

            • Mike A

              I don’t hate Nikon. I’m unhappy with Nikon management and the extremely poor decisions they’ve made over the previous ten years since the D700/D300. I owned the D700.

              I wanted to buy a D850 this Christmas season, but they were out of stock and I eventually decided it would be a better and safer buy to get an A7R III to go along with my A9.

            • David Gottlieb

              Use it i good health….

      • Allen_Wentz

        Your statement that [Nikon] “have no idea how to control or manage their products. Or advertise them. Or support them. Or …” has a lot of truth to it.

        The good news, however, is that the _products_ Nikon has been delivering to us have been world class state-of-the-art. No one suggests that Nikon is failing to make great camera bodies at the top end.

    • Jon in Sunnyvale

      Kind of bad since it indicates Nikon could have priced the camera higher and not lost many sales. Then once initial orders had been fulfilled and the camera was in stock they could drop the price to its current $3,300 as part of spring promotions.

      • Markus

        If the demand is way too high at a calculated price, that is not necessarily bad.

      • Allen_Wentz

        No. Highballing initial price on a such a product would be bad form. If $3300 works for Nikon, they should just let users love the product and build brand and product momentum.

        • peter w

          D810 prices stayed the same until D850 was announced. Little chance D850 will not hold its price.
          New policy it seems.

      • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

        Couldn’t really do this as it would have been bad pr and dented sales and kudos, as it was priced to be as competitive as the Canon 5D MK 4 which has the same rrp – UK £3499.99. Unfortunately with ever increasing prices of cameras and lenses ( and current picture of the economy and lack of wages going up + other bills going up ) and less people upgrading or having any spare of cash simply means less sales and a further contraction of the Camera market.

    • Allen_Wentz

      Good. Great product, immediately called the world’s best all-around DSLR. No major early product flaws.

      No business would prefer poor demand. Managing production volume of a super-complex electromechanical new tech product is very challenging, and many of the specific production constraints are things we consumers are totally ignorant of. For all we know Nikon may actually have optimized in their planning.

      • doge

        ROFL. No.

        “super-complex electromechanical new tech product ” ahhahahahahahah. stop

        • Just Me

          Well at least, um.. somebody named “doge”?? agrees with you. smh

  • Another Fiji Catastrophe

    Very bad management
    They are losing consumers …

    • This is not the first time, many new products are hard to get when they are announced especially when demand is high. Mirrorless fanboys just cannot imagine that a DSLR camera can have such a high demand. It does. Have you tried to purchase a new iPhone few weeks after announcement? Are you saying that Apple also has a problem and is loosing customers because they cannot deliver? I don’t think so. Can Nikon do better? Absolutely and they should but let’s keep things in perspective – they just had probably the biggest cut in their company’s history, do you expect them to produce a few 100,000 cameras in a week or two?

      • Proto

        Maybe slow delivery of D850 is due to more time spent on better quality checks, as there are hardly any issues reported by users.

        • TripodIsLatinForCameraholder

          No, just bad management. Nikon’s leadership is still beyond retarded, they just have really good engineers.

          • Vinnypimages

            Nikon may have bad management, but there is no evidence of it based on failure to build inventory to meet demand before launch. That’s a bad business model. You let customers buy alternatives in the meantime, especially in this case in the run up to the holidays. It also creates holes in the balance sheet that you need to explain without letting the cat out of the bag. You need warehousing just for that and then additional infrastructure, which is redundant in the medium term. In the event there is a problem then all your eggs are in the same basket.
            Given the increase in share price, profits and market capitalisation I suspect that they are not being viewed as beyond retarded by people who matter.

            • I consider share price an excellent indicator of what my gear will be worth in 5 to 10 years.

            • TripodIsLatinForCameraholder

              Not a Nikon shareholder so couldn’t care less. What matters to me is what products and services they offer and at what price.

        • Yes, could be – and so far it looks good.

      • TripodIsLatinForCameraholder

        If Apple as a thriving brand cannot keep up with initial demand, it is perceived as exclusivity and they can even use it as a marketing tactic. Nikon is in the gutter and it’s just perceived as more BS. You’re taking shots at mlc “fanboys” while defending Nikon’s idiocy of not building up more inventory before launch….

        • Btw the Leica M10 was announced a year ago and it’s still out of stock. Does that mean that Leica’s management is bad too?

          • TripodIsLatinForCameraholder

            No. Totally different products. Leica is unique premium product, the D850 is bread-and-butter machine. For the M10 people expect them to be hard to get, it’s part of the experience, as daft as that sounds. There is nothing exclusive about the D850.

            • The M10 is hard to find not because it’s exclusive, it’s just a simple supply and demand thing. I can imagine how Nikon’s supply was cut significantly after the restructuring and there is no easy way for them to fix that overnight.

            • TripodIsLatinForCameraholder

              Yes of course in both cases demand > supply , my point is how the lack of available stock is perceived.

        • While their is some truth in what you say, only some. What is your real agenda? Perhaps you don’t want us to know as your Disqus activity is private? For example, as a Nikon shooter, I could spend all day finding truths and half truths about Sony and make mountains out of molehills to build a case that Sony is crap that lots of Nikon and Canon fanboys would lap up like pablum. But that would not reflect the truth or even my own views.

          • TripodIsLatinForCameraholder

            I have an agenda because I comment on NR …you’re funny. Nikon as a brand has suffered massively and they are lucky the D850/500 are great products that sellsthemselves despite their brain dead decisions in the past.

            • So, as I asked and you did not answer, “What is your real agenda?”

              For example, mine is to learn about photography, learn the technical aspects of the equipment that I use and assess the future value of the investment that I have made which is now in excess of $50,000 in current value. “Brain dead decisions” is not an example of the facts and evidence based thoughtful analysis that I am looking for. It seems more like and emotionally based response (did Nikon wound you?) or perhaps you shoot something else (Panasonic?) and have an agenda.

              When I see this in my raw files, I call it “noise”.

            • TripodIsLatinForCameraholder

              Provide us with a fine example of your rational analysis then mate, I’m sure it’ll be for the benefit of us all.

            • Still waiting for an answer…………

              You don’t expect me to go to all of the work that you seem to be suggesting that I should “just for you” when you won’t even answer two of my simple questions do you?

              You can read my posts on this and the Nikon Rumours forum where all of us have had an opportunity to benefit from all of the posts.

            • TripodIsLatinForCameraholder

              Get laid dude

            • Thought so.

            • TripodIsLatinForCameraholder

              Got deleted by admin, thanks for putting it back up. Bless up!

            • Really?!?! Sorry Peter. I just thought he was embarrassed and didn’t want to let him off the hook – l would be happy to modify my comment if you wish.

            • Yes, and if you continue with those type of comments you be banned.

            • TripodIsLatinForCameraholder

              The faggotry on this site is too damn much, I’ll see myself out.

            • He is gone now, I warned him once and he came back today with his stupid comments. It’s obvious he came here only to troll.

            • Thank you Peter.

            • Very welcome, stupid homophobic comments will not be tolerated here – those type of people have to always start calling others names because they cannot sustain a logical discussion/debate. Their strength is in calling you names, not in using any logic. We haven’t had one of those here in a while. My suspicion is that this is one of our old “friends” that I banned a while back and they just had the urge to come back and poop in out forum.

            • “suffered massively” please clarify, because I don’t see it that way

            • TripodIsLatinForCameraholder

              My subjective opinion based on anecdotal evidence, nothing more

    • Riooso

      Not to be contrary but, I don’t look at it as being “bad” anything. Any company that operates at a predetermined output has done so for a reason. How much would production costs go up to double the output of the D850? Then there is support….. How much added profit is being realized with the quantities being made? It is difficult to determine such a large jump in demand when the D850 is not all the much ahead of the D810 in many aspects. I have the D810 and I will just wait and get one at a substantial reduction in price right now they are getting top dollar. I just don’t see much in lost customers because Nikon people are the ones buying this camera not Canon people, for instance. Hey it will all work out!

      • Allen_Wentz

        Sorry but saying “…the D850 is not all the much ahead of the D810” is an untrue statement. Please advise one single aspect other than maybe some meaningless tiny base ISO lab measurement where D850 does not fully blow away the D800/D810.

        The body ergonomics, sensor and AF are for me the biggest improvements.

        • Riooso

          One…. dynamic range! I am a landscape guy so that is ONE reason that I quit using my 4×5 large format and was willing to dumpster dive for the D810! ;>)

    • Roger S

      My guess is that the D850’s quality will bring more consumers to Nikon than the (expected) delays in its availability will cost NIkon. A key question: of all of the people who buy a D850, how many will order it within the first 6 months of its announcement? For those who don’t, the delay will most likely be irrelevant — not, of course, if the delay is a sign of Nikon falling apart, but I’m not convinced that that’s the case.

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      All the Photography companies are losing sales as prices increasing and consumers wages, job prospects dive and the punters decide right / wrongly to upgrade less and do with what they got.

  • Another Fiji Catastrophe

    Is there any new mirrorless rumors ?

  • Photobug

    Check your local dealer. Mine can have one in one week. According to the Nikon representative I talked to Nikon put more emphasis on supplying D850 to brick and mortar stores than high volume mail order stores.

    • ZoetMB

      B&H is a brick and mortar store as is Adorama. On a busy day, B&H can have as many as 50-60 sales people behind the counters just in the photography section.

      • marymig

        Amazon is not and it is ahead of B & H

        • Riooso

          Amazon does not offer the customer service and knowledge base that B&H offers… plus I don’t pay California state tax which is about $250 if I were to purchase a $3500 Camera!

      • Photobug

        I agree with what you said, BUT, B&H & Adorama also do a large mail order business and I’ll bet a high percentage of their business is mail order.

        My point, was that the smaller stores are getting priority over the large mail order stores. Rather be on a short list than 120 at B&H or Adorama.

        • David Gottlieb

          B&H sells a lot more units than Mom & Pop stores, in their brick and mortar shop, and on the internet and over the phone — so of course Nikon will give them priority. Wouldn’t you if you were Nikon?

          • Photobug

            That was how they did business in the past. According to a post here on NRF and my discussion with the regional Nikon sales representative – Nikon put more emphasis with deliveries of the D850 to the smaller camera store over the larger high volume dealers.

            That is what I was told by both the Nikon representative and the local camera store manager.

            • David Gottlieb

              That’sreassuring. Still, B&H probably sells mor D850sinthestates and around the world than probably any other retailer….. wincluding Amazon. It would’ve silly of Nikon to cutback on their highest volume retailers, don’t you think….?

            • Photobug

              Nope, Marketing needs to concentrate on the smaller stores to keep the dealer network solid. Those that buy from B&H and Adorama and Roberts (Indianapolis, IN) can wait and buyers won’t mind a week or two delay vs the local stores where it’s in stock or they can have it within a week.

            • David Gottlieb

              That’s one way Nikon will go out of business. That’s suicidal marketing. Where do you think people buy most of their cameras from, whether they live in NYC or Dixie, Idaho or Mexico City. Mom and Pop camera stores? They buy at places like B&H. The small store orders what they think they can afford and handle. How many thousands of D850s and other Nikon equipment sold out of B&H and Adorama??? High-Volume retailers like these are how prices don’t shoot up even more. People have been waiting for their cameras at B&H. There is a backlog. And cameras and lenses fly off the shelf at B&H. They don’t at small camera stores.

      • I visited the store on a trip to NYC one time. Didn’t buy anything, just wanted to see the place where I’d spent tens of thousands of dollars.

        • Roger S

          Yes, when in NYC I have gone to buy things (even just a few rolls of film) but I’ve also gone just because I’ve spent so much money there. It’s worth seeing — quite an interesting place, with a very knowledgeable staff.

    • I think in one week many dealers will have it in stock. The pre-order lists are now very short (with the exception of B&H).

      • Just Me

        There were three on the shelf at my local photo store, two weeks ago.

  • I may have been lucky, but I ordered the D850 from Unique Photo Dec 15, and recived it the 26th. They have great customer service and you get points towards future purchases.

    • Nicolas Gervic

      just making sure, they don´t sell grey market products right??

      • Not that Im aware of. They are physically located in Fairfield, NJ. My camera came with a US warranty.

  • Photoman

    Adorama is the way to go if you want the camera in less than 2 weeks.

    • surgeon67

      No, a “local” camera store, even if that store is 2 states away, is still likely faster than Adorama. That won’t likely be true any longer in a month or two, but for now, it still is.

      • Adorama is my local store 😛

  • Ali Moradi

    Where is the damn battery grip? It doesn’t look like they’re even shipping them anymore.

    • That took me 3 months, but the D5 battery chargers are unavailable, so I am still using the D800 batteries while the D5 batteries sit on the shelf. This might be evidence that a D5s is coming as they need to make sure that they have enough chargers for their initial inventory.

      • My RRS L-Bracket finally arrived. Nice product! And the weight is good. My D850 finally feels like a real camera with the grip and L-Bracket.

    • br0xibear

      If memory serves me correct, I think the D500 battery grip was made in China and the body in Thailand…maybe these D850 grips were meant to made in the now closed China plant, and that’s what’s causing the delays ?

      • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

        Possibly not a good move to have all sort of delays and high prices for the D5 MH-26a charger and the D850 battery grip MB-D18 when 3rd party equivalents are coming to market now. Also still don’t understand why they couldn’t make one grip that would be compatible for both the D500 and D850 – where the punters need to buy two separate grips… Sorry for my %^%^%^%^ rant.

  • bobgrant

    I ordered a D850 from Amazon and got it in two weeks. Cancelled orders from B&H and Adorama and then ordered a Mcplus 3rd party grip off Amazon. Done and having fun shooting!

  • Luboš

    only in US. here in Canada is freely available at Henry’s for example. 🙂

  • OMG. Don’t get me started! We moved a hundred million in business (we are Canadians) to Denver over California taxes. At least in Colorado we only end up paying about 50% in profits – fully integrated – meaning after corporate and personal taxes are paid. In California, it was closer to 65%.

    • Reilly Diefenbach

      Yeah, much better to be bankrupt like you were under the Repugs, just so long as you get to keep a bit more money.

  • animalsbybarry

    At this point it is looking likely the D850 will be the camera I upgrade to this spring
    A7Riii has some good features but for wildlife the reviews indicate D850 has the best autofocus
    More importantly Sony still has not produced long lenses I want and it seems unlikely that they will in time for this spring
    I would like to see what mirrorless camera Nikon will produce, but with demand for the D850 exceeding the supply it seems less likely Nikon will introduce thier new mirrorless too soon

    Since I already have a long lens for my D500 (which I would be retiring) the D850 would also be my most economical upgrade

    So I will wait a little longer to see if any new product surprises are anounced, but the D850 is looking more and more promising.

    • Oh no Barry, you are coming over the Nikon camp? That is a great news! Happy New Year!

    • C. Ryan

      Good riddance, he’s all yours now.

  • Aldo

    Most importantly… Trump still president

    • Allan

      Which system does the White House photographer use?


      • Allan

        Russian, of course.

    • Can’t wait to see how those red ties clash with the orange jumpsuits.

  • Riooso

    Let the Communist in this state eat crap.

  • pwmorg

    people want to buy and you cant sell not good for the bottom line!

  • grkraj

    provide cost of each product; and details of the camera like, mm, lens capacity. 1.2 or 2.8 etc etc

  • Mike

    Ordered one from a local camera store in September and got it two weeks later. I’m an NPS member. 3 weeks after that I saw one sitting on the shelf. The D850 is one of the best all round cameras I’ve used. Right up there with the D3s. If there were ever a case to support your local brick and mortar….. I’ve been using a D850 for over 3 months now.

  • Mr B

    Although I know not everyone has a “local Camera store” anymore, it seems to me if you can support a bricks and mortar outfit with your custom it can help when it comes to getting products that are in demand. You may pay a few pounds or bucks more than with the very big and mostly online outfits (I know B&H has a store etc) but building a relationship with a smaller supplier can pay dividends. I was able to get two 850’s plus grips – which I understand have been a nightmare to get hold of for some – within a week of launch from a store I have been patronising for a number of years. I am not an NPS member BTW. I know I was fortunate but it appears that Nikon have been trying to distribute stock fairly evenly. For those still without the 850, your frustration will, I hope, melt to a distant memory when you start to use this truly epic camera.

  • Kriss_De_Valnor

    Here in the UK mighty D850 is widely available.

    • Richard Hopkins

      Indeed. Could it be that the Jessops price of $4750 USD equivalent means it’s less prone to flying off the shelves, perhaps?

      • Connor

        Yeah the price we pay in the UK for the D850 is a bit of a joke.

        I ordered from Jessops because I needed the camera for a few photos events so I was willing to pay a bit extra.

        The day my D850 shipped my usual grey importer asked if I wanted it £800 cheaper I will be more patient next time haha

        • Plug

          About $790 of the $4750 is VAT but nevertheless the price is high here. Jessops do interest free credit here so if you need to pay through borrowing that gives another sort of saving. I will wait until things settle down here.

        • Kriss_De_Valnor

          Price we pay in the UK for EVERYTHING is a bit of a joke.

          • peter w

            Real estate in London area…

          • Richard Hopkins

            I dunno about that; Wilko pick and mix is a pretty good deal.

    • peter w

      Several shops to choose from in the Netherlands, but certainly not everywhere.

  • mikerofoto

    they said its the best camera for everything, so people wants it now. just that lots of people couldn’t get it under the tree in time!

  • Roger Lange

    i got mine the beginning of september, I had to wait a month for the grip thow.

  • Mike A

    I know this is a super fan site – Reading here about the D850 shortage, is sort of like reading the Canon site and reading all the posts apologizing for and trying to rationalize the 6DMkII by the Canon fanboys. Here, the fanboys – in spite of Nikon [miss]management over the last several years [Key Mission, DL, Nikon 1, D7500, D3400, DX Lenses, FX Lenses to a Degree, very late to Mirrorless DX & FX, etc., etc.] seem to be giving management a break for some strange reason.

    The D850 started shipping in the beginning of September. But, it’s basically been “unavailable” except for reviewers and in very small numbers. I read the posts here from the fanboys apologizing for lack of availability – “Nikon way underpriced this amazing camera” & “worldwide demand is incredible” which are given as the logical reasons why the camera is still out of stock almost 5 months later at the beginning of 2018…

    Or, there may be the more normal/usual “Nikon” reason – Team Key Mission/DL says it all. At Christmas, Nikon lost my business with their crap management (now for the 3rd time in the last seven years). I seriously wanted to buy a D850 and return to Nikon. But, of course, it was out of stock five months later and I don’t trust Nikon Management (Nikon Engineering is great). So, I bought an A7R III to go with my A9…

    • Do you have any Nikon gear currently Mike?

      • Mike A

        No. I just re-read my post. It’s very “harsh”. More so than I intended. But, I get so tired of Nikon Management somehow but for sure and always screwing things up. They even screw good things up like the D850. The last Nikon I owned was the D700. I loved it and miss it. It was my favorite camera I ever owned. Well, that and the Sony A900. They don’t seem to make them like that anymore… I really wanted to get back “on board” with Nikon (the D850 seems to be amazing except for live view AF) but I really don’t trust Nikon at this time.

    • The people who seriously wanted to buy a D850, already got one. You obviously have some issues with Nikon and that’s ok, but you are not the only one entitled to an opinion here. I can also label you as a Sony fanboy. Enjoy your new Sony camera.

    • Allan

      ” … seem to be giving management a break for some strange reason.”

      Very few Nikon lovers here are giving management a break.

      We love Nikon cameras and lenses. { We hate their software. Their support sucks. 🙂 } The products you listed all had problems. But we love our D5’s, D500’s, D850’s, D6xx’s, D750’s, D7xxx’s, D5xxx’s, …

      You will hear lots of complaining here from people who love their Nikons about the issues you raised.

      What were you shooting with before the A7R III and A9? When you can, rent a D850 and let us know your thoughts about it.

      • Allan

        Mike A,

        Reading your Disqus comments, it appears you used to own/use Nikons and Sonys, but are only using Sony’s now?

        Nikon is losing customers like you, not because of their products, but because of their management, which you point out. This is a problem for Nikon and for us who continue to buy their products.

    • peter w

      While the new camera was out of stock, one could have been taking pictures with one of the Nikons that were built previously. No problem since these cameras work fine. I have been re-using a D300 lately, an amazing camera.

      No real world fanboy issues here. I don’t care about Nikon management, I care about their camera’s and lenses. These are great. Other company’s have great offerings too, nice.

      Would be nice if the Nikon company stays for a while, because I wouldn’t mind my next camera to be a Nikon too. Since it fits my lenses. Cheers.

    • Claude Mayonnaise

      And yet you must still be a fan because you are still here as your Sony sits on your desk. All brands have their good points and bad points. Nikon sucks at times and does well at times. I can’t think of another company that is any different. Also, There are only a handful of camera companies so one has to choose something to use regardless or else you’d end up with paralysis by analysis. Buy a camera, use it.

      • This is true for any company, not only photo gear. I buy products based on the product itself, not based on the company’s management style. And nobody here has a clue what Nikon management is doing, people are just guessing and speculating.

        • Claude Mayonnaise

          Agree. I can’t see how some people jump ship and drop thousands of dollars on a new camera system each time a company lets them down. It’s going to probably happen no matter where you end up.

          • That’s all fine but those people have the urge to come here and troll about it. I let them all speak freely, but it all ends up the same way, they start with the nasty comments using profanity and calling other readers names and then I ban them.

    • TwoStrayCats

      Sony: brand of the gods! What other camera can you buy and have a matching television, amplifier, headphones AND a toaster?

      • Mike A

        Hey Snappy, go ahead and mock Sony & me. You’re backing the real winner here. I’ll just back away gracefully.

    • BVS

      “The D850 started shipping in the beginning of September. But, it’s basically been “unavailable” except for reviewers and in very small numbers.”

      According to the post anyone who pre-ordered the camera anytime between August and the middle of December (anywhere other than B&H) has received their camera. People have also reported finding them available in local shops. It’s only unavailable if you want to buy it “in stock” from one of the major retailers and not get in line with a pre-order.

    • BVS

      “Here, the fans – in spite of Nikon [miss]management over the last several years [Key Mission, DL, Nikon 1, D7500, D3400, DX Lenses, FX Lenses to a Degree, very late to Mirrorless DX & FX, etc., etc.] seem to be giving management a break for some strange reason.”

      Key Mission, DL, Nikon 1 – I agree with you here. Oddly, DL would have solved many of the issues with Nikon 1 (poor sensor, lack of fast lenses, etc.), but they decided to scrap it in favor of Key Mission.

      D7500 – If there were no D500 I’d agree, but since there is I feel it’s less about mismanagement and more about re-positioning the line. It’s now a true 80D competitor, and quite a good camera if you can get past the exclusions.

      D3400 – Yeah, but it’s still the #1 and #3 top seller in DSLRs on Amazon, so I guess the target customer doesn’t care.

      DX Lenses – Yeah, but Canon and Sony aren’t doing any better in this regard, and none of the third party lens makers have rushed to fill the void either, so it’s probably either a non-profitable venture or their perception of the camera lineup is different than ours. Fuji had to make lots of DX lenses because they only make DX cameras, but there are more options available to Canikony users.

      FX Lenses – Recent releases have been solid, although some of the core prime lenses could use a refresh.

      Mirrorless – Hopefully 2018 will be the year of the mirrorless for Nikon. It remains to be seen if it’s mismanagement or not, depending on what they deliver.

      • Mike A

        Thanks for the reply to my post. I think many of your points are solid. But I think it misses the opportunities that Nikon lost out on over the years causing them to shrink and continue to shrink. They would be kicking butt and cleaning house if they had a great DX lens lineup, great FX lineup and awesome Live View AF. I don’t think Fuji would’ve sold any cameras if Nikon had awesome Live View AF on the D500 & D7500 and a great pro grade set of DX lenses to with them. I know I would’ve picked up two D500’s and some long pro grade wildlife lenses for weekend hiking with my wife & dog. Nikon was legendary! What did they do to that Mighty Brand???

        • BVS

          Live View AF is something they will surely address on their upcoming mirrorless camera(s), hopefully along with Eye AF.

          What long pro grade DX wildlife lenses were you hoping for? I’m struggling to imagine that DX versions of long lenses would be much better, either from a cost or ergonomic perspective, than the FX versions. Fuji’s only long lens is the 100-400, and it’s only a little lighter than the Nikon 80-400 (which also goes wider). Admittedly the 80-400 is a bit overpriced though, particularly now with the Tamron and Sigma 100-400s around.

          • Mike A

            A bunch come to mind – starting with standard, wide, ultra-wide, tele & tele PRIMES + additionally –
            17-55MM f/1.8
            55-150MM f1.8
            75-200MM f/2.8
            250MM f/1.8
            300MM f/2.8

            These are just a few of the DX lenses that come to mind.

            I hate the argument of $/Corporate Investment when it comes to DX lenses. People that bring up economics (I’m a retired VP of Finance) usually don’t have a clue. Just think of the money Nikon has squandered on Non Core Competency projects like Key Mission (Software) & Snapbridge (Software again) where they could be spending money on something they’re actually good at – like making friggen lenses and not losing market share in the DX space.

            I hope you’re right about Nikons Mirrorless products in 2018. They have a long way to go to match the Sony A9/A7R III. They really are starting out in a deep hole. I hope they can effectively transfer the Nikon 1 AF system over to DX & FX. It would be so great to see Nikon kick the crap out of Canon in Mirrorless this year.

            • BVS

              Honestly, I have no idea about the actual economics of DX lenses. However, the fact that nobody makes them (other than Fuji who has to) indicates that there must be a good reason why they don’t. Surely, if there were money to be made making DX primes and pro zooms somebody like Sigma (who is more than willing to plug holes in Nikon’s FX lineup) would have done it by now wouldn’t they?

              Live View AF is a core component of any mirrorless system, and sensor performance and AF in general are a couple of Nikon’s core competencies. If they don’t deliver on this then it would be mismanagement of the highest order. I’m sure Nikon understands the stakes in this area though and am betting they’ll deliver. The only question is how well it’ll work with their legacy lens lineup. For example, Nikon 1 had good AF, but when adapting non-Nikon 1 lenses only the center AF point could be used.

            • Allan

              “Honestly, I have no idea about the actual economics of DX lenses. However, the fact that nobody makes them (other than Fuji who has to)
              indicates that there must be a good reason why they don’t. Surely, if there were money to be made making DX primes and pro zooms somebody like
              Sigma (who is more than willing to plug holes in Nikon’s FX lineup) would have done it by now wouldn’t they?”

              Thom has written extensively on this subject for years. Hopefully when he is back from his holiday, he provide us with his insights.

            • Ed Hassell

              Yes, Thom has. Essentially, once you get to short telephoto ranges (50-60 in DX, 75-90mm in FX), there is little point in designing specifically for DX coverage as the size and weigh (and cost) of the version for FX is insignificantly larger or heavier. By the time you get to 100-120mm, there is no point at all in a distinction. Even with “normal” lenses, the differences are not great: look at the 35 f/1.8G DX and the 50 f/1.8G FX lenses.

              Where the differences become significant is at wide-angle focal lengths — think 10mm DX versus 15mm FX, 14mm DX versus 21mm FX and 18mm DX versus 27/28mm FX.

            • Mike A

              DX will always have an advantage in size and cost –
              it’s simple physics regardless of focal length. Saying that advantage only applies to wide angle is plain silly… Besides it’s a simple “eyeball test” –
              Just look at the longer Fujifilm lenses vs FX lenses.

            • Ed Hassell

              You need to compare apples and apples rather than apples and oranges. Mirrorless to mirrorless and DSLR to DSLR. Also, focal length and aperture to focal length and aperture. The differences between telephoto lenses of the same focal length and aperture for FX and DX DSLRs are insignificant.

            • 24×36

              I think you actually mean “angle of view and depth of field,” but yes, spot on. DX warriors always “convert” focal length and conveniently leave f-stop the same to come up with their alleged “advantages.”

            • Mike A

              The popularity of the D7200, D90, D300 & D500 were amazing & I think could’ve been much much greater (maybe even keeping Nikon up with Canon) with a better DX lens lineup. But that’s just me.

              Anyway, I’m looking forward to hopefully more exciting (and state of the art) Nikon camera and lens introductions this coming year.

            • Ed Hassell

              Nikon’s 17-55 f/2.8 has needed an update for years. I seriously doubt they would/could make it an f/1.8; however, they could certainly make a faster mid-range zoom than they do (witness the 18-35 f/1.8 Sigma Art). Were Sigma to make their lens an 18-50 f/2, I’d expect it to sell for at least $2k instead of only $1K.

              A 55-150 f/1.8 is unlikely, also. Sigma’s 50-100 f/1.8 Art is something that has been done. Extending it from 100 to 150 would be very expensive.

              What I’d really like is if Nikon were to release 17-50 f/2 and a 50-150 f/2 pro-level DX zooms. They would have been absolutely killer lens options at the introduction of the D500 (or the upcoming D500S/D510, should there be one). Unfortunately, both would likely be very costly lenses.

              The 75-200 f/2.8 already exists: it’s called the 70-200 f/2.8E. As you get to longer focal lengths, it is almost irrelevant that they be limited to “DX” coverage as there is no significant decrease in size or weight.

              A 250 f/1.8 ??? Do you realize how large that would be? Look up Nikon’s 300 f/2 (yes, it exists). Again, there is no point in a distinction between DX and FX at this focal length. And there is already a 200 f/2 (for nearly $6000). If Nikon were to make a 250 f/1.8 (and it certainly could be done), I would expect it to cost somewhere in the $15-20K range (or more). A DX-only version? Forget about it!

              300 f/2.8 ??? Nikon already makes it. It’s called the 300 f/2.8. They also make a 300 f/4 and a 300 f/4 PF — both excellent lenses. Again, there is no size/weight/cost savings in making DX versions of these lenses. Sorry.

              Actually, other than a pair of truly pro zooms aimed at DX (the 17-50 and 50-150, both f/2.0, that I mentioned above — and they would probably be very expensive), my only real complaint about DX lenses is the lack of wide-angle choices. Nikon (or Sigma Art series, or someone) need three wide-angle primes: a 9-or-10mm, a 13-or-14mm and an 18mm — essentially a the 14/15mm, 20/21mm and 27/28mm primes on full-frame FX.

              Those three prime lenses would cement Nikon’s backing of DX as a truly professional choice.

  • Kob12

    There was a guy, I just can’t recall his name, who claimed a month or more ago that his D850 copy had a misaligned lens flange and/or distance anomaly between the flange face and the sensor plane.
    He showed an analysis using his Zeiss lenses.

    Does anyone know if that was the only report in that regard?

    • I think the guy who reported that has been reporting issues with pretty much every new camera including Sony. I think thins is his “specialty”. I would not pay attention to him unless other people report the same problem.

    • TurtleCat

      Are you referring to Lloyd Chambers? He is a pixel peeper extraordinaire. A really, really smart guy but his focus (no pun intended) is not necessarily on what’s important to a lot of people.

  • Chris Martin

    I finally cancelled my B&H order as I surprisingly found out that my local camera store had one D850 in stock. I couldn’t hardly believe it but was glad they did. So far I am very pleased with it.

  • Abiatha Swelter

    I put in my order at B&H in mid-November, so hopefully not too much longer. I’m not too unhappy about the wait, actually. I placed the order then on the assumption that I wouldn’t have to pay for it until January.

    • Yes, I updated my post – the last shipped pre-orders are from November 7th.

  • Al Eisen

    And guess what came out much later and is in stock now? The A7riii.

    • Yes, a month after it started shipping?

  • Critex

    Wrong, I have pre Order from B&H 11/1 and still in backorder. They complete the 10/30 only. It is not 11/7 as this post said.

  • Lou Rivera

    Now let’s get to a more important issue…Where is the damn D750 refresh???

    • After the D610 refresh – in my opinion.

    • bgbs

      I’m still waiting for my D700 refresher.

  • BPR

    Man, I check this site for up-to-date news on Nikon products and intelligent comments from people, but lately it’s just people arguing over Sony vs Nikon and it’s silly. I don’t doubt the Sony A9 and A7r3’s are fine cameras, but what are you doing here? And on the flip side, why are people engaging with them by arguing? The notion of people abandoning Nikon in favor of Sony because of the D850s protracted backorder status is intriguing and I’m interested in knowing more, but the the comments have too often devolved into name-calling and insults recently. People are going to start bailing on this site completely if it isn’t reined in. Just my thoughts. Cheers.

    • No, it’s actually a few Sony trolls that come here and mess up our discussion. I ban them asap.

  • They all come from there, I am not surprised. Have you been to that website lately?

    • C. Ryan

      Yes, I try to occasionally check the rumors and discussion on several of the boards to stay current. I see the same screwballs jumping from one message board to another interjecting dumb comments.

      • Yes, most of them are banned here, the rest will be banned soon.

  • David Gottlieb

    They are in-stock here in Kenya!!!

  • Nate D

    I know my local camera shop (Peoria Camera) has one in the box on the shelf along with the battery grip. I’m hoping to have enough saved to buy it soon.

  • KnightPhoto

    I liked the emphasis on video, time lapse, slo-mo, etc. D850 looks like a great hybrid video/time-lapse/still cam – the Difference Maker indeed 😉

    • David Gottlieb

      Didn’t really like this video review
      – A test with third party lenses.
      -Isn’t sure whether VR is working or not.
      – Silliness with the MF film camera,
      – using a wallet over water as a brace for the camera,
      – not carrying extra batteries.
      Very amateurish. Oh well.
      At 12 minutes, I gave up on this 27+ minute video.

  • bgbs

    I don’t mind it being out of stock because it gives me more time to think about it

  • Photoman

    great now what about the grip?

  • Ed Hassell

    We know that the D850 has been backordered practically everywhere since it first began shipping. We also know that the logjam is about to break — that it is beginning to show as in stock in a few locations and should be in stock almost everywhere (except, possibly, poor B&H) fairly soon.

    What we do NOT know is sales numbers. Does anyone have any ideas as to the number of D850 bodies that have been sold and/or shipped?

    And, as a comparison, same data on the A7Riii?

  • seanie blue

    Ordered the D850 on December 19th. Let’s say three weeks ago. Any readers here who have received a D850 in the past week who can tell me what date they actually placed their order?

  • SmarterEnu

    Don’t worry. When it is replaced with a newer model, all the iphone like fan boys will drop their cash on that one and the 850 will be nothing you want to own as the latest state of (hysterical) art.
    Remember only a few years ago the D800 was the camera you needed to own be a real pro.
    What a joke and what a bunch of suckers they play us for.
    I’m keeping my D7100 thank you!
    Nothing technologically new other than be able to take pictures in extreme dim light.
    Oh wait, my trusty old 2001 Sony DSC F707 does that with night vision.

    • The D800 is still a great camera today.

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